BAY SHORE, N.Y. (CBS 2)–It was quite a terrifying morning for a little puppy named Rosie. Apparently, she decided to go for a sky-high adventure on her dog-sitter’s roof.

Getting to her precarious perch was the easy part, but firefighters had the tough job of saving her life, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

We’ve all head of a cat on a hot tin roof, but what about a dog?

“Never in my life, ever, did we see anything like this,” neighbor Pat Baker said. “Who would expect that you would see a dog on a roof?”

That’s exactly what Baker and her husband spotted on top of their neighbors’ house.

“At first, like i said, I thought it was an owl or something,” Baker said.

It was Rosie, a tiny mixed breed that had been trapped on the roof for at least two hours. The neighbor’s son was watching Rosie for a friend when she escaped.

Bay Shore firefighters Michael Ippolito and Tom Komoroski came to the rescue.

“Our first concern was it was a very steep roof, so we didn’t want her to get scared and run down, possibly slip and fall,” Komoroski said.

Lieutenant Ippolito straddled the 30-foot roof and slowly inched his way toward Rosie.

“Saw the dog, seemed pretty terrified, shaking. I went up, calmed the dog down…I just kind of put my hand out and let the dog smell me, and with that I just grabbed the collar and pulled her in,” Ippolito said.

“I’m just glad the dog got down without anybody getting hurt, the dog getting hurt – just doing what we’re told,” Komoroski said.

So how did Rosie get up there? The dog-sitter said the answer was pretty simple – Rosie was on the second floor and jumped out a rear window onto the roof.

“It was a little nerve-wracking,” Baker said. “The firemen, they handled it great.”

After a few scary hours atop a roof, things are looking just rosy again for the adventurous pup.

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Hazel Sanchez