By Elise Finch

CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Your next trip to the grocery store could be quicker and easier than ever before.

The new technology — called “Scan It” — lets you get digital coupons, ring up your own items as you go and could even help you save money.

While the device might look like a remote control or part of a video gaming system, the hand-held device being used at a Stop & Shop in Clifton, New Jersey and 117 other stores in the Tri-State area is part of the retail giant’s new high-tech shopping program.

To get started, all customers have to do is swipe their store loyalty card, pick up a personal scanner and start shopping. When they’ve selected an item they want, they can simply scan the bar code and place it in a cart or bag before moving on.

“It’s easy. Push a button and you’re done,” Maureen Tedesco told CBS 2’s Elise Finch.

“I bag the stuff the way I want to be bagged — you know not everything thrown in or mixed up. So it’s much easier for me,” Bozena Jaworska said.

The personal scanner gives shoppers a running total of purchases as they continue shopping. It also alerts customers of sale items as they move throughout the store.

“The Scan It program is made for convenience for customers who want to get through the store very easily and quickly,” Stop & Shop store manager Christine Lysicatos said.

While many may think the digital coupons entice people into overspending, shoppers who spoke to Finch said the running tally function actually kept them on budget.

“You see your total as you’re going, you’re like ‘oh I have $40 with me,’ I’m stopping at $39.50,” Tedesco said.

In most cases, people can check themselves out when they’re done shopping. So far about 11 percent of the customers at the Clifton store are using the Scan It technology each week.

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