Landlords Refuse To Declare Victory, Say Increases Not Nearly Enough

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Rent rage is on.

Residents in more than 1 million rent-stabilized apartments in New York City found out Monday night they will soon pay more each month, thanks to a vote by the Rent Guidelines Board, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Their cries were relentless.

“That’s not right! That’s not right!”

Hundreds of residents filled Cooper Union on Monday night to fight against rent increases for rent-stabilized apartments.

But their wishes would go unfulfilled.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney Reports From Cooper Union

“I think it’s terrible for tenants. It’s unconscionable,” one person said.

After multiple proposals from tenant and owner members of the Rent Guidelines Board — ranging from no rent hikes to 10 percent increases – the board finally approved an increase of 3.75 percent for one-year leases and 7.25 percent for two-year leases, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“For people that don’t get pay increases and for those people who are on fixed incomes, this is disastrous,” Upper West Side resident Eddie Albino said.

“And the cost of food, the cost of living expenses have gone up. There has been no relief at all for the poor and moderate income,” Lower East Side resident Georgina Christ added.

“I don’t even know what I’m going to do, because I’m paying over $700 now and I don’t know what it’s going to get up to next year. Next year another increase. We’re gonna be homeless. By the time this all ends, we’re going to be homeless,” said Doris Rodriguez of Washington Heights.

Landlord Chris Athineos said the hike is not enough for owners to maintain their property.

“We feel like we lost too, because the increases that they passed tonight don’t come close to covering our increased real estate taxes, water and sewer charges, plumbing charges and electrical,” Athineos said.

“Our oil bills are so high, enormously high. And, I mean, who’s going to pay the oil bill? I mean, the increases are not high enough. We’re not keeping up with inflation,” landlord Mary Michalos said.

“Unfortunately year after year they already know what they’re going to do. So that to me seems to be a sham.”

In the end it was only the two tenant members of the board who voted against the rent increases. But, as always, neither tenants nor owners left happy.

The rent increases will go into affect on Oct. 1.

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  1. Vik says:

    Marriage: man and a womanb ALWAYS!!! Middle class can, will and always will be better people than your sorry trust fund, low life, prick of an A$$. Go F your nanny you wuss!!

    1. Bill says:

      On second thought, I like what you wrote better!!!

  2. HelloNY says:

    I can’t believe the nerve of these tenants! You want to live in a prime location, but pay dirt cheap rent? $700 a month for rent in NYC? That’s unheard of! You can’t even find an apartment for that cheap upstate! People need to realize that if they can’t afford the rent, then maybe they should move from the city. Why should a landlord have to subsidize your lifestyle? It’s not fair. The landlords have to pay the taxes that continue to increase, so why should tenants not share in the burden? These people are delusional!

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      Property taxes should be IRRELEVANT because they’re merely a cost of owning the building rather than operating it.

      It’s time for a new city law… All rents should be capped at $100 per month per room!, with absolutely no regard to any so-called “costs” of operating a building.

      1. JJ says:

        Hello Mr Auburn… Operating expenses are over 50% of what we bring in. Why don’t you pay your fair share moron.

      2. William says:

        Why don’t you look into Section 8, the price right for you…… IDIOT!! You want $100 per room, go rent a shack in Wichita!!

      3. Dale Auburn says:

        Expenses are IRRELEVANT. It’s the landlord’s duty to subsidize bargain-basement rents – period.

  3. nyc says:

    It’s not fare what these tenants are paying in rent control apartments ! I live in manhatten and pay over $3K for a one bedroom apt. and I know people that live in Manhatten apartments under rent control paying under $300 dollars a month and they are complaining about an increase ! I’m outraged ! It’s not fare !

    1. Leslie Amarilis says:

      you are paying over $3k because you want to, if you feel $3k is 2 high move to a different apartment of a different area, i live ina 2bedroom apartment on the 2nd fl of a family house in the bronx and only pay $1300 a month, no complaining here

    2. Vik says:

      No cesspool. Kiss our “people who actually work and contribute to society” A S S E S. You don’t like the hikes, get your A S S out of the City.

  4. Bill says:

    Best of luck Nathan on getting pregnant, you keep TRYING!!! Live that dream, 3 kids and a dog!! We won’t be moving any time soon!!

  5. DanTe says:

    Do away with Rent Control already. Leave it totally at market rates. People are free to leave their current rentals and move to others if they don’t like it. Why force anyone to do anything? Make it into a totally free market already.

    1. Rob K says:

      I love the sense of entitlement from rent-stabilized patrons. Living in close proximity, or even in Manhattan itself, is not a given. If it’s becoming too expensive to live for you, then move out. I love how legitimate workers with hard earned incomes can’t afford to live in the city, have to commute, pay taxes 38% income taxes, commuter expenses, just to get to work, and people in the city complain about a $700.00 a month rent. I agree, let free market reign; I thought that was the intent of Capitalism, “survival of the fittest”. Instead, we have a nation of a few that have to carry the weight of the many…


  6. SCD says:

    I know some landlords and the property taxes and the upkeep take almost all their income. Running a building isn’t free unless you’re a slumlord then it’s all profit. Heating a building during the cold season costs about 35k on the low side. Buy you’re own home and crunch the numbers isn’t that why you rented in the first place

  7. Vito says:

    If anyone have some money put away then buy something ( out of Manhattan) the cheapest apartments are co-ops. OWN INSTEAD OF RENTING. PAY YOUR OWN MORTGAGE. If you have to pay high rent, the pay your own mortgage. Co-op apartments are pretty cheep in Brooklyn, Staten Island. I have a co-op and between the mortgage and the maintenance it totals to $ 750 monthly, And its my place.

  8. Poka Prochet says:

    I don’t know why people b!tch and moan about the rent rates in nyc–and by nyc, I am referring to ALL five boroughs. I currently live in Flushing and pay 1045 a month for a studio. My fiance and I are tired of handing money over to our landlord so we decided to buy a house this year–in Suffolk county. While we both would love to stay in NYC since we’re public servants of the city, we just can’t afford living here anymore. So we’re MOVING. That’s what people do when they cannot afford anything anymore. They move to a cheaper location. There will NEVER be a happy medium between landlords and tenants. Get that through your thick skulls! Until you’ve owned your own property, you’ll never know what it’s like to pay all those bills that rent stabilized apts don’t cover. With that said, I hope there’s a mass exodus out of NYC because of this. Maybe people can find rental bliss elsewhere and the city will suffer for it when they have run out of victims to bear the burdens of city dwelling.

    1. Vito says:

      Time to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Many people are mooving out of the city and of the state. The standard of living has been going up since 2005 and they keep going up. The future of this great city will be just for the rich and the poor. The middle class? will be poor. I for one will be moving out of New York state and find a more tranquil place where I can mauntain my way of living.

      1. Jerry says:

        It’s the low and lower middle we’d love to get rid of. Rather than go to school, and work, they give up, smokedope have babies and live on the taxpayer dollar.
        Let them all go for all we care.
        As far as stabilization is concerned, the tenants, however, expect many landlords to lose or break even for providing shelter??
        Not all are decendants of royalty.
        Gimme a break…. it’s a for profit game not a philanthropic organizaton.
        Some rents do not cover taxes,and maintenance while they expect the landlord to be at their becan call.
        Many do have the resources to pay going rate or even .75.
        Instead of crucifying the city board and landlords look to your well off neighbor ripping off the system, once an intended plan to help those in need has turned into debacle

    2. Dale Auburn says:

      “While we both would love to stay in NYC since we’re public servants of the city…”

      You’re actually helping your careers by moving. The City gives absolute priority to SUBURBANITES in hiring and promotions, with some titles actually off-limits to City residents.

      1. KPMc says:

        “You’re actually helping your careers by moving. The City gives absolute priority to SUBURBANITES in hiring and promotions, with some titles actually off-limits to City residents.”

        BS… do you have any proof? Cite a reference maybe? Because you’ve been slinging this nonsense and I already proved everything you said wrong. So how ’bout some proof instead of just spreading lies?

  9. DRPapichuloBrugalsitio says:

    This is a way for the mayor to make us dominicans move out of manhattan!!

    people having money problems as it is and they gonna increase the rent?!?, almost all of us get apartments handed down to us through family, this isn’t fair! people been here for mad years and now they want everyone out. Crime will increase too! cause people gonna be looking for more money. Money laundering is gonna skyrocket. people gonna have to move to queens now cause brooklyn getting expensive too. i didnt come from DR poverty to go back to poverty

    1. Jerry says:

      If you can’t afford a measly 3.5 % increase then you don’t belong here.
      Landlords are not philanthropists they expect fair rent which is not the rent stabilized tenants pay. at all.
      As far a stigmatizing ethnic groups, a cop out as usual.

  10. NY Communist says:

    Rent Control is communism to its finest! Sucks to be the landlord or tenants paying full market price next to these units.

  11. RoyalMarie says:

    Let them eat market rate! NYC belongs to the rich. If they can’t afford it, the poor and middle class should drown, like the 3rd class passengers on the Titanic. No lifeboat in the form of rent stabilization! The only poor people who deserve housing in NYC are cooks, gardeners, chauffeurs, butlers and maids. Give them special identity cards, like they used to do in South Africa. Unless you’re cleaning my house, get out! If you’re poor, it must be because you’re stupid and lazy. Sincerely, Marie Antoniette Trump.

  12. NL9075 says:

    {{One of the ways Landlords in NYC rent to get the money that they think
    they deserve is to put 6-7 young college age kids in an apartment ,it’s
    NYC dirty little secret.}}

    Uh no, most of those college kids (as well as twenty somethings) have mom & dad paying the rent and usually daddy pre pays the lease in advance of Chadwick or Caitlin moving into the apartment. You cannot even qualify to rent an apartment in NYC unless your annual income is equal or greater than 45 times the monthly rent plus pay the 15% brokers fee which unless you work on Wall Street would barely qualify for a studio in Manhattan and probably a tiny one bedroom in the outer boros.
    In most of Queens, studio apartments rent for over $1,500 a month now

  13. DDT says:

    I would wish to give Landlords what they wish for “no rent control’s”and
    Yes ,for most of their trash buildings they will have no tenants renting either.

    My heart does not bleed for building owners ,if it were so bad how come
    buildings are being converted or being built new in all the borough’s but
    the Bronx?

  14. Sharks R screaming says:

    One of the ways Landlords in NYC rent to get the money that they think
    they deserve is to put 6-7 young college age kids in an apartment ,it’s
    NYC dirty little secret. More “kid” chipping in more rent to the LL fatcats.
    Of course those extra roommates use more hot water and throw out more
    garbage,but who cares ?
    I have no sympathy for the LL’s that write here with the “You can’t afford it
    live someplace else” I could say you can’t manage your property then buy
    a home or property someplace else, like Maine,that’s a cheap place to buy.

  15. Brooklyn Mike says:

    We should do what the Cubans did after the Revolution threw out the dictator Batista and his Wall Street sponsors in 1959: 1. Make housing a right; seize all properties from bloodsucking landlord leeches 2. Lower rents to 5% of household income for 5 years, payable to city council to be used for public services, after which ownership is transferred to tenants 3. Expropriate the mansions and surplus/vacation homes of the rich and give them to the servants, maids, etc., who work them.

    The majority of the population does not own any property and struggles just to keep a (terrible quality) roof over their head. Our only way forward involves a united struggle against those who get rich off us while sitting back and counting the bucks.

    That would be real democracy.

    1. Dave R says:

      Actually you are 100% wrong: “The majority of the population does not own any property ” – YOU FAIL!

      The Facts: Close to 65% of all households in the USA OWN THEIR OWN HOME.

      And maybe you ought to make a trip down to Cuba to see how well that whole “Communism” thing has worked out for them.

  16. Rudy Gu lee annie says:

    Listen those crazies that live in NY and say they are homeowners forget
    that it is the bank they got they loan from to buy that home that owns that
    home till it s paid off,in a sense you are working for the bank maybe forever
    to stay on your small plot of land.
    What the landlord’s dirty secret is firstly many get rent from stores in their
    buildings,many get rent off the books,many have the value of their “home”
    go up each year ,so when they sell it they realize more money .
    What other people whine so much as Landlord’s and wish a gauranted
    return on their investment by law? No wonder they are called”property

  17. Shane Devino says:

    $700??? Give me a BREAK! Most of us, living in Manhattan, would die for an apartment being rented at $700. $700 is a tiny bathroom-size room with tiny windows in a shared apartment. The average rent for a studio is $1500 and up. The average rent for a 1-br is $2000 and up. The average rent for a 2-br is $2500 and up. This is for walk-up buildings. So those at Cooper Village should stop whining!

    1. WorksHardFortheMoney says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!!
      I live in 950 square feet for $2700/month……
      Plus the people on the news looked pretty well fed and well dressed….one guy even had a bluetooth on……so come on, maybe these people should learn how to manage their money!

    2. Dee Pari says:

      Exactly! See why Rent laws are needed? Your prices show what happens when landlords do as they please.If I had money to move elsewhere I would. I can’t. I am trapped here. If the laws went I would be on the street. Then who would they get to do their drudge work?
      The laws ought to apply to ALL apartments so that no one can charge 3,000 for a jail cell.

  18. al says:

    most of these tenants who fight for rent control anyway dont work so it dont differ where they live why do they have to live on nyc

    1. gc says:

      Obviously you have never lived in an apartment building and never learned to speak proper English. Don’t talk about things you have no knowledge about please.

  19. marc says:

    It is not the landlords job to help the state of ny with affordable housing or low income housing. The only entitlement is when you own your place. This is nonsense and the free markets should dictated simple supply and demand econ 101.

    1. Shane Devino says:

      Interestingly, many of these “renters” fail to recognize the costs of owning an apartment. Monthly common charges, quarterly property taxes, property landlord insurance, etc… All of these add up!! Many landlords are currently at a financial loss because of rent control and stabilization. Then, you have liars who works under the table for cash and never reports it. I’m talking about business owners who lives in rent control apartments. Then you have bartenders, waiters, etc. And worst of all, you have politicians who live in rent control apartments.

  20. Native NYC says:

    Wow, cool it on the racism man, you dont want this comment panel going in that direction.

  21. Adubs says:

    Living in NYC is not a an entitlement. If you can not live in nyc move to places that you can afford. It is not right for the state to decide what one can charge. I would not be surprised to see a class action law suit from small and midsize landlords against the city. It is unconstitutional and politicians in ny only do this so they can continue to get votes from all those tenants (especially those that benefit from rent stablization). If you flood those apartments on the market rents will come down, The ones that need to be protected are people who pay free market rent and than get rents raised to subsidize all of their rent stablized apartments. This is absurd,

  22. Rugbyball says:

    There is no written rule to say that the poor or middle class have a guaranteed right to live in Manhattan or NYC for that matter.
    If Manhattan rent is to high for you, move to Queens, Brooklyn or The Bronx. Staten Island is a choice as well.
    If those areas are to expensive for you, then move further away. It may also be that the Tri-State area is just to expensive for you and yes you should consider a more affordable state than here.
    No one should be forced to lose money because someone else can’t pay.

    I own a single family house, I couldn’t afford Manhattan so I didn’t buy there, I work in Manhattan so it would have been very convenient to live in Manhattan. But I couldn’t afford it. So I live where I can afford a home. That’s how it works!

    1. tom says:

      If you don’t like the law in New york perhaps you should move… there are many states that have no rent control you should move to one of them and you would be much happier also you say no one should be forced to lose money because someone else can’t pay… where do you get that?

    2. Robbi F says:

      If spelling at first grade level is “to” hard for you, maybe you fit right in where those less educated are comfortable with a lesser grasp of the English language.

      1. LIC guy says:

        Speaking os a lesser grasp of the English language you should have used “too” and not “to”. So please educate yourself before you comment on someones lesser grasp when yours is a lesser grasp as well.

    3. NoFreeRide says:

      I agree with Rugbyball…….I, too, do not live in Manhattan because I can not afford it. Sure, I’d love to not have the 3hr roundtrip commute to my affordable home in NJ from my job in Downtown Manhattan…….but I don’t have that luxury because I am a hardworking, responsible adult who manages my money the best I can and I never take advantage of the system to get a discount.

  23. Doc Holliday says:

    Too much increase. Once again the millionaires are spared and the middle working class take it on the chin. Taxation without representation is tyranny.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      What is the “correct” level of increase? Should landlords EVER be permitted to actually cover their costs?

  24. sammy house says:

    Who said communism was dead? It lives on in the form of Rent Control and Rent Stabilization. Karl Marx would be proud. Shame on the politicians who support these trolls.

  25. AL says:


  26. DK says:

    Tenants feel strongly about these increases but from the owners side, property taxes have gone up substantially each year. Individuals in rent stabilized units wouldn’t understand since they don’t own but ask anyone who owns their apartment and they’ll tell you that it’s ridiculous. Bloomberg needs to lower property taxes first so tenants and owners can both benefit.

  27. lina nurja says:

    Yes, maybe its worth more. but so does paying for it. how does property taxes of $14,000 a year sound, plus 3,500 a month in oil heating bills to keep your fat a** warm in the winter, water bills over $5000 and Im just getting started. do you have an extra 30k a year to pay for all of this, jerk? The monthly rent does not cover it all, maybe if all of you sorry saps would own a building for a week, you would realize how expensive it is and go back to renting that shack. move back to the trailer park from which you came…

    1. Tom says:

      Landlords are blood suckers.

      Fat ass yourself.

  28. Dale Auburn says:

    This is an OUTRAGE. Landlords should be REQUIRED to operate at a loss and NEVER have the right to cover their costs at all. Lower all rents to $100 per month per room!!

    1. Rugbyball says:

      Your kidding I hope.

  29. t sun says:

    NONSENSE- there should be no such thing as rent controls or rent stabilization-
    the owners should be able to charge what the market will bear- this is know as a free market economy-if you cant afford the rent leave- go where you can afford it-
    by your way of thinking perhaps they should stabilize car prices or hotel rooms or televisions- hey i would like to drive a porsche- i dont because i cant afford it-
    i would like to live in trump towers- i dont because i cant afford it- get the picture socialist?

  30. Osito says:

    The rent-controlled lowlifes can move to PA. There are frequent commuter buses. It’s absurd that working people have to subsidize entitled Manhattan rent-controlled fossils.

    1. DRPapichuloBrugalsitio says:

      Nah yo chill, some of my family moved to hazleton PA, and there is a big drug war and gang problem going on there now.

  31. gary brandwein says:

    Increases should be limited to the official urban inflation index tied the gov’t uses for cost of living determination. Anything else speaks of the power of special interests.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      Using the official inflation rate is nice in theory, but what happens if the landlord’s property taxes and other costs go up by MORE than the inflation rate?

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