One Of Combatant's Baby And Stroller Seen Rolling Away Before Help Arrives

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Passengers riding an L Train in Brooklyn Tuesday watched in amazement as two women brawled over a seat.

Video of the incident was recorded by a straphanger with an iPhone and posted to YouTube. It took place around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday as the train was headed from Morgan Avenue to Jefferson Street in Brooklyn.

One of the women was pushing a baby in a stroller when a profanity-filled verbal spat began and quickly escalated into a full-fledged street fight.

WARNING: Video Contains Violence And Strong Language

The two women involved — one wearing a blue shirt and another in white — could be seen yelling and ripping at each other’s hair. Some passengers tried to intervene, while most moved away or watched stunned.

The passenger who posted the video said others on board the train helped take care of the child until one of the women involved stepped off the train when the fight was over.

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  1. matt says:

    eric holder: “my people”.

    1. heather says:

      mitch mcconnel: they are caring for my people

  2. Piff says:

    Amen brother…if it were only so….But, think about it. We did use blacks as slaves many years ago…Surely against God’s wishes and now we are paying for our sins…Basic law of the universe.

    1. Julio Pezuka says:

      “We” didn’t use them for anything years ago and not a one of the cryers about slavery has ever worked a day in their lives. The strong survive is the basic law of the universe so get strong. You may want to pay for someones sins from 150 years ago, but count me out.

    2. Bull Connor says:

      Absolutely right, my White brother. Consider how the Egyptians got off lucky with only 10 plagues for holding the Hebrews slaves for 400 years. We, on the other hand, will be cursed for eternity with these people living among us. We bow know who is really God’s pets.

    3. BigBoa says:

      You’re insane. The mighty Boa’s ancestors came here WELL after “slavery”. And just in case you haven’t heard, nearly EVERY race, nation, etc, has been subjected to being slaves or suffered under some form of oppression at some point in time. The difference is that most rise above it, rather than continue to use it as an excuse for failure hundreds of years later.

      The mighty Boa has just absolutely had it with marxists and all these excuses.

  3. Bert says:

    I’m not black or white. I know that’s tough for black and white people to imagine – a world where your two races and relationship with each other isn’t the center of universe.

  4. Steve_Chang says:

    Sad to see a guilt-ridden self-hating white liberal. you go walk through a black neighborhood and see where your white-guilt gets you

    1. Truth hurts says:

      Yes, go down there with your Rolex watch and Gucci handbag and reason with them. Libs make me want to vomit.

  5. Bee says:

    “Raaaaacism” (5 a’s).

    “Sorry, your transaction could not be complet…”

  6. nyc says:


    nyc can most definitely take the truth.

    the truth is alot of people like to click on drudgereport links so they can leave 1000s of comments about how horrible black people and their leader obama is. these are the same people that stood by idly while nixon, carter, reagan, bush, clinton, bush II destroyed the country. (obama simply continues).

    i can say with very high certainty when the republocrats win the election again in 2012 as they have for the past 200 years, u still won’t know what hit u. it won’t get better until u wake up to what “it” is.

    here is a hint:

    the truth is in nyc.


    obama and bush have nothing to do with any of this. if u think policy is being set by a bunch of mid-6 figure puppets, you don’t know what money or power is.

    next time u tourists come here (i suspect 99% of this page) maybe u should look around for a second & understand what kind of recession this is….if u don’t connect the dots soon, the money will continue to flow in for us while u watch our sideshows on uboob.

  7. brassia says:

    Unfortunately for you- you are a product of ignorance, otherwise you would know what really happened in Japan and WHY.
    As far as bombing Iran- what about those drones that are still continuing for 30 months killing hundred of innocent civilians, women, children? Only Lybia and Yemen had been added to the list,costing our country additional billions a month (we only haad to kill space exploration to save money!!!) have you read or heard about it????

  8. Steve_Chang says:

    Awww, I can feel it!! It sure was great!! Let’s come together and ship them back to the armpit of the world where they came from!!

    1. Smoke THAT says:

      Hey Chang,,, is that a white name? You think because they let your people build their railroads they think you’re EQUAL to them?? FAIL!! They interned Asian-American citizens in WW2 – JUST for being Asians!! Remember this: If they make BLACKS leave America, YOU’LL be NEXT!!!

      1. Preston says:

        Hey Smoke,
        You’re also an idiot. The Japanese were interned and the Chinese helped build the railroads. Not all Asians were interned. Get your facts straight.

      2. Asian white dude says:

        Your comment is just ridiculous.

    2. Me says:

      humm, Smoke THAT, funny….but you will be next after him cause you are not an native american….are YOU???? Do you really believe you are IT?

  9. I imagined it says:

    It would mean that we could walk the neighborhood with our families at night(and day). It would mean prison populations would drop 70% nationally. It would mean we would have white sports stars for our kids to emulate.In short, It would be 1958 all over again.

    1. Tee says:

      Right, so you could kill and rape and hang and lynch and murder and on and on and on. Wake up America.

    2. RacistAshyLegs says:

      Black people are the biggest racists.

      1. PinkPale Lobster says:

        Come to AZ the biggest racists live here and they are like you!!

    3. Eric says:

      1958? That means chicks with bushes that stretch from hip to hip, to the smalls of their backs. No thanks, I’ll stick with 2011, with all it’s faults.

  10. Tee says:

    Well Mike, if that’s the case I guess you should go back to Europe and live in a cave.

  11. Tee says:

    Faulty logic, faulty morals, and faulty research leads to ridiculous comments such as yours genius.

  12. Paco says:

    Unfortunately….Africa would not take them.

  13. Tee says:

    Go check your statistics to see who use the most food stamps in the country.

    1. vabeast says:

      if one race group has more recipients than another, so what? what is truly important is the ratio within each racial group, that ration being the number of recipients to non-recipients. ie- race W has 1/5 of its population group on welfare and race B has 4/5 on welfare. Even if W has more people on welfare than B, B’s ratio is higher. Now consider what happens when W’s population is shrinking and B’s population is rapidly growing.

    2. Tee says:

      To vabeast:

      You ask if one race group has more recipients than another, so what? I’ll give a quick lesson. The that is the group that uses up more total resources friend (basic math). What is truly important is not the ratio within each racial group, that ration being the number of recipients to non-recipients. ie- race W has 1/5 of its population group on welfare and race B has 4/5 on welfare (using your statistics) but future demographic trends. What is happening vabeast is that white females are increasingly having more births without the benefit of marriage, which we all know leads to government dependency (i.e. welfare). When the ratio of blacks and whites having children out of wedlock both reach 50% or above, the nation as we know it is doomed.

    3. Duly Noted says:

      Actually, the majority of people on food stamps are white people. Hurts, doesn’t it?

    4. BigBoa says:

      Duly Noted

      Don’t act like a moron. You can’t go by numerical values in a case where whites outnumber the blacks by nearly 10 times. You have to go by percentages and blacks are a FAR higher percentage of hand-outs. It is incredible when marxists attempt to make this type of argument and yet if we tried to cut welfare, you INSTANTLY claim it as being racist.

      One thing the blacks SHOULD consider before they push a race war further. That IS the fact that they are WAY outnumbered. Very, very foolish on their part, which also shows their poor reasoning skills.

    5. Nestor Delgado says:

      The majority here doesn’t matter as white people are the majority in the country anyway. They will have more numbers because they are a statistically larger group. What you all are missing is the ratio of people getting these benefits.

      I haven’t looked it up but since upwards of 30% of blacks are unemployed in certain areas, the number of them on food stamps must be higher than whites who’s unemployment rate is only about 9%.

      A parallel ratio would be like those of the prison population. It is widely accepted that blacks make up about 13% of the total population of the United States but account for 40% of the prison population. But again this is all a result of poverty and a legacy of slavery.

      1. Mark Kennedy says:

        What do you mean, ‘a legacy of slavery?’ Do you mean that the statistics you cite are somehow (logically? Existentially?) the consequence of slavery, or that slavery explains them? How? Can you think of any other directly causal relation that has managed to survive the mediating input of human agency for nearly 150 years? Is there a statute of limitations—a ‘best before’ date—on the efficacy of this explanation… two hundred, years, perhaps? Five hundred? A thousand? And then, the explanation itself… is it not a bit of a black box, requiring its own clarifying explanation? Why, for example, weren’t African cultures robust enough to resist the predations of slavers in the first place? Once Africans realized what was happening, why didn’t they organize to put a stop to European harvesting of their populations? The benefits would have been obvious and immediate—it doesn’t require hindsight to see them—and no other nineteenth-century culture would have tolerated such terrible exploitation; at least, there is no historical record of any having done so. That the stats you cite are related to poverty I don’t doubt; but they also suggest a fatal lack of social and intellectual capital that seems as much the cause as the consequence of slavery, and that even the most generous, far-sighted government policies and the best will in the world on the part of activists and the ethically committed are finding difficult to ameliorate.

  14. Tee says:

    I guess hitler was the ultimate pacifist dummy. Get your facts straight.

    1. SteveJ says:

      Tee, look at what Africans do to one another, the genocide, the horrific violence that’s so commonplace. Slavery still exists there. Imagine what such people would have done if they’d had the power of an Adolph Hitler. Look at violent crime stats in the U.S. I know you’re in denial, and you probably love to preen yourself for being so tolerant and liberal. But nobody’s impressed. They see you denying reality .. just so you can strike a righteous pose in front of everyone. Moral grandstanding.

  15. Jones says:

    Separate carriages? Think of all the people who just want to travel in peace, including old people.

  16. Russ Smith says:

    They wuz mad cuz they didn’t get no Obama money!

    1. Greg in VA says:

      Ha-ha-ha, exactly. Typical you-know-whats. Vote the you-know-what in the WHITE house out NOW!!!! vote conservative 2012!!

      1. Tee says:

        greg in Va this is Tee in Va. Ignoramussuses like yourself is the reason why conservatives lost the last election and will probably lose this one. “Just Say No” like rush limbaugh and start thinking straight son.

      2. IgnoramusAfricanus says:

        Actually, the reason conservatives lost the last election was because there were no conservative candidates in the general election. If you think McLame was conservative you are dead wrong. Also, I think the proper latin term is Ignoramus Africanus. Know what that means?

  17. Jen says:

    That is terrible. The mom started a fight with baby in tow and the woman in white wouldn’t let her go when the mom was screaming about her baby. They both need to cool their heels in jail.

    1. Tee says:

      brother chang, what is this preoccupation with The Motherland? If I didn’t know any better, it sounds like you want a chocolate bar?

    2. Duly Noted says:

      When are YOU going back to China, Chang? Don’t you miss being able to get xxx-small condoms in your size?

    3. Eleanor Kulac-Strovosky says:

      when we can keep you walking over a roadside bomb so you can be served with the fortitude that you have rendered over the past 400 + years….

    4. Robert gilleran says:

      Don’t apply human standards of behavior to these two sheboons..just kick back and watch the morning’s entertainment.

    5. Berecca says:

      It could have been worse – the mom could’ve started using the stroller as a weapon, crashing it into the other one’s shins. So there’s that.

  18. Oscar says:

    Why is this news?

    1. funkee says:

      Only because it sells a narrative. The news used to be the first recorders of history. Now they are just a megaphone on the repugnant.

      This type of behavior should be ‘reported’ by Jerry Springer.

      1. Derek says:

        THAT I agree with funkee, and I AM a red state GOP conservative. However, born and raised in metro Atlanta, I see the behavior as a symptom (I can liken it only to ‘birthpangs’ as the African American race continues to be “born” into civilized society.) It takes more than two generations for ANY group of impoverished and downtrodden sects/groups in society to find their way. And they will, but in the meantime the mainstream media will continue operating just like Springer media………

    2. Angie says:

      it is news because there is a rash of this type of violence taking place lately and soon all the civilized folks are going to avoid public areas which will further bring the economy down.

  19. brassia says:


    of course you did.

    when white people are involved it typically involves bombing 100,000s of people or robbing their pensions or transferring wealth to the overlord bankers. they don’t waste time on fighting 1 guy at a time, they are mass executioners….

    oh no wait i take it back. that is actually just a stereotype.
    Are you talking about Obama’s drones killing civilians? Or Obama giving bailouts to big banks in exchange for the campaign contributins?
    I thought so!..please be cleared next time , don’t be shy to name this Imposter, the Usurper for who he is!

  20. Ned says:

    Courageous NYer’s break it up…yeah right….typical Obama voters

  21. CHIMPOUT says:

    civility is something sub – humans cannot grasp

    Nuke israhell
    Smash islam
    NUKE mexico

  22. Obama Bin Robbin says:

    Double Bingo!

  23. Brucxe says:


    1. Nestor Delgado says:

      Animals are noble and only act according to nature. These are savages plain and simple. Don’t confuse the two.

  24. allazay says:

    Not any word for these two and where was that poor little baby??Even animals treat their own species better.

    1. sid says:

      good one, put em all on an island and drop a bomb on it.

  25. PublicHousingInMontana says:

    The end of this video is great. Pick up your fake hair, nurse your fake nails, and public trans it back outta Manhattan…

  26. p3orion says:

    Not even surprising anymore. Just the inevitable outcome when too many animals are in too small of a cage.

    Civilized human beings can resist such urges, but those who feel entitled and empowered see no need.

    Does we count this as “hope” or as “change?”

    1. Brassia says:

      But of course- they do feel empowered now!

    2. allazay says:

      I noticed that also,I just thought it was the way I was seeing things.Glad now I know I am not the only one who feels that way.

    3. Tee says:

      How many liberties has your race taken? Genocide, mass murder, serial killings, out right thievery of billions. Shall I go on EyesNeedToBeOpened?

    4. Steve_Chang says:

      The natives are getting restless.. Sub-human animals should be in zoo’s, not on our public streets!!

    5. Karen says:

      Tee, look up the Rwandan genocide and try posting that comment again.

    6. PinkEye says:

      Has anyone noticed how Whites control FCC and money laundering and brainwash??

    7. funkee says:

      Not the blacks I know. And probably not the blacks you know.

      You are swayed by a handful of horrible videos linked to by sites like Drudge. I would probably make a statement equally as disgusting if I painted my world view based on the internet.

  27. Jeff says:

    Complain about whitey all you want… But, look at Africa.
    10’s of Millions murdered by BLACK warlords…
    Over 800,000 murdered in just 100 days in the Congo.

    Still want to point at whitey?

  28. BoBo from Texas says:

    Isn’t Hope&Change! wonderful?

    1. mitch "turtle" mcconnel says:

      Especially when its been an institutionalized by your plantation owners…..

  29. BoBo from Texas says:

    Quite the hate spewing racist aren’t you Joker?

  30. Cosmo says:

    Isa cat fight!

  31. Frank says:

    Author can’t even spell “combatant”. No wonder he left his name off the article. The Post was always the Enquirer of New York.

  32. Mikey says:

    LOL Joker. More people die in Africa due to violence, AIDS and starvation each year than all the deaths caused by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

    There are more rapes in Africa in one day than there are in the “White World” in a year.

    Keep on kidding yourself.

  33. joker says:

    holocaust – white
    mass bombings for 10 yrs in middle east killing several thousand people – white
    nuclear bomb detonated killing 10,000s of people in japan – white

    lucky for whitey this info is not watchable on video, u actually have to be able to read to know it.

    no color on the earth can match the amount of murder that whitey does…

  34. Custer says:


  35. watermelisha says:

    nyc can’t take the truth. Did anyone expect more?

  36. Mark J. says:

    Yep same here, so I’m slapping myself for wasting my time……..

  37. deBeer says:

    The damage Barry is doing to this nation far outpaces anything done by anyone towards this nation.

    1. mitch "turtle" mcconnel says:

      Not as much as your Gun runner / Dope smuggler Raygun and his cronies has done!!

    2. mitch "turtle" mcconnel says:

      Go back and look how your fluffy pink pals from the last 30 years has robbed, pillaged, destroyed, smuggled guns and drugs into this country….And you are still doing it with or without a president….That is how savage you people have been!!

    3. Eric says:

      The damage Obama is doing (ironically, by continuing the policies of the Bush administration) could never outpace the damage done by the terrorist known as Bush. He used fear to lead and command all you GOP voters, and you idiots are STILL too dumb to see it. Bush perfected using terror on his supporters to maintain his power, you dolt.

    4. Barry says:

      Are you saying that you believe that the incident in this article and so many others like it started the day Obama took office? If so you haven’t been paying attention. The roots of this nonsense started a long time ago and as we (society) became more and more accepting of anything that this sort of black trash does, it’s gotten progressively worse and will continue to get worse. How are you going to stop it? What sort of a great collective epiphany do you think will occur to turn this around and make a couple of generations of this type of people suddenly embrace civility? Pesky little loose ends in the liberal PC philosophy.

  38. Golden says:


  39. BoBo from Texas says:

    This is the Hope&Change! that you voted for.

    Just think how much more interesting it will get add four more years reason and civility.

    1. Duly Noted says:

      BoBo, at least nobody got killed – unlike in Texas, where you execute innocent people like Todd Willingham – then try to hide it. Is THAT your idea of ‘civility’, Bubba-head?

      1. Preston says:

        I’m assuming that you only heard one side of the story or should I say propaganda, and that you also disagree with the death penalty, so you immediately believe he was wrongfully executed. Don’t worry about what we are doing down here in The Great State of Texas, just keeping believing the hype and leave the hard work to us.

        And yes, I do believe that we are far more civil than you.

      2. Eric says:

        Preston, Texas has THREE cities with a higher “violent crime per capita” than NYC; Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. And after NYC,3 of the next 4 are Texas cities: San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.

        Go ahead, blame it on other races, but Texas is a violent dump.

        Recap for the stupid: Texas has three cities with a higher violent crime per capita rate than New York City. And it has 3 others that are almost as bad.

        Hahahaha, stay down in your violent redneck psycho land.

  40. Ender Wiggins says:

    WHAT are Cabatant’s??? Did they mean COMBATANT’S. Did these “ladies” also write the headline? SAD.

    1. Christopher Crooker says:

      Expectations of even basic journalistic competence might be reasonable, if this were news.

    2. Berecca says:

      Combatant’s is possessive. It’s combatants. No apostrophe on plurals. Know your grammar before mocking others!

      1. Eric says:

        Berecca, if you are going to criticize other’s, you might want to get it right your’self. You should have typed “other’s”.

        Ju’st kidding, ju’st kidding. I’m not some loo’ser who alway’s put’s apo’strophe’s in front of S’es to make thing’s plural.

  41. nyc says:

    of course you did.

    when white people are involved it typically involves bombing 100,000s of people or robbing their pensions or transferring wealth to the overlord bankers. they don’t waste time on fighting 1 guy at a time, they are mass executioners….

    oh no wait i take it back. that is actually just a stereotype.

    1. Cracker Jack says:

      Well it’s black B.O. doing the bombing now. In fact he’s doing so much bombing they’re going to make up a new word, “Obombing.”

      As to the chimpanzee who asks where the USA and the industrial revolution would be without black contributions, the American end of the industrial revolution took place in the white north, with the influx of all those skilled European technologists and craftsmen; and Europe — without blacks — is where it all started in the first place. Once the blacks moved into the industrial north to make their “contributions,” it turned into the rust belt.

      1. yourtwistedfacts says:

        Currently, Cheenie, Dubya and the military industrialized complex that is pure as ivory snow has been and still doing the bombing…B.O is your puppet . You created the wars

    2. ARCHIE says:

      Like what hope and changey Obama is doing?

  42. HoseA says:

    reggins for a change…

  43. N. Cohen says:

    With all the criminals, druggies and mentally disturbed people all around us in this city, the best way to avoid getting into a situation like this, is simply to ignore nasty remarks from others, and get away from them at the first opportunity. You just don’t know what can set a stranger off. Is a bruise to your ego really worth it?

    1. Darral Good says:

      very sound advice

  44. Jerry says:

    I believe she should have been concerned for the baby don’t you think???

    1. Another day another fight says:

      She certainly didn’t care about the baby when she sprayed something in that other woman’s face. The stupid blue cow started it and the streetfighter in white finished it. What a city!

      1. Native says:

        It’s not the city that’s to blame, but people who don’t know HOW to live cordially and politely in a city.

        I hate women who bring aircraft carrier-sized strollers onto the subway, and take up 2 or more seats as well as a great deal of the standing room — people can’t reach over the huge strollers to the bars.

        Native New Yorkers swear under their breath at this, but nutsos from Nebraska start fights.

      2. BoBo from Texas says:

        Somehow I suspect that neither of these remarkable and beautiful ladies hails from Nebraska although you are smart to fear the seething midwesten pit of hate and violence that is Nebraska.

    2. brassia says:

      well, she would have another one- there is no lack of willing sperm donors among them…..after all 70% are born out of wedlock without the mother knowing who the donor was …hard to tell if she collects few samples in one day! They even manage having twins with each one from a different sperm donor- the most weir thing I ever read!!!!

  45. j.j. says:

    “THIS”….is reality TV. As sad as it is.

  46. William Sinclair says:

    How you behave is what you are.

  47. iggy says:

    see, if you keep yourself busy until your stop then you don’t need a seat.

  48. Besalel says:

    In a more civil society, someone would have given up their seat for the woman in the blue shirt with the baby. Why was she standing? What is wrong with you people? NYers are pigs.

    1. Kitty says:

      Why? She’s neither pregnant nor holding the baby in her arms. Besides she is so fat she would burn more fat standing than sitting.

    2. SadSubwayGal says:

      In NY every other female has a baby…or two…or ten. After WORKING hard all day sometimes you’re too tired to give up your seat to one of the many, many, many womenand their 1-50 babies, toddlers, children etc. I know that’s how some of my friends feel. As for me, I just don’t bother to sit anymore, or stand by the door. I find a spot to stand in the middle and pray I make it home without incident. NY subways are ZOOS!!!

    3. dp says:

      You’re a pig !

  49. Johnny Handsome says:

    The stupid chic with the baby should have kept her mouth closed. But for some reason she decided to put her hand in the ladies face and got that butt beat. Good for her.

  50. John says:

    That is disgusting. They should have been arrested and the baby should have been taken away. That is a horrible excuse for a parent and a human.

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