BUCHANAN, NY (WCBS 880) – The outside of the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan looks as it always does, calm.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi With Entergy’s Jerry Nappi

But inside, guards are on heightened alert following the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

“Security is a bit heightened in light of the current situation. But there’s no formal guidance or recommendation from the federal government to nuclear power plants,” says Entergy spokesperson Jerry Nappi.

He says it’s important that they know what’s going on.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that people should feel no less safe than before Bin Laden’s death.

Indian Point was recently in the spotlight amid a near meltdown at a nuclear power plant following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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  1. Marilyn Elie says:

    The spent fuel pools have more high level radioactive material than the reactor – 1,000 tons in each pool. Regular commercial construction, not hardened. No independent back up for electricity or cooling. All this plutonium for 560MW of power contracted for delivery by Con Ed. That’s about 5% of the total usage for the New York City service area which includes Westchester. Nobody is expecting a tsunami or a 9.0 earthquake but who knows what other kind of catastrophe lies ahead. Low probability, high impact. Why risk ti when it is worth so little, can be easily replaced and endangesr 20 million lives, not to mention the most expensive real estate in the country.

  2. Chris says:

    Yes, the evil, unsafe Indian Point that has been operating without incident since 1962 must shut down! Damn them and their cheap, carbon free electricity production. How dare they operate safely in an area where its virtually impossible for a tsunami or 7.0 earthquake to hit! How dare they have multiple fail safes, be built to with stand natural disasters (like earth quakes and hurricanes) and such well trained and highly skilled security officers and nuclear plant operators! Don’t they know we want to pay more for our electricity, endure rolling black outs, lose 1,000’s of highly paid and skilled local jobs and the huge tax revenue the plant provides the area! I can’t take it any more! I think I’m going to go protest with the moms in New Paltzs or Riverkeeper! At least their arguments as well as the oil importing/ anti oil drilling politicians is based in scientific fact!
    You people drive me crazy.

  3. Jeremy Lester says:

    Wheres our TRANSPARENCY? We’ve certainly gotten our change now that our grandchilrens dreams have been quelled by something so incoprehensibly evil, that our media dare not mention its magnitude. What should seem overly apparent to everyone, is muddled in arcane istractions such as starting more nuclea temptations i the middleeast, andignoring or undereportig the Indian Pt situation. All i can do is laugh t avoid crying.THE BRIHT SIDE IS THAT RADIATION MAY KILL ThE GMOs…

  4. Nuclear Roulette says:

    We need to shut down Indian Point now. It’s an antique plant that has been operating for 40 years with old plumbing and infrastructure. With 20 million people living within 50 miles, it’s a menace to public health and safety. Current regulations would never let the plant be built where it is. Contrary to the company’s claims, public records show that Indian Point only provides 5% of the power to Westchester and NYC while selling off the most of their power out of state. It’s not worth the catastrophic risk and we don’t need the power. Shut it down now.

  5. M. B. Zurich says:

    Close this plant already, it is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Can you imagine with in 40 miles of this plant mandating an evacuation?
    I can’t nothing will move on the roads and if you returned nothing
    will remain in your home from the Psyco looters.

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