NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– While President Barack Obama was meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, a protest was held at the Israeli consulate in Midtown Manhattan in response to the president’s plan for the Middle East.

“Obama’s calling for Israel to return to suicide borders,” said Peggy Weinstein, who added Obama’s suggestion should be taken as an insult and a reminder. “These borders are not defensible. They caused the ’67 war. They even call them, the Auschwitz borders.”

“He didn’t want to antagonize the Palestinians, but it’s okay to antagonize the Jews,” said New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn. “If he was interested in pursuing the peace process, he surely did not do that yesterday.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman In Midtown

Showing no concrete progress, Netanyahu sat alongside Obama on Friday and declared that Israel would not withdraw to 1967 borders to help make way for an adjacent Palestinian state. Obama had called on Israel to be willing to do just that in a speech the day earlier.

“President Obama is basically negotiating for the Palestinians. He has basically set down the parameters of the negotiations on behalf of Mahmoud Abbas, who has refused to sit with the Israelis,” Hikind told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

The Israeli leader said he would make some concessions but Israel will not go back to the lines from decades earlier because they would be “indefensible.”

“I think that in order for there to be peace the Palestinians will have to accept some basic realities; the first is that while Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace it cannot go back to the 1967 lines,” Netanyahu said.

But Netanyahu wasn’t done. It was as if the president’s speech opened the floodgates. Netanyahu also dashed a long held Palestinian demand that Israel take back millions of Palestinian refugees displaced when the state of Israel was established.

“It’s not going to happen. Everybody knows it’s not going to happen and I think it’s time to tell the Palestinians forthrightly it’s not going to happen,” Netanyahu said.

The president never mentioned the 1967 borders as the two men talked with reporters. The leaders spoke after a lengthy meeting in the Oval Office, amid tense times.

Obama said in his speech on Thursday that the United States supports creation of a Palestinian state based on the border lines that existed before the 1967 Six Day War in which Israel forces occupied east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The comment drew angry criticism in Israel.

Both the president and the prime minister agreed that it would be hard to make peace as long as the militant Hamas has partnered with more moderate Palestinians in the Fatah part and the president tried to put the best face on the discordant meeting.

“Obviously there are some differences between us and that’s going to happen between friends,” Obama said.

Senator Charles Schumer told Kramer: “As long as Hamas remains allied with the Palestinian Authority I don’t see how any negotiations can occur. Hamas has been branded a terrorist organization by the United States. Hamas has still sworn Israel’s destruction.”

The president will get another chance to lay out his vision for Middle East peace when he speaks before a group of the top Jewish movers and shakers on Sunday in Washington. Netanyahu will speak to the group on Monday and will also speak before the U.S. Congress.

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  1. Willy Wart says:


  2. Erik says:

    It is very disappointing that so many Jewish Americans put their religious affiliation ahead of the wellbeing of their homeland. Are you Americans or are you Israelis? You can’t honestly think that pumping billions of taxpayer dollars into Israel annually is good for hard working Americans? What is the benefit for the US as a country and for Americans as taxpayers? Israel has no oil, and can offer nothing of value to the US. Using historical injustice as argumentation for US support of Israel is hardly appropriate, since there are multiple other nations who have suffered and continue to suffer much greater oppression even today. Attacking the US president for “not being concerned enough with Israeli security” is unpatriotic and bordering on treasonous, especially when the President has US interests in mind when trying to clarify the purposfully opaque US position on Middle East issues.

  3. Larry Schwarz says:

    I actually like Obama.I think he has done well trying to get us out of the mess that Bush put us in.But I am very dissapointed that having Isreal pull back to their pre 1967 borders would even on his mind.This is ludicrous.There should be some compromise for peace,but not to surrender everything for it.Obama is putting the jewish vote at risk.In fact I like Huntsman,I hope he gets the republican nomination,I just might vote for him.

  4. Martine says:

    Why is it a crime to be a Palestinian, or to imagine that Palestinians might want to live with their olive trees on their ancestral lands? The solution is a mixed country where PEOPLE are respected. Decency, justice, and law must prevail for both Arabs and Jews. Both groups must be held accountable to the same standards. End of story.

    1. G says:

      Martine: I agree as long as both sides agree to that which the current climate does not allow.

    2. Winkle Wart says:

      Ummmm……because the BIBLE says the land was PROMISE$D to Israel BY GOD HIMSELF.

      The authority there doesn’t get any highr you know what i mean.

      Read a bible much?

  5. mike steede says:

    i was speaking of you hiding behind the name.
    also me and my buddies are not the ones causing war in the middle east, the so called gov of israel taking land there to give to jews form over here, some call that apartide and segregation, maybe they’ll kill each other

    1. G says:

      Mike Steede! Israel did not take any land that did not belong to them before the 1967 war. Unfortunately, if I am correct, the lands have been part of both Jerusalem and Palistinian for more centuries than one can recall. You all cannot come to a rational agreement because one side wants to completely obliterate the other side. You have proven through the years that “Hamas” is an organization that is acceptable. Hamas wants to eliminate Israel altogether; Hello Hitler! Hello Mein Kamf!. You need to rethink you path to a Palistinian State because I don’t think Israel will accept annihilation. I have a compassion for both Israel’s and the Paistinians plight. I really hope they find a solution but I don’t think that is going to happen because there is too much emotion involved and not enough compromising on either side and no true support from bordering nations. Why can’t you live together.

      1. MIKE STEEDE says:


  6. G says:

    One attaboy for killing the eviliest person in the world. Ten thousand aw sh_ts for asking another country to basically commit suicide. Hello. Where has he been all these years. There is currently NO solution to the problem facing Israel and Palitstinians unless the surrounding countries wish to donate land to the cause of the Palistinians. Like that is going to happen.

  7. nathan says:

    I know the rapture isn’t real but can our Lord just take DanTe asap please? He’s using up valuable oxygen.

  8. Factcheck says:

    “’He didn’t want to antagonize the Palestinians, but it’s okay to antagonize the Jews’said New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn. ‘If he was interested in pursuing the peace process, he surely did not do that yesterday.'” Is that the same Dov Hikind who visits the grave of Baruch Goldstein and speaks fondly of Meir Kahane? Whats Hikind’s solution to the problem?

    1. Gerald Waldman says:

      @ Factcheck — You pose a very good question, what is Dov Hikind’s solution. Just remember, not all Jews support Mr. Hikind, especially when in comes to Baruch Goldstein and Meir Kahane.

  9. tony says:

    The fact is both sides of valid points. Unfortunately the fact also is until the Palestinians have a state ,terrorists will use it as a rallying cry to kill Americans.
    Politicians can try to sell us the BS that “they hate our way of life” but the reality
    is that Americans are dying in Iraq,Afghan and secretly******* to keep the status quo in the Middle East.

    1. DanTe says:

      Palestine was never a state t. ard. Read your history. It happened when the muslimes sneak attacked Israel and lost. And now they want their land back: “Sorry we attacked to exterminate you, but we really didn’t mean it. Can we have our lands back now?” Duh.

      As to Americans dying to “keep the status quo”. If it wasn’t for bleeding heart lib t ards like you, our military would not have been hamstrung with all these “rules of engagements”. We would have executed and no one would have dared to mess with us again. Another Duh for you brainless turds.

      1. G says:

        Dan Te! Why is it that someone who doesn’t agree is automatically a t ard? As for rules of engagement for our military as a a twenty year career soldier, I can tell you that there are many reasons for these rules. The Geneva Convention is part of these rules. If they were followed more often, we would problably have less “Unfriendly” friendly fire situations.

  10. DanTe says:

    I was wondering when he’s going to s c r e w the jews over. Jews have a record of voting for people that likes to kill them. They donated to Hitler too. Never fails.

    1. steve says:

      uneducated moron go back to school

      1. DanTe says:

        oooooh, stevie, such an educated response. You must have read a lots of books to have thought up that post. HA! What a t ard.

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      @ DanTe — you are correct. Some Jews did give FINANCIAL support to Hitler in the early 1930’s hoping he would help stem the tide of rising anti-semitism in Germany. They either hadn’t read “Mein Kampf” or didn’t believe what they read.

  11. zoe says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading…
    1.Holylove, the ROMANS killed Jesus not the Jews, who had no authority to crucify anyone.
    2. St Nick and James, you are raving anti-semites who ignore historical facts as correctly reviewed by Mr. Waldman and Easternwinds. Before 1948 there was no Palestine…Jews and Arabs lived together. Jordan and Egypt both don’t want to help their “Palestinian” brethren then or now. Refugee camps are a convenient propaganda ploy to blame Israel. The Palestinian Authority under Arafat received milliions in aid that never trickled down to the average Arab on the street. Hamas is no better….they are corrupt and incite hatred instead of rebuilding the infracstructure of Gaza for the people. US sends billions of aid world-wide…even to Pakistan and look who they were harboring.
    Let’s lose the blind hatred guys, and recognize that Jews and Arabs should and can live in peace, but not when one party is hell-bent on the destruction of the other.

  12. Jon says:

    Jews have this victimized mentality because of the holocaust, but they have used it to their advantage by justifying their abuses and oppression of the Palestinians by using overwhelming force, forced occupation of Palestinian lands and up to this date dodged every effort for peace in giving Palestinians their land back!! Do they blame the whole world for their suffering?? and always expect nations to accommodate them? Its about time some spilled the beans by pressuring them to the negotiation table!…Enough is enough they need to get serious about peace, and stop building on occupied lands, I sense that this is just the beginning!…Its is just going to get worst? and its about time the world give Israel a boot in the ars, because in the end they will be masters of their demise, and it thats so…Then they probably deserve it! amen to that

    1. Charlie says:

      Jews have a victimized mentality because for thousands of years people have been stealing our lands and property and kicking us out of one country after another. Now, the Arabs like saying that Jews are punishing them because of crimes committed by the Germans. The fact is that the Arabs supported the Nazis and urged them in their genocide. Also, Jews and Christians have been persecuted by Arabs for centuries. Finally, there never was a country called “Palestine.” This “two lands for two nations” is a joke. The slogan should be “23 lands for two nations,” because the Arabs already have 21 nations, and “Palestine” would be the 22nd. So that’s 22 lands for Arabs, and 1 land for Jews. Except wait–the Arabs still won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish country, because that would hurt the feelings of the non-Jews living within Israel, they would consider it an apartheid nation. (Never mind that when Jews and Christians are allowed to live in the 21 Arab nations, it’s as persecuted minorities that don’t have 10% of the rights of the Israeli Arabs.) The Arabs rejected a partition in 1948: they could have had a “Palestine” then, but rejected it. Then after Israel survived its War of Independence, Gaza was occupied for 19 years by Egypt, and Judea and Samaria were occupied for 19 years by Jordan (which renamed the land “the West Bank” so as to rob it of its Biblical connection that was obviously Jewish). Gosh, why didn’t the Arabs seek an independent nation then, when Jordan and Egypt were occupying the land? The bottom line is that Muslims (be they Arab, Iranian, Turks, etc.) want to rule the world, and whenever they get to be about 15% of the population of a country, they start to take it over.

      1. mossadevil says:

        more propaganda BS from an Israel shill

        how much do they pay you?

      2. Gerald Waldman says:

        @ mossadevil I believe that you believe “more propaganda BS from an” Arab “shill.” How much do they pay YOU?

      3. John says:

        Do you have any idea why ‘for thousands of years people have been stealing (y)our lands and property and kicikng us out of one country after another’ ? Answer that, correct your character defects and you will have peace.

      4. Gerald Waldman says:

        @ John — it’s hard to “correct you character defects” when the character defect is being Jewish and not wanting to convert to a different religion or being distrusted even if you DO convert!

    2. chajo says:

      Blacks didn’t whine. We paved the way for civil rights of non-whites. Do a body cout of blacks killed during protest. People like you are cowards and try to steer the issue away from palestines and jews. Blacks have nothing to do with this subject. Leave your prejudice out of this and leave us alone. Get out of Africa period.

    3. Gerald Waldman says:

      Sorry Jon, but your facts are messed up. The so called “palestinians” have been abused by the fellow Arabs. All their refugee camps are on current or former Arab territory. In 64 years, not a single Arab country has offered the “palestinians” citizenship or even just resident status nor have closed down the refugee camps. Compare that to how Israel has treated the Jewish refugees who came to Israel for freedom and protection against persecution. It is not Israel’s job to help establish a Palestinian nation that the Arabs rejected back in 1948 when they opposed the UN Partition Plan and wanted is all.

  13. cb says:

    What happened to the Rabbi and his sons that was allowed to flee to Isreal after the Rabbi’s daughter accused her father and her brothers of molesting her and their sisters. Yea saw it on the news twice and that’s it. They are still committing this sick act right under everyones nose’s and get away with it eveyday. How can you be Gods people?

    1. saint nick says:

      They are not gods people that is why they should not have created Israel.

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        Yes, many Jews refer to themselves as “God’s Chosen people”. By that they mean that the Jew’s were chosen to obey God’s laws, all 613 commandments (and you thought there were just 10) and not that God chose them for any special treatment.

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      And what do a sick Rabbi and his sons who fled to Israel to avoid prosecution have to do with Israel returning to pre-’67 war borders that are virtually indefensible for Israel’s security. Since even before the state of Israel existed, the Arabs have been trying to kill the Jews of Israel and the British Mandate and the Ottoman occupation, It’s only been going on for about 1000 years.

    3. KPMc says:

      Actually no… that’s not me. I would have never used the phrase G-d’s people and this story has very little to do with the one from December.

      But most of all I’m not a coward hiding behind other screen names like other trolls around here. If I have something to say you’ll know it’s me. I don’t need to further hide behind internet walls. It’s anonymous enough already.

      Nice try, though.

  14. Gerald Waldman says:

    PS — Mr. President, when is the United States going to return to the ’76 (1776) borders and return all the LAND it STOLE from the Native Americans, the Spanish & Mexicans and “bought” from the French and Russians? Oh, I see, the US doesn’t return land conquered in wars or that was purchased. Well then, Israel shouldn’t have to either.

  15. pbrub90 says:

    President Bush gave the exact same speech re: going back to 1967 borders…no one seems to be remembering that.

  16. Gerald Waldman says:

    @ James — well, we certainly know who’s a anti-semitic a$$h07e, don’t we! How did you get so much information/history wrong?
    As to those of you who point to the USS Liberty being attacked by Israeli aircraft as a condemnation of Israel, read what the US AND Israel have to say about the incident. The Israeli pilots thought it was one of several similar Egyptian Navy ships sailing under false colors.. Israeli Navy surface vessels started an attack run but aborted the attack when they realized that the USS Liberty was a US Naval vessel. I also believe that the US admitted that the USS Liberty was there to “spy on” (intercept) both Egyptian and Israeli electronic communications and that the Liberty and it’s crew were hung out to dry by the US Navy NOT providing it with a Combat Air Patrol to protect her as ordered by either the Navy Department/Chief of Naval Operations or by the administration..

    1. james says:

      Nice response, attack the messenger not the message, sorry you are so full of hate for other people that you dont understand history.

      You are a sheep that will get eaten by wolves.

      sorry I believe people that were on that ship over you are anyone.

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        @ James — pointing out that you are an anti-semite is NOT an attack on the messenger, especially when it appears to be the truth. I don’t hate you, I think that you, the KKK. the Neo-Nazis, etc. are ALL a$$h07es, hating people for something they have no control over. Maybe I will get eaten by the wolves, but a sheep I’m not. The people on the USS Liberty are/were not in the best position to determine what was in the minds of the Israeli pilots, Naval personnel and intelligence people back in 67. From the information I’ve heard, as a former member of the US Navy, during the 9 hour period that the Israelis kept watch on the Liberty, she did not respond to requests for identification, broadcast in ENGLISH over communication channels that are supposed to be monitored at all times and messages sent to Washington DC by the Israeli government went unanswered. Just one more point, the mission of the USS Liberty was to intercept all kinds of electronic communications and electronic signals from both the Egyptians AND the Israelis. That’s a fine way to treat your ally.

  17. Adam says:

    .Israel dosent want to give up the land.They want to buy time untill they build the whole west bank with settlers.They will come up with any excuses.They think that whole world is stupid.

    1. paul says:

      palestineians are stupid for even considering Israel going back to 1967 borders. What about the Isrealies soldiers that died in the war? And who won the war? Israel did. what if the Arabs won the war? would arabs return the land to Isreal? HELL NO!!

      1. sain nick says:

        Paul please stay in school.

  18. jgilliam says:

    Do all these complaints mean that if these lifeguards were called bankers ripping off billions or CEOs of huge companies making more billions off war, everyone would be silent?

  19. Paul says:

    if i was obama, i would explain to netanyahu that the 1967 borders will become reality. end of discussion….lump it, or like it….

    1. karen says:

      they don;t have to listen To 2 faced Obama That is Isreal Land Not America:s Lump it Or Like it Paul >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      1. james says:

        then maybe they should give back all the billions they get from us? and weapons.

      2. HolyLove says:

        Sorry Karen, But that is Arab occupied land, you know it, Obama Knows it….and the whole world knows it….The Palestinians should take the UN route and Isolate israel their intentions are evil!….Give it a taste of its own medicine! Gods chosen for Gods Wrath will never be saved! Lump it or like it Karen 🙂

  20. Steve Anderson says:

    USS Liberty!!!!!!!! USS Liberty!!!!!!!! USS Liberty!!!!!!! Does anyone know ? Does anyone care ? America will suffer endlessly, but because of the Semites (Jews, Arabs, Asians)!!!!!!!

    1. james says:

      I know remember and care, nor will I EVER FORGET IT!

    2. jgilliam says:

      In talking with some retired soldiers, I find they do not believe that Israel could ever try to sink a U. S. warship and certainly do not believe that the President not only consented but wanted it sunk. It is no wonder our country is in so much trouble when people refuse to believe facts.

      1. james says:

        ok here are your facts.

        my Uncle was in the navy and I asked him about it he said him and all of his navy buddies know they tried to sink the ship and blame it on egypt

        “by was of deception thou shalt do war”

  21. deshi says:

    It is a crime to threaten the US President per US govt. laws…doesn’t matter who the president is….whether you like it or not. Don’t be surprised if the law appears at your door step….it may be the SEALs looking for a possible threat like you to the elected official President of the USA.

  22. Aaron says:

    The Assemblyman’s name is Hikind, not Kikind…freudian slip, perhaps?

    1. teetotaler says:

      Kikind refers to an anti-semitic name. An apology is due.

  23. easternwinds says:

    again mike steed get the true facts of the state of israel…
    bet you didn’t know that none of the other arab nations in the area, jordan, egypt, etc.. wanted to take the palestinians…did you know that Jordan murdered 3000 palestinians back in the 70’s simply because they didn’t want them in jordan….and when israel returned egypt the sinai, the area known as gaza was to have been returned to egypt as well….but guess what!!! Egypt refused….no one wants these so called palestinians….back in the day prior to the existence of Israel there were Bedouins…there were no Palestinians….Yasser Arafat named his people this….

    1. Erik says:

      That is 100% correct!

    2. deshi says:

      There was no America at first. The Native “Indians” lived in peace, harmony and lived off this land. Then came the white Europeans, grabbed this land increasingly and increasingly….limiting and limiting the natives till today they only live in reservations. No wonder they feel so intense kinship with the Israelis…birds of the same feather speak for each other. There were no Americ ans or Canadians then.

    3. james says:

      uhh regardless that is were they live.

    4. Adam says:

      Mr Easterwinds
      Beacause jews took their Homes.They belong in palestine not in Jordan or Egypt.

    5. mike steede says:

      Well once the US stops supporting isreal with billions in cash and aircraft,
      Americans can have $2.00 gas again and no more threat of terrorist here in America. lets get things done in THIS country first, isreal and everybody else on the back burner !

  24. Kurt says:

    BObama = FAIL

  25. Adam says:

    First off, it’s Maryland, not Mariland, and it’s Northeast not north east.

    Secondly, there is no such thing as a Palestinian (<- that's the correct spelling, too). Palestinians are made up. They aren't real. That might be what the world is calling the people who live alongside Israel now, but that's all.. Those "Palestinians" are descendants from others who resided in that region, nothing more.

    And a policy to shoot women and children? That just shows your ignorance.

  26. abdul siddiqui says:

    israelies think what ever they do is good , they caused the most of the wars, when they kill is all right , when some body else does same thing is crime againist humanity.truth is all terrer in the world is because of them.

    1. Kurt says:

      At least they don’t go around the world blowing up buildings and planes and ships and so on…

      Why should Israel make any additional concessions beyond what they have? After all, their reward is the incessant bombing of their civilians by the Palestinians and Hamas.

      1. HolyLove says:

        Well if Americans love Israel so much, then I guess we should have given them a piece of Alaska or the Mojave desert, Where we can keep an eye on them and protect them!…But no we help them create a State that well never be at peace…Its like we are avenging the blood of Christ they spilled when they crucified him!, I know God hasn’t forgiven them, We only pretend to have forgiven them….Yet Gods wrath has been following them everywhere….My advice accept the holy trinity and drink the blood of Christ and Repent!…Then maybe the holy spirit can come to their rescue….To be saved they have to accept the Father, Son and Holy spirit….To open their channels to God!…

      2. james says:

        uhh yes they do, mossad anyone?

      3. Gerald Waldman says:

        @ HolyLove — The Jews are just too stubborn to convert to YOUR religious beliefs, is that it? I believe that you’ll find that Jews have reisted conversion for some 6000 years and have occupied the territory in and around modern day Israel for nearly that long. When the UN Partition Plan was being debated circa 1947 you’d be surprised at what weirdo places were suggested for a Jewish “Homeland”.

    2. easternwinds says:

      israel does not commit terror, she is but protecting her people….as would any nation that is constantly under terror attacks…….

      1. james says:

        that is all Israel does commit terror, wake up.

    3. Mike Abrahams says:

      Israel occupies less than 5% of the land in the middle east and Jews make up less than 3% of the population of the middle east . Arab citizens of Israel can vote and Israel is the only true democratic country in the middle east . Mr Siddiqui your comments show both your ignorance and obvious anti semitic opinion’s .

  27. joannie says:

    Israel didn’t “take these palistian [your spelling, not mine] lands,” they were won as spoils of war – just like the US Government “won the West.”

    You really need to not only learn history but grammer and spelling as well.

  28. jerseyjoey says:

    Isreal are Gods people, We the United States of America are Gods Hand Protecting them, no one said this duty would be easy but you dont walk away from God or your allies the Jews if your smart, whats the alternative: Muslim America or worse Muslimistical backwardsness to the 1100’s, yeah im sure they care about your liberal ways, they wouldnt waste the lead to kill you, they would enslave you.

    1. easternwinds says:

      well said jerseyjoey…america has yet to wake up to the growing muslim brotherhood ready to convert america back

    2. HolyLove says:

      Israelis are Gods people???? Which God are you Referring to? Jesus Christ the Son of God who they crucified! Do you think God will ever forgive them?? Doesn’t look that way today or ever!…They need to pray harder for a Messiah, Because they are only Surrounded by Gods Wrath! that is ready to consume them once we back off, or we Americans will be consumed with them! They dont drink the blood of the Father Jesus Christ as red wine! so how can they be connected to the holy spirit? When they reject the holy Spirit!? Who will save them not God thats for sure….And it seems like we Americans are not doing a good job either! The reality is more like Gods chosen for God wrath…..As they reject the Blood of Christ and the holy spirit makes them less then kosher in Gods eyes! I can only give you my Psychic perception that because of them the region will explode and we will also be engulfed in their flames….Good luck saving them….They need to drink the blood of Christ and repent!

      1. Bonnie says:

        They are God’s people and he will protect the Jews for ever. Read the BIBLE people, the Bible is God’s holy word and it states that any person or country that will not stand with the Jewish nation will be brought down. I STAND UP FOR ISREAL AND THE JEWS PEOPLE. I SAY AMEN for the one’s that do stand up for Isreal . Obama just wants to please the wrong crowds

      2. james says:

        Poor bonnie, you are so misinformed you need to re-read the bible and learn from it. God cast the jewish people aside and scattered them to the 4 winds told them to never go back to the land of Israel until he tells them they can.

        does god talk to you in your head?

      3. Gerald Waldman says:

        @ HolyLove — Didn’t you hear — the Jews were officially reprieved of crucifying Jesus by the POPE himself. I also love that you use the word “kosher” in explaining why God has, in your belief, rejects the Jews. Maybe you just need to stop believing so much in that novel that is referred to as the Bible (old Testament included) and stop believing in the “miracle” of wine and wafers changing into the blood and body of Christ. You see, it’s a matter of belief. I’ll respect YOUR beliefs and not make fun of them, if you’ll respect my beliefs, but I bet you just can’t do THAT!

  29. easternwinds says:

    right obama wants to stop us from bankruptcy but he is ready to give money to egypt?? should he not use these funds for america?
    egypt does not need any financial help….
    wake up danny….obama is helping his muslim brothers!!

    1. james says:

      That we can agree on along with no more money to Israel.

      1. jeffo says:


  30. easternwinds says:

    mike maybe you should take a history lesson on the middle east and get the facts correct….
    and of course using women and children as shields…these palestinians are notorius…
    you only know what the media wants u to know …these are not facts

    1. mike steede says:

      you believe the media too, I know people from the region they tell the same story as the media, who have you been listening to?
      also I see you’re shielded by Easternwinds

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        I have a couple of relatives in the area, too. They’ve had to head to shelters to avoid being killed by rockets and mortar shells fired from Syrian territory by the “peace loving” Arabs. I tend to believe them, not just the media. PS: I don’t need shielding from anyone, it’s just that Easterwinds and I tend to agree and we know our middle east history unlike YOU and your play pals.

    2. james says:

      sorry eastern but it’s the IDF that does uses children as shields.

  31. Ally says:

    Israel is land. Land can’t take land. If you want to make a point you should be able to write well enought to do so.

    1. mike steede says:

      Jews with US support removed the palistians from land they had lived on for 2000 years jews then took the land as their own, and my point is that nobody is better than everyone else and that no one group should be able to rule another group, and I hope you can understand what has been written !

      1. Kurt says:

        Hey Obama!

        First they will come for the Jews. When the Jews have been destroyed they will come for the U.S. After all, we are the “great satan”.

      2. Gerald Waldman says:

        Of course the Jews had been living there for about 5000 years, but that doesn’t count ’cause they’re Jews, right mike steede!. PS — learn some history, the so called “palestinians” left their homes and lands to get out of the way of the “victorious” Arab armies as they “drove to Jews into the sea” back in 1948 as they were asked to by those armies. See once the Jews were driven out, the “palestinians” could return to their homes and lands and also steal what had belonged to their Jewish neighbors.

        1. saint nick says:

          WRONG but that’s ok you still can spread your propaganda I’m sure lot’s of sheep will eat it up.

        2. mossadevil says:

          Gerald Waldman is an Israel shill and does nothing but spread propoganda.

          1. Gerald Waldman says:

            @ mossadevil — Yes, I’m a shill, a shill for the truth, unlike you who spread lies and continue repeating the same lie about others. You’re a good student of Nazi propaganda: say it often enough and people will believe it’s the truth!

  32. easternwinds says:

    you are all a bunch of anti semite….don’t u see Obama’s agenda?? its not the jews you should be worried about…..

    1. saint nick says:

      Yes it is.

      How much do they pay you to spread this garbage.

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        Still at it, huh, saint nick? When was the last time an Israeli / Jew was arrested in the US for trying to blow something up for political reasons? How many Jews danced in the streets on 9/11/2001? ANSWER — DAMN FEW!

  33. Ally says:

    I fee so sad for your mother right now.

  34. dm says:

    Every single person with a brain knows that any future peace deal will be based on the 1967 borders with a 5%-10% land swap between Israel and Palestine. Where you guys been in the last 25 years?

  35. DL says:

    The name is Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

  36. samira says:

    why the hell would a pro-Israel protest be held in front of the Israeli embassy? Why not in front of Chuck Schumer’s office or any one of the Federal buildings? No wonder the country’s on the brink – Israel’s staunchest supporters are just morons

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