NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The owners of one lucky Upper West Side cat were talking about nine lives after he survived a 20-floor fall from a high-rise building.

Forget about black cats and bad luck – this cat is one amazing animal.

“They told me that he was a miracle,” owner Barry Myers said.

“Gloucester,” better known as “G” to his owners, was the subject of plenty of fireworks on the Fourth of July after surviving a 20-story plunge from an apartment building. The cat crash-landed on the pavement with barely a scratch.

“According to the vet, when you’re 10 floors or above, you actually have an increased chance of surviving it, because you have a chance to kind of right yourself and get ready to land,” Myers said.

Myers has owned “G” since he found the cat in an abandoned building 16 years ago. Members of the family mistakenly left a window cracked when they left for a long weekend, not knowing the danger in store for their curious cat.

“In all the years we’ve been here, he’s never even looked at the window, let alone peeked his head out or anything,” Myers said. “I assume he saw something and leaned out and tried to take a swing at it.”

Luckily, “G” was discovered by a woman walking her dog. She gave him water and called for help.

“Everything came back pretty negative,” Myers said. “He was obviously in shock for a while.”

“G” is on the mend, and little wobbly and eating through a feeding tube. He’s bruised and banged up, but suffered no broken bones.

“He’s getting around pretty good right now, and he’s eating,” Myers said. “He seems relatively happy, all things considered, and he curled up on the couch with me and watched TV last night.”

Myers said he’s hopeful that Gloucester will make a full recovery.

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Maurice DuBois

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  1. Chris says:

    Since the overwhelming majority of the public is scientifically illerate, they will continue to be “amazed” with this kind of stuff, over and over again. However, taking a basic physics class reveals that the terminal velocity of a cat is about 40mph, and the likelihood of injury actually decreases with falls greater than 6 floors, due to the way the cat behaves (stretching its body out and resembling a flying squirrel) after reaching terminal velocity. So, anyway, most of the rest of you, go ahead and get back to Nascar now…

    1. Mike says:

      I think you mean illiterate.. Nice burn

  2. rose says:

    meowing for a full recovery, G! you are proof that the black cat tale is wrong! i have always thought them to be lucky!

  3. Tia says:

    What a sweet mild mannered cat! Was G’s legs shaved at the vet for some medical procedure? Or was that how the owner found him at the warehouse? It’s wonderful that G found a good home. Black cats need extra loving.

  4. Be real says:

    They have had the cat for fricking 16 years, and because of one window accidentally left open they should be prosecuted? Of course you have NEVER made a mistake in your life.

  5. Milfer says:

    How do we know this wasn’t a failed suicide attempt?

  6. brit says:

    all my prayers r going out to you

  7. Linda Lehnert says:

    This is a great story. I’m so glad G survived. Cats rule!

  8. Sophie says:

    This cat certainly has nine lives!

  9. Bigfoot says:

    The main injury for cats falling is usually fractured palate. This is an excruciating injury, and the cat dies slowly of shock or starvation. Even falling from a 2nd story building can cause this brutal injury, falling from any height over about 10 feet can cause this injury. These people should hang their heads in shame for not keeping their pet safe. They should be prosecuted for neglect and not permitted to own any more pets.

  10. Steve O says:

    Now that’s what I call a real “G”! Live on lil homie.

  11. m says:

    Buy G a parachute!

  12. b9doc says:

    Yes lucky cat. Lucky that he lived that high. Actually a cat can “right himself and prepare to land” at 3 feet off the ground. Up to 10 stories, because they are stiff (preparing to land) a falling cat suffers more damage (broken legs, crushed chest, etc). But higher than that and the cat relaxes and lands “softly” and kinda bounces suffering only bruising and some shock. Most walk away with their remaining 8 lives.

  13. Rose in OH says:

    G…that’s an amazing story. Wishing a full recovery real soon.

  14. Vickie T. says:

    Awwwww… What a sweet baby! You have a strong will to fight and live G! Be well and get lots of rest. You’ll be back to yourself in no time. Bless your little heart.

  15. Adrayan & Fur Kids in WI says:

    Feel better soon, G. Lots of cuddling w Mom watching TV ahead for you. Thank goodness a kind, caring person found you and got you help in time.

  16. grammadee94 says:

    Awwwww. Looks like my black cat. Hope “G” recovers completely.

  17. cori says:

    get better G… thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family <3

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