NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) – A string of shootings have left four people dead and eight wounded in Newark over the weekend.

So far, no arrests have been announced in any of the incidents.

Three people were shot dead Saturday.

One man was shot several times outside an Avon Street apartment complex on Sunday afternoon.

Neighbor Patricia Casper tells The Star-Ledger that it sounded like a machine gun and made her fear for her grandchildren’s safety.

Newark recently laid off more than 160 police officers.

Summer often brings a spike in violence in the state’s largest city. In the summer of 2010, there were 35 homicides. Eighty-five people in the city were killed in all in 2010.

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  1. Tyrone Everett says:

    this guy said to me he wanted to beat me up some guy i did not know but i seen before i said if you put your hands on me you will bein jail i am not afraid of you and this guy was big but he ws not worth the time or sweat to fight so i told go ahead do what you feel you got to do well a friend of mine took to my defence and don’t you know this coward back down after my slapped up a few times what i’m trying to say is that their soo many punks out here that don’t know how to deal with their fellings and confuse fear with respect my friend was not right in what he did it just show that if we do not stand up to these punks they will run over us and defend your self but doit with in the law you will come out on tpo all the time

  2. Bob Enright says:

    What is with that picture? Looks like new guns. This is the kind of liberal sensationalism that really gets me ticked off. Guns that are purchased LEGALY & held by responsible individuals may very well save your LIFE someday! How do we get the guns out of the hands of criminals should be our focus? Guns do not kill people, criminals do.

  3. kendra says:

    is it me but as the summer comes closer people always want to use guns to sove there problems or either to terrorize people?

  4. Shane says:

    Since you like communism so much cbs4, why don’t you do your bottom-feeding for someone who actually cares about your so-called revolution? Either you love it or you leave it!! You can’t have it both ways.

    Take your Pro-Fidel communist tripe and go back to the patch of dirt you germinated from. Or better yet, pay a visit to the North Koreans. I’m sure they would be very sympathetic to your worthless crusade.

    1. cbs4game says:

      come to Souh Beach today. We are celebrating the brotherhood of love and will have recitations of Karl Marx’s writings. VIVA LE REVOLUCION!

  5. Cos says:

    First, the local government took away their right to keep and bear arms. Now, they’ve removed a substantial amount of the same police officers that was supposed to take the place of a person’s right to self defense. Now, eight people are dead. How many more deaths is it going to take to make people realize that gun control ONLY works to prevent the law abiding – and not the law breakers? How is it that some can continue to believe that another gun law is going to make a violent criminal stop from committing a violent crime? For those who insist that for violence to go away we must rid ourselves of the tools of violence, I say this… In a perfect world it would be a perfect solution. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Thus, the solution will also be less than perfect. Allow the citizens to defend themselves. Stop making the tools for self-defense impossible for the law-abiding and allow them to once again have the ability to defend themselves. No, it will not turn into the ‘wild-west’. It will give the criminals a moment of pause before attempting a violent crime on someone. With eight deaths just over this weekend alone, am I alone in thinking we need to try something other than turning the law-abiding into potential targets?

    1. Gregg says:

      Cos, I agree with you 100%. There are hundreds of thousands of Illegal guns on the streets of New York and New Jersey. Why can’t someone get a handle on where all of these weapons are coming from ? When it’s easier to buy a Illegal gun then find a job, you know society is in trouble ! We are living in very violent times and I know it’s not the answer but it would help and also make it easier for law abiding citizens to purchase weapons !

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