Suspect Said To Be In Mid-40s, 5-Foot-8 Wearing Orange TurbanBy Dave Carlin

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A city-wide search was underway Thursday for a taxi driver who allegedly raped a passenger who had passed out.

As CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reports, cabbies are working to help police solve the case.

“I really want him to be caught because the cab drivers are usually the best people in the world,” Abdoulaye Diallo said.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports: Police Said The Victim Was Drunk And Fell Asleep In The Cab 

Longtime taxi driver Diallo is part of a cabbie crusade to catch the suspect in the police sketch. The unidentified driver is described by police as a monster that used his trusted position to allegedly sexually assault a woman in the back seat of his cab.

“It is a surprise for me, surprise for me,” cabbie Shiraz Rauf said.

The unidentified 26-year-old victim told police she hailed a yellow cab around 6a.m. Friday outside a nightclub in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

She told investigators she had been drinking, and she fell asleep for the trip home to Manhattan, but woke up to find herself still in Williamsburg, tied up and being sexually assaulted a few blocks from where she started.

She said the cabbie let her go after stealing $20 and her phone.

“In a cab, you’re trapped. They can lock the doors and everything,” said Sobie Baez of Bushwick.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission told Carlin it is fully cooperating with police and getting sketches posted at all city taxi garages.

Many people Carlin spoke with said after a night on the town they consider hailing a yellow taxi to be one of the safest things they can do to get themselves home unharmed, but they also said you still have to be aware of your surroundings inside or outside of a cab.

“Be on your guard no matter where you are,” said Mark Freedman of Williamsburg.

Cab driver records are being checked, so is surveillance footage, to pull in this mystery suspect from behind the wheel to behind bars.

Police said the suspect is in his mid-40s, 5-foot-8 and was last seen wearing an orange turban.

The victim was treated for injuries, including what police call “defensive wounds” to her hands and face as she tried to fight off her attacker.

Anyone with information in regards to this rape is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers Website or by texting their tips to 274637(CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

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Dave Carlin

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  1. AvaGrace says:

    That looks like Pooky from my tap dancing class.

  2. Capt Lou says:

    Is it possible that the mystery cab driver was not an actual cab driver, but someone masquerading as one? If not, surely by now, the mystery rapist would have surfaced, or have been identified by family or neighbors.

    1. Lou's the taxi driver says:

      Look everyone it’s lou the loser, he’s like the herpes virus always popping up where he’s not wanted. He actually had something sensible to say this time,perhaps he had his valium injection early. or could it be lou is the mystery perverted taxi driver ?

  3. Deep says:

    Satshri Amal by deep

  4. INJUN93 says:


  5. Deep says:

    People lie too much if he was drunk girl was drunk too came from night club when she got taxi how she can be sure what had happened she is lying 80 percent Sikh driver they are hard working. Person who came from night cllub I don’t believe that person she is just making up the story.

    1. Seymore says:

      Please learn to write english…..if she is lying it will be found out…however genius, you can’t lie about defensive wounds.

  6. Jazz says:

    This man is a Sikh, not a Muslim or Hindu. 99% of men wearing a turban in NYC are Sikhs, and there is high vitality of Sikhs in the city. It’s going to be difficult to find this man among the thousands if in fact an actual rape occurred. I would feel really ashamed, as a Sikh woman, if he indeed raped the victim. However, we should not jump to conclusions and allow due process. My father is a cab driver and has worked hard to raise his family and has provided his children a great education. Most cab drivers are the most hardworking people and provide a great service to NYC residents. We should refrain from gross generalizations and allow time for the truth to triumph by avoiding assumptions.

    1. Jazzz says:

      Sat Shri Akal,
      Wahe Guru Ki Fateh.

  7. Kim says:

    Along with Mexicans working at Taco Bell & McDonalds, and Haitians, Hondurans outside Home Depot, Jamaicans working as nurses at hospitals, Philipinos working as NYC school teacher……Way to go Bell. Nice logic you got there buddy boy. Were you dropped from the sky or you were fortunate enough to born here in USA, so you can pass blind judgement on people?

  8. zagwee says:

    Guy is kinda goofy looking, kinda hard to miss that.

  9. INJUN93 says:


  10. Steve says:

    This is completely not a true story because how can she not got the cab medallion number. Cabbies are very hard working people. I cannot believe this why urban people pick on poor hard working people.

  11. Lucky says:

    Thankfully we have this completely unique police sketch. This will definitely narrow it down…….

  12. Diana says:

    Stop Hyjacking the term anti-semite! Jewish people are not the only Semites in the world. Look it up in the dictionary. Just because someone in this world has a brain, and is in tune with what the media is trying to force feed us, doesn’t mean they are an anti-semite. They are merely anti-zionist.

  13. Robert Mack says:

    This guy is from the Punjab in India. They are called Sikh. If he removes his head gear, which is called the turban, he has long hair and usually curled and bundled up like a rabbit tail. He might remove his turban (head gear) to throw off the police and render him hard to recognize or seen.

  14. Azad says:

    Shikh Cabbies mostly from India . I did never see a shikh from Pakistan. Please make sure before pulling Trigger.
    It is very hard to believe , how it possible by a cab driver if it is a Yellow cab . They are very hard working real peoples , never take chances like this . Please wait until the reports are verified. Every night particularly in the nights of weekends thousands of drunk womens of similar nature take cab rides but the cab drivers are found always helpful & the risk takers . This is a single incidence being reported for the first time. So please wait & see.

  15. mike says:

    to bad his from india

  16. Navin says:

    He must be from Guyana, They look like Indian too

  17. NYer says:

    hey paki, Sikh are indians and you are an idiot. Just google the prime minister of india and you will see what he’s wearing

  18. Peace and Equality for All says:

    You hate Muslims, and based on your statement above to KPMc, you apparently hate Black people too. Do you “like” any nationality? I do find it interesting that you accuse KPMc of being an Anti-Semite. Pot calling the kettle black.

  19. S. Randazzo says:

    Previously to the hipsters, Williamsburg was full of gangs, violence and dilapidated homes. Hipsters are the best thing to happen to that hood.

    1. Dirty 13th Precint Folks says:

      It’s not just us corrupt cops that rape women you know.

  20. Peter says:

    He might be on his way home to india or pakistan.

  21. NYer says:

    That’s a Sikh turban. Muslims don’t go around wearing that kind of turban. Just for Americans to know

  22. Emma Elizabeth says:

    Uneducated New Yorkers are “not character”.

    1. Duncan Gilhoolly says:


      Au contraire, mon frere: Lisa Nieves may well me a hot Latina sweetcake (con nalgas dulces) who would add much needed character to the hyper-whitened Williamsburg.

  23. David Brier says:

    OMG, they’ll never find him!! That sketch looks like every cabbie in the city!

  24. Richard says:

    What cab driver in his right mind would want to venture into East NY, Bed-Stuy, anywhere in Brooklyn or Harlem, Spanish Harlem or Washington Heights to name a few locales.

  25. Khach says:

    this is just mental conditioning. There was no rape.
    They are capitalizing on the fake Bin Laden death. Trying to make Muslims and people with turbans look bad and scary.

  26. Truth says:

    I dont believe she was raped by this man.when the facts come out you will see…

  27. Mike says:

    you hate Muslims…not all of them are people who kill like not all Americans christens kills…..youre a reason why they world is coming to an end

  28. Fudged Huggies says:

    All of us here believe that KPMC is that Rabbi!

  29. Peter says:

    Deport this MF !!!!!

    1. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  30. good stuff or what says:

    @kpmc, you are hilariously outrageous. What are you on ? Did you get it from the L.E.S. ? I haven’t had an appetite lately and need something to jumpstart the ol’ metabolism.
    Help me out here !

    1. Not by prescription says:

      You’re welcome. Laughter is not only contagious but medicinal.
      We have more than enough things to worry about in the world than to be consumed with hatred.
      It helps me and I hope it helps you, have a great day !

  31. The real KPMc says:

    Whoever wrote this is a coward. You’re already hidden behind the internet yet you still can’t even use the screen name everyone knows you by. Pathetic.

  32. KPMc says:


    Your detective skills are severely lacking. Show me one anti-Semitic remark if you can. I never uttered one.

    But you prove my point… It is impossible to discuss anything that has to do with some lest you be labeled an anti-Semite. Facts be damned… you’ll just shout people down and point fingers when the truth is exposed. Pathetic.

    As for the racist nonsense you spouted… well, it speaks volumes.

  33. It was him, no it was him... says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find outthis “taxi driver” was in disguise. He knew what he was doing, was she able to identify him by his numerical medallion ?
    To say the driver was driving a yellow taxi and wearing a turban is close to saying he was an African-American male wearing black jeans, black hooded sweatshirt and a yankees cap. This will be a difficult task.
    What’s wrong with guys ? Your better off taking “matters into your own hands”.
    If in fact he is found, hang him by the scrotums using guitar string from the GWB, disgusting.

  34. KPMc says:

    I see CBS is very concerned about this heinous act. So much so that they published a sketch of the suspect.

    Maybe he fled to Israel to escape the law. No wait… that was the daughter-raping Brooklyn Rabbi that CBS failed to report on back in December. No article, no description and certainly no sketch.

    Now I’m not saying CBS is biased, has a hidden agenda or protects one social group while denigrating others… oh wait… that’s exactly what I’m saying.

    1. KPMc says:

      Rabbi??? is that you?

    2. KPMc says:

      Actually my obsession has to do with ZBS,,, umm.. I mean CBS…. But if you had an ounce of intelligence you’d be able to see that.

      As far as my posts I don’t mention it in everyone… just the one’s that are relevant and expose CBS’ bias and double standard.

      As for you… I see you didn’t use whatever name you usually use… what are YOU hiding from and why does it bother YOU so much? Do you have a stake in the Rabbi story or are you offended when people point out the double standard you’ve been protected by your whole life?

  35. Hornet Montana says:

    Raping taxis is disgusting.

  36. Tommy says:

    When this case is all said and done, I bet everyone that that story was all made up! That lady probably tried to pull a fast one on the poor guy but he wasnt falling for it. She also could’ve been drunk indeed and dont even remember who she had just slept with or how many she slept with!! I dont see this story making sense at all, as a matter of fact, she might be the one behind bars when the police find out it was all a hoax. Funny how some hoodrats yell rape when their in the wrong!!! Maybe they feel thats their secret weapon or something? I dont know, but im not buying her story!

  37. Tommy says:

    Your stupid, ignorant and just plain dumb. WHY? Because the person in the pic is not a MUSLIM. He is a HINDU or what u call a SIKH from India. I understand u may have personal issues against muslims, but at least get your facts right dummy!!……and same goes for all the other dummies with the ignorant comments!!

    1. Harry says:

      Veera, this sort of stupidity is common all over America. We don’t know much beyond Mexico and Canada. Our news bulletins to secondary education system teach us very little about world Geography and World history. So we appear quite dumb to rest of the world in this aspect.

      As Tommy has pointed out the person in the pic is a sikh from India(They practice a different religion and has nothing to do with Muslims or Islam religion).


  38. Dee says:

    Why do you NOT believe this woman was in fact RAPED ???? Do any of you know what medical exams are taken of woman to confirm she was in fact raped. The word RAPE in media is confirmed by the findings of medical exams before printed or announced by media. Look up the terms RAPE – SEXUAL ASSAULT etc for your self. Oh, I’m sorry !!! No, you have no interest because it’s not your mother / grandmother, daughter / granddaughter, aunt, wife or sister and hold-on now – it’s not your son or grandson, nephew – Who was RAPED !!! Mock this victim, idiots, does nothing more than opens the door for the Rapist to Rape Again, Again. This lady is lucky to still be alive. Or have you forgotten that those bodies found on the beaches of L.I. were not RAPED before they were killed and dumped like garbage. All are human beings first..
    I hope they find this nutcase rapist before he rapes again.

    1. Micheal says:

      “Why do you NOT believe this woman was in fact RAPED ????”

      I’ll tell you what I believe: I believe every person is entitled to “innocent till proven guilty” clause in law. If every time a person is accused(male or female), not only of rape, say theft or anything, due process should take place and is assumed innocent till then.

      Otherwise anyone can accuse anybody of anything and we have these sort of trials by news websites, papers and opinion polls and pass a guilty verdict in no time.

      Just want to draw your attention to the following: Central Park jogger rape trial 4 black men were assumed guilty and sent to jail. After more than a decade finds out it was someone else who raped the woman. 4 men lost their youth and their future for a crime they never did. So don’t be so quick to pass judgement either way.



    1. Harry says:

      Jin have you not heard of the word “ignorance”.

      Words Jihad, Muslim, Sharia Law has nothing to do with the person in the pic.

      He’s a Sikh(they are from India and practice a different religion to Islam). Go take some College level World geography or history lessons, or use Wikipedia- Internet encyclopedia to educate u’r self more about rest of the world.

  40. Harry says:

    Or was this a case of a non-paying passenger trying to run away and the (foolish) driver trying to grab money out of her?

    Lets not come into conclusions just because it involves the word “RAPE” and involves a woman and a man with a turban and a beard(sort of scary looking for some).

  41. Mike Armstrong says:

    For some reason, this sounds like another fishy hoax story like the woman claiming the big bad black man raped her.

    1. jaygees says:

      @Mike Armstrong. Clearly the cab driver was a petite Taiwanese guy. Gee whiz, our manners already.

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