BROOKLYN, NY (CBS 2) — Five people were injured in a shooting in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Shots rang out around 12:30 Sunday morning at the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Fenimore Street. Police say it started over some sort of dispute.

Five people were injured including four men and one woman. They were all taken to Kings County Hospital. No word on their conditions.

As police investigate, the violence that unfolded on Fenimore Street is marked by the shot out back window of a van and plastic cups covering numerous shell casings in the street. Police are still looking for suspects.

This is the second gun battle in a Brooklyn neighborhood in less than 24 hours. Gunfire also rang out around 3:15 Saturday morning at a house party on Wyona Street in East New York, killing one man and injuring several others.

New York City Councilman Charles Barron says this never-ending violence has to end.

“You can’t keep shutting down youth centers,” said Barron. “You can’t keep a neighborhood this impoverished and not expect violence.”