Various Birth Control May Zap Some Of The Woman's Desire

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a surprising new study out about men, women and birth control.

Scientists say the pill and other contraceptives could take an unexpectedly heavy toll on your relationship, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

The dynamics of love and lust is complex enough as it is.

“Sometimes guys don’t understand which way is up with women, so,” said Jea Edmond of the Upper West Side.

And now there’s even more confusion. The new study says birth control, and other hormonal contraceptives, could make or break a relationship, affecting a woman’s desire.

“Well, it appears that birth control may be decreasing the natural hormones that a woman puts out or signals. Now, obviously, this is important if one is looking for a mate, long-term partner and father of your children,” Dr. Jacques Moritz said.

But can birth control break the bond between a man and woman? One couple Dennis spoke to couple had a mixed opinion.

“I don’t think it should be a problem, if you really like the person you’re with you know,” said Wilson Tenorio of Jamaica, Queens.

“It’s not natural. You don’t know what’s going into your body. You don’t know what’s really going to change you,” added Lynette Aracena.

Others called the study weird science.

“Because if you really like somebody, you really love somebody, that shouldn’t change you,” said Kimberly McLeod of Baychester.

“You don’t believe it, no, not at all,” added Dante Pierre.

Dr. Jane Greer has been a relationship therapist for 25 years and said the loss of interest between men and women, often times, has nothing to do with the pill at all.

“There’s something else going on in the relationship that is creating distance, and perhaps the turnoff that might be taking place sexually,” Dr. Greer said.

It’s important to remember, this is just one study. Researchers said more information is needed on whether the pill is a turn-on, or a turnoff.

More than 92 million prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives, including pills, patches and injections, were filled last year in the United States.

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  1. Christal Design says:

    I agree with Dr. Jane Greer… solve your own problems before using the pill.

    But the precedure that the woman do when she takes the pill might be a turn of for the man e.g (as you are about to ingage is sex, and the woman makes you wait so she can take the pill.

    It can also be that (especialy in a new relationship) the man feels like the woman don’t want a future that includes kids with him.

    I don’t know… what do you guys think?

    Christal Design

  2. Karen says:

    This is one of the worst articles I’ve ever read. Why on earth are you asking random people on the street for opinions when you’re writing about a scientific study? You need to seriously consider firing whoever wrote this.

    1. Christal Design says:

      I agree with you Karen… the person who wrote this is not even sure of his/her story.

      It’s humiliating.

      I read on <a href="" this web address that there’s pills that can even improve a womans “lifestyle” when using it.

      check it out smetime

      1. Christal Design says:

        sorry about that….
        i read the info on

        check it out sometimes.

  3. SaraH68 says:

    This is an odd articles, since the “Pill” has been around like FOREVER! So, NOW they are saying there’s somthing else one can blame if the sex life goes south!? Come on folks, I think as individuals, you have to take accountability on your personal desires!

    One of the most important “chemistry” is that the couple has to stay physically fit. Going into our 40s, my hubbie and I exercise outside of the bedroom on a daily base. I have gotten him on my Citruaid, to help reduce muscle fatigues, cramping and lactic acid build-up. But are relationship is going strong even after being around each other for over 15 years! We still keep up with our fore-plays and now Citruaid, check it out, it’s great and have given us new energy and endurance –

  4. Tree says:

    I think what they are trying to say is that some place did a study so they decided we will walk the streets and randomly ask people what they think, and it would be way cool if we can get a celebrity to comment also since they tend to be very well versed in subjects like hormonal imbalances all because we are very confused about how science works.

  5. nurydevincent says:

    the world does nto support family, adn woman dont know her self inside whant means every month a period and a ovulation!!!!!!!!!!!!each time a man and a woman felt blessed to recreat into them the divine experience of unity with the ultimate source of power………each time there are millians of souls ready to come down to the earth in the call of a man and woman !!!!but when there is a pill….we are playing with the souls not allowing them to be here!!! we use the divnie gift of making love just only for pleasure without responsability of the call to a soul to be here!!! why???// woman wants certificates or money or house first,,,,,,,,,, she dont want to creat a son out of the unity!!!!so not family not homes, not society, why dinosaurous extinted?? because they started to crash the eggs , they only wished pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!1like that we will be extinted too!!!!!!!!!!!SAD

  6. Ethel A. Gelves says:

    i don’t think if will affect the couple’s relationship. i had been using pills for seven years and i have four children. i had my ligation at the age of 35 and now i’m already 58. honestly, it didn’t change my personality, i am what i am since the day of our marriage. i also disagree that using contraceptives will decrease the desire for sex.

  7. Sara says:

    Yes, this happens. A woman’s sex drive is affected by her hormone levels during the month. Every different form of birth control I’ve used has had a different effect on my sex drive from killing it completely to actually increasing it to an irritating degree. My boyfriend at the time was weirded out by the shifts and we eventually broke up. Now I use an IUD.

  8. FormerNewsVideographer says:

    What you are seeing is a transcript from the video story. Without moving pictures, it’s easier to notice the almost random nature of the information being put out. A typical TV reporter gets handed a topic and given about 3-4 hours to come up with an edited video story, complete with some expert sounding doctors, some random people on the street, and enough b-roll video to cover the narration. His biggest consideration may not be who is the most relevant, but who is available, willing and close enough to interview.

  9. Steve says:

    I think this article reads betterer as an interesting comment on how. The wuality of news writing drops when there is smaller edit aurial.

  10. rorita says:

    I had trouble reading this article! It is terribly written…

  11. Michael G says:

    The article is semi literate, at best.

  12. Robert Segrest says:

    This looks like it was written by a middle school student, and not a very promising one at that.

    As for the substance of the article, I think that more needs to be looked at in this area. My wife and I have been dealing with problems very like what the study appears to be talking about. If we didn’t have a damn good marriage, this might have been enough to kill it. As it is, the effects of hormonal BC create a strain that is hard to deal with, and it would be nice to see some better understanding of how to deal with the problems.

    1. Christal Design says:


      which article are you reffering to?

      Christal Design

  13. John B says:

    They can do that naturally with just age.

  14. sukamvit says:

    …. have followed my wife’s personality for more then 10 years, during on with the pills and without. I can’t prove it, but I more then agree that it ruins relationships and it also effects moods such as increase in anger and shifting the woman’s personality, in addition to the above, lack of desire for sex.

  15. sawnetbean says:

    This is so badly written I have no idea what they are trying to say.

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