YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Firefighters discovered dozens of marijuana plants while battling a blaze at a Yonkers house.

Firefighters responding to the fire at 2:40 a.m. Sunday found four bedrooms filled with the plants.

Yonkers Assistant Fire Chief George Kielb told the Journal News “it was basically a pot-growing house.”

Kielb said the house looked like a normal home from the outside but all the windows were covered with plywood.

No one was at home when firefighters responded to the fire, which burned through part of the roof.

Kielb said the marijuana was found under heating lamps in a hydroponic system connected to electrical lines that had been diverted around the home’s meter box.

The investigation into the fire and marijuana is continuing.

Should marijuana be legalized? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. M.A.D says:


  2. Paul G. says:

    Marijuana is illegal. Yet Anti-depressants and other mind altering meds are legal. Many school shootings, suicides, family murders, etc are caused by people on these prescription drugs. Chantix (meds to help quit smoking) had 55 suicides reported last week. Marijuana is not the demon, but your Doctor’s prescription book may be.

  3. cygon says:

    Hey, why are you censoring my second post?

  4. cygon says:

    “purple haze… right on your face….don’t know if i’m comin up or down… scuse me, while i kiss the sky…dararam darararam,…..”

    1. lydia says:

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  5. elvenflow says:

    If Marij A. Won’ta wants to knock down facts, how about taking on the hundreds and hundreds of pages of valid medical studies at the oddly named but informative Granny Storm Crows List
    We can start with
    What if Cannabis Cured Cancer by Len Richmond if you would like an easier target.
    Start knocking…:) No matter how hard you try, cannabis is still our least harmful recreational drug, and a potential therapy for a wide number of diseases. And hemp is delicious and nutritious and has no reason to be banned, whatsoever.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Once while jogging, I became high from some second hand marihuana that some Ecuadorians were smoking in the track. Needless to say, I lost all control of my inhibitions and found myself in a brothel being “taken care” by a transvestite. Then, I signed up for the Communist party, and, for no good reason, assaulted an old lady on the way out of their headquarters. After that, while still under the influence, I drove my care all over Manhattan repeatedly running red lights and driving in the wrong direction. There’s no telling how many people I hit. Then, I went home and uncharacteristically, drank spoiled milk right from the milk carton and stole my roommate’s burrito from the freezer. The next day, I quit my job, and haven’t been employed since. In order to maintain my sanity after all of this, I now pop 6 Xanax, 10 Vicodin, and several dozen Quaaludes daily. All of these life changing transgressions were caused by my accidental, second hand ingestion of pot smoke.

    1. g smoker says:

      your an idiot

  7. Cos says:

    Marijuana has always had the bad rap of being a ‘gateway’ drug. The fact is, any prescription for pain relievers you may receive in your lifetime is potentially a ‘gateway’ drug. With that said, I believe if they follow the same strategies which were followed at the end of prohibition, it should work well AND at the same time, provide a new source of tax revenue. Whether one smokes marijuana or not, that’s one’s choice. I dare say, however, that not everyone enjoys having their taxes raised.

    All things considered – whether you enjoy the feeling of smoking it, benefit from its medicinal properties or if you don’t want to be anywhere near it – I think it should be a choice for the individual and not the state.

    1. nygrump says:

      Candy is the first gateway substance – a kid eats and gets a sugar rush. t is all downhill from there.

  8. MrToke says:

    BILL, your sober mind is clearly inept. Because of this blaze there is a shortage of nugget in Yonkers, which would lead to a saturated Twinkie market. Puff on that hot shot

  9. ThisIsBill says:

    Now there’s a shortage of Twinkies in Yonkers.

  10. Peter says:

    Yes it should be legal. I spoke everyday and I would be happy to pay taxes on it.

    1. ThisIsBill says:

      Yeah…look at your post again. You should ‘spoke’ less. The ‘p’ and the ‘m’ aren’t even near each other on the keyboard.

  11. father albert says:

    Wow there was alot of puff puff pass pass going on.

  12. TRACK says:

    Yes, stop trying tp control every aspect of grown peoples lives! We suck up everything that is human made that helps one thing and destorys two or 3 other organs. G-D made marijuana, Genesis 1:11-12! Take it up with G-D…

    1. ThisIsBill says:

      I’m going to go ahead, and point out – again – that the potheads posting here seem to have trouble with fine motor control. They seem to be typing in some sort of short-hand. Perhaps, there is a story to be found in there somewhere.

  13. Marij A. Wanna says:

    This is the real danger of illegal marijuana. Uncontrolled, unregulated grows. There is no reason marijuana should not be legal. Unlike legal drugs such as alcohol, caffeine and prescription pills, marijuana has never killed a single person from overdose. Marijuana prohibition was started on the ideas of racism, social intolerance, exaggerated facts/complete lies by Harry Anslinger. Google his name if you don’t believe it. All Anslinger wanted was to make the Federal Bureau of Narcotics a federally funded organization and he didn’t feel that he would have enough public support to criminalize just cocaine and opium so he made up a bunch of lies about marijuana. Now 700,000+ are arrested each year for marijuana, trumping any other drug arrests by at least half. There is no more danger to smoking marijuana than there is to smoking tobacco. Any smoke you inhale is going to be harmful to your body, but marijuana has a unique factor. It tastes good in any food and provides the same effect and when consumed within edibles, as far as I know there has been nothing scientifically proven other than that you get lots of fiber from eating marijuana. There are too many facts to continue and I’m running out of time. Bottom line, legalize marijuana, end this discriminatory policy. If the facts presented here weren’t enough just ask for more, I can keep going all day.

    1. Marij A. Won'ta says:

      Then, please, continue. The more facts you put up, the easier it is to knock them down.

      1. bernie Jailik says:

        But you haven’t have you? Must be a dirty pig who is on the take. Can’t live without shaking down the drug dealers right?

    2. TomNJ says:

      I agree totally with all you said and think it should be legal. These facts have been around for a long time. Every few years they come back up. Unfortunately, the powers that be and the relatively ignorant sheep like voters in the world still think pot is some evil weed. And since there are a lot of law enforcement people making a living off it, it will remain illegal for now. They control the media where 99% of people get here “facts” from today, so they will remain misinformed.

  14. Trishe says:

    No wonder there were dozens of firefighters responding to the ‘blaze”… and all were very happy.

  15. Michael H. says:

    A blaze, indeed.

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