Statement Follows Tweet Of Image Said To Be Congressman's Penis

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There are bad days, then there’s the one Rep. Anthony Weiner had on Wednesday.

Weiner’s office released a statement on Wednesday night that said the congressman sent explicit photos of himself out on the Internet. This latest bombshell came hours after an X-rated photo that he purportedly took of himself turned up on the Web and shortly after news broke that his wife is pregnant.

“As Rep. Weiner said on Monday when he took responsibility for his actions, he has sent explicit photos. To reiterate, he has never met any of these women or had physical contact with them. As he said, he deeply regrets the pain he has caused. With the full support of his wife, he is working on righting these wrongs with his family and his colleagues,” Weiner spokeswoman Risa B. Heller said.

This came on the heels of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who posted the infamous crotch shot last week and shirtless photos of Weiner on his site Monday, saying he had a copy of an X-rated photo allegedly showing Weiner’s penis.

Breitbart also said he wouldn’t post the photo online.

Photo allegedly of Anthony Weiner's penis on Andrew Breitbart's iPhone (Altered due to graphic nature)

He kept his word…sort of. During an appearance on Opie and Anthony’s radio show Wednesday, he showed the photo to the Sirius XM shock jocks that he apparently kept on his iPhone  — another story altogether…

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: If Weiner Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse, They Have

Guess what happened next? The jocks took a photo of the photo and Tweeted it. Or so we thought. Opie a.k.a. Gregg Hughes, later posted a video explaining that he wanted to take a picture from Breitbart’s iPhone, it came out too blurry — but video supposedly captured the image, someone then took a screengrab of the image from the video and sent it to them. Opie and an O&A staffer then took a photo of the much-clearer screengrab and raced to see who could Tweet it first.

He also said Andrew Breitbart is not happy the picture got out and he believes it was never Breitbart’s intention for it to be Tweeted.

Weiner’s nightmarish day ended with CBS 2 learning his wife, Huma Abedin, is expecting the couple’s first child. Can it get any worse for the six-term New York Democrat? Check back with CBSNewYork on Thursday.

Did you follow all of that? If you’d like to see the photo in question, click below:

Click here to see the original photo Tweeted by Opie & Anthony (Warning: Graphic)

Comments (67)
  1. Ellen says:

    This has nothing to do with race, or ethnic backgrounds but everything to do with poor character and poor judgement. I for one will not judge Anthony Weiner because that’s between him and his God, and may I say that there was a wise man who once said. “Judge not lets thee be judged.”

    1. Susan Killebrew Davey says:

      God is out of this equation; what this man did was a CRIME; sending photos of ones privates to children is a criminal act. Socrates said criminal acts always involve pleasure seeking activity. I don’t want criminals in leadership positions, and I don’t think many others are willing to put up with it, either.

  2. mary says:

    I see now why White men are so hateful and jealous of Black men.

    All the white wieners I see exposed on internet are the size of a young black boy’s wiener. No wonder their women are cranky all the time.

    The real problem here that I see is the size. You guys need to grow your wiener man. Talk to God, maybe he’ll forgive you guys!

    1. Adolf says:

      Google Race and IQ, Every study ever done on race and IQ shows that the average IQ for an Adult American Negro is no higher than 86…which is also average for a 14 year old white kid.

      Take in mind black Americans are mixed with whites, so the average IQ in 3rd world black countries is even lower, sometimes falling in the mid 60s

      So it’s not coincidence blacks are still in the position they are in right now.

      BTW, Weiner is a dark skinned semite not white.

  3. sparviero says:

    Weiner will not resign and continues to hold on despite wide spread national disgust with him becasue he wants to collect his fat government pension which he is entitled to after he has served out his current term. Attorney General Eric Holder continues to remain silent regarding prosecuting Weiner for engaging in inter-state pornography with the intent to solicite sex. No sexual harassment charges appear to be on the horizon. New York State’s Attorney General has remained sillent on this issue as well. When the rule of law is not inforced and corrupt behaior goes unchecked, democracy is eroded and the country suffers. We currently do not have a legal mechanism in place to remove him from office other than prosecution and Weiner knows this. This is the reason why he continues to flaunt his refusal to resign. The issue here is, when will the Justice Department and/or the State Attorney General’s Office put politics aside and do what is required and prosecute Weiner as common criminal that he has shown himself to be?

    1. liz says:


    2. Michael H. says:

      “he wants to collect his fat government pension which he is entitled to after he has served out his current term.”

      Wrong. Weiner is 46 and has served since 1999. In order to receive a pension you need to retire after 50 and have served more than 20 years.

  4. unclevictim says:

    Throw this bum out! No, not Weiner, whoever wrote this drivel! Primetime Sam Roberts is not just some O&A staffer, hes the host of the S–t Hour! RETRACT IMMEDIATELY, HENCEFORTH ETC, ETC, WHAT HAVE YOU. YMB!

  5. Gregory says:

    Enough already about this nasty, nebbish pervert. He’s just a distraction to the real problems like bankruptcy and austerity facing this country. As long as Mr. Weiner is in the news the federal government and the FED can “blow smoke” without scrutiny.

  6. it could get worse..... says:

    ……if we find out tomorrow that he was sending these pictures to christine quinn.

    1. himmy o says:

      Hey, Christine Q
      She plays catch with her own team

      She is familiar with their females water sports equipment


    ‘nuf said.

  8. Garth says:

    This yutz needs to get out fo dodge while the getting is good. The longer this jerk waits, the uglier it is going to get. Pack up your office, your marbles, and your weiners, and get out of office once and for all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. liz says:

      YUTZ – PUTZ – it is sooooooo befitting!
      Honestly just when you think that you have heard and seen it all!!!! OH MY GOD this is really disgusting!!!!

  9. Jill says:

    Oh poor baby…he wasn’t holding his head down in shame when he was doing what he did, he had a wife in the next and now supposedly a baby on the way.
    Instead he was behaving like a dog in heat, the only shame he has now is that he got caught.

    Resign, and walk away with your tail between your butt.

  10. HUGO says:


  11. Rodin says:





    1. Jill says:


      WOW…would you like some fresh fish to go with that ??

      1. LONGDONGSILVER says:


    2. Jill says:


      With a mushroom like that it shouldn’t be served any other way.

  13. Jim says:

    Get over it! This is getting very boring. Things will work out.

  14. Chilly Willie says:

    Now that this has come out, it seals his fate. I’ll bet he cashes in his chips and will be gone by Friday.

  15. Gregg says:

    His schnaz is about the same size ! What a disgrace. Goodby Weiner !

  16. Jellie says:

    Too bad his ego is bigger than the size of his weiner, maybe if it was the reverse situation he would not be in so much trouble right now.

  17. Low Life Andrew says:

    That Andrew B is a real low life. I would grow eye’s in the back of my f-ing head if I was this dude. Nothing like a guy who goes back on his word to really appreciate how low a person can go just for a few seconds of attention. My God man, what a low life.

  18. kevin F says:

    Weiners schnozzola is bigger than his weenie. What do these young girls find sexy about that? Please, someone throw me a bone and tell me.

    1. Space C. says:

      You should become a reporter, you really know how to ask the tough questions society has been longing to hear answers about. Maybe 60 minutes would kile to speak to you. Moron !

      1. kevin F says:

        @Space C.

        Lick my bunion!

  19. Maya says:

    Funny that people are more het up about the picture than the fact that Breitbart claimed he would never release the photo out of respect for Weiner’s family. I guess it is okay to let someone else do the dirty work for you! Why would he 1) go on O & A to discuss it in the first place and 2) show them the picture at all? In a studio that has all kinds of recording equipment in it? Really? If he really wanted to keep it private, he wouldn’t have shown it to them AT ALL. (And why is it on his phone?)

    I agree with Ellen, what Weiner did was stupid but there has to be something more important going on in the world than this right now.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Well, Maya, I guess Breibart was less than honest much like Weiner, who out and out lied. The difference is Breibert is a pundit with no control over our everyday affairs, and Weiner is a Congressman sworn to serve the people of the United States and particularly his constituents. When he admittedly lied to the public so that he would not get caught, he put his self interest in covering up his shame above his duty to the people to be forthright. If he was so quick to lie—and blame Breibert—when he felt the noose tightening, there’s no telling what he would do to enrich and protect himself at the cost of those of whom he is sworn to serve. The audacity of this Weiner to call those who dare question his sketchy story “j@ck@$$e$” and claim they are distracting from the real issues when his arrogance is the real issue.

      1. Maya says:

        Weiner was completely arrogant and should have come out at the start and admitted it was him rather than make all those public denials, no disagreement there whatsoever. What he did had nothing to do with his job, however. I can understand people being upset by the revelations but he did not break any laws and as of yet, there has been no evidence that he used government resources to send the messages and pictures. If there is an Ethics Committee investigation that finds otherwise, that is a different issue to address.

        That is not to say that I think what he has done is acceptable. The betrayal in his actions would be to his wife, though, not his constituents. That is an issue for the two of them to work out.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        I could not disagree more with your statement that it had nothing to do with his job. As a congressman, he has to be honest and forthcoming. Once the matter became public, it became a public issue for which he had to handle in an ethical manner. If he did not wish it to become public, he should not have run for public office and should not have tweeted it to unsolicited followers. He further publicized it by alleging a conspiracy and by holding several press conferences where he lied and insinuated those that questioned him were creating a distraction. Once he knew his cover was about to be blown, he came out with a teary eyed apology. Do you seriously think he would have done that had he thought he could keep the charade going by silencing all of his skeptics? No way. His actions are right out of the Elliot Spitzer-Bill Clinton playbook, where you lie to the public as long as you can and only when it is painfully obvious your story will no longer hold any water, begin to come clean with tears, stories of addictions, “weaknesses,” and “problems,” and telling all you are only human. I remind you this minion monger is the same one who claimed the Statue of Triumph of Virtue was sexist. In that statue, a bare-chested mail steps on two scantily clad females representing vice and corruption. How ironic.

      3. Katherine Norman says:

        It should be all about CHARACTER, CHARACTER, CHARACTER…otherwise, what is it all about???

  20. MrJones says:

    A man that truly lives up to his name.

    1. Bernie Sanders says:

      he sure does

  21. Bowwowwow says:

    Weiners Frank has more beans than meat. Pathetic.

  22. Kelly says:

    Well at least I did not have to worry about seeing this on my computer at work – when I asked one of the girls what she thought it was, she said it looked like a Smurf head peeking thru a forest with a mushroom in the foreground. Not exactly mindblowing.

  23. Rodin says:

    I wanna see Weiner’s wiennie in the flesh before I judge. If the world can see it on Twitter, why can’t we in the news?

    1. Rodin says:

      PS –
      With all the anabolics gushing through that bod, there’s more to this story than tweeting and texting.

      1. dave game says:

        Rodin is a dysfunctional sexual perver listed on numerous reports.

  24. Marty Cohen says:

    This is supposed to be the Sword of a Stud? Jeez, my 7 year old Nephew packs more meat than that.

    1. Shlomo Farkas says:

      Wait, how do you know what your 7 year old nephew’s peni$ looks like?

      1. Shlomo Farkas says:

        Yes, CBS censored the real spelling od peni$ in an article about Weiner’s peni$. Go figure.

  25. nyc says:

    That’s just really nasty !

  26. Mandy says:

    It ain’t ‘Nuttin, Honey. Put that junk back in your underwear and start writing that resignation speech tonight!

  27. Skip says:

    I saw his news conference where he was crying. Well I would be crying too if that was all I had.Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie shriveled uncut Weiners weenie

    1. UC says:

      Most likely he’s cut since he is Jewish

  28. Andrew says:

    Have you no shame Copngressman Weiner, that thing dosen`t even make it a a weenie. Mabye a teenie weenie. Hey when you resign and you will resign get a bow tie and go on the Pee Wee Herman show. I don`t blame your wife for keeping quiet any woman would be ashamed for the world to know her hubby was carrying that little thing around.

  29. Bizzy Bee Bun says:

    Chock full o’ nuts, if you ask me. The roots are bigger than the tree. Now it all makes sense, if you know what the Napoleon Complex is!

  30. Bobby NYC says:

    This is Bobby from NYC

    1. Ellen says:

      Hi Bobby from NYC, Ellen from guess what Lowell Massachusetts, and the real news for us should be the New York Yankee’s Boston Red Sox series! Now that’s something to post about.

  31. Kujo says:

    After seeing this – you, my friend, are no Ron Jeremy. Keep your day job (if you can)

  32. MrJones says:

    With people of this ilk running our country is it any wonder why we are in the shape we’re in?

  33. jimbo says:

    Ha ha lol, what else could you say!

  34. Missy Ann says:

    Saw it – I laughed so hard my co-workers asked why Iced Tea was shooting out of my nose!!! Is this what all the fuss is about? That pathetic thing was not worth losing the credibility & trust of millions of people !

    1. edlo says:

      to have it larger and thicker than a hot dog is what makes him a winner, he should proud of himself instead, i mean c mon

  35. G!LL says:

    may b he wanted to prove wrong someone, that he is not an uncut.

  36. MrJones says:

    Will Pelosi stay true to her word and eradicate this swamp thing?

  37. pooh pooh says:

    have some decency and resign

  38. Yo Momma says:

    Yuck. Just saw the hard weenie on Twitter; it’s teeny. Whatever this guy does after resigning office, he will not be offered a job in the porn industry, you can be sure of that.

  39. Bart Morrow says:

    Actually, I love the HARD EVIDENCE headline – good job CBS! Good job with the entire story over the past week. And I have to say, Marcia Kramer is awesome, her stalking this story has made me watch the CBS local news every night. You guys are almost up there with the NY Post. Keep it “UP”.

    PS: Without a doubt, Weiner must go, and must go now.

  40. Ellie Mc. says:

    Ewwwwwww…..just saw Weiner’s Peenie on Twitter – Gross. I cannot stomach the thought of this man remaining even one more day in office representing me as a Congressman. This just put the nail in his coffin. He’s Dead Man Walking now that this has come out.

    PS: It’s ain’t all “that” if you know what I mean!!!!!!

  41. The conservative says:

    Real classy title CBS!

  42. Ellen says:

    Give it up will you,so the guy did something stupid, so what. Hey if you have a problem with it then just vote him out of office. Simple as that.

    1. MYOP says:

      I agree 100% with you Ellen. Enough already!

      1. Ellen says:

        Thanks MYOP. I mean isn’t there any other news out there?

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