By Neil Keefe
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The Yankees return home to face the Mets after a 3-1 mini road trip. After last weekend’s sweep at home at the hands of the Red Sox, Yankees fans will try and save face this weekend with the team’s other rival.

With Mets fans likely to make their way to the Bronx over the weekend to hope and see their team reach .500, Yankees fans will try to make life difficult for any Mets fans in the Stadium. And this will certainly hold true in Section 203 in the the right field bleachers.

Vinny Milano, who’s known as Bald Vinny of the Bleacher Creatures to Yankees fans, joined me to talk about the first two months in the bleachers in 2011 and what to expect from the Creatures this weekend at the Stadium.

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  1. Ellen says:

    This from a Red Sox fan. Please people life is to short for petty negative comments and feelings. Just enjoy what we have today and enjoy what life has to offer us.

  2. Peace says:

    I would like every Yankees fan and those Mets fans that do go to the stadium this weekend to have fun, enjoy watching the games and to please behave and let’s not act like those soccer fans from across the pond in Europe who start huge fights & cause major damages to the stadiums and properties.

    We all get heated during the game, some in good fun and some out of character, but we are all fans of the game. Let’s all also remember those young kids who will attend because they are also fans and want to see their idols. Enjoy the games, have fun & may you all have a wonderful weekend

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