By Ed Coleman
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David Einhorn, the Mets’ new minority partner (pending approval), was once again at Citi Field on Monday, and spoke to the media for the first time in person.

Einhorn — who was a fixture at the ballpark over the Memorial Day weekend — was asked when the purchase of his stake in the Mets will be finalized.

There was a perception initially that the Wilpons had found a flunky in Einhorn, someone to pony up $200 million that would have little or no say in the operation of the team as a limited partner.

That perception changed when it was revealed that Einhorn has an option to increase his stake to 60% in three years. The Wilpons can block that option by paying back Einhorn the $200 million, but he would still retain his 30-35% share of the team if that happened. Einhorn said Monday that the truth more than likely lies somewhere in between.

Einhorn was also asked if he could guarantee Mets fans that darker days do not lie ahead, that the team will not to go to “hell in a handbasket” should he be a minority partner and the Wilpons remain in control.

Not exactly what Mets fans may want to hear — but an honest appraisal nonetheless.

R.A. Dickey will make his scheduled start on Tuesday against the Pirates after passing muster concerning his ability to move off the mound and cover bases, bunts etc. Dickey will receive a pain-reducing shot (not cortisone) prior to pitching, and will have to manage the pain in his foot as best he can as the season unwinds.

Jose Reyes, on bereavement leave due to the sudden death of his grandmother in the Dominican Republic, will most likely return for Thursday’s matinee against the Pirates. Bereavement leave covers a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 7.

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