NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – To people passing by West 66th Street, it’s worth a second look or a photo.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman In Manhattan

“It’s an ominous box truck. What could be inside?” asked activist Clark Stoeckley. “It makes people a little paranoid, a little curious, but it makes them check it out. Ask on the internet ‘What’s this all about?'”

It’s ominous because of the giant WikiLeaks hourglass logo on the side with the words “Mobile Information Collection Unit.”

“I’ve said it’s a third art, a third activism and a third prank,” said Stoeckley. “I guess I’ve always been a prankster, an artist and an activist. So, mixing all three is kind of a major goal in my work.”

Stoeckley says he’s just trying to make a statement.

“[It’s] to raise awareness about WikiLeaks and the detention of Bradley Manning,” he said. “People on the streets come up and want to ask me questions, want more information. So, I’m kind of a spokesperson for WikiLeaks now.”

Manning is the soldier charged in the leak of U.S. government data.

It should be noted that Stoeckley doesn’t actually have any affiliation with the official WikiLeaks organization.  But he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s why it says “Top Secret” in big letters.

LINK: Clark Stoeckley’s Website

“The first day I had this out, I got pulled over by the Secret Service and after a few minutes, I had them chuckling,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman.

As for regular street reaction, he said people either give him a thumbs up or flip him off.

Stoeckley said he would love to keep the WikiLeaks activism up and even expand to other cities. However, he said that he is “pretty broke right now.”

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