NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — All over the Tri-State, people gathered to watch the US women’s national soccer team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, through moments of elation and despair.

Times Square may be the “Crossroads of the World,” but it was a decidedly pro-American crowd watching on the big screen as the US team inspired cheers before suffering a heartbreaking loss to Japan.

“Fate just wasn’t on our side,” Fordham resident Sarah Ramirez told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Over in New Jersey, family and friends of the five team members from the Garden State – Jill Loyden, Heather O’Reilly, Christie Rampone, Carli Lloyd and Torbin Heath – were among those watching.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon spoke to proud fans of the US women.

In Lloyd’s hometown of Delran in Burlington County, people cheered at bars and restaurants. Meanwhile, Lloyd’s parents watched from their home.

“It’s tough, it’s tough, but second place in the World Cup? I mean, I’ll take that,” father Steve Lloyd said.

This being New York, any nation’s World Cup team will have fans somewhere cheering them on, as several bars in the Big Apple saw large crowds of Japanese supporters.

Japan’s first appearance in a World Cup final came as the nation continued its recovery from three disasters: a massive earthquake, a destructive tsunami, and a nuclear meltdown.

“This will bring Japan together,” Kumi Ueki, visiting from Tokyo, said.

Some said that if the US couldn’t bring home the top prize, at least it went to a nation desperately in need of something to celebrate.

“It’s a beautiful thing for the country, to uplift some spirits, so I’m very happy for them, even though we’re disappointed,” one New Yorker said.

The win was indeed historic. It was Japan’s first World Cup win, and the first ever by any Asian nation.

Dave Carlin

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  1. lydia says:

    Look at the bright side….You got 2 plus extra hours of sleep…..LOL
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  2. no soup for you says:

    THIS was alll time CHOKE.Any real soccer fan can see Japan had no reason being in that game the score should of been at minimum 8-2 USA was just a bunch of players that after half time they gave up it was like they were in cruise control.Very embarassing loss to usa and one of the all time chokes.Japan should thank usa for giving up.IF Germany was in there they would of destroyed these 2 teams who played it like a practice game instead of world cup game.

  3. Eddie D'Alessio says:

    It is really funny that al of the people who suddenly are sad for the US loss to Japan, probably don;t even know who the US team played against on the last two games.

  4. Hector says:

    I love Japan!

  5. JT says:

    I found a sport that’s actually more boring than soccer. Women’s soccer.

  6. flea says:

    Look at the bright side….You got 2 plus extra hours of sleep…..LOL

  7. Brandon says:

    That’s what you get for jumping in the bandwagon. Quit jumping in the bandwagon and you’ll be a happier person. What are you gonna do with those couple of hours? Eat your junk food and sit on your jobless ass….dump parasite!

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