NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The two New York City Police Department officers acquitted of raping a woman in 2008 were previously accused of verbally abusing another woman earlier that year.

The then 21-year-old woman filed a complaint against officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, accusing them of using abusive and sexist language when she tried to report a theft in August 2008.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board substantiated the complaint against Mata, 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reported.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Hears From Commissioner Ray Kelly

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly responded to the news Wednesday saying that any information regarding the two officers would have been “turned over to the prosecution.”

“I don’t believe this is new information to the prosecution,” Kelly said.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office had no comment on why they did not use the information at the rape trial of the previously accused police officers.

Both Moreno and Mata were acquitted, but immediately fired from the police force.

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Officers Kenneth Moreno And Franklin Mata Previously Accused Of Verbal Abuse In August Of 2008 When Woman Reported Theft

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  1. mj says:

    AH NY’S finest . but unfortunately its not just them . once someone broke into my car and stole a 1000 stereo . when i flagged down a patrol car there were two female cops in it . i said someone just broke into my car and stol my stereo . their EXACT respone was OMG !!!!!!. i said i’m sorry i don’t have a murder to report but i didn’t have time to commit one . they didn’t think that was particulasrly funny

  2. dave game says:

    I am the game baby. I invite you all down to South Beach to take part in the People’s Revolution. We will be smoking Fidels. Bring your game on. VIVA LE REVOLUCION.

    1. KPMc says:

      And right after that you can wait online for toilet paper or fix up your 50 year old car. Yeah.. aint communist Cuba wonderful?

      Long Live Democracy. Let Freedom Ring!

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