BROOKHAVEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Suffolk County continued their intense hunt Monday for the gunman behind a deadly Father’s Day pharmacy shooting that left four people dead.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said authorities were offering up to a $5,000 reward for information on the suspect, who got away with prescription drugs after the shooting inside Haven Drugs in Medford shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday.

Police are also making a special appeal to doctors and pharmacists in the area to come forward if they may have any leads regarding the suspect.  Dormer also issued a word of caution to pharmacies — especially smaller stores — to be extra vigilant.

“We believe the suspect is a drug user and should be considered armed and dangerous,” Dormer said.

Heartache has blanketed the entire community in Medford.

“It’s a huge tragedy to the whole neighborhood,” Paisley Taylor, a customer at the pharmacy, told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez. “It’s just so close to home that it makes you wonder how safe you are.”

Authorities said the gunman is white, about 5-foot-8 with a thin build, short dark hair and dark facial hair. He was last seen running east on South Haven Avenue wearing a black backpack.

Police said surveillance cameras captured these images of the suspect in the fatal shooting of four people at a Long Island pharmacy. (Credit: Suffolk County Police)

Police have also released new video surveillance photos, caught by recently installed security cameras.

Calling the shooting “the most heinous, brutal crime Suffolk Police have ever encountered,” Dormer said the victims offered no resistance and were killed quickly and at close range.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Mejia, who worked at the pharmacy, was a high school senior days away from receiving her diploma when she was shot dead, execution-style.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Mejia’s Funeral Will Be The Same Day She Was Supposed To Graduate

The victims’ families were trying to cope with the unthinkable as they returned to the scene of the crime.

“She didn’t deserve it – not like that,” Leslie Mejia, the victim’s sister, said. “I know she’s an angel watching over us now.”

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell has the latest on the tragic slayings.

Mejia’s heartbroken father, Rene, was despondent. He remembered their last encounter, when she went off to work.

“She told me ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ I said ‘OK.’ I feel bad because I didn’t even hold her,” Rene Mejia said. “She wanted to be a doctor.”

Mejia, 17, along with 45-year-old pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, and customers Bryon Sheffield, 71, and Jamie Taccetta, 33, were all shot and killed, execution-style.

Taccetta ran into the pharmacy Sunday, while her fiancee waited outside.  He grew worried and discovered the massacre when he went inside to check on what happened.

“It’s just devastating. It’s like why would that person do something like that? You want the drugs, take it and run.  Why kill four people?”  Lola Houghton, Ferguson’s neighbor, asked.

Pharmacist Howard Levine said his West Babylon pharmacy was robbed twice by a man looking for drugs.

Levine said he no longer carries addictive painkillers like oxycontine and oxycodone. He said he believes pharmacy robberies can be prevented by strengthening drug regulations and record-keeping.

“To identify those people who are excessively prescribing, those people who are excessively dispensing and those people who are excessively using,” he said.

The owner of Haven Drugs was supposed to work Sunday morning but decided instead to first go to church. He collapsed after witnessing the scene inside.

Jennifer Mejia (credit: Facebook)

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs: The Community Is On Edge

During what is typically the happiest week of a senior’s life, there was profound sadness among Mejia’s classmates at Bellport High School. Students held a vigil Sunday night.

“Jenn was an angel on Earth and I think I speak for the class when I say she will be dearly missed,” said classmate Taylor Lee.

Assistant Principal Bryan Norton was shaken up and said he just spoke with Mejia last week.

“She was an absolute sweetheart, a lovely young lady, looking forward to her future,” Norton said. “She was planning on going to Suffolk to continue her studies.”

Mejia was to attend prom this week. Her funeral will be on the day she was supposed to graduate. Grief counselors were on hand Monday for Mejia’s classmates.

Please offer your thoughts on this shocking crime in our comments section below…

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  1. G says:

    Did this really have anything to do with drugs? Was anything stolen? IF it were, did this person steal any money or drugs from the pharmacy. This info seems to be missing for the offical report. Is this yet another form of Muslim terrorism that our enemy is now and has stated they will take (small and lethal incidents)? This man needs to be taken alive and sent to Guantanamo Bay detention camp for military interrogatikon. Lets face it. Why would a sane or even an insane person commit this crime. This is an obvious terrorist attack.

  2. Elle says:

    My thought and prayers are with the families effected by such a pointless act of violence. It saddens me that the town my family has grown up in contains a person this sick, and emotionless. In the survaillance video this person clearly shows no remorse, it almost looks like he is smiling. It is a gut-wrenching feeling that people this evil exist. I feel that Suffolk County should invest in providing security officers for the pharmacies on Long Island expecially until this suspect is caught. I understand that it is costly to have an officer there but I think they should take the nessisary precautions until this monster is caught. Even just one officer present could have made a difference in this case. I am looking forward to the day I see this disgusting evil person taken away in cuffs and sentenced to life.

  3. Patrick says:

    I disturbed by what happened and hope they catch this person. I must say though that I am suprised that there are not more blacks on this post carrying on about how this guy is a white crazied animal from a broken home and the decent of savage animals. There are way to many racist comments on posts when crimes are committed by blacks. Lets all just realize that animals crazies and bad people come in all colors before we start with the racist comments. Again, hope this person is caught and justice is served.

  4. jim says:

    Amazing how the HIGHEST PAID POLID DEPARTMENT IN THE NATION can’t catch this guy…..

    1. tim schrang says:

      To HGHEST PAID POLICE DEPARTMENT IN THE NATION: Are you an idiot or just sit on your ass watching TV all day? He WILL be caught because tips will and have been called in on his ID…yet you must think a majic computer just generates a photo and we know who they are? You dont know jack about police work. You sound as stupid as the moron who posted “Its obviously a terrorist”.

      1. me here says:

        Are you kidding me? You must be a cop to say something so stupid and cold, plus as always we only get 1/2 the truth from the media.

  5. Bee says:

    I’m sure his family has seen the news and recognized him. It’s time to turn him in. Soon the police will get fingerprints. Most drug addicts have police records and it won’t be long before they find him.
    TURN HIM IN NOW!!! Or else be arrested for hiding a cold-blooded killer!!

  6. bullett says:

    If this were the 1870’s the local sheriff, or marshal would have said, bring him back dead or alive, but mostly dead. Too bad we give in to killers like this. We really need capitol punishment to be re-instated.

    1. DeeSkyzz says:

      If this were the 1870s, the guy would have been able to walk in to the store with nothing but a half dollar and walked out with a big bottle of morphine or heroin – no questions asked. This was my pharmacy, and it was the best pharmacy! These were just the latest victims of the “WAR on drugs”. The lawmakers in this country think that making the drugs harder to get will solve the problem when it fact, it only creates more crime! If the drugs were easier for this addict to get his hands on, Jenny, Ray, and the others would still be with us! The guy completely ignored the cash in the register! The increase in pharmacy robberies is a direct result of the increasingly stringent policies regulating opiates in particular. This country’s idiotic drug policies need to be seriously reconsidered! What – are they afraid of closing down all the EMPTY jails if they legalize drugs? All the cops and DEA agents losing their jobs? Too bad! The government should have no say in what we choose to put in our bodies. If you don’t want to become an addict, then don’t abuse drugs! If you want to – then go right ahead – its your life….Bottom line! Education is the key to prevention of new addicts, but that always seems to be the first thing to get slashed when things get tight…..Oh what a mess this “WAR on drugs” has created. Its really just a WAR on PEOPLE!!!

      1. DeeSkyzz says:

        Not to mention the fact that making the painkillers more difficult to obtain just supports the illegal Heroin trade. I hope most should know that this is one of the major ways the Arab terrorist organizations (who we are also at war with) raise revenue to support their evil endeavors. Since they began to crack down on opiate painkillers, there has been a HUGE surge of heroin use here on Long Island. The street price of an oxycodone pill has nearly tripled. Pharmacy robberies are becoming more and more common. Think about it people! Until we stop treating drug addiction as a criminal problem and begin treating it as the MEDICAL problem it truly is, these kinds of crimes are only going to keep happening. Sad but true.

  7. Dee Tee says:

    This guy should have been nailed by now!! Just the idea that he’s running around on the streets somewhere is beyond scary because he’s going to need drugs again. What will he do next? He’s already “lowlife of the month” and should be put down with a shotgun blast!! Let’s go police force.

  8. Jerry says:

    This guys appearance is so distinguishable its amazing he hasn’t been identified yet?
    His family and friends are either too drugged up as he is , or incredibly cold and self absorbed not to identify him, particularly since he is going to run out of the drugs soon to kill again?
    When caught those close to him ought to be questioned and charged as accomplices if the case

  9. chad says:

    this guy is the pinacle of trash…stupid drug addict takes 4 lives over pills and not one of them was his own…i hope he rots on earth and in hell….personally id love to find him n set him on fire and watch him suffer

  10. kathleen says:

    judon,dont worry about spelling,you meant well>everyone agrees that this is a heinous crime.The photos are clear and someone out there knows him and hopefully has the balls to turn him in.So sorry for the victims and families.

  11. Richard Po'o says:

    pjay, and all you other gun nuts, that makes as much sense as why not just legalize drugs. If they weren’t so hard to get maybe that murderer would have used the cash he spent on a gun.

    Just sayin’, or at least that’s what Ron Paul for president would say.

    Prayers for the families of the murdered. Since I believe in fates worse than death, I hope that this killer is caught soon and has a long miserable life begind bars.

  12. Flinty76 says:

    Prayers sent to all the families affected by this.

    Catch the dirt bag and lock in him a deep, deep, deep hole.

    Too bad NY does not have a Super-max where they can only let the garbage out for one hour of solitary walk and then toss him back into his windless cell.

    Even worse is that NY does not have the death penalty. Why would we want to give this garbage a chance to live a long life?

    Store owners need to arm themselves against these depraved criminals.

    Again, prayers sent to all the affected families in this terrible time.

  13. Jack Webb says:

    So why do we keep hearing details about the 17 year old and
    not the 45 year old Pharmacist? Was he not as memorable as
    well as the other victims.
    Pharmacy employees will have more Oxicondin/Vicodin armed hold up’s and should
    have bullet proof partitions installed ,When a pill gets $25 bucks on the
    street ,you know this is more profitable for a crook then robbing a bank.

  14. BillYBoy says:

    Simple, the coward came in ready to steal and kill. There was no reaching for anything, no decisions, etc. He woke up with this intent. Too bad the pharmacist didn’t have a sawed off shotgun behind the counter. We could be trading the coward’s fingernails and teeth by now.

  15. pjay says:

    I am sorry for the loss of the victims in this crime. I feel it is necessary to point out, though, that this is an obvious ramification of having a society whose laws prohibit and criminalize personal defense.

    In places like Florida, Georgia, and about forty-some-odd other states, that pharmacist and his customers would have had the right and the ability to carry a gun for personal defense, and if they had done so, it might have been the evildoer who ended up dead instead of four innocents.

    The media and politicians on the left love to demonize the National Rifle Association and gun owners, and claim that gun ownership is more dangerous than it is protective. Tell that to the dead, who never had a chance because the law made sure they were on a slanted playing field. Laws that force good people to be defenseless are as evil as those who would kill the innocent.

    1. BillYBoy says:

      I agree with pjay. If the gunman thought the shop owner, pharmacist, customers, etc. may be armed, he may have thought twice or maybe broke in late at night. A coward either way.

    2. Flinty76 says:

      You must NOT live in NYC to have that view on this issue about guns for self defense! If you are, bravo for the courage to speak out!

      I agree with your comments but unfortunately, NY is the prime example of a lack of common sense for LAW ABIDING people have the right to defend themselves.

      1. The Facts says:

        The adult employees could have easily obtained business premises pistol licenses and armed themselves but for some reason failed to do so. People need to take some personal responsibility for their own protection because the police cannot be everywhere.

    3. EmGee says:

      Yeah pjay, you’re right. I too wish everyone in our society carried guns at all times! Think how easy it would be to settle arguments! Guy cuts me off in traffic- BAM! Some kid takes the last seat on the subway from an old woman – pop a cam in him.
      The lesson here is definitely that we need MORE guns, not less.

      By the way, you’re an idiot.

  16. JC says:

    What a bad time for America’s Most Wanted to be canceled. This coward will still be caught though. Clearly he”s an idiot. Hiis picture is already all over the internet. Someone knows who he is. He’ll be in prison within a week. Just watch.

    1. Cool Hand Luke says:

      All they had to do was find that cigarette that was in his hand when he walked in becuase he didn’t walk out with it that’s for sure. Run a DNA test on it and match it to the prison system. This guy has done time no doubt. Jesus man, so easy even a cave man can do it.

    2. Flinty76 says:

      Amazing and sad that that show which contributed so much is being taken off the air for potentially some drivel of a show about maladjusted ‘reality show jerks or the like

  17. Stephen Holland says:

    On Father’s Day a family cry
    Because they was silly enough to live in a State that do not allow Real Men to carry a gun to Protect their live and family

    Until all the scare people are killed off the rest of us need to get use to this kind of act

    1. Flinty76 says:

      True, how doubly sad that this happened on Father’s Day. Those poor family’s with Dads that are gone or children not there to be the joy of life to a dad.

      I hope to God if he survives being arrested the jury will throw him in a drak hole forever.

  18. tracie w says:

    i have known jaimie for 17 years. she was a beautiful girl and loving mother. she will be greatly missed. may the guy die himself

  19. VIRGINIA says:


  20. Mr. Lee says:

    I just wish I could have that piece of trash in front of me without his gun, then God would have mercy on him because I woudn’t. Today I went with my children to the parking lot of the pharmacy and I just could not contain my emotions. News 12 still there covering this trragedy. My daughter goes to the same school Mejia went. My heart goest to the family of all the victims.

  21. Goblin says:

    Be vigilant?

    Yeah, I’m sure we’ll all be vigilant when staring down the barrel of a gun. If NY didn’t ignore the second amendment, the store owner might have had a chance to defend himself and others in the store.

  22. JL from NJ says:

    They need to do to this man and every other person in this country who kills innocent victims over nothing more than something as stupid as drugs, money, I-pods, cars, whatever is taken by the same methods they use in countries where stoning is still used. I can honestly say that I would pay to be the first one to cast a stone right in the face of this A$$WH0L3.


    As for the people who mention racism and the comments towards blacks or Hispanics. Listen this country and this world for that matter will never cure the ignorance in society. The ones who claim to be racist are nothing more than sad humans looking for attention. We all need to be stronger, better and more intelligent and not allow to be angered by this ignorance. This crime clearly shows that EVERY RACE has violence, EVERY RACE has murderers and EVERY RACE is to blame for what is happening in our life time. Guns didn’t create themselves, drugs didn’t create themselves. liquor didn’t create itself. WE DID!

    1. Russ says:

      Succinctly written were your words, JL, and I greatly occur. I hope the affected families find peace while they walk this earth and true justice is brought to the cowardly animal who did this for his drug habit or perhaps to market them on the street. I am not in law enforcement, however, I am not convinced he acted alone. I would not be surprised if he had an accomplice. Someone who waited for this monster down the street. Then again, that is up to the authorities to determine and when they do and the last chapter is written, let there be timely justice served. May the four souls lost be in God’s hands and may they be at true peace.

  23. judon says:

    Its a very bad news from one d radical idiot livin in d mixe of good people and westing poeple wt higher inteligence. Sinc I grab this on d net it`s very very sadful things to experience wit unestry, bcus if it happen to U direct then u undstnd it that its not only
    For the victims of these very incident. Am realy surry to the victims of these insident let’s pray that by the tme those bad pople shully soon pass away.

    1. Nancy Brown says:

      Ummm sorry I can’t understand a word you wrote

    2. pjay says:

      Wow, Judon. I don’t know what to say to that. You write like an illiterate. Is that supposed to be a “style,” or is it simply the best you know how to do?

    3. Flinty76 says:

      Wow! You need to try remedial grammar school (again?). It may be too late but if you try one more time, there is hope (perhaps).

      Also, get off drugs. I know reality is hard to face but you have to grow up sometime and get into the world.

      Otherwise, turn off your PC and stop posting gibberish.

    4. DGirl says:

      Are you kidding me?????? Wow!!! I’m speechless!! This is a pathetic use of the English language. I think grammer school is too advanced for this person…you should go back into your mothers womb and give life another try!!!!

    5. Murray Hill says:

      In English, please. en Inglés, por favor. en anglais, s’il vous plaît. in het Engels, gelieve. em Inglês, por favor. sa wikang Ingles, mangyaring. in Engels, asseblief. nan lang angle, tanpri. kwa Kiingereza, tafadhali. 英语,请. ইংরেজি, দয়া. անգլերեն, խնդրում եմ. Thank you.

  24. JRP says:

    It’s just a matter of TIME!

  25. Marie says:

    Seriously? After reading your first reaction was why did you make a statement like this unless you have knowledge of the crime? After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that a criminal searched the internet and papers looking for their name in lights. Of course you wouldn’t be that perverted would you? The person that committed these murders is the slime of the world…needs to be washed away because he/she doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as descent people.

  26. ACrazyLife says:

    This is an extremely sad story. Addiction is the devil. Otherwise decent people who have the disease of addiction do horrible things when they are actively using. I’m a recovering addict and never did anything like this, nor THOUGHT about doing anything like this. There are other answers and options…. To commit murder to get some narcotics, that will only last a few days- no matter how many he stole- because now he’s going to need to “self-medicate” to deal with what he’s done. To stoop this low, and do something so awful… There are programs available and doctors who care hand other ways out of the living hell of addiction. Not only will this man have to live with the stigma of being an addict, he now has to live with the fact that he’s a cold blooded killer. My heart goes out to the families, I’m truly sorry for your losses.

    1. pjay says:

      On one hand, you blame addiction for being the “devil” that makes someone do something like this, but on the other hand, you point out that when you were addicted, you DIDN’T do anything like this, nor even think of it.

      So please, spare me the b.s. of saying that “addiction” did this. That’s a cop-out. An evil person did this. A person with a dysfunctional mind, a dysfunctional sense of right and wrong did this. Like a rabid dog, he needs to have his life ended.

  27. The Facts says:

    High time to reinstate the death penalty in New York and actually use it. If your local politicians disagree, then vote them out of office on election day and elect people that really represent you. Just venting will not help.

  28. Blake says:

    This is horrible. I live not to far from there, maybe 5-10 minutes. It’s highly possible this guy could bump into me in another robbery, somewhere by my house. It’s scary to think about. What’s scarier to think about, is that my state won’t allow me the constitutional right to carry my own weapon to protect me and my family from psycho’s like this, making it that much easier for the crime to be committed. If there was one CCW holder in the pharmacy that day, maybe it would’ve been less death, or better yet, only one death, the gunman. Please, NY, give us our right to carry.

  29. jim says:

    amazing how long islands nespaper “newsday” is the last to report any breaking details…they are still reporting that the shooter has not been ID’ed….

    1. jets101 says:

      Newsday “the local newspaper” has sunk to new lows. How pathetic.

  30. nyc says:

    This is just so sad. Lives lost for some pills. It’s just unthinkable. It’s time to make it easier for law abiding citizens to purchase and carry a gun period. There are tens of thousands of Illegal guns on the streets of New York and almost impossible for an honest New Yorker to get a carry permit ! Just makes no sense !

  31. nathan says:

    Thats the guy who impersonates me on this website. Thats about his speed.

  32. Jessy says:

    this piece of chit, should be shot and castrated when he is caught!!!

    1. Josh says:

      Don’t worry Jessy, This creep has a very very very short life span left.

  33. rodelu says:

    The best thing to do would be for the police to accidentally kill him while trying to arrest him…..

  34. bronson says:

    I frequent that store quite often and know all the workers. Haven drugs and their workers are the very best. A tragedy and act of violence of unbelievable proportions. I only wish that I was in the store that day…..

  35. Kathy says:

    death penalty for sure, but don’t waste the gas to drive him to jail…..kill him where he stands.

    1. chad says:

      amen to that

  36. THE RACIST TRUTH says:


    1. MIKE says:


    2. Sam says:

      What are you talking about? All of the reviews are negative (as they should be). Who cares If the perp is black, white, latin or pink with purple poka dots. I hope they catch this lowlife and put him in a jail for life with no parole. Hopefully, he is tortured every day

      1. THE RACIST TRUTH says:




  37. a friend of Ray says:

    I cant believe Ray is dead..

  38. Melanie says:

    Another pathetic, useless piece of garbage that needs to be disposed of. Make it painful!!

  39. Bobby says:

    as a father, my heart goes out to the victims and their family. as for that POS..he needs to overdose a.s.a.p. before he gets caught by the law and pretty sure i speak for most that we would hate to pay taxes for this guy’s jail time…

    another heart breaking story….another 4 angels god called up to the heavens…

  40. Happycats says:

    My vote is for justice served in IgnoranteElephante’s fashion!

  41. John says:

    I feel so sorry for the victims and their families!!! We need to catch this guy ASAP before he kills someone else!

  42. Doug says:

    We can’t even put this guy to death because all the bleeding heart liberals invalidated NY’s Death Penalty. The worst thing we can do is give him a free bed, methadon, and feed home for the rest of his life as punishment.

  43. doc says:

    Sad. RIP. As a father, I can’t imagine losing a child on father’s day. My deepest sympathy to all the families.

  44. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  45. hector camacho says:

    RIP. Police need to keep eyes out for ppl selling these stolen drugs if they want to find this waste of sperm and eggs

  46. Ms. Sharon says:

    Very sad – my guess either the guy was high or one of the 4 victims knew him so he just killed all of them to cover it up. Even sadder is when he is tried they will use the “bad childhood” excuse and a bleeding heart jury will be lenient. People like this should be hated the same fate as his victims – put him up against a wall and pull the trigger – no questions asked.

  47. Dead says:

    He will turn up dead from a drug overdose from the drugs he stole when he murdered those poor innocent people. I just pray that is the case.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      An overdose is too easy. Perhaps, if caught, we could hang him off of a gallow by his testicles for a few nights. Then, when we’re good and ready, we could we could pump cement down his throat and watch gleefully as it dries. Finally, we could use a sledgehammer to shatter our newly created “statue” and leave the peices at the bottom of a latrine for all to befoul.

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