TSA Promises More 'Interaction With Passengers,' In Addition To New TechnologyBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new and insidious twist on terrorist suicide bombs has federal officials issuing new warnings to international and domestic airlines and stepping up security measures here and abroad.

In 2004 al Qaeda tried a shoe bomb to take down an airplane. Five years later their so-called “Christmas surprise” was an underwear bomb on a plane.

In both cases, they failed.

However, new intelligence indicates al Qaeda now wants to surgically implant bombs directly into a suicide bomber’s body, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“It’s definitely a change. It makes al Qaeda more lethal,” said Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

The Transportation Safety Administration is now warning international and domestic airlines traveling to the United States to be on the lookout for these new suicide bombers and to ramp up security.

“The U.S. government has received information, intelligence about terrorist intent to use this type of concealment and this technique to try to carry out plots to blow up planes,” TSA Director John Pistole said.

The agency said new measures will be taken including:

“Interaction with passengers, in addition to the use of other screening methods such as the pat-down and the use of enhanced tools and technologies,” said TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

Noted New York plastic surgeon Howard Bellin said a bomb could easily be sewed into the body surgically.

“If it’s a woman, breast implants. Put it in a breast implant like this,” Bellin said, demonstrating, “and if it’s a man put it in his buttocks, same kind of thing. Or, put it in his abdomen. Just open him up and it looks like he’s just had his appendix out or his colon resected or something.”

Sources told Kramer al Qaeda puts the explosive PETN into the surgical implant. When the suicide bomber wants to set it off all he or she has to do is use a syringe to inject the chemical TATP and it explodes.

“We’re up against a harsh enemy. This is an enemy that crashed jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We’re talking about suicide bombers,” Rep. King said.

“It’s a wake-up call to some of the American people who don’t realize what a deadly, ongoing threat this is and how evil and diabolical al Qaeda is.”

Unfortunately, travelers told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez, the latest terror warning is a sign of the times. Most don’t mind any added security to prevent an attack, but they worry about what terrorists could try next.

“Those things, I bet they’re not going to be detectable. They’re going to need more machines to detect them. It’s kind of scary,” Rodrigo Ortiz said.

“I’ll come in two or three hours early, just to be on the safe side,” said Sanka Phagu of Levittown, N.Y.

“Who knows? Could be a baby next time,” another traveler added.

Neither the TSA nor Congressman King would say exactly what the ramped up security measures are. They said they don’t want to tip off the bad guys.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. tfb says:

    Use pigs and dogs to sniff out bomb chemicals through the skin, muslims hate pig and dogs and especially being BUSTED by pigs and dogs.

    The current TSA EDS scanner deliver 0.01 to .015 mSv, but a University of Arizona professor tested it at ten times that much, so that’s at least 1.5 chest x-rays per walk through, and it could be much more since the dose has to do with how long they linger, and TSA pervs love to linger on boobs and balls, two radiation-sensitive parts.

    Use PIGS AND DOGS, they are infallible. They’ve tested them and tried to trick them with perfumes, hiding inside of bags, under clothes…there’s no way they will not detect even through skin. It’s just pitifully ironic that muslims hate these two animals.

    Oh, and now TSA workers are getting cancer (mostly skin cancer cluster reports) from their evil little backscatter machines. Poetic.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “Use pigs and dogs to sniff out bomb chemicals through the skin” – TFB

      Absolutely correct. Decades of nonexistent studies prove it.

      1. tfb says:

        Decades of studies, there are several thousand dogs in-country doing that right now.

      2. vendicar decarian says:

        “Decades of studies” TFB

        And what bombs implanted under the skin have been found.

        Please provide references.

      3. tfb says:

        Dogs can detect all manner of chemicals, the skin is NO barrier, they can also detect chemicals in sweat, breath, and if there was a packet of bomb chemicals, there’s going to be residue.

        Just in US airports for luggage alone there’s over 700 bomb sniffer dogs. Dogs can sniff out tumors and infections THROUGH THE SKIN.

        Vendicar, you are just probably a M, or just dumb, or just love tyrrany. Obviously an enemy, and nobody cares what the enemy thinks.

      4. vendicar decarian says:

        “the skin is NO barrier”- TFB

        if the skin isn’t any barrier then why don’t you smell like a combination of dung and vomit? Your intestines do.

        Oh wait.. Maybe you do.

      5. tfb says:

        dogs aren’t needed to sniff your left hand, pee yoo





    WAKE UP.

    911 WAS A CON JOB.





    _____________BUILDING 7_______________

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “911 WAS A CON JOB.” – Slidingtoit

      Yes. We agree. A con job… Just like the Boston Tea Party and Christmas.

      1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:


      2. vendicar decarian says:

        911 happened too.

        I particularly enjoyed the 5 dancing Israeli mossad agents who were overjoyed while filming the show and who were whisked away back to Israel on the orders of George Traitor Bush.

      3. tfb says:

        Muslim trivia: See that bump on al Zawahiri’s forehead? That’s called a Zebibah, it’s a bony callous from grinding their skull into the floor to pray (which is cursing nonmuslims who they call kufir, their “N” word for us who they pray to exterminate) five times a day.

        Real nice guys eh?

  3. Steve says:

    These bombs probably would be detonated with a cell phone switch.
    These implanted bombs can probably be detonated with a focused high intensity radio signal such as a radar signal.
    Just have people go through a bomb proof chamber while focusing a high intensity radio beam on them to set off any explosives, before they get on the aircraft.
    If they have a bomb, it blows up in the bombproof chamber and no one gets hurt but themselves.
    People that don’t have a bomb will not be harmed.
    If people have a pacemaker or implanted medical device, they would need to have an xray.
    This would be the perfect solution, blow up the bombs before the person gets on the plane.
    It would be messy to clean up if a person has a bomb, no question about that, but I don’t think anyone would complain, and maybe those fanatics who want to commit murder will think twice before going into the bomb proof chamber to have the bomb detonated.

  4. sideefx says:

    If there were real terrorist, why wouldn’t they blow up target that would make a difference like parliament buildings or court houses instead of no use targets with civilians in them?

    Does that make any logical sense?

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      Makes a lot of sense. Particularly in a nation that so thoroughly hates the leaders that it elects.

      Ya think?

      Apparently not.

  5. b_lebowski says:

    Yes, the TSA is a useless expense. They’re not going to catch an implanted bomb with any machine or pat down.

    And this article isn’t entirely correct, the badguys can achieve their goal without injecting anything while on a plane.

    They will blow up planes using this tactic and hundreds of passengers will die and the politically correct among us will have no choice but to re-think passenger profiling. And potentially a lot of innocent Muslims won’t be allowed on planes which is sad and we’ll blame ourselves for that.

    And the crazy people here will keep posting their stupid comments about government conspiracies.

    1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:









  6. tfb says:

    Just use pigs and dogs they can sniff bomb chemicals RIGHT through the skin, who gives a flying fig if it offends muslims.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “Just use pigs and dogs they can sniff bomb chemicals RIGHT through the skin” – tfb

      Absolutely. Decades of non-existent studies prove it.

      1. tfb says:

        Absolutely, they can even sniff out low level infections and tumors.
        Their efficacy is extremely high.

      2. vendicar decarian says:

        “they can even sniff out low level infections and tumors.” – TFB

        Which produce metabolic byproducts that bombs do not.

        Good thinking there TFB.

      3. tfb says:

        Vendo there will be residue, there will be excretion, there will be metabolism of residue, you just sound scared of dogs and pigs. ha

      4. vendicar decarian says:

        “Vendo there will be residue” – Tfb

        And you know because like all other 911 Birthers you have faith in your own ignorance.

  7. DanTe says:

    You fascist dictatorial libs at C_da_BS keeps censoring Truths and Facts. I’ll just keep copying and pasting: So keep deleting nathan, I’ll keep reposting.

    Simple solution – stop coddling the disease called Islam. Eradicate it like any other vicious ailments and no more humans will be killed by it.

    FACT: Everywhere where there are muSlimes, sh-!t happens.

    China — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children and run amok with metal pipes in the streets)

    India — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slimes burned 100s of hindus alive in packed trains and burned villagers alive while they slept)

    Middle East — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    Russia — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill women and children in crowded theaters)

    South East Asia — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slime thugs who kidnap teachers, school children, nurses, priests for ransom, than murder them all)

    Europe — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    USA — 9/11 happened

    Notice the pattern here? Even you sanctimonious twits can’t be that dense.

    Goes to reason, no muslimes, no sh-!t.
    All these camel turds understand is violence and lies anyway. I say we oblige them by killing them all and than lie about how sorry we are.

    Islam. It’s a disease. And like any other infestations of boils, pox and pestilence, it should be eradicated. You don’t talk to diseases. You eradicate them like you did polio and small pox.

    1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

      911 was a con job.

      Research the FACTS..


      1. vendicar decarian says:

        “911 was a con job.” – Slidingtoit

        Just like the Boston Tea Party and Christmas.

    2. Jack Griffin says:

      Why don’t we tell the Islamofascists that if they attack us again we will attack and destroy their so-called “holy” sites, starting with that black meteroite they march around once a year.

      1. vendicar decarian says:

        Probably because you know that you are greatly outnumbered and in an all out war, America will continue to be the loser.

    3. Stop the rutting says:

      Christianity has a much darker history of murder and torture… Oh, and let’s not forget the kid touching.

      My sky cake is the only true dessert.
      No, my sky pie is the only true dessert.
      It’s cake!
      It’s pie!

      Christians hate being compared to the scary Muslims, but guess what…It’s all the same. Boil any religion down and you get the same stories. They were all the same in the beginning. They’re loose rules to govern society so civilization could evolve. Grow up peter pan… Count Chocula. Judge people for a much better reason than religion. Judge people because they are being an a-hole like me. Judge people because they’re hitting their kids. Judge people because they’re even having kids and helping to steadily overpopulate this planet. We live in a finite space with finite resources. We are outbreeding death every day and you’re worrying about which Halloween hat jeb and cleetus, habbib, akmed, or Murray prays to.

      1. Bill says:

        “Stop the rutting”: You’re an f-ing idiot. There is no excuse to be completely ignorant in this day and age with all the news on the internet.

        Christians have moved on from the dark ages. Muslims haven’t; they want to bring us right back there because that’s their mindset, because their religion is backwards and twisted. Christians don’t want to kill people just for being of a different religion. But in the interest of self-preservation, we should all want to eradicate Islam, one way or the other. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, Devil Worshipers, Moon Barkers should all unite to eradicate this plague from the earth.

      2. WakeUpSheeple says:

        Bill – you can never rid the world of Islam. To do so would mean the end of all.

      3. Stop the Rutting says:

        Billy boy, come one… you’re not having any fun. You’re too worried that someone will say your sky cake doesn’t taste as good as theirs.

        “Christians don’t want to kill people just for being of a different religion.”

        Spanish Inquisition
        Catholic involvement after Vietnam
        Extermination camps in Croatia during WWII
        Rwandan Massacre in 1994 carried out by Anglican and Catholic clergy members… Two roman catholic priests were sentenced to death for their involvement…
        And lets not forget everyone’s favorite, protestant founded KKK.

        No, you’re right. Christians do want to kill people because of religious differences. Before you go after someone’s religion, check your own. You calling me an “f-ing idiot” is not the most christian sentiment. Isn’t it mandated in your holy book that you should be turning the other cheek and trying to steer me back to the flock? Or do you, like most “good christians” select only parts to follow that are convenient to your life style? Your anti muslim sentiments dishonor the names of proud muslim soldiers like Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. I know I have no chance of getting your thought process to move out of the “dark ages.” (see what i did there? I brought that comment full circle from your post back to describe you because in reality your simple minded thoughts are “backwards and twisted.”) (just figured I’d explain it so you didnt have to ask anyone for help) So, Bill I say good bye. just two small questions before I go. If you would be a kind christian and explain answer them for me…

        1. what happened to all the other boats during the great flood? Did they just stop working?

        2. why are pictures of adam and eve drawn with belly buttons?

        Bill, please be a “good christian and go to your priest next time you want to vent about your intolerance instead of a message board. Maybe then you can transcend to something higher than a simple minded racist. Isn’t that, after all, what your priest is there for? Just saying…

    4. Bill says:

      Hell yeah DanTe!

    5. WakeUpSheeple says:

      You scared little girlie man! STFU and go hide in you corner like a good little sheep.

  8. Slid says:

    you are totally confused.

    1. DanTe says:

      Nope. It’s not confused. It’s a muSlime. It be brainless.

    2. vendicar decarian says:

      “It’s a muSlime.” – FooFa

      MMMM America really is a land of Racists.

    3. vendicar decarian says:

      In other words you are too cowardly to do it yourself.

      Of course you are.


    BUILDING 7……


    The GOVJACKED us government is your huckleberry.


    1. vendicar decarian says:

      Building 7 is where dat evils gubderment is keepin dats Roswell UFO of course along with the bodies of the aliens that survived the crash.

      Oh wait. Building 7 is also popular among the 911 Birther movement.

      1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:




      2. vendicar decarian says:

        “You are foncused” – Slidingtoit

        Wow, I must be really confused if I’m told that I am confused by a 911 Birther.

        I do believe in ghosts… I do believe in ghosts.. I do. I do. I do. I do believe in ghosts….

  10. Aarroonn Fleszar says:

    Al-Qaeda probably wanst to turn insects into atomic bombs, who gives a… They’re nothing but inbred brainwashed lunatics. We’ve already dismantled any organization they have. There’s always going to be rogue idiots.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “We’ve already dismantled any organization they have.” – AmeriT a r d

      Really? Then why do they continue to control most of Afghanistan and a good fraction of Pakistan?

      1. Proud American says:

        If you’re so pro-Islam then get the F&%K out of MY COUNTRY! Go back and crawl under the rock you came from.

      2. vendicar decarian says:

        “Get the F&%K out of MY COUNTRY!” – Proud AmeriKKKan

        No. You get out of MY country. America belongs to me, not some cowardly Republican dog.

  11. Aarroonn Fleszar says:

    Al-Qaeda probably want to turn insects into atomic bombs, who gives a… They’re nothing but inbred brainwashed lunatics. We’ve already dismantled any organization they have. There’s always going to be rogue idiots.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “Al-Qaeda probably want to turn insects into atomic bombs” – Aarroonn

      Just like the U.S. Military.

      Think of the strategic possibilities…

  12. Tanner says:

    It’s the next logical step. Scanners can now see through clothes, that’s the only place left to hide anything. Anyone willing to blow themselves up will have no problems hiding the bombs in a body cavity. Let’s not focus all the attention on flying, it could move the focus of precious resources from the terrorists’ true intent.

  13. Nellieou says:

    I’m calling BULL on the supposed worried travelers who don’t mind the added procedures. Quit drinking the left wing propaganda network koolaid. Lies!

    1. joey says:

      well you are an idiot.

  14. Abraham says:

    Its time Muslim countries prove they are against Terrorism !

    If Muslim countries have incentive to pursue terrorists, maybe something would really get done.

    We should hold Mecca and Medina as legitimate sacrifices if huge terrorist acts come about in non Muslim countries.

    Sadly, these Muslim countries don’t do anything against terrorism in a meaningful way by their own initiations.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “Its time Muslim countries prove they are against Terrorism !” – Abraham

      I think they should start when America stops being a terrorist nation. Don’t you?

      1. Aaron says:

        More liberal hogwash. If you really believe that, I hope you are out campaigning strongly against Obama. After all, he has continued (and expanded) the wars he promised to stop and has added four new fronts to the war on terrorism. You are the sort of moron who will only decide to come out against the enemy when your loved ones are incinerated by one of these Islamic fanatics. You think you are so smart but your smugness could be wiped away in one horrible moment. Then will you wring your hands and blame your own people?

      2. vendicar decarian says:

        “I hope you are out campaigning strongly against Obama.” – Abraham

        When it comes down to voting for Obama or more Republican Treason, I’ll vote Obama every time.

      3. WakeUpSheeple says:

        Aaron its not liberal hogwash. Who do you think created and STILL FUNDS Al Queada? The good ol US of A! Arron you are a sleeping idiot. Who do you think the enemy is?

  15. David Maxwell says:

    Reality gets it. As harsh as may seem, that’s how wars are won. Remind me, how was the civil war won? How was WW2 won?

  16. Nick says:

    OK, now there is nothing left to search on us . Can we start the racial profiling now, please?

  17. MJ says:

    this is VERY easily remedied…. BEFORE anyone can get on a plane the tsa does exploritory surgery on them ITS THAT SIMPLE

  18. Rumpelstiltskin says:

    The TSA is just figuring this out???

    How many kilos of heroin do you think could have already been brought into this country within breast implants?

    Talk about your lack of creative thinking at the TSA. They are about as bright as Obama!

  19. dave game says:

    My name is Dave Game. You better get to knopw it good. The Marxist Revolution is coming your way next. VIVA LE REVOLUCON.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “The Marxist Revolution is coming your way next.” – Dave Game

      Thank God.

  20. Lefty says:

    Why are we dancing to a dead man’s tune?

    Wake up!

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      The word “cowards” seems inescapably connected to the answer to your question,

  21. Frank M says:

    When are they going to realize that this fear game is wearing very thin? The only Terrorists that exist are called either Rich, or a Politician.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      “The only Terrorists that exist are called either Rich, or a Politician.” – Frank M

      Since money is a fiction your Rich terrorists are a fiction as well.

      As for Politicians, You do continue to elect Republican Fools.

      I’m sure that electing the next one will solve your nation’s Republican Created Debt.

  22. Ivee says:

    Well, if the bomb can only be set off by injecting oneself with a syringe, then it’s easiest to ban syringes from airplanes, if indeed syringes are even allowed on planes now.

    1. Michael H. says:


  23. WuxMoo says:

    lmao, The TSA is a JOKE. Biggest WASTE of an agency there is.


    1. vendicar decarian says:

      Ya, well… It was a Republican creation. What do you expect? Competence?

  24. Skip says:

    Theyr’re looking for white Al-kida!

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      No. They are looking for Al-Kabong.

  25. cletus van damme says:

    government fear mongering and lies to take away more of our rights

    1. joey says:

      are you sruprised? it’s nothing new guy.

    2. vendicar decarian says:

      Rights the American people were all too happy to give away out of fear.


  26. pfwag says:

    A small US Company, Valley Forge Composite Technologies, has a new ultra-low radiation full body scanner that will detect implant bombs as well as sheet PETN bombs. It is the only one in the world that will. Of course, TSA isn’t using it because it isn’t inferior technology.

    1. Michael H. says:

      VFCT just isn’t that good at lobbying Congress.

  27. wynn rothman says:

    Let TSA do whatever they want. The ful body xrays aren’t gonna cut it, I think people who should be fully inspected. Allow TSA to (with plastic gloves on of course) give full body exams (not internal) and … I’m serious … strip searches as necessary. Personally, I don’t want to be worried about a woman with big boobs about to blow me up or some dude with a packed hiney about to kill us. That goes for diapers too. When you’re getting on a plane, going through security, change your damn diapers. If I were TSA and I felt a hard lump in your rump or crotch, my hairs would stand on end. I would want to know exactly what it was. SHOW ME. TSA, you’re a godsend. Please do your thing. Protect us and give us our lives back. Thank you.

    1. Michael H. says:

      You do realize that the TSA has NEVER caught a single person trying to bring a bomb on a plane, right?

      The TSA is a security theater JOKE.

      1. vendicar decarian says:

        Not looking has never caught a bomber either.

        Some are content to look.

    2. Freeman says:

      you are exactly the type of weak minded wuss (or are you a gov’t employee) that is making this country 2nd rate. If anyone really wanted to instill terror in the flying public they would just blow up the security gate. please show me the last real terrrost the tsa has caught.

  28. Calvin says:

    This tactic came from the movie “Wrong is Right”. That movie came out in 1981. Muslim terrorists with implanted explosives throwing themselves on their targets (politicians, military commanders, etc) and blowing themselves up. What happened to that imagination we were supposed to aquire after 9/11?

  29. Reality says:

    ,…and one more thing,if i may,:
    For EACH terrorist act in a western locale,ANOTHER tac nuke is detonated in muslim enclaves,STARTING with Mecca,and radiating outward.
    End of problem.

    1. Aaron says:

      You are perhaps trying to be incendiary with this comment, Reality. However, it is almost a given that any attacks on our soil involvin nuclear weapons will likely result in the vaporization of Islamic holy sites like Mecca and Medina. At that point, they will have created a hell on earth for a good part of the planet – and that is exactly what they want because the believe it will usher in their hidden imam who will lead the Islamic world to utter victory over all other religions and cultures. Our active involvement around the world right now in so many hotbeds of radical Islam points to the U.S. awareness that we are sliding toward this horrible possibility each day.

      1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

        THE “WARS” ARE FAKE.

        WAKE UP.

        ITS A SHAM.

        911 WAS A CON JOB. RESEARCH.


        1. YOU WON'T WIN WITH HATRED says:




          1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

            I AM POINTING TO _____VALID FACTS.

            RESEARCH THEM.


            SEE, LISTEN to the eyewitness passenger on the so called ,

            “Christmas day , underwear bomber ” event…..






            START WITH_________________ BUILDING 7.

  30. sheepdog says:

    lol, what BS. No one belives your fake news anymore.. LMFAO

  31. BRBSanDiego says:

    Excellent post. Radical muslims should be targeted by every country. No arrests and trials – just shoot them. I would love to be on the firing squad.

    1. vendicar decarian says:

      Can we also do the same to Radical Republicans, Radical Christians and Radical Jews?

      I have a long list….

    2. vendicar decarian says:

      Can we do the same thing to Radical Republicans, Radical Christians and Radical Jews?

      I have a long list.

    3. vendicar decarian says:

      Can we do the same for Radical Republican, Radical Christians and Radical Jews?

      I have a long list.

  32. Brent says:

    The solution is to end Muslim immigration to Western countries and, over time, extrude the existing Muslim populations within our countries back to dar al Islam (the house of Islam, the parts of the world where Islam holds sway).

    For our safety, there should be no significant number of Muslims within our countries. Our countries exist to benefit our citizens (e.g. the preamble to the U.S. Constitution includes the words “..to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity ..”). Muslim immigrants are not merely no benefit, they’re a mortal threat to us. (No, not all Muslims, of course — but given that there’s no benefit to us in having any Muslims here, why should we take any chances?)

    See “A Real Islam Policy for a Real America” at this link: http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/012935.html

    1. dsh_nva says:

      Some guy who flies to New York or London with a bomb inside him isn’t necessarily an “immigrant” — he might be a natural-born citizen of the destination country or a foreign national traveling on a tourist or business visa. The other problem with your “solution” is that it has zero chance of ever being implemented.

    2. Michael H. says:

      Ah yes…because Japanese internment worked SO well.

    3. vendicar decarian says:

      “extrude the existing Muslim populations within our countries back to dar al Islam” – Brent

      Brent is clearly an enemy of the U.S. constitution.

      And the term is “extradite” not “extrude”.

      Hahahahahah – Brent as bright as Republican bright gets.

  33. Pat says:

    Did they just say “inject the chemical TATP”? That’s old tech. Also need to figure they would enlist a medically advanced sympathetic country to give them a modified implantable pacemaker and some C4. They’d set it off with a modified cell phone. You only hope they use TATP. They’ll have a real low success rate with it.

  34. Senor says:

    That’s fine. Now, here’s what the “Homeland security”needs to do. Create a booth
    A bomb detonating booth for everyone to pass through…… end of story.

  35. Kudzu says:

    Hey people…where is it written that Arabs get to fly to this country? It ain’t no right. Leave em right where they are. I challenge any of you to get off yo’ butt and try to fly to Saudia Arabia. You can’t. Entrance is by invitation only.

    We could have drone airplanes flyin all Arabs. Blow it up if you wish….

    By all means don’t insult the Arabs

    1. Mark Keller says:

      switzerland, and a few other countries already ban muslims from travel within or through their country.

  36. Amerikan Patriot says:

    Here it comes! Big Sis, will suggest “probes” into the body cavities to detect possible concealed explosive devices! I can just see it now? Said TSA agent (large male) instructs candidate passenger in line at airport that she (attractive young female or teen) has been selected for a more “extensive” search. Then passenger is sequestered in exam room and instructed to disrobe then told to bend over and by the way any drip you might notice afterwards is just some excess lube…………….

  37. bob says:

    More lies from the government to take our rights away and abuse the citizens of this country

  38. Pensacola Grandmother says:

    I agree with Mr. Stanley and Mr. Pierson. I travelled on business to Israel in the late 80’s and even then their security far exceeded the U.S. They had a sytem in place that took us about 30-45 minutes having our baggage thoroughly searched, then asked us questions – sometimes the same question but broached in a different way until they were satisfied we were “safe” to enter or leave the country. No body searches – just thorough interrogation at the entrance to and exit from their country. This country has its act together – we should follow their example and be a supporter of Israel instead of the current stance our illustrious “motivator” president takes. President Obama could learn a lot from the Israeli government instead of holding them in such low esteem.

    1. BRBSanDiego says:

      Guess you flunked math granny. Israel’s ariport volume is less than 5% of US airport volume. If we employed that system, you would have to be at the airport approximately 31 hours to get all the daily passengers through that system. TSA goons would be happy since now the screening booth peep show would be available 24 hours a day and they wouldn’t have to waste money on porn.

  39. MissingRonnieR says:

    This is nothing but “False Flag” media planting ment to bolster the power of TSA. DO NOT fall for this ploy. Our freedoms are more important…

  40. Befuddled says:

    It looks like the loonies AlQ wins, respond or not.

  41. Sam Cooke says:

    Dude put a bomb in his colon and it exploded? Man, I bet that smarts.

  42. EyecanSee says:

    More lies to push newer more invasive machines and take more of our freedoms..Can you say cavity searches.. psh

    1. 1776 says:

      Well stated. This is another police state “justification” using the trusty “islamo-boogeyman” canard to deploy more Orwellian tactics.

      1. 1984 says:

        the answer to 1984 is 1776

      2. vendicar decarian says:

        The answer to 1776 is bankruptcy.

  43. guy says:

    yea, we might learn something.

  44. HUGO says:

    us395, more like we need an alert for trannys like yourself. DOH!

  45. HUGO says:

    Ayman al-Zawahri would look nice with a bullet hole in the forehead.

    1. d rash says:

      “Ayman al-Zawahri would look nice with a bullet hole in the forehead.”

      So would “vendicar decarian”, who has ONLY ONE purpose in life, which is hating Republicans. VD (a good nickname for you) your hate speech is getting old. Get a life!

  46. Commentary Cat says:

    Wow, the terrorists finally got around to watching Batman?

  47. Larry Pierson says:

    Stanley is right. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with western freedoms and republics.

    When its all over with, there is only one country whose planes has never been hijacked – Israel. And that’s because they are not afraid to racially profile everyone getting into their airports. Of course the liberals will be screaming their foolish heads off if we actually tried something that is so common sensed.

  48. Bruce says:


  49. Nick says:

    Or they can just implant it in the cranium. Lots of empty spaces there for them folks.

  50. Very conservative says:

    In other words, we need to be on a lookout for pregnant men. Sure that will go over great with pro-gay activists.

    1. nathan says:

      Umm what? The bombs will be located in women’s breast implants or buttock implants as per NBC news. Please try to stay on topic. I know its challenging for you but try at least.

      1. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

        bravo insect..for once you said something intelligent..took your meds..went to the hospital..you met me today insect..i have seen ya..park side ave ..looking to get that train too the hospital..the shuttle..finally wrote something intelligent..

      2. MR GOEBBELS says:


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