NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police say a Florida man driving a tour bus in New York City ran over a pedestrian and was charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck spoke to an eyewitness

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday, police discovered 29-year-old Timothy White, of Philadelphia, unconscious and severely injured underneath a Travel Lynx tour bus in Manhattan. White was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he died.

Police say the bus was carrying passengers, but none was injured. It was not immediately clear where the bus was coming from or headed. Fifty-seven-year-old Steve Drappel of West Palm Beach, Fla., was arrested and charged.

“I saw him lying under the back wheel and he was moving, but then the cops made the bus driver move the bus back and then he died. They put a sheet over him,” Ashley Fishner, an eyewitness, said.

Fishner added that the victim was dragged 100 feet before the bus stopped.

“It was horrible. I’m visiting New York City. This is my fourth day here and this is the second death I’ve seen,” she said.

A preliminary investigation shows that the tour bus was on West 47th Street and making a turn onto 9th Avenue when it struck White, who was crossing the road.

Police didn’t have attorney information available for him.

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  1. Philippines Holiday says:

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  2. WOLF says:

    No driver should drink and drive… and a bus driver?? He should be locked up and an example set. And ALL drivers need to know that pedestrians HAVE the RIGHT OF WAY.

  3. MrBuddwing says:

    Stupid bus driver! What’s wrong with THOSE PEOPLE! Why do we let them in? Send ’em back to where they came from!

    Wait a second … the driver was WHITE?

    Well, that’s very important, then!

    Never mind.

    (irony alert for the dolts in the thread)

  4. Bell Toller says:

    Very tragc here.. Bus drivers should not be driving drunk.

    Also was the pedestrian jaywalking?

    Pedestrians tend to jaywalk in and out of traffic.

  5. Kal says:


    1. Bob Fowler says:

      Hey Kal, based upon today’s charges…maybe you owe Sefam an apology? Maybe the driver was charged with DWI, which usually means that the driver was drunk? Or maybe DWI has a different meaning?

      Perhaps, instead of being so self-righteous, you should wait a bit before jumping down someone’s proverbial throat?

  6. Sol Zeller says:

    This bus company, based in Orlando, Florida is up here working out of the NYC metro area without the knowledge of its insurance carrier which would quadruple its premiums if it ever found out. It is doing local charters and not carrying people who originated in Florida. This carrier does not have intrastate operating authority from the New York State DOT as required by law. It also does not have a NY State inspection sticker which is required for out of state coaches operating up here. There are many such Florida carriers doing the same thing from April thru October.

    1. Salley says:

      Sol, you might be credible if you could sbstantiate your claims, rather than make accusations like obama does.

      1. Sol Zeller says:

        Salley. I worked in the charter bus industry for 46 years before retiring recently.
        I have first hand knowledge of what is going on. I know all the major players in the industry. I even worked for one of these Florida companies at one time. I still keep in touch with many of my contacts. I know what is going on. New York State simply does not have enough inspectors to track all these guys down, and with budget cuts don’t expect the situation to improve in the near future. Go across the river to Weehawken and you will see all these Florida drivers and their buses at the cheap motels waiting to be dispatched. Tour groups who come up here all the way from Florida fly up. If you see buses up here with Florida plates on them you can be 95% sure that they are carrying local passengers.

      2. Josh says:

        What does Obama have to do with this? You try to make him out to be an imbiclile and instead do it to yourself. DUH?!?!

    2. Dale Auburn says:

      If you have direct knowledge and tangible evidence of this, AND you’ve failed to report it, then you’re complicit in insurance fraud. Congratulations.

      1. Sol Zeller says:

        I have reported it but NY State DOT does not have the manpower to follow up on it. They do not work on weekends when most of these gypsy operators are out on the road. The state is broke and can not afford the overtime.

      2. Jose X says:

        Sol Zellller is in fact correct in what he is saying, NY state DOT needs to investigate this , Intrastate Insurence is limited to 150 miles from base of operation to upto 1k miles from base of operation .

  7. steve says:

    they need to put the breath test system in all buses ,for the drivers..

  8. Grammarian says:

    “…but none WAS injured?” It should say “…but none WERE injured.” The word NONE is treated as plural.

    1. Rosskon1 says:

      None is a contraction of “not one” as far as I was taught. “None was injured implies that “not one was injured.” That’s correct where I come from.

  9. jnb757 says:

    Wow…3 comments and not one pertains to the truth… Morons…
    The NYPD had NOTHING to do with this or preventing it… it was a NON UNION driver… drunk.. and driving a large bus in a crowded area where many people disregard the walk/don’t walk signs (OK most NY’ers do this) The NYPD will investigate but suffice to say it is a tragic accident and accidents happen..
    NYC is safer than MANY other major cities in the world. Politics had NOTHING to do with this.. the Unions had NOTHING to do with this… Just another drunk.. & alcoholics are everywhere .. they can be nurses, factory workers, police and even teenagers…

    1. JasonS says:

      Wow, you really are an idiot. The driver was drunk and he was making a turn across a pedestrian crossing, for which he is required to STOP and WAIT for pedestrians to finish crossing. Instead, he barreled around the corner without looking and killed someone who was crossing legally. Find out the facts before you start ranting about people crossing against the light. How ANYONE can call a crime like this a “tragic accident” is beyond me, all I can think of is that you are too stupid to make an objective judgment of value.

      1. Jake says:

        SO, Jason , you write from a position of FIRST person. Which means that you were at the scene of the accident and saw it happen! How do you KNOW he was drunk ? You don’t. You ,like all the other IDIOTS in your class of programed ZOMBIES, accept without question what ever you see in print /tv or hear your master’s voice say. You typify the group you belong to, ignorant obamaites.

    2. Howard says:

      jnb757 , we are all eyes, tell us the TRUTH. You think you know it all. We know of people like you – – – THEY KNOW EVERYTHING-ABOUT NOTHING! The unions could have received information from SOL, and passed that info on to the DOT. What are union bosses made of? $$$$$$$$$$

  10. Truth 2 says:

    Jerry, keep drinking Blooms koolaid. The unions built, protect & repair this city everyday. If Bloomie’s an expert, how did someone steal 80 million from citytime. Weren’t they his friends? Doesn’t smell right. Look at the whole picture.

    1. Jerry says:

      Sorry I was not clear.
      Unions in private corporations absolutely, however, muni unions suck the blood out of the taxpayer.

      Consider the final product in education?

      Consider muni pensions and perks…….. so out of line w/ reality, not only in todays world but in yesteryear also?

      Fraud is another issue and the 80 million you mentioned is a drtop in the bucket compared to the city pensions and perks.

      Any dispute here is total denial of common sense mathmatics.
      As far as city declining?? it is because the taxpayers can’t afford it,move out and replaced by those of much less tax income as well as tax evaders.

      Result……..more crime and deterioration of city services

      1. Sefam says:

        what does this have to with the fact that the driver was drinking and killed someone????

  11. Jerry says:

    Not uncommon in such a great city, so full of tourism ,due to Bloombergs expertise and leadership.
    The unions are the problem here and Bloomberg as well as all NYers know it and are finally tackleing the problem.
    ‘cept of course those union members who are the cause?

    1. Jake says:

      jerry, does this mean without the self-serving corrupt politicos and their union enablers there would not be any CORRUPTION?? It’s the same with the drug addicts. Innocent people would not be murdered by the drug sellers if there were no addicts No addicts=. No market =No sellers= No killings. The net effect is, the addicts are responsable for the killings. Truth and simple.

      1. Sammy says:

        Jake, shall we start a class action suit against the drug addicts and list those who have lost loved ones as complaints? GREAT IDEA! All you addicts will pay big bucks into a pool, from which the complaintants will receive their just share. Who will head-up a group of tort lawyers?

  12. Truth says:

    Tourist seeing 2 people die within 4 days. Glad to see Bloomy and the raping NYPD doing a great job keeping our street safe. Even better for the 30 billion dollar tourist industry. Good Job.

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