NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Jason Bay’s mid-season rebound may have been a bit premature.

Bay, just 3 for 30 with no RBI dating back to July 6, is starting to hear the boo-birds at Citi Field. Many Mets fans are beginning to wonder — again — what’s wrong with their star left fielder?

Thanks to an 8-5 loss on Sunday, the Mets dropped two of three to the Phillies for the fourth time this season. Bay was a major culprit yesterday, batting 0 for 4.

But that’s not all. Bay’s woes in the batter’s box made their way onto the field against Philadelphia.

Phillies infielder Jimmy Rollins knocked a two-run single in a three-run eighth inning Sunday — aided by an earlier Bay error in left field.

Booed all day, Bay came charging in on Ryan Howard’s sinking liner. The ball hit off the top of his glove for an error to start the frame.

“I missed it,” Bay said. “It’s one of those things where I missed it.”

Batting third for Carlos Beltran, Mets outfielder Willie Harris had a single and a double — but was stranded in scoring position each time by Bay.

“I mean it’s not the first time. Believe me. If you imagine how frustrated the fans are, do you think I enjoy it, what I’m doing out there?” Bay said after the loss. “I’m more frustrated than anybody, but I have to come back and do this every single day. I can’t get caught up in the frustration.”

With the Mets struggling to remain relevant before the July 31 trading deadline, can they afford to keep Bay in the lineup? Let’s hear it in the comments below…

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Comments (17)
  1. John Taylor says:

    Did someone actually say he’s a great player? Are you kidding me? He’s an absolute waste of space.

    Letting him play it out hurts the team. Get a hitting coach that can actually help or send him to the minors. He doesn’t deserve to play. Being in the lineup is a right he has not earned. The poster boy for the NY MESS

  2. Naked truth says:

    He’s probably the worst signing in Mets history. How much did they give him?…$87million and he has yet to have a decent season.

    I guess there was a reason why the Red Sox didn’t want to give him all that money.

  3. Frank Peteani says:

    There’s nothing that can be done other than ride it out. It’s not even a discussion until the last year of his contract.

    1. lydia says:

      I of course would not do that, you don’t change anything for one player that would have two years left on his contract. Best thing to do is just ride it out and hope for the best….Sometimes you just made the wrong choice and you just have to live with it.
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  4. james says:

    move him to 7th and see what happens. im more concerned with pelfre he doesn’t give the mets a chance to win hes a walking nervous wreck on the mound. Also this ballpark is awful they should of had the same out field configuration as shea. something has to be done the mets should of had at least 3 home runs yesterday. the line up has no pop as it is. at least shorten the fences.

  5. Suffering Mets Fan says:

    We’re stuck with him. Move him to the 7 or 8 hole and live with it.

  6. Mets are they still in new york says:

    What they really need to do is have a billboard in outfield with pictures of players that are not hacking it .They need to put his face on sign with word you suck or over rated.I bet you he snap out of it quick

  7. Jeff Mason says:

    Move him down in the lineup and let him play it out. He will get out of the slump. There are bigger issues with the mets. Specifically how they handle this trade deadline and off season. It is make it or break it time. Poor decisions now will effect them long term.

    1. Scott says:

      I agree with you Jeff. He is still a great player. Perhaps he has some personal trouble in his life nobody knows about, or he just can not find the handle right now. Whatever it is, I really believe he will eventually find his way out. The media probably doesn’t help his confidence, but then again, they don’t pay for tickets to the game either now do they? The move down the line-up should have been done long ago. Once he get’s going he can work his way back up.

  8. Pilot Inspektor says:

    Maybe it’s the uniform; the Mets are a team with a losing history. It makes winning players into losers. Foster, Alomar, Wagner, Glavine, Baerga, Pedro Martinez and Beltran.

    Look what has happened to Santana, once, before coming to the Mets, he was considered a 1st ballot Hall of Famer with the Twins, now, never will get in, can’t stay healthy & has never pitched for the Mets like he once did with the Twins.

    Something happens when players put on a Mets uniform, that’s the bottom line. They are stuck with Bay and his high price salary.

    I say sign Reyes to a huge $140 mil contract, keep him like the Mets fans want, spring training of next year he gets hurt & out for the year, it’s Reyes medical history, why, it’s the uniform, a Mets uniform., a LOSER’S uniform.

  9. blic says:

    that should say;

    “how much ROI”


  10. Anthony G-Rod says:

    Trade Bay and Pelfrey for Melky Cabrera and Joakim Soria

    1. Jacques King says:

      WHY exactly would Kansas City take that deal? And even if they did, the Mets would still have to pay Bay’s salary because KC has NO payrolll

  11. blic says:

    sorry dom, i’d rather see the kids play than watch a millionaire struggle. keep losing and you keep the seats empty. they can win without bay. i never bought into that rich man has to play regardless. how ROI are you getting when a guy sucks! time to develop the dudas’ and hairstons.’


  12. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    Asking fans to deiced what to do with Jason bay is like asking a Monkey why is he playing with his poop…neither of them have a clue.

    The only thing you can do is let him play it out and hope for the best.

    Trade him
    Moronic….what team would take Jason Bay? Most fans whine “Oh at one time he was a very good HR hitter, so another team will take a chance. The short answer is NO they won’t. If we all know he sucks…guess what the hand full of teams that can even afford to pay his salary also know he sucks right now.

    Bench him
    The most moronic idea ever, because a cash strapped team is not going to sit that kind of money on the bench. Also, do you think Bay would somehow find his elusive stroke while riding the pine?

    This may or may not work, but no matter how well Bay does in the minors, the moment he returns to the majors he will still have to face his demons about hitting Major League pitching. In fact sending him down (If he even accepts to do it) could backfire. If he does hit in the minors and comes back only to slump again..Then what?

    Buy him out
    Moronic idea at best! Fans want the Mets to pay over 40 million to get rid of him….why? Is he a distraction? Doesn’t he play hard? This is not an Ollie P situation where there is an attitude problem. By all accounts he works hard.

    The only hope with Bay is the Mets bringing the walls before the start of the 2012 season and hopefully the vastness of Citi field was the cause of Bay’s loss of power.

    I of course would not do that, you don’t change anything for one player that would have two years left on his contract. Best thing to do is just ride it out and hope for the best….Sometimes you just made the wrong choice and you just have to live with it.

    1. bronxilla says:

      If it’s so moronic, why are you answering?

  13. Brian Bardin says:

    They should buy his contract out, or trade him for another bad contract in a pitcher, or they should ask him to go to the minors and work out his swing, until he hits at least 1 homer a game in the Minors.

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