NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —  It’s so hot, we could shatter records set more than seven decades ago.  The blazing sun made it feel like 100 degrees on Wednesday and it’s not over yet.

AccuWeather said that Central Park reached a high temperature of 94 degrees Wednesday.  In Newark, the heat index reached a blistering 102 degrees.

An Air Quality Alert will be in effect for much of the area from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Thursday.   A heat advisory is also in effect from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday.

It was certainly a brutal day for anyone who had to be outdoors to sweat it out.

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“You couldn’t stand outside. It was just the heat from all the pavement — from the bricks and everything, it was just too hot,” Laly Cruz told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker declared a heat advisory and the city opened a dozen cooling centers for its residents.

People tried to cool off any way they could, including splashing around in pools and sprinklers along with enjoying some delcious ice cream.

“We’ve tried to stay cool. We had some lemonade outside and we stayed in the shade and this is our second trip out for ice cream today,” Diana Moran of Summit, New Jersey said.

Dozens of schools in the Tri-State Area also let out early Wednesday because of the heat, and planned to do the same Thursday. Some schools also plan to cancel sports activities.  The early dismissals came as a result of many older school buildings not being equipped with air conditioning.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With Students Getting Out Early In Hackensack

With potentially dangerous heat, New York City’s Office of Emergency Management also opened cooling centers in the five boroughs Wednesday and they will remain open for Thursday’s onslaught of heat.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg stopped by a cooling center in Brooklyn to play some bingo with seniors and tell them not to take any chances with their health.

“It’s a good time to stop in on a neighbor, particularly somebody that’s living by themselves, and say ‘you know, just want to make sure you’re cool enough,'” Bloomberg told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks.

The city’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley, also had some advice for checking up on people facing the heat. He said that people tend to become confused, weak and not sweat when they should be sweating.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell In TriBeCa

“If people have symptoms like that…get in touch with medical authorities,” he said.

Con Ed says it’s ready to handle the heat streak and won’t lapse into a disastrous blackout like the one that shook the city in the summer of 2006.

Those who have air conditioning will likely keep it cranked up. However, the agency was urging New Yorkers to do their part by keeping the air conditioner on 78 degrees. Con Ed also asks New Yorkers to conserve energy when possible, including running major appliances early in the morning or late at night.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With People Buying Air Conditioners At Aitoro Appliances In Norwalk

Air Conditioners For Sale At Aitoro Appliances - Norwalk, CT - Jun 8, 2011 (credit: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880)

Air Conditioners For Sale At Aitoro Appliances - Norwalk, CT - Jun 8, 2011 (credit: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880)

To help fight the effects of the heat, officials urge people wear loose, light-colored clothing, drink plenty of water, and limit activities outdoors during peak heat.

How will you beat the heat on Thursday? Sound off in our comments section below…

Hazel Sanchez

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  1. flea says:

    “HEATWAVE” : Martha and the Vandellas…1964

  2. Cranson says:

    Was in town today with my 2 daughters. Shorts, a tee, 2 daughters and me. What could be better? Saw a show (yes, A/C), had something to eat (no A/C), walked, talked, found some shade here & there, drank some water on the square, had a fine time. Hot? Yes. Impossible? No. You need to play smart ball. And pay attention to what’s going on around you. In this case, heat. I”d do it again tomorrow if I could, but, alas, I’ve work and need to save up some $$ to do it again. Can’t wait…hot or not.

  3. Nick9075 NYC says:

    How do those people in that pic have time to frolic in the fountain at Battery Park on a weekday?? You know most of us who don’t have a trust fund, a seven figure salary or get $15,000 a month from mummy & daddy actually have to work and can’t go frolicing around in the park or just willy nilly hang out at Jones Beach.

    And most offices are air conditioned last time I checked. Yes that commute to the outer boros (yes some of us cannot afford Manhattan) is a b***tch when it is over 90 degrees out but most people can survive

  4. Robert J Senn says:

    this is stupid no wonder the kids are beat up in school and are ridiculed they are becoming sisses ore is it the teachers are to hot to think so you let them off school for the rest of the day to go to the beaches to be beached whales with pay

  5. bardo says:

    Hi, I am not sure where you live, but at Encore (w.49th street between Broadway and 8th avenue)we have an elevator to go down to the center. and we have restrooms. we open at 9AM and close at 6PM. We are a senior center, but there is room. I truly hope that you are able to find a place to cool down

  6. bushman says:

    all winter u complain that you are cold and want warm weather,well your wish came true so stop complaining and sweat out yout toxins,people who sweat alot live longer that people who dont sweat

    1. Ray says:

      That is not true. Sweating is an indicator of being over heated. The body releases moisture to expel heat; an attempt to bring the body to a suitable, balanced temperature. Basically to prevent heat stroke. The body is in a state of stress which is indicated by sweating. Stress shortens life span. The more activity the body produces the shorter the life span is compared to a person with average activity. Studies have shown this to be true with fruit flies. This conclusion can be achieved because fruit flies can have multiple generations over a very short time span. Short enough to be studied and extrapolate life spans. Very active fruit flies died sooner than normally active furit flies.

      Also, athletes such as basketball players die sooner than average activity level atheletes. Heating up of the body accelerates aging.

      Sweating does not promote longer life in any way. It is a cooling system to prevent overheating due to high activity or rise in body temperature from environmental conditions. Sure it prevents one from dying due to heart failure or having heat stroke.

      Not sweating is merely an indicator that external or internal conditions are not stimulating enough to induce sweating.

  7. ElderlyArthritis says:

    First, the “cooling centers” are fraudulent; these are just public libraries and old age centers, with limited seating, limited or no restrooms, and no ability to hold a number of people for more than an hour! Second, they’re usually at least a half hour walk from anywhere, not good in this weather, impossible for the hanicapped elderly. How does a wheelchair patient get to the second floor? The centers are supposed to help those without air-conditioning, but really are just a farce.

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