By John Montone

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the Senate’s failure to renew the New York City rent control law before it expired Wednesday night is “unacceptable.”

The Democrat is threatening Thursday to force the Legislature into special session beyond Monday’s scheduled last day if no deal is struck.

In a game of brinksmanship, the Senate’s Democratic minority dominated by New York City senators refused to accept the Republican bill, which included none of the Democrats’ proposals.

Once the Democrats started voting against the Republican bill, upstate Republicans joined them. The bill to extend rent protections for 1 million tenants failed.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports: Tenants In Bensonhurst Fear Big Spikes In Their Rent

The bill also jeopardizes a measure to cap the growth in property taxes. Cuomo linked the rent control bill pushed by New York City Democrats to the tax cap sought by Senate Republicans.

Meanwhile, New York City residents living in rent controlled apartments sat in limbo as they anxiously awaited lawmakers’ decision on the future.

If the extension isn’t approved, more than a million tenants will lose the protection against spikes in their rent. Approximately 2.5 million New Yorkers live in rent-stabilized apartments.

On their side in this battle is Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who says New York has become a city of the rich and the poor.

“We have taken hundreds of thousands of affordable units off the rent rolls and made them into luxury housing,” said Silver.

Both Silver and Cuomo are looking to strengthen protections for tenants enjoying lower rent to help keep the middle class in the city.

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  1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

    Right now rent for most of working New york families is over 50% of the family budget.
    How high will it go until landlords realize that greed is not the best of their qualities?

  2. nyc says:

    From Bloomrich : If you are middle class or poor and you cannot afford to live in New York, please leave. This is my city of the rich !

  3. badman says:

    grandfather anyone over 70. everyone else pays market rates. . Many people in rent-controlled apts are able to afford market rates, and they band together to be proponents of the “working class” or whatever. Rent control has been bs for 50 years.

  4. Dale Auburn says:

    The rent regulations were enacted in the 1940′s as an “emergency” measure to prevent inflation in the booming wartime economy. Are we really supposed to believe that the “emergency” still hasn’t ended after almost 70 years?

  5. Vik says:

    These tenants NEED TO PAY what the apartment is worth and that’s that. This rental control b.s. needs to stop now!!!!! I’ll be darned if I have to pay “market rate” rent for an apartment in the City or elsewhere but a whiny, bleeding heart idiot gets to pay $50 for the same dwelling. Enough of this. Abolish rent control!!!!!

  6. Ryan Finley says:

    rent control laws are bad for the city if rent control laws were abolished regular rent would come down to somewhat normal. those of us who arent lucky enough to be in a rent controlled apartment have to pay ridiculous rents to subsuidize costs lost to rent control

  7. Gregory says:

    For what some New Yorkers pay in rent control, they could own a house with a yard, in a safe neighborhood with good schools … in upstate. Think about it; is living in the City at the whims of the politicians, the affluent and the criminals really what you have to tolerate?

  8. Give Me A Break says:

    Oh gee thanks to our governor and the other guy who are failing to go all the way and roll back rents. This is why we are getting kicked out of our native born city.

  9. pooh pooh says:

    BS. Some tenants are still paying $300 for a 2 bedroom in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, water bills and taxes go up every year like clockwork.

  10. Pushed to the Ocean says:

    This city is not meant for the working class any longer. Bloomy is making sure of that. It is a city full of transients and elitists. Yuppies and hipsters rule. True culture no longer needed. The blue collar must learn to bow down to the etstablished that have invaded our once great city. More organic corner stores! More artisan cheese shops! More bike lanes! RIP NYC as the world knows it.

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