Ethics Committee Starts Preliminary Probe; Obama Lowers The BoomBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The White House is finally weighing in on the Weiner-gate scandal.

And after more raunchy photos surfaced over the weekend, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer has learned members of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s own party may be trying to dig up even more dirt. This coming on the same day the House approved without objection a two-week leave of absence for the six-term New York Democrat. His request was approved by unanimous consent at the close of legislative business on Monday night.

The big question for Weiner is this: has his stubborn refusal to resign driven Democrats to use their opposition research teams to try to find more embarrassing information in an effort to force him off the political stage.

Gallery: Congressman Weiner Photos (Warning: Explicit)

Kramer asked House Homeland Security chairman Peter King if that is a possibility.

“Yeah, that’s to be expected. Right now he is a tremendous hindrance and obstacle to the Democratic Party. Whether people have new information or not I think you’re going to see all the powerful forces in the Democratic Party using whatever leverage they have or think they have to convince Anthony Weiner to leave in effect to force him to leave,” Rep. King said.

King made his remarks as Congress returned to session Monday after publication of yet another set of embarrassing pictures of Rep. Weiner — these steamier and sweatier, taken in the House members’ gym. They show Weiner with his camera phone in one hand, and in his other, well, it’s obvious.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, invited to Weiner’s wedding to Huma Abedin last July, said he broke House ethics rules.

“It certainly appears as if he did,” Rep. Chaffetz said. “He admitted that he did this and not just once, not just twice, not just three times. I liken it to a hit-and-run accident. The accidents were bad enough, but the fact that you ran and lied about it it’s intolerable.”

President Barack Obama is so frustrated by Weiner’s refusal to quit the White House he said if he were in Congressman Weiner’s position, he’d resign. The president said Monday that what Weiner did in exchanging sexual messages over the Internet with several women was “highly inappropriate” and that Weiner had embarrassed himself, his wife and his family.

The president didn’t explicitly call for Weiner to resign but said that when a politician gets to the point where he can’t serve as effectively as needed, in his words, “then you should probably step back.”

Earlier in the day the White House had the following to say:

“The president feels, we feel at the White House, this is a distraction. As Congressman Weiner has said himself, his behavior was inappropriate, dishonesty was inappropriate,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

And after Weiner ignored calls for his resignation from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and the president’s hand-picked party chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, pundits now believe the president will try to get former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — Weiner’s wife’s boss — to apply pressure.

“Bet that the Obamas and the Clintons have been talking. They both have an agenda. One is to protect Huma the other is to protect the Democratic Party and the president’s re-election,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

“You can bet the White House is trying to figure out how to get to the Clintons to say to Huma, to say to Weiner it’s time to go. President Obama doesn’t need this; the Democratic Party doesn’t need this.”

Meanwhile, the House Ethics Committee has started a preliminary probe of the congressman, but Weiner’s friends told Kramer he is waiting for his wife to return from a trip with Secretary of State Clinton before he makes any further decisions. Clinton announced Monday she is cutting short her three-nation African trip due to a volcanic eruption that has created an ash cloud over parts of east Africa. But there’s no question she’s coming home with Congressman Weiner’s wife to face a cloud of a different sort.

Friends of Abedin’s told Kramer they have already counseled Weiner to resign. Now the congressman has two weeks, presumably away from Washington, to further ponder his future.

“The type of pictures they appear to be, the fact that they were taken in the House gym against the whole backdrop of contacting young women of tweeting pictures of himself around. To me that clearly does violate the ethics rules,” Rep. King said.

Weiner’s fellow congressmen took to the Sunday talk shows, stepping up their calls for Weiner to step down.

“I hope he reflects upon whether or not he can proceed. It seems to be extraordinarily difficult that he can proceed in an effective way and continue to represent his constituents in an effective way given the circumstances of this bizarre behavior,” said Steny Hoyer.

Weiner has already admitted carrying on inappropriate online relationships with six women, which included sending lewd pictures over the internet.

Over the weekend, word came out that Weiner had also tweeted with a 17-year-old Delaware girl. Police in New Castle, Del., questioned a 17-year-old high school student Friday regarding her online communications with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), a police official said Friday night.

The New Castle County police “were made aware of an alleged contact between Congressman Anthony Weiner and an area teen,” department spokeswoman Officer Tracey Duffy told the Associated Press. “The teen has been interviewed and disclosed no information regarding any criminal activity.”

Several police officers visited the teenager’s home Friday afternoon and asked to speak with her mother, according to confirmed reports. About half an hour later, the officers left.

The latest pictures raise more ethical questions, since they’re considered not simply distasteful but possibly illegal since Weiner used the gym at the Rayburn House Office Building as a background for his steamy shots.

“We have important work to do and this is a difficult distraction,” Rep. Paul Ryan said.

On Saturday, the seven-term congressman’s office said Weiner left his apartment in Forest Hills to seek professional treatment. Wasserman Schultz said she spoke with Weiner before he left.

He’s incredibly apologetic, devastated that this is conduct he’s been engaged in,” she said.

However, even she was calling on him to resign.

Can you think of a way for Congressman Weiner to salvage his political career? Sound off in our comments section below…

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Marcia Kramer

Comments (55)
  1. SHOCKED!!! says:

    OH MY!! You mean to tell me a married politician was messing around? Without his wife’s consent? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such an appalling thing! Politicians are supposed to be the best husbands-wives and they are always full of morality and ethics! They never ever cheat lie or steal!
    BTW, that’s called sarcasm. And anybody who want to play partisan politics with this one is clearly out of touch, or mind. Both sides have done it. Both sides will continue to do this. And when there is a 3rd party involved (tea, independent, commie, whatever), then all 3 sides will have done it.

  2. S T says:

    Hey, leave Weiner alone. He is the best thing that has happened for the Repubs. Come election time, people will think, Weiner/Obozo, Obozo/Weiner and vote for the Repub. Go Weiner, secure the victory for the Repubs.

  3. bajinyabajanta says:

    Obama wants the Weinerschnitzel to resign???? What a hilarious joke!!!! Can’t that buffoon of a President see that the American people want him OUT????????????????………or are so many folk so idiotic that they can’t see the REALITY that Mr. Barack Abomination is DESTROYING this country!!!!!!

  4. Elva says:

    If the Democrats were serious about having him resign, they would announce today that they wouldn’t support his re-election.

  5. livinginnjnow says:

    I can not even believe that there are people defending his behavior!!! What normal, well adjusted married man sends semi nude photos of himself to complete strangers and possible minors?? The biggest difference between Clinton and Wiener is Clinton’s affair was with 2 consenting adults. Wiener on the other hand was randomly sending semi nude photos of himself to strange women!! The creep factor on that is off the charts and to me shows a complete and utter lack of rational judgment. His narcissism is staggering and to me it shows that he is incapable of doing his job. Think about it, how would you feel if this skeezy dude send your daughter one of these pictures…gross, I think I need a shower now!!

    1. Monica says:

      Well thank God Clinton didn’t have a cell phone and Twitter back in the 90’s!…LMAO!

      1. JKM says:

        haha. So true!
        Now those are emails and tweets I would love to see.

        On a serious note though – Clinton didn’t resign. He hung in there and stood his ground while the Republicans squandered tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars trying to get him to resign. And in the end, Clinton is beloved and respected by people around the world despite his extracurricular activities.

        I hope Weiner stands his ground and doesn’t buckle to demands for his resignation.

    2. liz says:

      I agree with you 1000%——–What is really scary to me, there actually are people out there that defend him, just read some of these postings – that’s what is really SCARY!

    3. JKM says:

      Oh please ……

      No offense, but are you new to the internet? Have you ever visited chatrooms, Facebook and internet forums before? You’re acting as if he sent random women pics of himself without their consent or knowledge – and that wasn’t the case. These were grown adult women who were chatting with him online and through Facebook. They knew who they were talking to – *We clearly know this because he sent pics of himself. So, he wasn’t trying to hide his age or identity.*

      If you feel this is “off the charts” and “skeezy” – then I suggest you leave your sheltered life and venture out into the cyberworld sometime and see what it’s like out there. My guess is you would be in for a real shock – and probably go into cardiac arrest. … People – grown consenting adults – chat all the time about everything and actually become “cyber friends” over time. This is not unusual. … To me,he seems kind of naive and well, just dumb, to have done this so openly. But last time I checked, that wasn’t a crime. And I don’t doubt for a minute there are many other politicians doing similar – or worse – things out there and just haven’t yet been caught.

      And again – what does any of this have to do with his work as a Congressman? How have these private emails, which he sent during his personal time, affected the country’s economic recovery? Or the country’s unemployment rate? Or any “real” issue facing the country? Answer: It hasn’t. His private life is just that – private. This is a matter for him to work out with his wife. It’s not for perfect strangers, like you, to judge and villify him. Just my opinion.

      .Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ..

    4. liz says:

      My reply is to JKM – I am not new to the internet – I think that Weiner’s behavior was completely inappropriate and he really crossed the line. His judgement – well to say the least was NO EXISTENT – He LIED and CONTINUED to LIE Day after Day – Why would anyone in their right mind want this man to keep his position! It seems to me that he was VERY PREOCCUPIED – with the “internet” perhaps he should have spent a lttle more time thinking about his position as a Congressman rather than displaying his genitals for the world to see! He is a DISGRACE!

  6. LOL says:

    CNN POLL: 51 percent of New York voters think Congressman Weiner should keep his seat in office. The other 49 percent think that he should disinfect it.” —


  7. liz says:

    What is left to say———–it’s a SAD SAD story all around! He’s totally finished, his wife (God only knows) what she is going thru, he has embarrassed himself beyond comprehension! He will NEVER recover from this! This IS his legacy!
    It seems so twisted and perverted, he’s really a sick man, in need of dire HELP! I actually feel bad for this guy —I know that I shouldn’t feel bad but he’s really really in need of some long term therapy.

    1. JKM says:

      I don’t understand why people are overreacting to this so much. If I was married to him, I might care. But I’m not. My only interest is in the job he is doing in Congress.

      And his decision to send some emails DURING HIS PERSONAL TIME to some women on the internet has no impact on the job he’s doing in Congress. How do these emails affect the unemployment rate, the economic recovery or national security? Answer: They don’t!

      As I mentioned in an earlier post – some people are acting as if this guy was caught molesting young boys, running through Congress naked or shooting a full-blown porn flik from his office. It’s quite ridiculous. Bill Clinton never resigned – and today he is much loved by much of the country despite his indiscretions, And he did far worse than Weiner ever did. Weiner didn’t even meet any of these women.

      Sorry, but I just think the whole “force him to resign” crusade is ridiculous. None of this affected his work in Congress, and his own constituents don’t want him to resign (as shown in the polls). I’m not condoning what he did – He made a mistake – Which politician hasn’t?

      1. HRC says:

        If he sent those pics to your daughter would you feel the same way?

  8. fly4vino says:

    What is the Director of Homeland Security doing worrying about the impact on Weiner on Democrats, his job is to worry about the nation, not democrats.

  9. Jill says:

    I have no sympathy for him what so ever, he behaved like a young boy in heat. His behavior is absolutely unacceptable, he should’ve known better. He must now come to the realization that he made a life altering mistake, he’s made a negative impact on himself, his wife and the people of Queens who respected him for the work he has done. At his age the last thing he should’ve been doing is parading himself naked on the internet.
    Give me a break, grow up already. Resign and start a bit of soul searching !!

  10. David Huser says:

    According to the Daily Rash, Wiener is now blaming Charlie Sheen’s hairpiece for his Twitter pictures. Wow!

  11. jagdish says:

    He’s given swarmy hook-nosed Jews a worse image. No easy task.

  12. john m says:

    well i still think he is a good congressman. he has done a lot for new york city. if the democratic party politicians don’t leave him alone; he should start digging other members dirt. i bet democratic party members who are calling for his resignation are not SAINTs. they have their own scandals. it’s time for them to leave him alone and start trying to fix their own problems.

    1. Ellen says:

      john m you and JKM are the voice of reason. Both of you are right on target. Great post.

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Well, since you are lobbing stones, do tell us what Weiner has done for the city and tell us these other scandals you speak of?

      1. JKM says:

        Sure – right after you explain to us how his decision to email some women on the internet affected the country’s unemployment rate, national security or the recession. … As for his job – if he wasn’t doing a good job as a Congressman, his constituents certainly wouldn’t be telling him NOT to resign as the polls suggest.

        The way certain people and journalists are reacting – you would think he had molested little boys, run naked through the halls of Congress, or shot a full-blown porn film from his office during business hours and was now trying to sell it on the internet. It’s just ridiculous. Just to remind you – all he did was send some emails to women during his personal time and didn’t meet any of them in person.

        It’s a private matter between Mr. Weiner and his wife. I’m honestly quite surprised by the overreaction and calls for his resignation. Did people not learn anything from the time and money that was wasted when the Republicans tried to force Bill Clinton to resign? And Clinton’s behavior was far worse than Rep. Weiner’s.

        As I mentioned in my first post – it’s time to leave him alone, let him do his job and let’s get back to focusing on the real issues facing this country.

  13. JKM says:

    I find this entire situation overblown and the calls for his resignation to be out of line. First, he didn’t cheat on his wife – he never even met these women. None of his online chats or emails affected his work or his ability to do a good job as a congressman.

    And the fact that his wife is away traveling with Hillary probably 50% of the time makes one understand why he might have gone online to chat with women. I’m not condoning what he did – but I just think it’s understandable and not some “sickness” as some journalists are ridiculously contending.

    Even the recent polls show that the majority of his constituents don’t believe he should resign! The only ones pushing to have him resign are the journalists! And as a reporter myself (I cover Wall Street), I find this journalistic behavior to be unethical and embarrassing to the profession. .

    As for the calls to get Hillary and – even Bill Clinton – to pressure hiim to resign? Ha! Good luck with that. If anything, the Clintons should insist he not resign. They learned – as did the rest of the country – that it was a giant waste of taxpayers’ money trying to get Bill to quit – and he was having a full-blown affair with an intern. Weiner hasn’t even met any of these women.

    Get off his back – let him get back to work. He admitted his behavior was wrong – but even that wasn’t necessary in my opinion. This was a private matter – that he needs to work out with his wife. It has nothing to do with his job as a Congressman. Let’s stick to the real issues folks.

    1. Tadeusz Po Polsku says:

      The polls you speak of were of constiuents in predominantly Jewish Forest Hills, where turning a blind eye to one of their own’s misdeeds is commonplace. Let’s take a poll of Maspeth, Middle Village, and other places this miscreant purportendly represents and ask one simple question, “Should Anthony Weiner resign?” The answer, I suspect will be a resounding “yes.”

      1. JKM says:

        What does someone’s religious belief have to do with this? Constituents are constituents – and they gave a resounding “no” when asked if they thought he should resign. I’m not “Jewish” nor do I live in Forest Hills – and I find this whole “force him to resign” campaign to be unethical and a waste of time and money, especially at a time when the country needs to be focusing on jobs and the economy.

        Exactly how did his decision to send some emails affect his job as a Congressman? Did these emails cause unemployment to rise further? Or more people to lose their homes? Of course not. And Íd like to remind yoiu that Weiner’s situation ‘differs from Clinton’s case, because Clinton was actually meeting with an intern while on the job. Weiner wasn’t meeting any of these women. He did his job.

        It’s a personal matter for him to resolve with his wife. It has nothing to do with his job. Heck, if we were going to toss out very politician that ever sent an in appropriate email or text, Congress would probably be empty. I just find all of this a gigantic waste of time and takes the focus off of the real issues facing this country.

        Was his behavior inappropriate? Sure – b

    2. Ellen says:

      JKM. agree with you 100 per cent. It’s a private matter between him and his wife. I do wish him well and hope he gets the help he needs, but this has nothing to do with his job, and if he does that job well then they should leave him alone.

    3. Tadeusz Po Polsku says:

      Don’t play the I’m not Jewish bit with me, JKM. Your semetic thought process shines through your ramblings, so perhaps you are an honorary member of one of the tribes.

      If you had bothered to read what I said, you would know that a majority of a fair cross section of his constiuents want him to resign. The Jewishness of the pollee has everything to do with it as a Jew is less apt to speak against a fellow semite.

      1. JKM says:

        I never look at a person’s religion, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation when looking at an issue, I look at the facts. It’s a shame you can’t do the same. I’m Catholic, by the way, so perhaps you think there’s some conspiracy among Catholics to defend him too? *rolls eyes*

        The polls show a majority of his constituents feel he should NOT resign. His behavior – inappropriate or not – did not affect his work as a Congressman.

  14. T. Cruise says:

    …he saw my movie and got his punchline mixed up: it’s “show me the monry!” NOT “show me your wiener”!

  15. Ace the Deuce says:

    Earth to Obama: why don’t you grow a pair and just come out & say it: Weiner is an embarrasement to the Democratic party, and he has to go. There is no way to salvage this self-implosion; he’s done. Even Pelosi has more balls by saying that he’s sick – and needs help – and has to resign. Why should this freak still remain on our payroll because he’s out on “leave of absence, seeking professional help” . That’s a joke. He’s buying time on our dime.

    1. Ace the Loser says:

      Yes because its all Obama’s fault and Presidents should be forced to comment on any indiscretion committed by a member of his own party. Why don’t YOU grow a pair? Your wife would appreciate it.

    2. john m says:

      most guys who want anthony weiner out of the office are probably HYPOCRITES. it’s time to ask who are those people feeding our $13 billion dollar porn industry.

      1. HRC says:

        Who needs porn when you have Anthony Weiner for free?

  16. None Of Your Business says:

    After looking at the photos, methinks The Weiner is indulging his fantasy of being a porno star. I would advise him not to give up his day job except that I don’t think he has a day job any more.

  17. None Of Your Business says:

    He already has.

  18. BULLENSIGN says:

    If he retires he could become one of Santa’s helpers…Weiner, the red faced reindeer.

    “On Weiner..On Spitzer…”

  19. Weiner Countdown says:

    And what is that – a lying, arrogant, balding, ugly, pencil-necked creep?

  20. Sticking it Out says:

    He’s sticking in out in more ways than one !

    1. Bridget says:

      LMAOL – So true.

  21. Anna M.A. says:

    The latest revelations and photos are sickening. What else is going to emerge? This man has been doing this for years. He’s very sick. And, he’s a cancer to the Democratic Party. They need to get in there and cut the cancer out. He has to go, the sooner the better. Faith and integrity in Weiner can never be restored at this point. Pelosi – stand your ground and run him out of Congress. Don’t let him contiminate the good name of the Party any further. He needs intensive psychiatric treatement, and I hope he’s getting it wherever he is.

  22. Weiner-O-rama says:

    I hope he stays in office. As long as he stays, he will be the face of the democrat party who stands for social stalking perverts who thinks its alright to post his man bump to anyone willing to see it. NY, you have another sleaze ball representing you.

    1. MJPA says:

      You are absolutely right and to think the people he represents still want him in there. Good old NY with Charlie supporting him that party is the laughing stock and I hope we keep laughing it up until 2012

  23. NYCONE says:

    Maybe the idiots at CNN will give him a show with that the creep, Spitzer.

  24. John A. says:

    He needs to step down now! Enough of this media circus ! We have troops who are risking their lives for our country in Afganistan and Iraq.This is much more important than Anthony weiner’s personal problems!

  25. OSCAR MEYER 42nd St says:

    He should invest in a mobile hot dog truck

  26. badman says:

    you’re stupid but FUNNY

  27. nyc says:

    This is sooo nasty ! Just resign ! You area a sick individual, getting off on sending lewd pictures of yourself . I would have had more respect , if you actually had an affair !

  28. Nick says:

    I guess he’ll be on Dancing With The Stars soon or maybe The Apprentice.

  29. SWong says:

    We in NY have had more than instance of a knucklehead making the news over their lapse in judgement….is it the water here or what? Weiner, Spitzer, DSK. the list goes on and on. My only concern is Weiners poor wife’s picture is splattered all over the newires thru no fault of her own but more importantly is now “with child”, and depending if Hillary stays with her job will determine if Huma will be employed. I read Weiner has neverheld any real job other than being a career politician out of college. Mom and Pop providing financial support will only go so far not to mention the shame of having to use these types of hand-outs. Stay strong Huma, divorce the bum and cut your losses!

    1. Shlomo Farkas says:

      I can’t feel too bad for his wife. What would she see in this arrogant, ugly twit, but a chance to solidify her political future with him as “a power couple.” If most of America knew of his arrogance and rabble rousing behavior, then she must have as well. As for his financial future, two things come to mind. First, who cares? He brought this upon himself. He, like the rest of productive America, will have to find a skill or trade in order to earn a living instead of having a sense of entitlement to the political throne straight as a member of the “ruling class.” Second, as far as hand outs from Mom and Pop, this is the status quo for our people. Have you ever been to the Upper East or West Side? You will find plenty of under fifty somethings living in million dollar apartments living lavishly with menial jobs or self employed in non viable industries with no ostensible way of affording such a high end lifestyle. Guess, who fits the bill? Mom and dad or maybe even bubbe and zayde.

  30. jennybean14 says:

    These pics of him are so disturbing and eerily remind me of pics sent to me by a narcissist from my past…….creepy and disturbing. He needs more than help……his poor wife.

  31. BF says:


    1. rose says:

      He is like clinton. clinton didn’t do anything either

  32. Glenn says:

    People need to get on with their lives, there are more important things in this world than Anthony’s weiner.

  33. mallik says:

    Yeah, well don’t :”consider” too long, you perv. Just resign already.

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