Quinn Tells How His Impenetrable Security Was CompromisedBy Hazel Sanchez

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Warm weather in New York City always brings out cyclists and, unfortunately, thieves. Bike theft is a growing problem as CBS 2’s Chief Weathercaster Lonnie Quinn found out on Tuesday.

Quinn had his bike stolen as the brazen theft was caught on surveillance camera.

“I took every precaution that I could possibly think of. I put four locks on that bike,” Quinn told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

What’s most surprising is where the bike was stolen — on 63rd Street off Central Park West. It is a highly-traveled street and considered a safe neighborhood, especially in broad daylight.

Surveillance video shows Quinn locking up his $2,300 bike in front of his Upper West Side gym just after 10 a.m. Moments later, a man parked his bike next to Quinn’s.

bike theft CBS 2s Chief Weathercaster Lonnie Quinn Has Bike Stolen On Upper West Side

(credit: CBS 2 via surveillance video)

“[He] spends the bulk of his time doing something to his bike — which he’s really not — he’s clearly scoping out my bike,” Quinn said.

Among Quinn’s four locks was a heavy-duty Kryptonite lock system, which carries an insurance policy with a catch.

“That particular lock that I had on the bike will cover the cost of the bike up to $3,000 if it’s stolen…except in New York City. It’s the bike stealing capitol of the world,” Quinn said.

Bike salesman Joseph Reyes said that as soon as companies improve their locks, thieves are cracking the codes.

“They’re more than your run-of-the-mill thief. These are people that are experienced that know the technology and in some cases are ahead of the game,” Reyes said.

No lock is guaranteed as avid cyclists like Carla Pinza know. She’s had 17 bikes stolen in her lifetime.

“I’ve had every lock imaginable, they cut it. It’s hard….it’s tough to be a cyclist in this city,” Pinza said.

The Kryptonite lock company releases a list of the top ten worst cities for bike theft. New York has ranked first for the last four years.

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