NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – We’ve all been there, late for an appointment and desperately circling the streets of Manhattan hunting for a parking space.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman With The Story

Well, a new app claims to have a solution, but it will cost you.

Basically, you open the app and find someone who is willing to sell you his or her parking space.

“It provides that incentive for a person to tell others when and where they’re actually leaving their spot. So, if you’re out there driving around, it will pop up and you can bid on it,” says Brian Rosetti, founder of Parking Auction.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman asked Rosetti if this is legal.

“Sure. I mean, you’re not actually selling the spot. I mean, you’re selling information,” he says. “So, we’re creating a market in information that a parking spot is about to become available. A logistics company selling information, whether it’s about the fastest route to take, isn’t really selling the road.”

He thinks people will pay.

“Well, we look at the pain that’s out there and we’ve seen stats in certain neighborhoods in New York where, you know, 40 percent of the traffic is due to people cruising looking for parking,” says Rosetti. “People will wait upwards of 45 minutes to an hour. I know on my block here on the Upper West Side, I have neighbors who, after they’ve given up looking for a spot, double park on my block and they’ll idle.”

He says that while you might be able to give up and put your car in a garage for $20 to $25, someone might be willing to selll a spot for $5 or $6.

The transfer of money would happen right through the app. You will be able to use your credit card, an account, or a PayPal account.

The official launch is August 1.

Their initial test area is the Upper West Side, where they are already talking to doormen to get help spreading the word, but the service will be available regardless of what neighborhood you’re in.

LINK: Parking Auction (Official Site)

WCBS 880 contacted the New York City Department of Transportation for comment on the legality of the service, but has yet to receive a response.

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Alex Silverman