NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — In New York, one in four residents are obese, a new study finds.

The annual report released Thursday by Trust For America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found two-thirds of adults in America and nearly one-third of children and teenagers are obese or overweight.

It found that 38 states now have obesity rates above 25 percent. In 1995, no state had an obesity rate above 20 percent.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports: Why Are We Getting Bigger? 

New York has the 11th lowest obesity rate in the country with the number of obese adults down to 24.7 percent of the population from 25.1 percent.

The combined obesity and overweight rate is 60.6 percent, up from 54.1 percent in 2001, the survey found.

The diabetes rate has risen to 8.7 percent from 4.7 percent in 1995 and the hypertension rate to 27.1 percent from 22 percent.

While there are glimmers of stabilization, Dr. Bill O’Malley views the fatness trend in New York as decidedly bleak.

“As a policy, I’m not sure how we can affect this,” O’Malley says. “People are free to make food choices as they are with other choices.”

New Jersey has the 9th lowest in the country with an adult obesity rate of 24.1 percent.

But its obesity rate has swollen by 90 percent in 15 years. More than 3 in 5 New Jersey adults are overweight or obese.

LINK: Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Connecticut has the third lowest obesity rate in the country with 21.8 percent.

So which state was named the most obese in the study? That award goes to Mississippi with an adult obesity rate is 34.4 percent.

Colorado was named the least obese state in the country with a rate of only 19.8 percent.

New Yorkers have their own theories about why our waistlines are growing.

One woman believes there are too many temptations, especially with all the fast food restaurants on the streets, and counting calories isn’t as easy as it seems.

A tourist from Colorado believes the problem in New York is the environment.

“The weather here presents some type of challenge when, four or five months out of the year – like last year, with all the snow that was here people probably didn’t get out and exercise as much as they would have,” he said.

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  1. Mason62x says:

    Poly and mono – unsaturated Oils are toxic. Coconut oil is like mother’s milk. It will empty your Medicine cabinet.
    Enuf said.

  2. qiels says:

    I dont see why the obesity rate is so high. with all the steps climbing in and out the subways, and almost every block in nyc is longer in length than normal, i really dont see why ANYONE has any excess weight. but then again if people were to eat food in the correct combinations, like protein with veggies instead of starch, no fruits and veggies together, etc- there would be a less obesity rate as well. and dont let me get started on all the sweets, junk, and chemical-laden foods that are out there.

  3. nathan says:

    Use of Steroids and Botox are causing people to get fat.

  4. TomNJ says:

    If more people smoked cigarettes, they would be thinner.

    1. qiels says:

      Not necessarily. And then they would be creating another problem for themselves.

  5. lydia says:

    The federal reforms regarding corn production in the Nixon era have made it so that our diet is virtually completely corn-based. Nixon ordered his secretary of agriculture, Earl (Rusty) Butz, to do whatever was necessary to drive down the price of food.
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  6. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:


    1. Kirstie Alley says:

      Mmmm… a galleon filled with ice cream!

  7. Bernie Sanders says:

    yeah well when you are on a limited income and cant afford to eat right what do u do answer that one !

    1. SY Kim says:

      I don’t think it only has to do with theirs income…
      I guess normally richier people spend more time to care food, make them keep fit

    2. qiels says:

      that is a huge factor that affects how people eat and what they are able to eat. not every obese person is lazy and unwiulling, but simply may not know how to lose weight or become discouraged and give up.

  8. nathan says:

    Nathan just had a hot dog eating contest and the dude ate 62 dogs. This is America. What do you expect?

    1. Ya hump! says:

      I expect you to STFU.

  9. Cup Is Half Full says:

    People may be getting fatter but they are living longer….

    1. Half full of 'diet' soda says:

      Longer, more miserable lives.

  10. foul bachelor says:

    the good news about this is that girls tend to get bigger boobs from it….so we have that much

    1. Taybor says:

      Yeah, but so do the guys….

      1. flamboyant phil says:

        are you suggesting that men shouldn’t have boobs? that’s sexist

      2. MikeD says:

        Man-boobs are hot!!! The hairier the better………………like Italian women!

  11. General says:

    Growth hormones and antibiotics and whatever else they are adding to our food has to stop. Stop adding corn syrup/corn by-products to everything. We see corn by-products used to fatten up the animals in order to produce more meat, well guess what folks it is fattening you up as well. Stop altering the American food supply and the population may actually get down to a healthy size/weight.

    1. qiels says:

      this is actually one of the most truthful and mature comments in this entire thread.

  12. Bill Black says:

    Mr. Feingoldstein makes a great point. I’d like to elaborate at what else happened during the Nixon administration. While he was trying to get out of Vietnam he dealt with the Chinese and in turn gave them most favored nation status. Since then there has been an influx in this country of all things made in China. You can’t say this isn’t an evil plot by those sneaky people. It is all a huge conspiracy to make us fat dumb and happy in order to take our power. If you look at reports by food and digest magazine you will see that since the mid-1990s there has been a 250% rise in Chinese take-out restaurants. WHAT THEY PREPARE ISN’T EVEN CHINESE! The people who run those businesses have been sent here by the Chinese government to further their agenda. It’s all disgusting. But don’t expect anything to come of it with a communist like Obama in office. He is one of them!

    1. jtorres says:

      Bill, I don’t buy into your conspiracy theory but I do agree about the Chinese take-out joints. The food is not really Chinese food and Chinese people do not eat it. It’s oily, fatty and everything (including the rice) is fried. There is absolutely nothing good for you in it. However, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy and eat it. I personally, don’t touch Chinese food and I never go to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC or any fast food restaurant. There are choices. People just don’t want to make the right ones

    2. MikeD says:

      Obama is not Chinese………he is Japanese, look at his Kenyan birth certificate. It is all a conspiracy…………….this is really not me writing this!

    3. Fuc Yusef says:

      If Chinese food made people fat, then I want to know — does America only have bad Chinese food available? The writer is a moron and a racist. Go eat typical American or Southern cuisine every day and see how you’d become. Many areas in NYC don’t even have that many Chinese restaurants.

  13. val says:

    I agree with Scott. We are eating modified foods and lots of them. If it wasn’t for fast food and everything in huge quantities, we wouldn’t have this problem either. The diet industry is making millions of dollars off the naive public and all we do is gain more weight. It’s really sad. And in some parts of the country all you can find are chain restaurants with fatty food and huge portions. At least we have choices in NY!

    1. david goldman says:

      yeah its really bad when you leave NYC, if you visit any WalMart in the U.S.. The people look deathly ill. They’re all diabetic and have an ashy complexion. Food is a big contributor to this. Also in less educated areas XXXL and XXL are popular sizes. It’s also laziness of people and the fact that they are dumb enough to be brainwashed into eating poison.

      1. Skinny due to fast metabolism says:

        It actually costs more to eat healthy food. Poverty = hard choices to make. Not all fat people are dumb/lazy, but education plays a part as well. Open your eyes – there are a LOT of obese folks in NYC.

      2. david goldman says:

        ALL fat people are dumb and lazy. You are wrong.

      3. qiels says:

        yr probably the real dumb and lazy one sucka. for you to write this you are likely no better than the same fat dumb lazy person you are writing about. grow the hell up.

  14. larry says:

    If you are fat, you should pay double fare on planes, trains, and MTA rides.

    1. qiels says:

      disagree. unless you are like 600 lbs. then yr taking up more than one seat.

  15. scott feingoldstein says:

    The federal reforms regarding corn production in the Nixon era have made it so that our diet is virtually completely corn-based. Nixon ordered his secretary of agriculture, Earl (Rusty) Butz, to do whatever was necessary to drive down the price of food. Cheap corn gave us a whole raft of new highly processed foods, including the world-beating chicken nugget, which, if you study its ingredients, you discover is really a most ingenious transubstantiation of corn, from the cornfed chicken it contains to the bulking and binding agents that hold it together. Also our corn-fed beef and high-fructose corn syrup. WE ARE MADE OF CORN. these stats dont surprise me

  16. Porker says:

    I dont see what’s wrong with being fat. it’s fun.

  17. Life is Good says:

    Personally, I’ve outlawed fat chicks.

    1. Questions says:

      Great break for them! They don’t have to be pestered by you anymore!

      1. Questions says:

        OK, the survey didn’t/couldn’t have the scope of the US Census. How did they arrive at these percentages? They haven’t weighed or surveyed every American in every state. They haven’t surveyed every doctor, hospital, school.

        What they HAVE done is to create a computer model, which is the norm for surveys. If 100 people in each state are randomly chose, they are “proof” that all the thousands of people are EXACTLY like that.

        In the 1950s, when surveys became a popular marketing tool, it was “decided” that the average American had a mental age of 12 (12 year old minds fought World War II ???), and marketing was addressed to the 12 year old. The surveyers, OF COURSE, did not have a mental age of 12! 🙂 THEY were PERFECT.

        Let’s stop believing in superstitious nonsense. The computer cannot predict the world anymore than the fortune-teller’s fake crystal ball.

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