SUMNMIT, NJ (WCBS 880) – Not every parent wants a picture or video of their child or children posted online.

“We’ve gotten so used to putting pictures and videos on the internet, we don’t necessarily realize that they can go places we may not want them to go, and a number of families really prefer that their children’s images not be used,” says Summit school superintendent Nathan Parker.

That’s why the school board in Summit will decide whether to put in a policy asking people not to post pictures or videos of students online.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney In Union County

“The intent of the board really was to build awareness of parents,” says Parker. “They may, you know, take a video, and want to shoot out the video to a grandparent or relative out in another state or something and it can get on YouTube and inadvertently start getting spread around to places that they didn’t intend.”

Parker says offenders wouldn’t be arrested.

“It’s really an education process,” he says.

“We’re looking to protect the students, not only from predators, but also from being misrepresented,” says Frank Belluscio of the New Jersey School Boards Association. “Be aware that when you do post something online, it can go viral.”

Belluscio also remind people that images can be doctored and misused.

“We’re looking at a whole new world out there,” he says.