TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A new poll finds Gov. Chris Christie’s popularity taking a hit with registered New Jersey voters.

The Fairleigh Dickinson-PublicMind poll released Tuesday shows the governor’s job approval and favorability ratings dipped this month.

An equal number — 44 percent — approve and disapprove of the way Christie is handling the job. That’s down from the 51-41 percent approval rating Christie had in April.

Forty percent of those polled have an overall favorable view of Christie. Forty-five percent don’t.

In April, it was 47 percent favorable, 41 percent unfavorable.

The governor’s popularity also sagged at this time last year then rebounded.

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  1. NJBronxFan says:

    Seriously, fat jokes? C’mon NJ.

  2. Don Stack says:

    Christie wasn’t asked about his children. “Gail” asked why is he cutting the funding for public education. I challenge anyone to tell me where in that video she challenged him on his kids going to an expensive private christian school called Delbarton. He didn’t answer her question.

    By the way, Delbarton apparently is allowed to hand pick it’s students and then competes against public schools in atheletic competition and usually wins…guess I figured out why Christie is cutting public funds now ,,,

  3. anon says:

    Chris ‘Lardo’ Christie SUCKS! Just another bribed lying politician who thinks he’s king. He should go back to school and learn math.

  4. Brian says:

    NJEA spends millions of dollars on anti Chris Christie adds, and look what happens. I have personally been bombarded with their television adds, online adds, billboards, etc. If the teachers union could probably solve many school budget problems if they put the money in the school system and not on adds.

  5. Glen B says:

    And people actually believe that a poll conducted by CBS is going to be fair and balanced? CBS and the other lib media are taking a proactive attack stance on CC ahead of him announcing his run for pres. ABC is already digging up dirt on him.

  6. D Matthews says:

    funny we heard that Obama has a team trying to get “the dirt” on Cristie.
    That tells you Obama might be just a little worried and it would seem that
    CBS has gotten it’s marching orders already. We’ll see how the other news
    agencies start their attacks.

  7. skynyrt says:

    Don’t sweat it Chris, remeber this is CBS & they do not write complimentary articles about republicans

  8. tater salad says:

    His popularity may be have dropped in NJ, but the rest of the country wants him for president. The people who don’t like him are ones who don’t want to sacrifice. The unfortunate reality…we are all going to have to pay and sacrifice.

    1. Don Stack says:

      the further away from new jersey, the better he looks. And slimmer too!

      the fact is that Chistie will be a one term governor, since he is lucky that NJ’s recall laws limit us to recalling thegovernor only during general elections…

  9. Angel J. Perea says:

    It was just a matter of time that the voters would start to see the real Christe! He respresents more negatives than positives!

  10. Leonard Peracchio says:

    OK , you say that Christie’s ratings are dropping…All fine and dandy BUt will you take a poll or have someone comment on the air on how many people are ready to call out the Cowards led by Reid in the Senate that are ” scared” to present a Budget after 752 days of hiding under someone’s Skirts????

  11. Rick says:

    Everyone wants to solve a defecit by not cutting spending and not raising taxes if it affects them personally. How does any politican local, state or federal do this? You can’t. Our elected leaders must make the hard choices and do what is right for their state and or country popular opinion be dammed. Yes you might not get re elected.

  12. sau sage says:

    its the teachers fault!

    1. Leonard Peracchio says:

      So you seem….

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