NYC Political Strategist: Me, Mom Told We Must Buy 4 SeatsBy John Slattery

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Southwest Airlines has apologized to a mother and daughter who said they got rough treatment at the airport.

Kenlie Tiggeman, a 30-year-old political strategist and weight loss blogger in New York City, said it was humiliating, being told she was too fat to fly, reports CBS 2’s John Slattery.

“It was rude. It was in front of lots of people,” said Tiggeman, who’s originally from New Orleans.

Tiggeman said the incident happened in Dallas over Easter. She and her mother were told by a gate agent they each had to purchase two seats.

“And said that we were, in fact, too fat to fly, without an additional ticket,” Tiggeman said.

Yet, this was a return flight, and they hadn’t been stopped before. The gate agent said it was policy.

“I was asked what size clothes, and how much I weigh. I gave answers in front of a gate full of people, some of whom were snickering,” Tiggeman said.

Tiggeman, who once weighed 393 pounds, is down to 268 pounds.

A spokeswoman for Southwest said: “If a passenger cannot fit in a seat with the armrests down, a second seat must be purchased. If the flight is not full, that added charge will be refunded.”

But Tiggeman said she does fit in a seat.

Southwest, which allowed the woman and her mother on a later flight, apologized, refunded their tickets and gave them free vouchers.

Passengers at LaGuardia said Tiggeman got a raw deal.

“As long as she fit in that seat, she should have been allowed to fly,” passenger Arnette Small said.

“I mean, if she fits, she fits, that’s what I say,” Kala Drust said.

“I think if people are rather large they to take accountability for their size and need to buy two tickets. If in fact she fit in the armrests, it’s a different ball game,” Dan Hehal added.

Last year, movie director Kevin Smith, known for his cult hit “Clerks,” was ejected from a Southwest flight, told that he didn’t fit. The airline later apologized.

The policy on wide-body passengers varies from airline to airline. All the Federal Aviation Administration requires is that each passenger be in a belt, which sometimes requires a seat-belt extender.

Tiggeman said she purchased two tickets to fly in the past, but since she’s lost so much weight, she’s been told by several airline employees it was no longer necessary.

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  1. Dina says:

    25 years ago, a large lady and I flew together for a business trip. She had to buy 2 tickets, but it was not SW on Airlines. The right seatbelt of seat 1 was used, and the left seatbelt of the second seat. She is a wonderful person, but I understand why it is done.

  2. ChunkyHeffa says:

    lol lol lol fat chance!!! nice one bill

  3. Gerald says:

    Not sure why you would stop flying Southwest because of that, considering Southwest is the only major airline that requires fat people to buy 2 seats.

    1. Thrillington says:

      Gerald – You are incorrect. I have been on other airlines where, on several occasions, obese people where made to purchase a second seat. Once, on an American Airlines flight from Hawaii 7 years ago, a passenger back in coach was taken off the plane and made to purchase a second seat.

    2. SkinnyJim says:

      American offers first class, Southwest does not.

    3. SkinnyJim says:

      American states passengers whose weight exceeds 250 pounds should know that there are “possible limitations that could result in American not being able to accommodate them.” They also state that the airline urges passengers to “recognize ahead of time that they may need to purchase two seats.”

  4. Extra Space is mone for free says:

    Good buy an extra seat between you and me. You won’t mind if I share the empty seat though will you? That would becruel if I can’t use part of the seat YOU paid for. You expect me to share the seat I paid for for the fatty next to me, so I can surely use part of the extra seat you paid for?

    1. USN036 says:

      Only if you want the backside of someones hand.

  5. Andrea says:

    U people with the mean fat comments have no human compassion. Let’s be real, the seats on any airline are small. I’m not fat, I’m a size 6, and it’s tight sitting on the plane. The airlines don’t have to make a spectacle and embarrass people who r paying their way like everyone else. Bunch of creeps!!

    1. Royal Dellinger says:

      Right. Except we thin people have rights too! Like the right to use the armrest without someone’s girth violating our space! It isn’t always about hurt feelings – especially those who can and and don’t care for themselves!

      1. Detex says:

        Thank you!!! I can’t tell you how upset it makes me to have to sit WITH someone because they are overhanging their own seat! I am 6’2″, it is not easy to fit in the seat and have enough legroom. It is my responsibility to either make sure I fit or upgrade my ticket to more legroom…. How is this any different?

        Obesity is NOT a disability, it is a lack of control over food intake… East better and not only will it probably save your live but it will net you cheaper plane tickets!

      2. Nonya Business says:

        True, however there are 2 items not being mentioned yet…Safety and penny pinching. I am no underwear model but I do fit within the confines of the armrests. If I have to sit next to some 2 ton Tonya I try and move. If and that is a big IF something happens where we would have to evacuate the plane in an emergency I do not want to be trapped by someone that can not control what they put in their mouth. Secondly, We ALL know that SW and pretty much all other airlines have tight seating. On other carriers you can usually choose your seat before hand (hello Aisle). SW is a cattle call (no pun intended but it works) first come first seated. If you choose to pay a little more for another carrier…you can go 1st class or get an aisle seat.

    2. Jerry says:

      If you can’t set in one seat and your fat body hangs over onto my seat then you should pay for half of my seat.

    3. Karen says:

      I flew once with a huge man next to me. Everytime he leaned forward his buttcrack showed. I was literally hanging over the edge of my aisle seat for the entire cross country flight. How is that fair to a smaller person?

      1. hillcoguy says:

        Why did you stand behind him thru the whole flight? Just to look at his buttcrack?
        Being a peeping tom like you isn’t “FAIR” to an obese man.
        (in case your parents didn’t tell you, it’s “NOT FAIR” is a childish whine….the whole world is “NOT FAIR”, get used to it.

      2. Detex says:

        that sucks. I would need a sickbag in that case!!!

      3. baddaboomboom says:

        “Fair” is where pigs go to win ribbons.

        Did they win?

      4. Scarf says:

        Hillcoguy – You’re right, life is not fair. Sit next to me and I’ll cal you a fat slob until they move you or me. Get use to it.

      5. Runamok27 says:

        You’re right HIlcoguy, life is not fair, so if you take up two seats, you should pay for two seats, life isn’t fair, right?

      6. hillcoguy says:

        Wow! look at all the childish whiners ~*~tit’s not FAIR, it’s not FAIR!~*~

    4. Stevis says:

      a size 6 on what half…please stop the nonsense
      I am 6 feet 195 and I have NO problem

      1. m foutouhi says:

        Are you riding first class Stevis? Maybe you’ve missed newspaper/online articles where people complain of the cramped space on an airline.

    5. sherlock says:

      Hey fatman, she is trying to lose weight, or didn’t you read the entire article?

    6. Coszeus says:

      Learn to spell and get some manners!

    7. D smith says:

      She’s not ‘just’ fat – shes’s obese. 1/3 of this country is obese and they need to pay their size share. but… if she fits into the seat between the armrests she also should not have to buy an extra ticket

      1. jeannelli says:

        Thank you.Self discipline has gone by the way of self gratification with most of morbidly overweight people.If you have never had the misfortune of getting seated by one then save your sympathy for those of us that have. It is their selfishness that has brought attention to themselves…being fat is not an entitlement,it not only affects our comfort but pocketbooks as well!

      2. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

        “Fitting between the armrests” is NOT a logical test of used space. Fat can spill over, under, and around, the armrests with that same passenger filling the rest of the entire seat.
        At what weight and size DOES common sense come into play? Surely someone in the 400lb and up category HAVE to buy extra space. But what is the cross/over point/weight?

      3. Hugh Jass says:

        I agree! Maybe the solution is to put people above a certain weight or girth into the cargo hold…

        or they should start a separate airline only for fat passengers. Cattle Express maybe?

        They can offer meal upgrades of BBQ ribs, fried chicken, mac & cheese w/ bacon topping, or the standard Big Mac XL value meal.

        I’m tired of getting stuck next to fat smelly people who invade my space. They need to take responsibility for their own poor lifestyle choices.

    8. Pete838 says:

      Simple solution. Obese people should be given an option to upgrade to first class seat at a reduced rate or purchase an additional coach ticket at a reduced rate. I’ve been on many flights where the person in the seat next to me was overflowing their coach seat, and it makes for a miserable flight. Ever do a transcon with a window seat and the guy next to you weighs 300+? Not fair.

      1. Not a Pachyderm says:

        Why at a reduced rate? If I want to bring my 105-pound wife with me, and I weight 185 myself, we’re a combined ten pounds below 300 pounds. So why should a 300+ pound person get a second seat at a reduced rate when I have to pay full fare myself and for my wife? Let all seats be at full price.

        1. The Clapper says:

          Applause, applause.

    9. Al says:

      I am 6 2, I weigh 230 pounds and i fit in a seat. But when I get on a plane and the person witting next to me has body mass pushing into my seat space and spilling over the arm rest to the point I have lean to the other side of the seat and there is still body contact. THEY ARE TOO BIG. If you can explain why I have to be uncomfortable because they don’t fit in the single seat space they purchased, I would appreciate it.

      1. Bill says:

        Hey Al, You just took up Two Comment spaces. Watch it…

      2. nate says:

        I’m 6’2 and I weigh 250 pounds I fit in my sit nicely all the way up to my shoulders at which point I will be halfway in your seat. So do I need to pay double because airlines shrank the seats down to a size only narrow shouldered men can sit in? I could lose 100 pounds and my shoulders would not get any narrower.

    10. Buy a Vlue Pete 838 says:

      Well Pete 838 why should fatty get a lower price? Should an alcoholic get lower prices for booze? Should a pervert get discounts on hard core porn? Should an idiot be able to get a discount on buying a clue?

    11. Al says:

      I am 6 2, I weigh 230 pounds and i fit in a seat. But when I get on a plane and the person sitting next to me has body mass pushing into my seat space and spilling over the arm rest to the point I have lean to the other side of the seat and there is still body contact, THEY ARE TOO BIG and should have to purchase two seats. If you can explain why I have to be uncomfortable because they don’t fit in the single seat space they purchased, I would appreciate it.

      1. Struesel Topping says:

        You can say that again….oh, wait.

      2. dave says:

        AT 6’2 230 LBS, you’re too big for an airline seat…you may THINK you fit, but you don’t. Please buy an additional seat next time you fly…

      3. sasha says:

        At 6′ 2″ and 230 pounds your BMI is 29.5. A BMI of 30 is considered obese.

      4. Canada Dry says:

        6’1″, 230 lbs here. I also have no problem fitting into a seat.

        To the person calling us obese according to BMI – nearly all athletes are “obese” by BMI standards. I’m a male with 11% body fat, baby, which is pretty darn low. Learn what BMI means before you go calling people with nearly no fat on their body “obese.” LOL.

      5. sasha says:

        I’m not calling anyone anything–just stating a fact according to BMI calculations. I fully understand what BMI is and also know that it does not take lean body mass into account. If you’re offended by being in that category, you need to take that up with someone else.

      6. Gregg says:

        @sasha – try to at least be educated on your responses.

      7. Steve P says:

        Sasha – you brought it up so why do we need to “take that up with someone else” They didn’t throw their ignorance into the conversation!

      8. Joe S. says:

        BMI is stupid. My BMi is 25.1 Im 5’9″ 170. a 25 bmi IS considered overweight. However my body fat % is 13.1% which is extremely good.

        You cannot use BMI.

      9. James D says:

        @Sasha: BMI calculations are complete garbage; plenty of people who are 6’2″ and 230 are pure muscle; if you aren’t fat, you can’t be obese, and I don’t care what nitwit from the CDC or Surgeon General’s office might say otherwise. To act like you can just take someone’s height and weight and know if they’re obese without even knowing their body fat percentage is total nonsense.

    12. Fat Tom says:

      I’ve dealt with obesity my entire life. Southwest is my airline of choice BECAUSE they suggest buying an extra seat. Then, they REFUND the extra ticket if the flight is not full. I don’t want to squeeze my fat butt into a small seat. Besides, it’s not fair to the thinner person who might site next to me. Let’s be realistic, I’m too fat. Southwest makes reasonable accomodations and should not be criticized for it.

      1. DagneyT says:

        Tom, you give me hope for the human race. Seems simple doesn’t it. Let’s all just take responsibility for ourselves and be considerate of others.

      2. Christoph says:

        Yeah Tom, the voice of reason in the wilderness of selfishness.

      3. gregg says:

        DudeGuy – You are exactly right… we have a thingy to measure carryon size… an example seat with armrests at the ticket counter would work just fine. I’d sit my fat butt in one to avoid the boarding gate embarrassment.

      4. jcjimi says:

        Tom, I’m developing a man-crush on you. Good on ya’, brother.

      5. Jimmy says:

        Great comment. I appreciate your viewpoint and couldn’t agree more.

      6. SMA says:

        I’m in a similar situation. I do think that it is very unconsiderate to fly otherwise, and honestly, I just feel more relaxed doing it. I always buy a second seat while travelling coach, and honestly, I like having the extra leg room and storage space. Sometimes though, someone seated in the same row will assume that I haven’t purchased an extra seat. And while waiting in line, you can see people in terminals looking at you, wondering if they’ll be “stuck” next to you in the plane.

        Once, an airline actually took the second seat I had purchased, and sat someone who was injured next to me, giving her two seats. I had to be moved to the back of the plane, even though I had planned in advance for two seats, and purchased them accordingly. No one else could have been moved to accomodate her in the same section?

        So this isn’t all one sided. Fat people are just easy targets.

        I was once on a flight where I had bought two seats, and I was accosted by a man who assumed I had sat in his seat. He kept on saying that he wanted to sleep during the flight, and I should take the aisle seat instead. He was in the wrong section, wrong part of the row, and was giving me a hard time because again, he assumed I hadn’t bought a second ticket.

        Seeing the venom being spewed by others here puts the situations I’ve been in in context. Yes, people are obese because they eat too much. It doesn’t matter why, I have my reasons and I don’t care to explain them to a bunch of rude, thoughtless, faceless individuals. But, don’t think I’m not working on the issue because I’m still fat. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t take drugs, I don’t have diabetes. I don’t have mobility issues. I shower daily, and I don’t stink I pay my taxes, I work, I contribute to my community.

        Yet you’d think everyone who has a weight problem is a stupid walking stinkbomb by these comments. I’ve taken solace in the fact that this speaks more to the intelligence of the comment makers, and there is obviously something wrong with their life that they choose to target a group of people.

        What ever happened to not saying anything unless you have something nice to say?

    13. Nubile says:

      This has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine and I’m glad to hear this!!!!! It’s always been unfair. If your luggage weighs over 50 lbs. the airlines charge you $25-$50 for a heavy bag. I’ve asked in the past what about overweight people and I’ve been told they have to pay for 2 seats. I’ve asked how they monitor that when there isn’t a scale at the check-in counter or the ticket desk. And if you buy a ticket on line as most of us do these days there isn’t any way to know the size of the person purchasing the ticket. They don’t ask your weight and I’m sure over weight people wouldn’t be honest anyway; not when it will cost them more to fly. FAT people need to be reponsible for their size. I doubt that my bag that weighs in at 52 lbs. is going to make the plane crash due to it being overweight. Now a person who weighs in at over 250-300 lbs.and get several of them, that will cause a problem. If the airlines are going to let FAT people fly for the same as me (and I weigh in at around 130)then get off my back and QUIT fining me when my bag comes in a few pounds over the limit!!!!!!!!

      1. Jeff B says:

        If you lied with on-line registration, they could deny you boarding.

      2. Lois says:

        The very simplest and fairest solution is to pay by total weight–you and your bags. The price you see online would be for a set weight, say 220 lbs total. Just like checking bags you can opt when you purchase the ticket to pay for extra weight. At the airport, you and your bags are weighed together which should help alleviate the concerns of people worried about others knowing how much they weigh. If the total is more than you paid for, you pay more before you board.

      3. DudeGuy says:

        250 pounds…news flash I”m over 260 and fit in the seats fine…in fact my body fat is 10%. Airlines don’t need to use weight, just have a seat near the gate for those that are questionable and see if they fit and can buckle the belt!

      4. bigbag1 says:

        The reason you pay more for heavy bags is that a baggage handler has to hump your 300 lb bag onto and off of the plane.

      5. rypay says:

        There should be a chair that everyone has to sit in by ticketing just like they have the carry on luggage container. The woman said on Today that 1/3 of people are obese and airlines should be catering to them. I totally disagree. My tax dollars go to paying for healthcare for these human dumpsters.

      6. KC Jones says:

        @rypay – if your tax dollars go to pay for their healthcare, then this issue is none of your concern since we are talking about Americans here. This issue is about an American. Health care is done through corporations in America, and not through your tax dollars. Sure, every once in awhile your tax dollars will be paying for a hobo who goes to the ER or somebody on welfare to get help, but if somebody is big and flying, there is a much higher chance they are not poor (they can afford lots of food and they can afford a plane ticket).

        You do also realize that your tax dollars do not go into the airline companies either, right? Those are also private corporations.

        So your tax dollars do not go towards “paying for healthcare for these human dumpsters” unless you are not from America. If you are not from America, then be quiet, as this article and discussion is about America

    14. anne says:

      I am also one who fits, and yes, the seats are tight. Which means if the person next to you is bulging over the arm rests, or is blocking your access to the aisle, it’s a problem

    15. cathy says:

      Absolutely! Try being in a seat that has half of it filled by another passenger. I agree airlines should provide wider seats but till then please don’t take up mine.

    16. Pete838 says:

      Quite simply because the cost of an airline ticket includes many things, only one part of which is the actual seat. One meal, one can of coke, one pack of peanuts, one trip through security, one spot in the overhead bin. Asking the person to purchase the entire price twice when all they need is twice the seat is as unjust as asking me to share half of my seat with them.

      1. mj says:

        If one person takes two seats, then the airline is prevented from selling that second seat at full fare to another passenger… the obese passenger should carry the responsibility of that ticket…

    17. Jon says:

      “I’m not fat, I’m a size 6, and it’s tight sitting on the plane.”

      So imagine sitting next to someone that actually IS fat, like this lady. If you’re spilling over into the seat next to it, you need to pay for two seats. Sorry you don’t like it, but that’s the way it should be. I’m actually disappointed Southwest decided it was necessary to refund her tickets, for PR reasons.

      1. Responsible for myself says:

        My understanding from the story was that they actually did fit in the seats, and as a result the tickets were refunded. That’s not a PR reason. That’s fair.

        I agree that if you don’t fit into a single seat that you should not inflict your self on other passengers, but it’s not only the fat. It’s the stinky, the bad breath, it’s poorly behaved children (not babies) and the people that recline their seat into my lap that should also be taken to task. If you want to throw stones people – aim at all the targets.

      2. TakeCareofYourself says:

        Did you see the size of that woman. She may think she fits in the seat. But not really!!! Just ask the person next to her.

    18. AtlantaFlyer says:

      Mean? No compassion? Please. Obese folks FORCING THEIR FAT BODIES onto someone elses purchased space IS mean and lacking in compassion!!

      1. LuluRuruYuyu says:

        Also, gross.

    19. sicko'sittnnext2fatty says:

      Since we have to fit our suitcase into a box to see if is the right size to go on board, there should be a box for people too. For all those folks that hang over on to other’s seats BUY 2 TICKETS or QUIT EATING A WHOLE PIZZA EVERY NIGHT FOR DINNER!

    20. Danbury says:

      YOU sit next to her, then!

    21. AtlantaFlyer says:

      If everyone would complain LOUDLY whenever an obese person was taking up their space on a plane, the airlines would have to put a stop to it! I’ve suffered in silence before, but NEVER AGAIN.

      ***Kenlie Tiggeman*** , did you pay the person beside you for using THEIR SEAT? If not, you need to. Have you no sense of decency or morals? YOU STOLE YOUR NEIGHBORS SEAT. Shame on you for using your obesity against others. Then you have the nerve to say you are embarrassed? Riiiight. The airline talked to you “in front of a few people” YOU BLAST IT ALL OVER THE WORLD. And then lie and say you are embarrassed? Do you even know how stupid that sounds?

      1. East Coast says:

        I think the only fair way to resolve this is to charge by the pound and then put these heavyweights in larger seats.The airline company would lose revenue on less seat space but at least be compensated for someone with the additional weight. My husband being tall, always requests and pays for the upgrade for more leg room. Why don’t all the extra tall people start whining like the overweight people so they could really hear how petty they sound.
        Pay for the extra seat, lose some weight or don’t fly. Sorry, this is how I call it.

    22. DagneyT says:

      I have, twice, shared my seat with a person too large for his own single seat. Where’s my refund and free flight voucher? Is there NO sense of right & wrong in our culture any more? I see comments here suggesting obese people be offered a seat in first class, are you kidding? I should pay additional hundreds for a first class seat, but the obese, who don’t fit in a coach seat because of their own poor choices, should have the upgrade for free. This society is FUBAR!

    23. Steve says:

      Pete838. What you say is only applicable if the flight has one or more empty seats. If the fat person needs two seats, the airline has an opportunity cost to consider. So, it’s not fair to them to forego the additional revenue on the seat that would have been collected had average-sized people occupied one each. Also, you suggested that the first class seat should be reduced price, not the second seat, if I remember correctly.

    24. jt says:

      Fit in a seat is sketchy. Does that mean you have pieces of your body folding over the arm rest or sliding underneath? Look, I know that is rude, but I fly constantly for business and to have someone sit next to you who takes up a good chunck of your seat is unfair.

      In Feb. of this year I got bumped from southwest flight because of a passanger who was too large and SW let him board a full flight thinking there were extra seats when there was not. The guy could pull the armrest down, but his body went both over and under the seat. I did not cause a huge problem because they were able to get me there a few hours late. But sometimes I wish I did just to show there are people who suffer and they are the ones who are forced to sit next to someone who “fits in the seat”.

      1. Snod says:

        You bet! All the enablers never worry about people who have to sit next to someone who is oozing all over them!

      2. Average Height and weight says:

        Agreed. I fly often with two friends who are both really overweight. Since we usually book our flights together I am the one who is smashed inbetween (since they need my seat for overflow) for the flight. It bothers me and I know these people really well. There is no way that I would tolerate this from a stranger.

    25. ccaze says:

      I would love to see three 300+ fatties all stuck in the same row. Give them a taste of their own medicine. What would the airline do in this situation? Ask a skinny person to sit in the middle? I think not…

      Don’t be ignorant, if you are a fat ass, buy an extra seat.

    26. Chuck says:

      I had to fly back from Italy to the USA where I was on the window seat and the person sitting next to me was easily 320 lbs. The entire time I was pressed up against the window. It was THE most uncomfortable 16 hours of my entire life. I couldn’t sleep, It was almost impossible to get out every time I needed to go to the bathroom, and to make thing worse, they smelled bad. Now, tell me again why I should have to suffer because of someone else’s personal choices?

    27. Detex says:

      Not a little, a LOT!

    28. FAA says:

      …what is “loose” weight?

    29. squeezeplaysucks says:

      Squeeze play your are a true idiot.

      1. art says:

        In his defense, proof read your own post.

    30. minbarone says:

      Yay Southwest! To all the obese losers out there blaming everyone but yourself for your weakness.. Get a life. I used to be obese, I lost the weight–it’s called lifestyle. Change your lifestyle and you will not be obese. I have actually told people on the bus “if you can’t fit, you shouldn’t sit.” Why should I have to suffer an obese person oozing out of their space onto me?

    31. Pinche Johny says:

      Andrea, Really??? Obviously you haven’t had the pleasure of being on a 6 hour flight sharing your arm rest and half your seat with someone’s friggin jelly roll? As a frequent flyer, it’s the ones that have an “aroma” and are moist with sweat that are a real delight… SHUT YOU PIEHOLE!

    32. RPatR says:

      I have had the unfortunate experience of having to fly with an obese individual who could fit in a seat. That was not the problem. The man was so larger from the waiste up, he said he would probably over lap in me seating area. I told him that if he wanted to use my space between the arm rest, he could pay me for my seat otherwise stay on your own side. If this wasinsensitive I really don’t care. Sensitivity goes both ways. Why should I be made to feel uncomfortable in a seat I paid for? You touchy feely sound good feel good people get on my nerves! Most of the things you support are NO GOOD!

    33. KV says:

      The laws of physics apply here. Passengers should pay for the space that they occupy. If they are too big to fit in a seat then they should pay for another one. I shouldn’t have to suffer on a 3-hour flight because someone’s back fat is pushing into my space.
      Let’s drop the political correctness here please. Think of this as a financial incentive for fat people to lose weight and take better care of themselves.

    34. djlite says:

      relax andrea. most of them are factual in their comments. it’s reasonable to also deduce that the fat people reporting this to the press are embellishing the amount of “embarrassment” and “humiliation”, which is no doubt something they’re quite used to and have 100% control over.

    35. PWE says:

      Really? I’m a size 6 and sitting on a plane isn’t a tight fit. It’s fine. Because I’m smaller, I’ve actually been asked to switch seats with other passengers who were next to very large people. I never do — I don’t want to be squashed in my own seat by the person next to me either.

      I fly a lot, and the kicker was on one flight when an obese pair of sisters had booked the seats on either side of me. Their rolls of fat were literally in my lap – totally disgusting. I offered to let them sit next together and they said no, they didn’t like to sit next to each other. Obviously – they booked their seats that way on purpose, not caring if they crushed the person in-between, and I was swimming in the sea of their flab. The flight attendants (United) wouldn’t say anything to them- they said I should just put up with it b/c they’d be accused of discrimination. I demanded a new seat.

      If you have a physical condition — and weighing 400 pounds is definitely a physical condition — you need to deal with it and the consequences. You can’t assume other paying passengers should be dealing with your overflowing body in their seats. That’s just reality.

    36. "Victim" goes national on TV says:

      The creep is the poor “vicitm” playing it to the max! I quote her:

      As I said, I am back in New York to discuss this issue on The Today Show this morning. The first part of my interview took place place Saturday morning in Beverly Hills with Richard Simmons before our workout. You can see me on The Today Show during the 7 o’clock hour before I do interviews with CNN and other news programs.

    37. mike m says:

      I’ve never seen one hot skinny chick squeeze into an airline seat. Now a chubby size 6 on the other hand…

    38. Daniel says:

      Andrea, you have been suckered by the setup. This woman is a political activist. She knew SW policy, and intentionally flew their airline without following policy on two seats. She would have continued flying until a gate attendent actually tried to enforce the policy, and then cry discrimination.

      On her first flight, the attendent was too PC and nice to enforce company policy. On the second flight the attendent attempted to follow company policy and she played the “Offended Card”, which was her intent the entire time.

      Notice how quickly she parlayed that into a CNN, Today Show, and Richard Simmons TV appearance. All pre-planned. She is shopping her book deal now.

      All a set-up, all pre-planned. She is playing on the gullibility and political correctness of people like you. Clearly it is working.

  6. Cindy says:

    I can hardly read these comments, such venom. Weight is the new hate machine as is evident by some of these remarks.Weight is something you can see. I wonder how wonderful these hate machines are in real life? Many people carry around things they need to change, things of shame about themselves hidden from the world. Overweight people are easy targets and are preyed upon by a heartless people.If only all of us wore our problems easy to be seen. If you were the one singled out for disdain, what then?

    1. Mean People says:

      So if you see “one of us” squeezed between two fat people spilling into our space, will you volunteer to change seats with us? I don’t like sitting next to people who reek of cigerrette smoke or perfume either – that also spills into the space I paid for.

      1. Sryan says:

        Stay home…none of us like you either

    2. Lost1wing says:

      Pay by the pound. Assumptions are made as to the weight of a person to calculate fuel needs and weight and balance. It is a safety matter. Now, the way Southwest handled it was wrong. I said that wrong. The way the person who works for Southwest handled it wrong. Southwest should fire that person, not refund the passenger. That is admitting guilt and Southwest is not guilty. Great job on your weight loss. Keep up the good work.

    3. Conor says:

      For most people, it’s not about hate. The fact is it costs twice as much to fly someone who weighs twice as much. Ideally, they should make everyone stand on a scale and charge tickets by the pound, like cargo. But the airlines have a model of selling space. So if this woman really fit in the seat and didn’t infringe on other passengers’ space, she should be allowed to buy one ticket; if not, she needs too. It’s nothing personal.

    4. dee says:

      Just wait until the new health care law really gets going. You will see a greater degree of meanness when another’s heath issues are perceived to be everyone’s business. However, I do think if you are so large, you should buy another ticket on a flight without making the agent turn into the fat police. And then, if there are extra seats, then you can ask for a refund.

    5. InTheBubble says:

      Drink some wine and lighten up, Cindy. Venom, hate, heartless? I’ve read most of the comments, and damned few are nasty, whereas most are just folks speaking rationally about FACTS, that obese folks need to buy enough seats to FIT their FAT bodies. That’s not venom, Cindy. You want venom? I think Tiger and Arnold are pigs . . . that’s venom, but it’s not like they don’t deserve it. You want hate? I hate Hitler, liver and onions, and sitting next to obese people on a plane. Nothing wrong with hate. Heartless? I think that’s YOUR department, Cindy, for making all these nasty statements about the rest of us.

      1. Liver & Onions says:


        What the hell did we ever do to you? Get off our backs!

      2. Marc says:

        I agree — these people drive up fuel costs as a group. The growing obese society needs to get real. You weigh more you pay more… just like luggage. If you don’t like it and don’t have a valid thyroid problem and letter form doctor then you pay more. I your lard spills over into my seating space.. why should I be punished? You should pay me for making my trip uncomfortable, because I paid for my seating space you selfish fatties.

    6. kent says:


      Your an idiot…..!

      I am 6’9″ and weigh 400 should I have to buy the seat in front of me??? #uck the airlines.

    7. Cesar says:

      first it was the smokers , and people thought that was ok. Now its the overweight people. Kinda makes you wonder what group is next in this country. The thought police and political correctness has run amok in this country and people do nothing. Yes, we all have our faults. But they should not spill over into my narrow airline seat on a 4 hour flight.

      1. Kathy from NJ says:

        I agree….what next? Can I make a few suggestions? Teenage girls talking non-stop on their phones? Or BBM-ing all flight long? People that refuse to turn off their cell phones during the flight?? Or my personal favorite….people with GAS…..I had the pleasure of sitting next to someone with that problem recently and it was brutal.

        I think I would prefer a little fat roll spill-over than the gas….maybe we should give all passengers a gas-x before they board?

        Flying puts us all at the mercy of others…something none of us like!

    8. Get Real says:

      Kent, before you call anyone an idiot, perhaps you should learn the difference in your and you’re.

    9. Pete838 says:

      Kent, You should fly in the first class cabin if you cannot fit in the economy cabin. Maybe an exit row seat with a couple extra inches of leg room is available. Yes, the FC tickets cost more. Sorry. Life isn’t always fair.

    10. Big Butt says:

      If the butt does not fit, you must not sit.

    11. Tracy says:

      Why is Bernard the idiot…you are the one who can seem to realize why you weigh over 400 lbs. Bernard can’t make you stop stuffing your face, why should he have to allow half of your ass to sit in his lap. I hate getting squished by fat people.

    12. bumpa says:

      haha ur fat

    13. AtlantaFlyer says:

      Cindy, stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about your weight! STOP trying to take ADVANTAGE of people because you are fat!

      If everyone would complain LOUDLY whenever a fat person was taking up their space on a plane, the airlines would have to put a stop to it! I’ve suffered in silence before, but NEVER AGAIN.

    14. Snod says:

      What a bunch of nonsense! No one is advocating picking on fat people for fun! What they are saying is they are sick and tired of paying for a plane ticket and sharing a seat with a person who is too lazy and lacks the self control to maintain some weight standards.

    15. mike m says:

      They’re too fat to stay in the closet.

    16. Hugh Jass says:

      Don’t give me that fat is the new hate machine nonsense… Weight has to do with POOR INDIVIDUAL LIFESTYLE CHOICES! Take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

      Change your diet, go ride a bike, do power walking…. Simple exercise & diet works wonders!

      I’ll bet you circle the parking lot for a space closest to the front b/c God forbid, you wouldn’t want to have to waddle a few extra yards….

      As far as the things I need to change, well the only thing I can think of is that I drink too much coffee. I’d gladly wear a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Doughnuts t-shirt to let everybody know if that makes you happy… but even so, this doesn’t effect other passengers comfort.

  7. Ivan in Phoenix says:

    CBS should have put up a picture that extended down to her thighs. You can tell she gets much bigger down by her waist. If you’re down to 268 but barely over 5 ft tall then you’re still too big for one seat. If her Mom is the same size, they should buy 3 seats and ‘share’ the middle one.

    Nobody likes to hear it, but how else is the airlines supposed to handle this? Maybe take you in a back room to have to sit in a row of airline seats with a video camera to show you how big you really are?

    Personally, I am far from thin so all I can say is stop acting all butt-hurt and buy the extra seat. Standing there trying to convince the airline employee that you’re not ‘too fat’ would be embarrassing if you keep arguing about it.

  8. John says:

    Take responsibility if you enjoy eating too much take responsibility, if you enjoy drinking to much take responsibility, if you smoke to much take responsibility, if you if you if you ……

    1. Bre says:

      Are you freaking serious. Did you not read she has lost 120 pounds. So she is obviously doing something other than being lazy and eating twinkies. Seems like the moron is you.

    2. ccaze says:

      I agree. I hate southwest but I love their policy. She has lost a lot of weight but has a long way to go.

  9. JOe Dutra says:

    Been there. Done that. You may get an understanding look; nothing else.

  10. allan P. says:

    I have sat between two very overweight people (husband and wife) in the past, not a pretty picture when exiting the plane. I felt like I was between two pieces of hot bread. I was drenched from their, well, you get the picture. I wondered why they hadn’t sat next to each other, how silly of me.
    Yes it must have been quite embarrassing for the Tiggeman’s, butt not a surprise.

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      “quite embarrassing for the Tiggeman’s, butt”

      well put!

    2. justin u says:

      Clearly they intentionally chose two seats with an empty between them in order to be more comfortable. Poor you! lol

    3. Dont Crush Me says:

      Why didn’t you offer to move to the aisle so they could sit together? Then only one of them would be flowing into your space and, since you’d be in the aisle, you could lean out into that extra space (until the drink cart ran you over).

  11. dudeonbeach says:

    This is a issue of common courtesy. everyonw knows how wide an airline seat is. If your body spills over the armrest and touches me, I don’t want to sit by you. There is nothing wrong with that. I pay for certain amount of space and stay within what I am given. And here is another thing. To be 268 bls REQIURES a certain amount of maintenance to maintain that weight, you do it to yourself.

    1. Kay says:

      I completely agree. Seriously, nobody wants nobody wants to be touched by strangers. It seems to be the growing trend in air travel, violation of personal space. I have had to sit by a really overweight people before, being that I fly from Boston-L.A. a lot, and it’s very uncomfortable. I have no problem with overweight people, but if I purchase a seat on an airline, I want that seat to be mine. Why should I have to be uncomfortable and squished for an entire flight because someone is overweight? It’s just common courtesy to not invade people’s personal space.

      1. Kay says:

        One more thing, I do think that Southwest handled it very poorly though. They should have asked the woman those questions in private. I’m sure that was embarassing for her. There’s a way to handle the situation sensitively and respectfully.

      2. ccaze says:

        They don’t need to ask her in private. Everyone can see that she is fat. Maybe they should put a seat out front and make people sit in it to prove they fit.

      3. chudly says:

        They should just have a sample seat with a sign that says “you must purchase an additional ticket if you can not fit within this space” (just like those carry-on bins where you can test the size of your bag). And if someone comes to the gate who looks too large but didn’t buy a ticket, they can avoid asking personal questions about clothing size and weight and just check them in the sample seat.

      4. pisico says:

        That is their claim; that they were embarrassed in public. As clearly posted in this reply, they do not keep their obesity private. Their claim is one way of saving face and to portray themselves as victims. Typical response and wile of those who want to get away with murder no matter what. As someone aptly stated before; they do affect our pockets with their so called “disability”. Political correctness will bury us in lawsuits and regulations to “protect” the irresponsible.

  12. jb says:

    flying with fat people is painful.for all involved

    1. jb says:

      flying is general is painful for all involved

  13. Annne says:

    I just had to sit next to a woman who fit into her seat (barely) but her arms were 12 inches into my seat and I had to lean to the right to avoid her body. So not fair to someone a quarter her size or any one else for that matter. The flight attendant had to reach under a roll of fat to get my tray table out of the arm rest. These people should have to buy two seats or prove that their mass isn’t spilling over into other’s spaces. It’s not fair to other passengers.

    1. Bowhunter says:

      I am with Anne. Thing is we have to complain directly and not leave it all to the airline staff. I just fit in my seat when considering arms and shoulders. I always go for a window, so I can turn my upper body and lean against the side of the airplane for a bit of extra room, but can be in a center seat and not violate my neighbor’s space. I have not tolerated a person who can’t stay in their seat. Made a rather PO’d woman get reseated, and got glared at by people not involved for the whole flight. Don’t care. I bought my whole seat. I’m not giving part of it to someone else.

      1. art says:

        I don’t have anything of value to add to Bowhunter’s comments, just wanted to give props to a fellow bowhunter! 🙂

    2. joej says:

      there should be small separation walls between seats so that spillover is impossible.

    3. Terry Furlough says:

      Lane Bryant airlines..

  14. Ruckus says:

    If People are too obese to fit in one seat then they need to buy two. First class seats are larger so they might try them. There has to be a limit.

  15. Hank Warren says:

    Who cares? What about the TSA? TSA molesters, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Kim Jady says:

      Always attack the evil airline for being cruel. How would you like to have to sit between two 300 pounders whose bodies hang over both sides of the arm rests? I say good for SW Airlines.

    2. Hawke2001 says:

      Hey Hank, you ever hear of staying on topic.

  16. Neal K says:

    “But Tiggeman said she does fit in a seat.”

    No, honey, you don’t. And you don’t have the right to bulge over into my seat. I’m sorry the gate agent was rude, but facts are facts. Next time, buy two tickets or fly an airline that offers first class seating.

    1. Allan says:

      I understand the cmplaint, I just ask all you thin people to remember your comments as you get older and thicker, and heaven forbid you have a major road block in life and have to ask for help as you try to put you wheel chair up, or develope bladder problems and have to excuse yourself everytime you go to the bathroom. Remember for every fault you find in others they also find in you.

      1. undecvredneck says:

        I am older,and have realized as I get older,I shouldn’t eat as much much as I did as when I was 21. If you your rolls come over into my seat,buy 2 seats. No more argument.

      2. momma says:

        ALLAN, we’re not complaining because people are fat. If you want to be fat, fine. If you can’t help being fat, fine. JUST BUY ANOTHER TICKET, no judgement. If you’re too cheap to buy another one, then join the frugal club. Get over it, or get your butt to the gym.

      3. Dreamtime says:

        @ Allan, I am not judging someones choice to be heavy. I agree with this particular airline policy. If you need help with your wheelchair or need to go to the restroom fine. But I have the right to be comfortable in the seat I have purchased, and if I am not because someones choice violates my space then yes I have a problem with that.
        Don’t get me wrong I was overweight, I workout and lost it, my daughter is overweight she is now on an exercise program to lose it, you can change some things, others you cannot. Most people here realize that obesity is something you can change and therefore cannot be excused or warrent special waivers.
        BTW: I have to pay extra for baggage, so should they.
        Seems to me a private “Skinny Jeans Airline” would do well with travellers.

  17. Daniel A Hunt says:

    What bothers me is the uneven way the policy is applied. If they flew in with one ticket,they should not be held hostage and forced to pat twice for the same seat they paid for on the original flight!

    1. Tim K says:

      They likely flew in on a flight with extra seating capacity, and thus did not have to buy it. On the return flight, their BULK could not be accomodated free of charge and were thus correctly BILLED for it.

      1. jj says:

        good point Tim K. On the flight out, the SW staff knew there would extra empty seats so Tiggerman was not forced to buy a 2nd ticket.

  18. Bob, Texas says:

    There are other issues involved, besides the number of seats. Extra weight means more fuel consumption. And there are physical weight limits. Imagine if every passenger weighed 268 pounds. The plane would not be able to take off as it would be over its limit. Thus, fewer passengers which means Southwest would need to start charging more per seat. Currently, they hope there are some skinny people to meet their average passenger weight. If the plane could take off, fuel consumption would be 40% to 75% higher, depending on the aircraft. Again, higher costs incurred by the airline, which all passengers will have to pay through higher ticket prices.

    1. sasquatch says:

      If you are a big tuna, maybe take a train or walk.

      1. Hairy Herry says:

        What sucks about that is a Texas congresswoman who has put forth House Bill 1900, extending Homeland Security checks to, you guessed it! Trains and Buses. Next, automobiles!!
        Mind you, it’s in committee and not up for a vote, but I can already see where this is going. More employees on the government tit.

    2. Dave says:

      They already add fuel surcharges. They could actually negate part of the problem you mention by doing what American does: Don’t paint the airplanes.

    3. BigJimSlade says:

      Imagine if everyone was as stupid as you are, Bob.

      Not one word about Southwest flying every plane to capacity at artificially reduced fares in order to wipe out their competition in every market they attack.

      Nor any discussion 1960’s era plane with a fuselage width determined by a 1950’s aerial tanker competition funded by US taxpayers. Southwest has contorted what was intended as a short to medium range hauler into a cross continental “narrow body” torture chamber.

      An Airbus A320 (the direct competitor to the 737) is 9 inches wider in the coach cabin. Note that a “standard” 737 seat is 17 inches wide. A first class 737 seat is 22 inches wide. Since Southwest doesn’t have any first class seats, another source of the problem.

      Bob, Southwest is well aware of this issue and recognizes they are part of the problem.

      1. Andrew says:

        BigJim, A320 coach seats are 18″ wide. I can speak from experience that this extra inch will not stop a fat person from flowing into your seat. Nor do I find this extra inch to result in any more comfort during a long flight.

        Southwest is not unique in being a low-cost, single class airline, nor are they unique in offering 17″ wide seats. I question the source of your vitriol.

      2. Bubba says:

        The source of this vitriol is that he’s probably hugely fat

  19. BrianCK says:

    It must be difficult for companies that sell space to cater to those who take up more of it than average.

  20. littleleers says:

    I think each airline passenger should be treated with dignity, fat or skinny. That being said, I don’t believe it is right that a slender ticket holder stuck in a middle seat would be wedged on either side by one or two obese passengers.

    I have often ended up in the middle seat and I am a petite, light weight adult. So far, I have been fortunate that a very heavy person has not been seated next to me. Still, even a tall man in the window seat tends to spill over my side. I can barely use the arm rests because the airlines make the seats so small and squeeze everything together. Weight limits should be made and then determine if that pax needs to buy an extra seat. Period. Skinny people have rights, too!

    1. Mileageplus says:

      Both armrests belong to the passenger in the middle.

  21. Sara says:

    ugh. the US if FULL of fat people. We used to be fit and goof looking back in the days of WW2, now most people are considerably overweight, it is embarrassing!

    1. baby-farts-mageezac says:

      great observation here, thanks for the insight. I can honestly say i did not know any of this before. where do you get you information?

    2. Carola Von H. says:

      Everyone was fit circa WW2? Only in the movies! Regular people may have been smaller in height and weight (the Great Depression was one heck of a diet) but their teeth were falling out of their head. Dental care has come a long way since those halcyon days.

  22. Daniel says:

    What I don’t understand is why these fat people need seat belt extenders? It’s not like a crash is going to be able to dislodge them from being wedged in there.

  23. GrumpyOne says:

    Shame on Southwest for backing down. This country has turned into a nation of insecure wimps!

    1. Lew Larson says:

      No, we are not insecure. We eat what we need to be alive, not what we want to feel good. Fat people need to pay their way for their insecure eating habits.

  24. Beachdude says:

    I must agree that there is a certain amount of grievence I have when someone else body parts are spilling over into my seat. It is not for me to tell someone how to live and manage their body however I should not subjected to their encroachment on my personal space. It really is nothing more than common courtesy. If the airlines create a few extra-wide seats, then they should cost more for people who need them.

    1. steve says:

      if they make a wider seat – i’m buying and I dont need it.

    2. Dave says:

      I’m 6’5″ with shoulders that are substantially wider than normal. I sometimes have to fly on business. I do my best not to encroach, but it’s difficult to squeeze bones together, ya know? It’s not always the overweight who have problems.

      We have allowed airlines to pack so many seats together that no one in steerage could really be happy.

      1. momma says:

        “Big bones” is just something your mommy told you to make you feel better.

    3. Anon says:

      They do have extra wide seats – it’s called first class.

  25. Paul says:

    There are measurement frames for carryon luggage. Why not have the same thing for people? Just make doors that have size of the seat. If you fit you can fly in one seat. If not then southwest will humiliate you, apologize, refund your ticket and give a voucher.

    1. Bill Lowme says:

      … or do like they do at amusement parks. Have a sample seat w/belt at the gate.



    2. IndependentJones says:

      This is a great idea. As a frequent flier I have often wondered the same thing. The airline could put up a little partition so the discussion of girth or weight, or the actual seat-test does not have to take place in front of the anxious throngs sitting at most gates these days. That said, in my experience the top half of the body is sometimes much wider than the bottom and there would have to be a criteria for that to be fair. Personally, I appreciate that Southwest enforces this because a very large person spilling over into your seat can make any flight more than a half-hour a claustrophobic experience.

  26. bill long says:

    Slim down or buy two tickets. It’s simple.

  27. Dave says:

    Sounds like everyone’s on the same page here — if you spill over into my seat, it’s unfair to me. I’m paying for the flight too. So pay for a second seat unless there are empty seats you can spill over into without affecting anyone else.

  28. Charie Bean says:

    Pay for another seat, I PAID TO USE MINE NOT TOO DISCOUNT YOURS!

  29. jimmy simmons says:


    1. Dave says:

      Problem: If you buy two seats to be more comfortable, they will put someone else in there if they suddenly think you’re fine to fly in a single. They try to have it both ways.

    2. Bre says:

      And she diddnt need 2 seats. Did you read she was under the weight limit. She fit.

      1. Jolean says:

        No way did she fit PROPERLY in the seat. Maybe she could squeeze enough of her girth in between the armrests but she could not have fit completely within a 17 inch seat. I am 5’10, 150 lbs and I fit in a 17 inch seat, there is precious little extra space. Where do you think her extra 120 lbs was going to ‘fit’? Her thighs and belly rolls would be flopping over into the space another customer paid for…and that’s just not right.

      2. nofatchicks says:

        sureeee she fit.

        I’m she would fit into Cinderella’s glass slipper too.

  30. rust says:

    How about the airlines open their eyes and recognize their customers’ needs and have special oversize seats on each flight?

    1. NotOnMyDime says:

      And then there will be less seats per aircraft, and we all pay more per ticket to make the flight profitable. Typical liberal, make me pay for those too stupid, lazy, or FAT to take care of themselves.

      1. Bill Brennan says:

        a true liberal would want to have a seat tax for all to accommodate the fattys

      2. Gulcin says:

        Was buying economy plus tickets due to long legs. The tickets were running a few hundred extra for each trip. Now, I buy a yearly subscription for the seats.

        Long legs, fat, natural born, self-imposed. It doesn’t matter. You owe it to your fellow passengers not to infringe on their space.

    2. peoplerrrstupid says:

      That’s a great idea. The fare for that special ‘fat seat’ should be 2x the fare of what the ‘normal’ seats is.

      1. @peoplerrrstupid – Did you know that according to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, that 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were either overweight or obese in 2009?
        I think that ‘fat people’ are the new ‘normal.’

      2. rust says:

        right, perhaps not double, but definitely with a premium. I’m not a liberal, however the fact that airlines do this kind of thing makes me wonder if they are in the business to make money or make enemies.

      3. cheryl says:

        @ gospelaccordingtoabbey, so does that mean this is not a problem? It would be interesting to see a sold out flight where every single person was obese and would be spilling over the armrests if they could, except they can’t because their neighbors are also spilling over the armrests. What would they do? Seriously !

      4. momma says:

        @thegospelaccordingtotabby (what a stupid name)
        Just because 63.1% of the population does something doesn’t make it okay. If we lower the standards anymore, the bar will have to be buried.

      5. vv says:

        how about having your ticket price be based on the amount of space you’ll need. When they weigh your luggage on check in, they should just ask every customer to step on the weight scale. they would have 3 sizes, and 3 prices.

    3. StraightUP says:

      Clearly Rust has never run a business, met a payroll or taken responsibility for anything in his/her life. My guess is that the rest of us are sending Rust at least one government check per month. How about you “open your eyes” and realize first class seats are wider and available on most other US carriers. Pretty simple: buy two seats or a first class ticket.

    4. art says:

      how about you loose some weight

      1. Kim says:

        Hey Art, how about you learn to spell? I think the hateful spirit so many of you are displaying is the real problem here, not excess weight. BTW, lose is spelled LOSE.

  31. Larry says:

    On my most recent flight on Southwest, I got stuck in the middle seat next to a very large woman who had the aisle seat. Her anatomy extended well over my seat under the arm rest. Fortunately, there was a very skinny woman who had the window seat. The skinny passanger and I agreed to keep the arm rest up between us, so that I could breathe.

    Weight isn’t really the problem. The problem is people who are “broad of beam.”

  32. Fred mayer says:

    Sorry I have flown next to someone obese and by the end of the flight my whole arm was sweaty from him. Buy another seat if you are obese, Majority rules get over it

  33. Slick says:

    Just because 10 lbs of flab can be poured into a 5 lb sack – doesn’t mean “it fits”.

  34. Steve P says:

    These people aren’t “Cows” they are people. DanTe’s comment is inappropriate, as well as the airline’s handling of the situaiton. Since this was a return flight, the gate agent who said the woman was too heavy to fly should have looked up the reservation on the previous flight, and assuming there was no problem previously, shiould have let her board the plane.

    I can also appreciate the fact that there may be issues for the person sitting next to someone battling a weight problem, but that’s a chance you take.

    1. JOe Dutra says:

      Are you a porker?

      1. Yep, I'm a porker. says:

        Just ask your girlfriend.

      2. momma says:

        Steve P, instead of sitting in front of your computer, you obviously need to get up and take a walk around the block. Don’t take the liberty of commenting from people who are in a healthy weight range, because we deserve to be rewarded with common courtesy and integrity as consumers. We are all battling something, but I don’t have to yak to my seatmates about whatever my personal issues are, so keep your flesh to yourself.

    2. Walter says:

      WRONG! The chance is taken by the person who can’t fit into one seat. Why does the world cater to those who inconvenience others?

    3. Bill Brennan says:

      the chance you take? LOL! How bout if your too obese to fit in the seat you must purchase two instead of imposing on someone else? This is such a sign of how this once great country is no longer anything close… imagine this happening in the 50’s? no way…

      1. Mike says:

        Actually, in the ’50’s, the prop planes were much more limited by weight. They would have to have flown according to the FAA limits of 170 lbs per passenger(average).

    4. SkinnyJim says:

      Maybe the return flight was full and they thought it wouldn’t be unfair to the people that would be seating next to them. I’ve been on a Southwest plane hundreds of times and I’ll tell you a 268 pound person does not fit in one seat. I do agree that wide-body passengers are people and should be treated with the same respect as the slim-body passengers.

    5. jimjeffers says:

      the previous flight had more empty seats then the return flight, and thats why she wasnt asked to buy two tickets at the beginning.

    6. StraightUp says:


      And the “chance you take” is that some stand up gate attendant is going to tell you what your momma should told you…. “your fat, put down the xbox and go outside.”

    7. Tired of Victims says:

      I’m sure you’re “battling a weight problem”, too. No matter what the cause — more intake than output equals weight gain. Let’s talk…. overflow. “The chance [I] take?” Oh, no….. how much of you overflows into my seat is definitely the airlines’ problem. THEY need to accommodate ME, not YOU. Fat people are not the victims here.

    8. Ken says:

      So, Steve. Let me if I understand you. Because on a previos flight, Miss Fat Stuff had her blubber overflowing, and that makes it OK to impose her lard on yet another passenger on another flight? That is like saying a guy robs a 7-11, and since he got away with it, it makes it OK to rob another 7-11 without consequences? Are you mental or stupid? Most likely a liberal that can’t understand right and wrong. Whether she overflowed on a previous flight is immaterial.

  35. bubble boy says:

    if the butt don’t fit

    you cannot sit

    1. MustAquit says:

      Love it!

  36. ChunkyHeffa says:

    “Kenlie Tiggeman, a 30-year-old political strategist and weight loss blogger in New York City”

    She is a weight Watchers and Jenny craig fugitive

    1. Bill Brennan says:

      awesome comment

    2. Bill Brennan says:

      why is this even an issue? too fat to sit in one seat? guess you’re buying two… is that so bad? If not, how fair is it to the poor person stuck squeezed next to you? Not at all. Why? Why should the airline apologize for this. Mrs. & Ms. Piggy need to understand that life is unfair at times and the media needs to as well…

    3. senatorjimjeffers says:

      i’m guessing she made more of the situation to attract attention to her blog. no doubt about it. she knows people love these fattys-on-airline stories.

  37. Fatty says:

    Oh boo hoooo, I am offended! I’m going to sue – oh booo hoo. Lady, you are FAT. Deal with it.

  38. Bankolot says:

    I’ve had to sit next to them and it’s not comfortable! I don’t care if they can fit between the armrests if they have a bunch of flab over the armrests hanging onto me! Their should be height and weight guidelines and if they don’t fall within them, they buy two tickets. And if someone is hanging partially in my sit, shouldn’t I get a discount?

  39. bill weston says:

    BUY 2 SEATS!! What about the rights of the poor slob that has to sit next to them!

  40. Neil C Denver says:

    Amazing. Southwest is smart enough to charge people for the use of their aircraft, yet our federal government is too STUPID to charge obese people for abusing the health care system and indirectly all Americans.

    According to the Center for Disease Control, the cost to the country is approaching $300 billion this year.

    Obese people should pay their ‘fair share’ of medical costs, which should have a reasonable ‘phase in’ period.

    BUT, don’t hold one’s breath. Look at the obesity of our elected officials!!!

  41. Jen says:

    Hey – do us skinny people get half off?

    1. peoplerrrstupid says:

      That woman weighs what both my wife and I together weigh. We should be able to buy one, get one free!

  42. WERTY says:


  43. JMWinPR says:

    In addition to the additional seat, there should be a total weight limit as well. e.g. 200lb or some such figure. This would include the passenger as well as carry on and checked baggage.
    I got stuck in the middle seat between 2 people like this. Like them I also paid for my ticket and these two poured over the armrests into the area I paid for. It was a real show when the one in the window seat wanted to use the facilities. Watching it get past the beverage cart was a sight to behold. I was hoping it would get wedged in, but no such luck

    1. cheryl says:

      So lets assume there was a weight limit, and lets make it even higher…say 225. So would a body builder who was 225# of pure muscle also be excluded?

    2. schneid says:

      you realize some nfl linebackers, not lineman, linebackers, weigh about 265-280 and are pure muscle. it would be easy to sit next to them compared to 265 pounds of pure fat.that woman weighs as much as james harrison.

      1. Amanda says:

        LOL yeah I see them on TV they can barely move …lol “pure muscle” when everyone sees pure fat …I was wondering how is that people that fat can play in professional sports??? I guess only in America ….

  44. Yikes says:

    I have been jammed in between two obese people before, and they “spilled” over the armrest into “my” space, It was disgusting to have rolls of fat against me the entire flight. Exercise, eat healthy and less, and stay in you own space – or buy the extra seat. “Part” of you may fit in the arm-rests – but really “all” of you needs to fit.

    1. Must be nice... says:

      to have all your fat concentrated from the neck up, isn’t it?

  45. Matt says:

    If her ass is overflowing into the next seat, regardless if the arm rests are down, she needs to buy another ticket.

  46. Chad Reimer says:

    She should know she is on the large side, so being told that in front of a lot of people should be no shock at all, the fact she is a weight loss blogger is amazing!

  47. Fegelein says:

    I think the airline and the human cannonballs ought to sit together, pound down some brewskis, and spend some time chewing the fat.

  48. Fegelein says:

    That was a sick burn, right there.

    Surely someone could have given up their seat in chair-ity?

  49. Hedley Lamar says:

    I’ve had to “share” a seat with an overweight person before and I felt like I was sat on for the entire flight. I hate flying and and this may be the worst aspect of all. The %$#@*&! airlines need to respect MY right to not be sat upon when I pay for a ticket.

  50. anne laney says:

    i’ve had to sit next to people of her size and she NEEDS an extra seat. just because you can squeeze yourself in their tiny seats doesn’t mean you actually fit and not taking up your seat mates seat! but major props for her weight loss!

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