NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Right now, the iconic sphere sculpture that once stood in the plaza at the World Trade Center can be found in Battery Park.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell In Lower Manhattan

It is punctured and dented, but still recognizable.

Michael Burke is among those who want the damaged sculpture returned to the World Trade Center site.

“The fact is it was in the center of the plaza. That was the miracle of the survival, that it was between the two towers,” says Burke.

Burke’s brother William was a fire captain killed on 9/11.

He has started an online petition, which over 3,600 people have already signed.

“The most common sentiments expressed on the petition are ‘Do the right thing.’ and ‘It’s a no-brainer,'” he says.

Burke says visitors to the memorial should see the symbol of resilience.

“They will see nothing to remind them of what happened there,” says Burke.

The designer of the 9/11 memorial has said the sphere doesn’t fit his vision.

The current plan of the petition calls for the sphere to be located just south of the World Trade Center.

You can sign the petition to return the sculpture by clicking HERE.

Should the sphere be returned or not? Sound off in our comments section below.

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  1. Mary Litland says:

    I worked on the 35th flr of the 1 WTC for 12 years and 12 years later it was gone.
    I remember sitting many a day hanging with friends, eating lunch or listening to a band by the Sphere.

    Could someone please direct me to where we can sign the petition to bring it home.

    Shame on the Mayor & his deputy mayor. . It needs to come home.

  2. Dave says:

    Unfortunately, the petition and facts behind the sphere are pretty twisted and manipulated to make a cause where there really is none. It did not stand between the two towers. It was in a plaza to the side of the two towers. It did not survive. It was smashed and rolled over. It was not left standing. It was not in one piece. It was part of a fountain that was largely destroyed. They tried to put it back together (humpty dumpy style) and what we see today is the result of that effort. Fixed up enough to stand, it is neither in it’s pre 9/11 state nor in its “natural” post 9/11 state. Now it looks like the result of a restorative plastic surgery gone bad. All the damage is still visible, but you can tell that someone played with it. It will have value as a recognizable item to many people, but it’s location is no more significant than condition.It can not go in it’s original location without great cost to the site, so it would have to be in a nearby location. on the green in the Battery or on the plaza at the WTC? Who cares? The fact that people are still getting emotional about this item’s location is a sign of deeper problems.

  3. michael burke says:

    The Sphere cannot remain where it is. Battery Park is undergoing renovation and it wll have to be moved. To put it anywhere but from where it came and withstood the attacks is to convey a falsehood. It denies its meaning. Where else have we done this? The last remaining artifact of the WTC and it is banished from the “Nat’l Sept. 11 Memorial.” Would we banish the USS Arizona from the USS Arizona Memorial? It is a betrayal of our duty at Ground Zero.

  4. Shocked and Saddened says:

    i have just read the full petition to return the sphere to the wtc and when i saw this sentence i was floored……

    “The memorial design will include over 500 trees. Mayor Bloomberg and his deputy mayor, Patricia Harris, will not permit any of those trees to be cleared to create a proper space that allows the return of the Sphere and respects its history and significance.”

    …….after reading this i have decided to sign the petition to have the sphere returned to where it was originally placed.

  5. Sherann Emerling says:

    Every day, when I get off my express bus from Staten Island, I look at the sphere and say a prayer for all those who lost their lives. Not sometimes, but every single day. I usually say a prayer when I pass it going home too.
    I remember where it was at the World Trade Center. I used to work at 130 Liberty Street and walk past it at least once a week. I remember it being in a Miami Vice TV episode. If you move it, it will become one more exhibit in a museum of sorts that I will visit from time to time. Where it is now, it’s a reminder that we got pretty banged up, but most of us made it, and we have an eternal light, and the prayers of, I’m sure, many others (and me) for those who didn’t…Eternal rest grant onto them…

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