MORRISTOWN, NJ (WCBS 880) – The Valerie Fund is helping children with cancer and blood disorders in New Jersey and New York City.

Not only are they are saving lies, but what children remember of their experiences is remarkable.

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Today, we have two of those stories dealing with leukemia.

It was October of 2005 and Barbara’s then five-year-old son Christian was constantly sick.

“With fevers, sore bones. The doctor kept saying it was a virus, it was a virus. Never ran blood tests, never did x-rays. He could not walk,” she said.

After two months of watching her son deteriorate, Barbara ordered further testing. A hematologist was recommended, but soon after Christian was admitted to the hospital with a 105 F fever.

It was there they received the news.

“Could be leukemia, and I literally had an out of body experience,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Kelly Waldron.

Christian immediately began treatments at the Valerie Fund children’s center in Morristown.

“When I say that they saved my son’s life, [it] is an understatement.”

All Christian remembers is how much he enjoyed being there.

“They actually treated me like a king,” he said.

Christian’s last day of chemotherapy was in February of 2009. He’s now in his five-year window, looking forward to his cure date in 2014.

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WCBS 880’s Kelly Waldron In New Jersey

It was a typical day in June 2008 when Patrick picked up his now seven-year-old daughter Gwen up from child care.

She was pale and had a fever, but her brother had the same symptoms the day before.

Little did Patrick know, his daughter had leukemia.

“We went for blood work, took her to a pediatrician, and she was diagnosed that night,” said Patrick.

They immediately began treatment in Morristown, where Gwen stayed for nine days.

Upon returning home, she developed a staph infection in her leg.

“We didn’t know if she was going to make it. She literally went into surgery and they didn’t know if they could save her leg or her, but they did both,” said Patrick

Gwen underwent two and a half years of treatment and she now goes back on a monthly basis for checkups.

All she remembers from her experience is the number of games she played with the medical staff.

“We were going into surgery and they made you have a list with a bunch of things you could find, pictures, telephones,” Gwen told Waldron.

Her dad knows how grateful he is when he sees her smiles.

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