Woman Releases Letter Thanking Public And Expressing Heartache

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The acquittal of two NYPD officers accused in the rape of an East Village woman has sparked emotions from many. On Tuesday night we heard from their accuser — in her own words.

It was the first we’ve heard from her — and it was at once touching, and stunning. The woman at the center of the rape trial of those two now exonerated, but ultimately fired, city cops issued a surprise statement reacting to the verdict, reports CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

Her note, sent out by her lawyer, captured her anguish when the jury handed in its decision.

“Hearing that verdict brought me to my knees; it brought me back to my bedroom on that awful night when my world was turned upside down,” she said.

For the accuser of former Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, it was too much. She said she was traumatized by the trial and her experience on the witness stand.

“One’s word is not enough,” she said. “Even if people believe you, you are tested beyond what any crime victim should have to endure.”

She said she found comfort in the dismissal of the two cops, who were found guilty of official misconduct.

“I take great comfort and express my thanks in the swift action from Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly, to fire misters Moreno and Mata from service immediately following the verdict,” she said.

Now she said she’ll take solace from the court of public opinion — that’s where she said the “ultimate verdict” will come from. She also marveled at, “how amazing are the people of New York City, and all over the country, to speak up in my honor.

“Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed by your support.”

The woman also expressed gratitude for the support of her family and friends, calling them her “silver lining.”

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  1. pughpah says:

    In an ideal society women may get as blind drunk as they want, but in the real world, if you’re carrying a live vagina, you’re taking your chances. So don’t! smokersodysseycom

  2. Lorraine H. says:

    As women we always seem to endure quite a bit in life and overcome the obstacles, that’s what makes us the strongest. Regardless whether the “rape” actual took place or not this should and has to be a learning lesson to ALL women. Please do not allow yourself to get outside your mind without a clear understanding about what you are doing when you drink in public. We make ourselves vulnerable to such attacks, men sadly think with their eyes and private part. Some automatically assume “we” want it based on how we’re dressed or the consumption of alcohol we drank. It’s bad that this happened regarding a police officer when the public views them as a safety net, he will never regain trust by anyone no matter what sector he works again or by friends and neighbors.His wife should have done what she did all along, KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT.
    I can only hope that for the “victim”, she will do a bit of soul searching and change the way she conducts herself when she goes out, as long as she has more than enough she will forever be held accountable.

  3. Paul Kohloff says:

    this case brings back the word pig,in reference to a cop. I hope the rest of the police community get it.and clean up after their own.

  4. nypj says:

    i wish her luck moving on from this.. too bad that the cops act above the law, because apparently they are above the law… the only thing that i would have recommended was that she should have addressed the slanderous remarks made by the ex-pigs stating that this case was only about the money she could have gained from a civil suit – i do not feel that this was ever about money, this was about two pigs taking advantage of a defenseless young woman who drank too much.

    1. Bobby G says:

      …apart from the name calling, AMEN.

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