CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Additional charges were being considered by a grand jury Monday against Melinda Brady, the wife of the man accused of killing four people in a Medford, Long Island pharmacy last weekend.

So far, Brady is accused of only robbery and obstruction.  However, prosecutors said Brady has confessed to plotting the heist at Haven Drugs Pharmacy and driving the getaway car.  Last week, Brady told reporters “He did all of this. I’m sorry,” in reference to her husband and suspect David Laffer.

Both Brady and Laffer have scheduled court conferences Tuesday.  Both are under suicide watch with deputies saying they have shown little appetite for food in jail.

Brady, 29, is jailed on 3rd-degree robbery charges. Assistant District Attorney James Chalifoux said prosecutors may upgrade the charges against her for “her admitted role in what I submit is the most horrific crime and chilling crime in Suffolk County history.”

The couple  wanted to steal painkillers. Brady is said to be cooperating with authorities, but experts predict she won’t be spared and that she must have known her husband was heavily armed and may have even helped Laffer with his disguise.

Criminal expert Bruce Barket spoke with CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan about additional charges that Brady could potentially face.

LINK: Read The Felony Complaint Against Melinda Brady

“She is liable for felony murder, which carries with it a sentence of 25 to life. He’s liable for first-degree murder, which carries a sentence of life without possibility of parole,” Barket said.

PHOTOS: Haven Pharmacy Massacre

Brady said they didn’t plan to hurt anyone, but Laffer nevertheless is accused of executing four people.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Growing Problem Of Prescription Drug Abuse

Store clerk Jennifer Mejia, 17, pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, mother Jaimie Taccetta, and grandfather 71-year-old Bryon Sheffield were buried last week.

Should the charges against Brady be upgraded? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Jgny says:

    So what , no matter what the charges or verdict we still get stuck feeding them and giving them a free roof for the rest of their lives. I saw give them the rope and find the closet tree

  2. Donkey Hoe Tey says:

    Typical Shanty Irish lowlife.

  3. Leslie Skemer says:

    Let them kill themselves. It would save the public a lot of money . Why should we be concerned with them taking there own lives. They weren’t concerned when they killed the other people.

    1. Terry6202 says:


  4. starviego says:

    Is it David Laffer, or Lee Harvey Laffer? This whole thing is starting to smell like a set-up. The evidence is not as conslusive as it looks at first glance.

    1. Donkey Hoe Tey says:

      You is a fool!

      1. starviego says:

        And you’re a kool-aid drinker who believes whatever garbage the mainstream media feeds you. If Laffer was carrying a prescription for painkillers when he walked into that pharmacy(according to the wife), why on earth would he want to rob the place?

  5. George Moshen says:

    It’s tragic that human beings, made in the image of God can descend to such a demonic level due to drug addiction. Four innocent people are dead, including a lovely young woman who had a whole life ahead of her. The best punishment for this murderer would be to put him in the general population at Riker’s Island. How long do you think he’d last?

    As far as his pathetic wife goes, I hope that she can find some redemption.

    1. Terry6202 says:

      You are too kind. People don’t need to sink to a demonic level because of drugs, they do it because they are just rotten.

  6. Janet Moskowitz says:

    and I care why>??? Sorry but save the tax payers money give them the sheets, or put them in the yard with the prisoners.

  7. Richard Po'o says:

    It is so interesting that a scan of other crime stories on this site, when the accused has black, brown or yellow skin, that person’s race is ALWAYS cited as a reason for their animal like behavior. (by many of the same posters I’ve seen posting on threads dealing with this crime) Yet when THESE animals, who happen to be members of the most murderous race in recorded history commit a horrible crime,…


    1. sportythief says:

      what is also funny is all my comments dont make the blog,but every white racist does,kill both them caucazouds

    2. Robert says:

      I could personally care less what race the perps are….what bugs me is that when a crime is committed by a minority…that fact had NOTHING to do with it…but, when the perps are white…that fact had EVERYTHING to do with it. Can’t we move beyond race?

  8. ace11 says:

    Hopefully…they succeed in killing themselves

    that would be the best thing ever

    then these 2….souless parasites won’t live off mine and your tax dollars

  9. Fritz Von says:

    SUICIDE WATCH ? They should get suicide assistance.

    1. liz says:

      I agree with you 1000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Sanctuary says:

      The Death Penalty is inhumane. Death Row Inmates should be exiled to the Moon to do physical labor. Space will set them free. Their Redemption lies in the Stars.

  10. barry mulvilhill-o'shea says:

    I know a lot of people are quite understandably angry and hurt, and four people are dead, but I also think this hurt and anger is clouding the sound judgment of the district attorney’s office. the law is the law, and while I do not feel any sympathy for either one of them, I also most certainly do not think her charges should be upgraded. she claims she did not know of his plans or intent to kill those people, thereby making the murder charges all on him. I think by now the husband would be singing like a canary (and vice versa), in a desperate eleventh hour attempt to save his ass, and to make sure his wife gets as much jail time as she deserves. how could she or should she be charged with murder when she did not participate in the actual robbery, was not even in the store, and did not know of his intentions to murder inno…cent people before the fact? she planned the robbery and drove the get-a-way car, hence the robbery charges. the obstruction of justice charge, resulting from her physically trying to keep a cop from collaring her husband, will most likely be dropped as of a plea deal, as the lowest charges always are. I believe her when she says no one was supposed to get hurt and that she did not know he was going to shoot or kill anyone. I think his losing his job a couple of weeks prior, coupled with the clouded effects that painkillers have on the brain and cloud judgment, sent him over the edge. I honestly think and feel had he not been fired, those four people would still be alive today. his being fired was the catalyst that sent him over the edge. I think the district attorney’s office looking to upgrade her charges to murder is their way of trying to soothe and appease the public, by making her pay for the crime just as much as her husband. but what the district attorney does not realize is that they need her testimony and her cooperation to help convict him, and by charging her with murder, they are not going to get that level of cooperation.

  11. Hardy Rection says:

    Suicide watch, eh? Do the world a favor – dont’ watch them!

  12. peter says:

    Who would believe anything this POS says?She knew that he had a gun and she probably knew he had it with him to “scare” the pharmacist.Her actions are those of a willing participant who is saying “Just get me the pills, I don’t care how you get them,just get them”
    And one other thing about multiple prescriptions,How come when I have a prescription filled, the first thing that is done is the pharmacist’s clerk checks my insurance to find out if my insurer will pay.If i am more than 7 days before the due date on a refill i have to wait so i know that if i tried to get a different pharmacy to fill an order for the same drug, i would be told i have to pay for it out of pocket.

  13. Kristina Schmidlin says:

    definitely besides the fact that they were stealing once she heard gun shots she should have taken off and told the police unless she knew that was going to happen so yeah i totally believe she should get upgraded charges

  14. Bobby says:

    she should have called the cops on him when she found out that he killed those innocent people, this is why to me, she is guilty of muder. (she didnt make an effort to turn him in) she’d rather pop pills until they got caught

  15. nyc says:

    I still believe this tragedy could have been prevented by someone, friend or family who knew this guy was ready to go off the deep end and owned a handgun . This is such a sad story. Poor unarmed victims didn’t have a chance.

  16. JACK says:

    They will upgrade the charges to probably 2nd degree murder and at some point she will plead down and will have to testify against her hubsand. In return she will probably get a sentence of 5-10 years and with good behavior she will probably be out in 8 years. After all she did not commit the actual murder itself. She is guilty of planning the robbery and accessory to murder after the fact. To me idiot yes, druggie yes, drug abuser yes, robbery yes, murder no.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      New York abolished the distinctions between accessories before and after the fact. As it stands now, she is guilty of second degree felony murder in that someone died during the course and commission of a robbery of which she intended to commit. She is strictly liable for all deaths that ensued from the robbery. There is an affirmative defense to this crime, but she would have to prove that, amongst other things, she was unaware that her husband was armed and that it was not reasonably likely that anyone would be subject to serious physical injury or death. I say her knowledge of whether her husband had a gun is what makes the murder charge.

      If robbery in the third degree remains the top count, in order for her to plead down in exchange for her testimony, she would have to be offered a Class E felony with a maximum of four years in prison. If they don’t plead down, she has very little incentive to testify against her husband. In that case, if the charge remains robbery in the third degree, she would face a maximum of seven years in prison.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        If the grand jury does not vote the higher murder in the second degree–for which I believe she is guilty–then the maximum she faces on the robbery in the second degree is seven years. That’s the maximum, no matter how stern the judge or how remorseless she is. To me, that’s woefully inadequate given, as I believe, she is guilty of second degree felony murder. (See my comment above).


      I agree with all you said Jack… She will be getting out of prison within a decades time while her hubby will never be out and most likely kill himself if not by some inmate…

    3. barry mulvilhill o'shea says:

      thank God – someone who thinks like i do. i totally agree with you

  17. Bman says:

    Savage…! Send her to a male prison !

    1. noyb says:

      Now I know you people talking out of your butts…..

  18. Carlos Liriano says:

    they both should have been executed during they arrest

  19. jtorres says:

    She admitted she drove the getaway car and even helped plan the robbery. She said they didn’t plan to hurt anyone. Really? Well, four people are in the ground despite what her intentions were. She is just as guilty as he is and she should be charged with the same crimes.

    1. Rocky 2521 says:

      Let them both be executed without plans to hurt anyone. The shame of it all is that they will be treated humanely as proscribed by law. Then will commence a long trial, at our expense after which we will pay to be sure they have humane (is cable TV considered necessary today?) treatment for the term of their sentence. Was all this charity offered to the victims?

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