NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – A Brooklyn man said he was removed from a flight at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after being overheard cursing by a flight attendant while the plane waited to depart.

Robert Sayegh told The Detroit News that he had a layover Sunday afternoon at the airport in Romulus after attending a cousin’s wedding in the Kansas City, Mo., area on Saturday. He says he used the F-word twice after the plane had been at the gate waiting to depart for 45 minutes.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever been through in my life,” said Sayegh, a 37-year-old TV producer and children’s book author from Brooklyn.

Jim and Kim from the Fresh 102.7 morning show caught up with the potty-mouthed passenger on Wednesday morning.  You can hear his first-hand account right here.

Sayegh said his remark was about why it was taking so long to close the plane’s overhead compartments.

According to the Post, Sayegh quipped “What’s taking so f—–g long to close the overheard compartments?”

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5136 to Newark, N.J., eventually left the gate but Sayegh said it returned to the terminal and he was removed.

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Inc. said it was investigating. It uses a policy that allows it to remove people when a passenger is disorderly, abusive or violent.

“The passenger involved was re-accommodated on a later flight,” said spokeswoman Allison Baker. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Sayegh said he was told he was removed for being disruptive. He said he is never disruptive.

Do you think he should have been removed from the plane for swearing? Comment below

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  1. George Costanza says:

    Using foul language freely in public is a sign of lack of control as well of lack of class. It is an indicator that the user is unable to control his behavior. Not a good thing on a plane. The lesson here, just behave yourself.

  2. Capt Dave says:

    ASA/DL also should ban him from flying on my airline. what a turd hole!

  3. Capt Sulley, to you says:

    “Detroit Tower, Southeast 5136”

    “Southeast 5136, Detroit tower, what the f._uc.k do you want?”

    “Detroit tower, 5136 would like to blow this popstand from the active”

    “Southeast 5136, cleared for takeoff runway 31, wind 280 at 8 f_.uc.kin gustin to 14”

    “5136, rolling, bye a.s_sholes”

    “Southeast 5136, Detroit tower, take that piece of s.h_it and contact departure at ….”

  4. Ed Sans says:

    A 37 year old producer and talks like that!!! how pathetic..

  5. Walter Kurtz says:

    We train young women to drop food trays on people. But their commanders won’t allow them to hear “f.uck” on their airplanes because, it’s obscene!

  6. Roy says:

    That’s what he gets for opening his big f—in mouth……

  7. unk says:

    I was on that plane. The flight attendant was rushing passengers to take their seats, announced numerous times that they had only 20 minutes for wheels off and if they missed that slot they would be fined. When the doors were closed, they realized that one of the overhead bins would not close and a maintenance engineer was called. In my opinion, just to avoid the penalty for late take off because of open bin they dumped the blame on this guy. Delta is pathetic.

    1. George Costanza says:

      Hmmm. YOu say you were on the flight and that Delta is pathetic but the articles says the airline was Atlantic Southeast Airlines, which i never heard of. Is this Delta or are you FOS?

  8. Charlie Sheen says:

    why not just charge people for it like they do for every other little thing that has boosted airlines profits this year. F–k $5
    Sh–t $3
    D–k $2
    C-nt $20

  9. Osama @the WhiteHouse says:

    YOU voted for him. NOW pay the consequences, Yuri.

    1. John Ghead says:

      Wow you’re an idiot! What does a President in office for two and a half years have to do with a nation spiraling downwards both socially and economically for the last 40 years or so?
      Get a life already. Yuri’s point is actually a valid one. And YOU are a glaring example of what he was talking about. Ass-wipe…

      1. Osama @the WhiteHouse says:

        Gargle my choad!

      2. Osama in the White House says:

        YOUR Mother should have swallowed.

  10. nyc says:

    Oh no, the cursing police got him !

  11. yuri rochenko says:

    Wow. Which overlord gets to decide what is vulgar and what is not. What is offensive to one person is completely not to another. Right now, it is not illegal to drop an F-Bomb. End of story.

    We have become a sad and pathetic nation. Shame on us.

  12. corkey says:

    sub human vocab shouldn’t be free.

  13. Steve says:

    Sounds right to me; these people are animals. I don’t want to hear this kind of speech, and I don’t want my child to have to listen to it either.

    1. doc in NJ says:

      right on.

    2. Steve'smother says:

      Fluck you Steve

  14. Jayne says:

    The question was, “should he have been removed from the plane for swearing.”

    F*** No!

  15. ed r. says:

    Now that airlines can get fined for late departures, they’ll grab any excuse shift blame.

  16. GEORGE SCOTT says:

    Picture This !!
    Two black males are having a discussion at the same location but seated across the isle. The one on the left calls the one on the right the “N” word to get his attention. Would that be grounds to kick them off the plane ???
    If the word is in the dictionary and we have free speech according to our Constitution then what was the violation ? I think the airlines should be taken to task for “Violation of Civil Rights”. What do you think ??

    1. doc in NJ says:

      I think you’re an idiot, George.

      1. Dr. E.R. says:

        Second opinion?
        I concur…GEORGE SCOTT IS an idiot.

        $2,500. pay the secty on the way out.

    2. Flying Nun says:

      Hey George is “f**ck you” in the dictionary too?

      1. veryconservative says:

        Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  17. Barry Levine says:

    This horrible man should be beaten to a pulp for using THE “F” WORD, and then he should be sent to solitary confinement for a period of not less than ten years…..can anyone else think of what should be done to this HORRIBLE person.

  18. Larry Schwarz says:

    People are offended by language like that and there may have been children on board.Still,he should have been given a warning before being removed.The airline clearly over reacted here.

    1. Vyzygoth says:

      I second that. He should know better if he said it audibly enough. Warn him.
      Then do what you must if he doesn’t desist. People are tired and wanting to get to their destination and to return to the gate for this would get me a little more than agitated, too.

      I wonder; Is there anything in the airline’s rules about using some common sense?

  19. NYC Mouth says:

    PLEASE! This world is getting F****** crazy! Getting thrown off a plane for two words??? YOU get a life!

    Last I looked, this was still the U.S. … NOT Nazi Germany or some dictatorship where you can be arrested or assaulted for saying the wrong thing … like the emperor isn’t wearing ay clothes.

  20. beverley manuel says:

    throw him off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. iggy says:

    it is still just words. using your cell phone loud is more disgusting. most certainly a do-as-i-say,not-as-i-do, holier-than-thou nazi-republican complained.

  22. Deafened says:

    Children’s book editor who thinks that word is acceptable?? Oy. Cursing at the wait-staff deservedly gets you put off the plane.

    Learn to speak English. That 6th century Anglo-Saxon word is not English, and it’s actual meaning is happy, consensual, sexual intercourse. It can’t be correctly used in a negative construction, and neither overhead bins, planes, nor subways can be described as having intercourse!

    Grow a vocabulary!

    1. Chucky Brown says:

      You incorrectly used “it’s” – you meant to use the possessive “its” rather than the conjunctive version of “it is.”

      Make sure the high horse is properly saddled before you climb onto it. Just saying.

      1. AKJanw says:

        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! lol

  23. Sister Mary Ella Font says:

    Maybe next time he won’t use offensive and vulgar language!

  24. George says:

    So, maybe next time you will use other words than the “F-bomb”….who knows? YOU might actually increase your vocabulary from 7 words to more! If you were using those types of words where others could hear you, then you should have been kicked off the plane and left on the tarmac.

    1. Sister Mary Ella Font says:

      WOW, George, my post was very similar to yours! Perhaps we should meet over a cup of java.

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