NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A suspected sexual predator is off the streets. He’s already charged in one vicious attack. Now police want to know if he’s responsible for preying on other women in Brooklyn.

Rape suspect William Giraldo refused to answer reporters’ questions as he was led out of the Brooklyn Special Victims Unit in handcuffs on Tuesday.

Police say on June 4, Giraldo attacked a 28-year-old woman in the vestibule of her Sunset Park apartment building, throwing her to the ground and raping her.

Giraldo was later identified as a suspect through surveillance video from a nearby Dunkin Donuts. Police said the 24-year-old Brooklyn man admitted the person seen in the video was him.

“We have an individual that actually turned himself in and that he is the one on the tape. But he claims that he didn’t have anything to do with the crime,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Police said the rape victim picked Giraldo out of a line-up. Detectives are still investigating if Giraldo is responsible for three other violent sex assaults in Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, and in Park Slope, where a 24-year-old woman’s brutal sex assault and horrifying screams were caught by a surveillance camera.

“When there’s something like that going on it makes me feel like I can’t go out at night,” Clinton Hill resident Charity Tooze said.

News of an arrest in at least one attack was welcomed news to women in the affected Brooklyn neighborhoods who had been living in fear.

“I hope that he’s the guy that did it and that he’s brought to justice,” Park Slope resident Naomi Frank said.

“I think it’s great for the women in this area,” another resident said.

“If he’s connected to the other assaults then all the better. But hopefully they don’t stop looking in the meantime, until they know for sure whether or not he’s connected to the other crimes,” Park Slope’s Tracy Solomon added.

Hazel Sanchez

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  1. Tellmehowyoufigga says:

    Now, If it was the dunkin dounuts on 2nd ave and 55th then hes guilty… According to the news reporter on that video she shows the one on 55th and 5th….

  2. Tellmehowyoufigga says:

    I always go to that dunkin dounuts and they aren’t opened that late around the time the girl got raped. I think hes innocent.

  3. tata says:

    I cant belive how people be in the game to belive it the is real justice in the sistem for tha reasond they said in GOD WE TRUST because you cant trust them. and another think mexicans are not low life i hope you eat you word when they proof true and only was a injustice confusion

  4. Warn says:

    To all women, Please wear a very short and transparency clothes to lust man to rape you more. Have fun!!!!! This is lesion for all women.

  5. hp says:

    I know him, and he wouldn’t even be able to harm a roach. he’s being accused of what another low life mofo did. its so unfair

  6. nyc says:

    What’s up with sooo many crimes and criminals in and from Bklyn. ? The only thing missing is him wearing a NY Yankees cap as they usually do !

  7. Me says:

    That mexican lowlife deserves to be in jail where he can be raped like he did those women.

    1. LG says:

      Shut up Mojame Laraja

  8. David Goldstein says:

    deSPICable Hispanic

    1. BrrrIt'sCold says:

      What a cheap shot at the whole race…oh wait, you’re a cheap jew anyways. Well, at least I’ll sleep better knowing there’s still firewood in the world! 😀

      1. tata says:

        Dont be to confident sleeping because he is inocent and the real raper is out loking for who will be next

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