Police Said They Are Now Looking For 22-Year-Old Dechen Kyiden Of Queens

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Disturbing abuse allegations have surfaced after a nanny was caught on tape allegedly hitting and then kicking a 6-month-old baby.

It happened in a posh Hoboken condo complex, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

Police said the couple, who lives inside Maxwell Place, never suspected their nanny was hurting their child. Still, they set up a surveillance camera inside a digital clock in their living room. What they saw, detectives said, made them sick.

“The child started to cry and got struck a few times on the arm by the nanny. It continued to cry and the nanny struck the rear area where the diaper was and kicked the infant,” Hoboken Police Detective Sgt. Anthony Falco said.

And that’s not all. Investigators said before kicking the baby, the nanny dropped the infant on a blanket.

A doorwoman told Sloan on Thursday that the baby’s parents didn’t want to talk. However, moms and nannies reading about the news were thankful the baby has no serious injuries, but said they were also disgusted.

“What can a 6-month-old baby do for you to kick the baby?” nanny Elsa Dantes said.

The couple used a website — SitterCity.com — to find the nanny, identified as 22-year-old Dechen Kyiden. Police said she’s from the People’s Republic of China.

In statement, SitterCity.com said: “Upon learning of this incident, we immediately terminated Ms. Kyiden’s account and notified anyone who has had contact with her about the termination.”

Ian and Michelle O’Keefe have twins about the same age. They said they’re using various websites to find a nanny.

“It is nerve wracking,” Michelle O’Keefe said.

“At the end of the day you have to trust your gut,” Ian O’Keefe said.

SitterCity.com does background checks, but police said the family didn’t opt for one.

Top nanny agencies also do fingerprinting and international background checks. They recommend parents interview references.

SitterCity.com said they help parents do background checks for $9.99.

Police have issued a warrant for Kyiden. They said she lives in Queens.

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  1. roe says:

    Sitter City, is only a tool for locating sitters, you must as a parent thoroughly check out the sitter on your own!! Anyone can post a profile on there site. I feel terrible for the family and am happy to hear no one was seriously injured. If you choose to use agencies, referral services etc. they may be much more expensive but well worth the money! Peace of Mind and quality care for our children is Priceless!!!!! One of the best referral services out there is Pinch Sitters & Services at http://www.pinchsitters.com , they personally help you through the process of locating a sitter, running background checks and conducting thorough reference checks.

  2. Barbie Jean says:

    These things happen with nanny sites all the time. I don’t know why people try to save money when it comes to their kids. Get a background check. Get a finger print. Make sure they are citizens of the U.S. (politics aside, it makes travelling with the children insanely difficult without a U.S. passport). Most of all meet the people before hiring! I’ve had success hiring from the English Nanny and Governess School in Ohio. They teach their students and you can personally interview each student, and they supply all the background data and a pychological test to make sure they aren’t crazy. I think there is another school on the west coast but not sure of the name.

  3. Melissa Pedersen says:

    no child “deserves” to be abused like this, you worthless, simple-minded waste of genetics. Daycare is a great place for children of young ages to learn how to interact with other children and develop much-needed social skills that they will use the rest of their lives. Women should also be allowed to have a job and be productive members of society (much unlike yourself). Studies have proven that children benefit from having time away from their parents; it builds their self-esteem because they are learning to think for themselves and start making their own decisions. I can only assume that you post insensitive comments applauding the abuse children just to create a stir, and thus make you feel better for having created an impact on something. Try doing something constructive with your excess time that might benefit the rest of society such as volunteering, instead of deflecting the anger and resentment that you harbor inside from your own mother who obviously did not spend enough time with you as a child.

  4. au pair debbie says:

    Awful ugly thing to say

  5. debbie says:

    No such thing as a $9 background check

  6. Nanny Deb says:

    So the baby deserved to be abused because its mom and dad both worked?

    Go away troll!

  7. K PETE says:

    Stiff happens even when parents use agencies………EVERYONE seeking care at thru Sittercity or ANY online site can get a b/g check for $8-10, if a parent can’t afford that then something is wrong with them!!

    1. Nanny Deb says:

      I’ll say this – an $8 background check is worth what you pay for it. what exactly does that cover w/ sittercity? I would guess it’s the most basic of criminal record checks, and any top end agency does WAY more than that.

  8. Nanny Janice says:

    Nanny-camming an un-vetted caregiver is playing russian roulette with your baby.
    It is so important to do a full background check before hiring a nanny or babysitter! Be confident that the person caring for your infant or child is someone who has experience, basic caregiving skills, and a good temperament before you leave her with your child.

    And if someone is willing to work for very low wages, she is likely to be resentful of people who have “all the good breaks”, and to take out their bad feeling on someone more helpless than herself. Childcare is the worst place to cut corners. Invest in a caring, experienced caregiver!

    1. You get what you pay for.... says:

      I always see people who have very expensive cars, home, clothes, etc. who hire inexperience and young baby sitters who they can get away with paying them very little. The parents prefer to spend big bucks on their expensive cars and their expensive vacations and life styles but when it comes to spending real money on the person who will be in complete control of caring for their little angel they skimp on and cut corners and won’t pay up!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is what you get…..you get what you pay for…….sorry but it’s the truth…..

      1. Ugh says:

        I agree 100% with this comment.

        And if you need to have a nanny cam, you’re probably not spending enough time interviewing and checking on a potential employee, period.

  9. Nanny Deb says:

    When it comes to the care of your children, you get exactly what you pay for. Sittercity allows parents to offer $5 per hour for a “nanny”, and they provide none of the services of a traditional nanny agency. I am hopeful the baby will be alright, and I am equlaly hopeful that the parents will spend the money this time around to find a true nanny, not a cheap labor abuser.

  10. Alex says:

    Ths story makes me sick! I can t imagine something so terrible. My husband and I used a fantastic agency they performed all back ground checks before we even met the candidates. This is the perfect exapmle of why agencies are worth their cost. I cant help but give a plug to an agency i am now more greatful for then ever. Absolute Best Care http://www.absolutebestcare.com

  11. kendra says:

    of course i am glad that the agency that hired her is sounding off about the whole incident cause next time it could be worse and she might just kill some1s child.

    1. au pair debbie says:

      It isn’t an agency sittercity is simply a posting site

  12. joey from b'hurst says:

    I don’t know why the parents did not hire an ex-cop from the local bar to burst and shoot the nanny.

  13. ProFromDover says:

    Pull her visa and deport her back to the beautiful PRC.

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