CHATHAM, NJ (WCBS 880) – When the lawnmower comes around, most nine-year-olds probably wouldn’t think to watch and learn.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman With The Story

“It’s just always fascinated me and I was, like, this is how a lot of people make a lot of money,” said Robbie Kelly. “I’d sit at the door and I’d watch them.”

But then again, most kids aren’t like Robbie Kelly.

“I always see what I can do first, before I go hang out,” he says.

Robbie is 11 now and his business, called Green Scaping, is booming in Chatham, New Jersey.

“People want good quality for low prices, I mean, that’s what I want to give them,” he says.

And how many other small businesses can say they’re hiring, these days?

“We’re just looking for kids who know how to work and who can work,” he says.

Of course, you do have to get past his little brother.

Robbie already employs a staff of about ten. He says he owes his success to his father, who died last year. He helped buy the lawnmower and helped Robbie advertise.

The company mows about six lawns a weekend. They also clean up leaves in the fall and snow in the winter.

To contact Green Scaping, use their Facebook page.

Alex Silverman