NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –  She’s a tall, lean, vegetarian. She’s familiar with Twitter. As for her age, she’s just 18 – going on 160 million. She hates her name and she needs your help.

The American Museum of Natural History’s newest dinosaur is Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis.

Quite a ma-mouthful.

So AMNH is asking the public for help selecting a nickname that would be more Twitter-friendly.

You can submit your entries for the new name here, or watch a video about the dinosaur below.

Comments (9)
  1. Johnathon Linden says:

    Dinosaurs bring out the kid in us all and Mamenci is my new BIG favorite. I love that we are so close to the Museum of Natural History and plan to visit this exhibit again and again. This is just totally cool.

  2. Rob Roc says:

    Shaley because of Shale.

  3. Painted Wings says:

    Diese’l should be her name because of fossil fuel.

  4. Painted Wings says:

    Diesel should be her name.

  5. Sondra says:

    Name it after one of the rape cops after they are found not guilty!!!!!!!!

  6. GRAMMA says:


  7. Phred says:

    How about…
    because one is extinct and the other one SHOULD be!

  8. Michael H. says:

    My wife and I saw this exhibit on Sunday. It was a very interesting look at the true size of these creatures and how it affects their growth and the way they live. Amazing!

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