NEW YORK (WFAN) — Derek Jeter has become the 28th player in MLB history to record 3,000 career hits.

With hit No. 2,722 in September 2009, Jeter surpassed Lou Gehrig as the Yankees’ all-time hits leader. Now the question is: how far can the captain climb Major League Baseball’s list?

Could he possibly surpass Pete Rose at No. 1?

Compare these numbers we dug up from on Rose’s 3,000th hit:

Jeter vs. Rose: Hit No. 3,000
Age Games At Bats
Pete Rose 37 2,370 9,690
Derek Jeter 37 2,362 9,604

The kid from Kalamazoo is barely ahead of Rose’s pace, and the comparisons don’t end there. Rose wasn’t one month separated from his April 14, 1941 birthday when he collected the milestone hit on May 5, 1978.

Jeter’s birthday? June 26, 1974. The Yankees captain is only a couple weeks past 37.

For now it’s a tight race, but Jeter is on the decline with over 1,200 hits to go. If the Yankees move him down in the batting order, he’ll undoubtedly have fewer at-bats — which means less hits.

Jeter averaged just .270 in 2010, his worst statistical season so far, and still managed to record 179 hits. He might not even grasp that total this season.

Though Jeter would never admit it, could you blame him for hanging around past his due date if Rose’s 4,256 is within reach?

And let’s be real, wouldn’t it be nice for baseball to have a hits leader that isn’t banned for life?

Does Jeter have a shot at Rose? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. dibbs12 says:

    As much as I hate the Yankees, I have to say Jeter is a class act. I doubt he will pass Rose, but I would be happy to see a stand up guy like Jeter do it.

  2. Mike Nichter says:

    Derek Jeter is pretty good, but I think he will never catch up with the Great Pete Rose. I grew up during Petes day,and he was awesome.He needs to go to the Hall of Fame.Pete ,that is.

  3. BleacherCreature26 says:

    will Derek be #1 all-time? the answer is WHO CARES. he is perhaps the classiest star ever to step onto the diamond, and definitely one of the greatest Yankees ever to play in pinstripes. what a career. many critics think it sounds intelligent to rip apart his recent numbers, or tear him to shreds over the fact that he’s aging. umm sorry that Derek Jeter doesnt take steroids, so, yes, he will age like a normal human being. those who bash DJ think they sound smart, but they sound low and heartless. Mr. Jeter, you are a representation of how every player should act.

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