BRANCVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Environmental officials say the black bear that wandered into a campsite in a northwestern New Jersey state forest this week has been captured and euthanized.

DEP spokesman Lawrence Hajna says the 18-month-old male bruin was caught in a snare around 10:15 p.m. Friday, not far from the campsite in Stokes State Forest in Sussex County.

Hajna said Saturday that the bear was euthanized because it was classified as a “Category I” bruin, meaning it posed a threat to public safety or property.

Officials initially believed the bear had injured two young campers early Wednesday while it was searching for food near the campsite. But it was later determined that the bear was not responsible for the abrasions sustained by the 11- and 12-year-old boys.

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  1. For the Bears says:

    First, thank you CBS, for providing this forum and for following this story from the alleged ‘attack’ to the horrifyingly real slaughter of this unfortunate young bear doing what bears do – looking for food – and a bunch of humans who should’ve known and done a lot better by the children and animals in their care. So many questions arise: What was that group of campers doing in that shelter (Glen Anderson) in the first place; why weren’t they in the designated group campsite in Stokes? What precautions had Trail Blazers’ counselors taken to ensure that foraging bears would not be attracted to the camp? What kind of education/certification does the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife provide for counselors responsible for the safety of campers in New Jersey state forests? When will Riel Peerbooms, Trail Blazers executive director, retract and/or clarify this quote: “This has never occurred in 25 years of camp. The outdoors comes with challenges, but we certainly wouldnt put anyone at any risk. That would be unreasonable, so bear encounters can probably not be prevented.” With all due respect to Mr. Peerbooms, “This” STILL has never occurred: THERE WAS NO BEAR ‘ATTACK and YES, while bear encounters can not be PREVENTED (thank heavens, because seeing a bear in the forest is a rare and wonderful thing for most of us), they CAN definitely be less tragic – all that’s required is knowledge and the determination to ensure that the knowledge is applied each and every time.
    Oh yes, one further thing – the definition of euthanasia is: ‘the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering.’ As far as I can see, there was no compassion here. Just some boys with guns and bait and snares goin’ after a scared, defenseless teenage bear in the woods and trying to put a holy name to it. You oughta be ashamed.

  2. Katherine McGill says:

    Let me guess… the kids daddy’s are NJ bear hunters.

    I agree – where is the investigation and penalty as to what attracted this bear to the campsite, or for the false police report. Kids will be kids just doesn’t fit here; smells fishy.

    However, “bears will be bears” does apply here. Inexcusable that “conservation” officers apparently missed that class.

  3. Valerie says:

    Here we go again. Another innocent bear being killed. This is a disgrace! So what happens to the 2 who claimed to have been hurt. There should be some punishment for them. Innocent 4 leggeds are being falsely accused. When are the humans going to have a heart and seek the truth before murdering our wildlife. May this poor bear and all wildlife that have had their life taken from them, rest in peace. As far as the 2 leggeds murderers out there may you rot in hell!

  4. Julie Devine says:

    Another senseless murder of a beautiful black bear. What is the purpose and what are we teaching our children? Is this the best way to solve problems – killing? I hope our world learns a better way!

  5. birdman says:

    I’d like to see an investigation into the real reason this bear was in the campground in the first place. Obviously it smelled food somewhere, and was looking for it. A black bear has a very powerful sense of smell and knew there was something to be had there for food. The truth will probably never be found out. Especially if the DF&W conducted such an investigation. They keep allowing people to break the law with regards to bear feeding and trash disposal and I’d bet my paycheck that was the case here. Mr. Herrighty and his cronies smelled blood and went in for the kill. Picture this scenario: a house in a certain neighborhood does not secure their trash. A black bear starts to come around because they’ve found an easy food source. This homeowner or a neighbor will call the D F&W shrieking about a bear that keeps coming around. Hmm, I wonder why?? So here come the so-callled wildlife managers of DF&W, who’ll come in and label the animal a Category 1 bear. The bears fate is then be sealed. This scene will be played out over and over DF&W can keep saying “See, we told you so’ and the yearly bear hunts will be allowed to continue. You don’t have to think hard about why trash laws and feeding bans go unenforced. Striking fear in the public with a little help from the local media is the only way you’ll ever be able to keep justifying a bear hunt.

  6. Patricia Randolph says:

    ORGANIZE to get rid of killing licenses which fund and the killers who staff our state agencies. De-couple killing licenses from state agencies by eliminating them. We need GENERAL PUBLIC FUNDING through our legislators. In Wisconsin where they will murder 5,000 bears next month over packs of dogs and bait, 2/3 of them cubs, for FUN – there is a saying at the state Fish and Kill “Those who pay have a say” so we don’t let you have any pay or say. Organize for bears and all wildlife because they have no say. Murdering young bears because kids lie and people do not manage their food and garbage and TAKE everything is a crime against all that is sacred. I WILL NEVER COME TO NEW JERSEY as long as they have this kind of cruelty. Wildlife in every state is a public trust and Wisconsin bears being slaughtered should be as much a concern of New Jersey as polar bears and the worldwide bear gallbladder trade, shark finning and all the other stupid human cruelties destroying our planet. ORGANIZE. The book by Julie Lewin GET POLITICAL FOR ANIMALS can help – it is the legislature we need to convince.

  7. Janet Piszar, Campaign Manager says:

    This egregious incident is case in point as to why NJ needs true trust reform for wildlife management. Since the early 1900s, hunters have controlled wildlife/game animal policy, even though wildlife is considered to be a publicly owned resource, held in trust for all.

    The Fish Game Council has no voice, no vote, no representation of the vast non-hunting public, yet the Council is consistently irreverant to public opinion. Even the 2010 State public comment period showed 70% against bear hunting, yet the hunt went forward. This incident shows the desperation of the Div. Fish and Wildlife to attempt to gain public support for their recreational bear hunts that last year 70% opposed.

    The archaic statute that dictates that hunters are in control of wildife management demonstrates the bias to interpret normal and bear behavior as dangerous and aggressive. This cannot be science as true science has no bias.

    The people of NJ are becoming educated and outraged. We recognize that we have no voice in wildlife as publicly owned resources and that this is an infraction of our rights. This is moreso true as the general public contributes annually to supplement the Div. Fish Wildldife budget. Taxation without representation to support special interest sport hunting.

    There is a silver lining, however. The more outrageous behaviors of the DFW, the quicker they will add to their own demise.

  8. tricia says:

    How about you don’t camp where there are wild animlals! He was looking for food he didn’t harm anyone. HUMANS SUCK! keep reading teh news… Mother nature will set himans straight.

  9. Jessica ciccarelli says:

    I am disgusted an outraged! This yearling didnt deserve to die. DFW and DEP shame on you!!!! Black bears and gentle and naturally frightened by humans. The only reason they enter campsites is for food that is left put. This was an unforgivable act of true ignorance. The death this cub suffered is unacceptable!!! I strongly urge those who are passionate about this injustice done to contact the State officials and demand that the recklessness of just hunting these bears stop! Please fight for them, we are their voice. Education about how to be bearsmart is the only answer.

  10. jean says:

    tthe real problem we have in nj is the nj div fish & game. this agency is made up totally of wildlife murderers. they all hunt and kill animals and birds. all of them. they blackball anybody who wants to co exist with animals and birds. you are blackballed and prevented from having any say at all. we had 70% o fnj people write in against a bear hunt this year and this out of control skeweed biased agency still voted totally for a bear murder this fall. siince the hunter population in nj is less than l% why arfe the 99% of us who do not hunt havingt no voice at all in what goes on with our wildlife. no wonder this hysteric killing happened.

  11. Angi Metler says:

    I am outraged that no one thought to investigate before shooting the bear in the first place. If park police rangers are ignorant about the true gentle nature of black bears in a park where bears are frequently seen, they need to be fired.

    Discharging a weapon in this situation was reckless and incompetent. I expect this kind of irresponsible behavior from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, whose sole mission is to provide recreational hunting opportunities for less than 0.6% of New Jersey’s population who hunts. It’s time this private hunting club masquerading as a state agency is exposed and closed down.

    No other agency would sanction the killing of this 2-year old bear when all the evidence proved he harmed no one. Was anyone charged with filing a false police report? No, instead the bear was killed to save face and to further the pro-hunt agenda of an outdated, antiquated Fish and Wildlife agency. They also used the killing to start a conversation about expanding the highly controversial bear hunt.

    After tons of calls and appeals were made on behalf of this young bear, I expected DEP Commissioner Bob Martin to intervene. Instead, he allowed Mr. Herrighty, an animal killing sociopath a.k.a. assistant director of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife to set up traps and snares to kill this bear.

    Furthermore, this “agency” is moving bears all over New Jersey to create hysteria, expand the black bear hunting grounds, and to garner support for their trophy hunt. Go to to learn more.

    New Jersey has an incredible safety record with black bears. No one has ever been killed by a black bear in our state. The often cited 1852 incident happened in Arkansas, not in New Jersey.

    The only proven solution in dealing with complaints about bears is education. To that end, the Bear Group has an excellent educational program for homeowners, residents, town officials, ACOs, and police about black bears. To get one set up in your town, please call 973-315-3219.

    Finally, if you are outraged, get involved in protecting black bears. Please make sure everyone knows this bear was executed for harming no one.

  12. Barbara Ann says:

    Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera than they ever did in the crosshairs of a gunsight. And after I’ve finished “shooting,” my unharmed victims are still around for others to enjoy. I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than those of humans. ~Jimmy Stewart

    I admire comments like the one above.

  13. " The Activist " says:

    ” In Rememberance Of Stokey ”

    Father, into thy hands we commit the lifeless body of Stokey the bear cub who was ” Gunned Down ” by the merciless twits of the Division Of Fish And Wildlife. Grant him eternal peace, love and understanding in your kingdom and may he flourish in heavens wilderness – AMEN

    1. emmas says:

      We need to start euthanizing humans. The wild is home to all animals. We want to go there with food and invade their home and space, then be surprised when they attack us.
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  14. " The Activist " says:

    So now what? We have a dead bear and a group of state wildlife ifficials aitting in Gyp’s tavern having a beer and laughing at us and calling us tree hugging eletist animal rights whacko’s.. This senario will be played out time and time again in support of a trophy hunt disguised as” wildlife management “. nearly nine million people in New Jersey, and yet we are unable to put an end to these senseless killings by the very people who are supposed to protect them ?
    Hey Commissioner Martin – you paying attention ?

  15. FoxyLady says:

    Black bears are self-regulating. Because of “delayed implantation,” bear embryos will not become implanted if the mother bear has not consumed enough food before she hibernates. Usually, even if she has mated, a sow will not have a cub unless she weighs over 175 lbs.
    That is why it is so important for bears not to get into garbage. The problem is, however, that the state truly does not fine all the people who don’t properly secure their garbage. The state is supposed to do so.

  16. Pom says:

    No fatalities have ever been recorded in the history of New Jersey. The often cited 1852 incident occurred in Arkansas, not in New Jersey.

    1. trash in the trashcan morons says:

      uh, you do know that “euthanize” means kill, right?

      1. Barbara Ann says:

        Of course I know that “euthanize” means kill.

        Maybe you misunderstood me. No fatalities from bears killing people have ever been recorded in the history of New Jersey.

  17. Kevin Swinyer says:

    I am originally from Upstate New York, in the Adirondack Park, and I have stood face to face with several Black bears over the years, and I have to say, that out of all of the bear species, you will not find a more quiet, and docile bear than the black bear !!!! after several face to face encounters, I am very happy to say, that I’m still alive, and unharmed. I can also say, that if this type of situation had occured within the Adirondack Park, New York State ENCON Officials would have simply advised all campers in the area to secure any, and all food items up, and out of reach of any, and all wild animals that may come into the camp ground, and that would have been the end of the situation. They would not have killed any bears, or any other wild animals for that matter, but, instead, would have most likely issued a citation to anyone that was deemed to be contributing to the encouragement of wild animals being present, (leaving food laying around) As far as killing the bear in New Jersey, I feel that it was a senseless killing of one of Mother Nature’s most docile, and, for the most part, relatively harmless creatures, just to over use the Power that the State of New jersey has given to the officer(s) that ignorantly took the life of such a young bear. What will we do, when we have killed every single black bear, just because we thought that they had hurt someone, and it turned out that they had actually not hurt anyone at all ?? We will not be able to say to the bears, ” Sorry that we killed you, you did not hurt anyone after all “, because, at that time, it will already be to late to save a wonderful, and very docile species of bear, just because of some blood thirsty government officials that were just out to make a name for themselves !!!!! LEAVE NATURE ALONE, AND NATURE WILL LEAVE US ALONE !!!!! It’s only commen sense people !!!!!!! Oh, btw, I forgot, our government no longer has any commen sense left to use !!!!!!!

  18. Elizabeth Vacca says:

    These “officials” are blood thirsty hunters setting our beautiful, innocent bears up for the next hunt. These “officials” are fear mongers trying to get support for their killing “sport”. New Jersey is becoming the killing fields. Anti hunt people have no representation and are called fanatics. WHY?…because we don’t enjoy killing other living creatures?

    1. LoveNature says:

      Calling people who respect nature and love animals “fanatics” is just “swiftboating”. Typical tool of right-wing killing idiots who have no ethics, no morals and no hearts.

  19. FTW13 says:

    If you all have a couple of minutes Monday call the Governors office or the Fish and wild life Commissioners office and complain .Let your voice be heard ..Ask them Why did they kill this Bear and why didn’t they just leave them alone in their territory ?Why do they allow the in humane Bear hunting in this Coward State …..Please make the call ,……These idiots who make these decisions should hear our voices …..

  20. FTW13 says:

    I don’t know why they killed the bear.But as soon as you said New Jersey the COWARD New Jersey you understand .This is the same state that allows coward punks every year the right to kill up to 300 bear in a week ..This is a state that the has had only two human fatalities from black bear in 50 years .That’s right 2 humans killed by bear in 50 years .In Newark there was probably two humans killed in the last hour by the real animals on this planet .Why don’t you freakin pathetic heartless cowards just leave the Bears alone or stay away from their territory .You people in New Jersey are a JOKE ….

  21. kendra says:

    i don,r understand y did they ehunize that bear 9 out of 10 he or she was not hurting anyone all they had to do was find a zoo to but him or her in there not kill they have rights also u know.

  22. Je Mollackan says:

    I do not understand why the young bear had to be killed after it was determined he never harmed the two campers. In the beginning, we were lied to again by Fish and Wildlife, as we have been lied to so many times! They did not want the truth to be known because they desire to spread fear in order to gain support for sport hunting. The same morons who said the slain young bear scratched the campers are the same ones purposely increasing the bear population and moving bears all over the state so there are as many bears as possible for the killing in December!

  23. George Nagle says:

    Black bears are very timid and docile animals, and are not a serious threat to humans. Attacks by a black bear are so rare as to be almost non-existent. By
    comparison, a person is about 180 times more likely to be killed by a bee than a black bear, and 160,000 times more likely to die in a traffic accident.

    Most people consider them dangerous but Ted Oakes wrote in “Because so few of us have ever observed their natural behavior, inaccurate media representations have created a body of myths about this species. … The data gathered by Lynn (Rogers, Ph.D., the leading black bear biologist in North America), challenge these ideas. He has found that black bears are the most timid, tolerant and ‘safe’ large mammals in North America. Only three people have been killed by black bears in the eastern USA in the past 100 years. … There is no scientific evidence to show that food-habituated bears need to be destroyed.”

    I don’t understand why the New Jersey Division of Fish And Wildlife shot and wounded this bear, and then trapped and killed him. The bear didn’t threaten anyone, and was no threat to anyone. They might as well shoot every bear in the woods if this is their criteria for killing a bear. The DEP officers who murdered this bear should be held accountable. Instead of a wildlife division whose priority is to manage a blood “sport” business, we need a true wildlife agency that respects and protects our wildlife.

  24. FoxyLady says:

    Violence in the United States and New Jersey has reached epidemic proportions, with a predictable spillover into schools. People need to teach children values and respect for all living beings instead of teaching them to kill needlessly.

    People who kill wildlife convey a message to our children that guns are the way to solve problems!!! And, they teach kids that killing is fun.
    We already have a youth culture in which guns have become an acceptable way to deal with imagined problems and petty beefs such as “a wrong look at someone’s girlfriend.”

    We should not be teaching children to kill. Children should respect and protect all living creatures!

  25. FoxyLady says:

    Killing a dog or a cat is considered animal cruelty under the laws of our state. In fact, a NJ statute says that the Definition of Animal includes “the whole brute creation.” The statute also says that a person commits the crime of cruelty to animals if the person tortures or kills a living animal. Well…Wildlife is part of “the whole brute creation.” Killing wildlife is just as perverted as killing a dog or cat.

    And People who understand that hunting is Animal Cruelty should be given equal representation in New Jersey!!!!! We have NO representation. This can’t possibly be considered “equality.” It is actually frightening to have no representation in this century. Why should all the decisions about our wildlife be made by people who love to kill?

  26. bill burns says:

    NAACP wants to know why are they just shooting colored bears?

  27. elaine says:

    It is outrageous that the Stoke’s bear was killed. He did not harm anyone……….Black bears are only looking for food, and too many people leave the attractants around fhat lure the bears in. Those campers were in the woods and probably had food in their tent…………..Still, the bear did not harm them. Black bears are not aggressive. Unfortunately, the “cowboys” in the Division have this power (that they give themselves! ) to kill wildlife for fun……….I am ashamed of the state……….Most people do not want the killing or hunting, yet the majority of residents in NJ are controlled by the few!l

  28. Tina says:

    It’s such a shame that people kill innocent animals that are just doing what comes natural to them in their own enviroment….then when they are almost all gone, the same people that shot them now try and protect them! ALL state campsites warn of bears, if don’t want to see this beautiful creature in the wild where it belongs, then go to a hotel!!!

  29. Cathy McCartney says:

    The NJ Division of Fish & Wildllife kills bears to promote fear and perpetuate the falsehood that we need to hunt these gentle giants–because NJF&W is financially dependent on trophy hunting! PLEASE visit and help us to protect our bears from NJF&W and the hunters they support.

    Cathy McCartney
    Co-Chair, Bear Education And Resource Group (BEAR Group)

  30. Disgusted says:

    Nothing new – standard proceedure for the Mew Jersey Division Of Fish And Wildlife. This bear did nothing wrong other than entering a campsite in a remote area of a state park looking for food for it’s survival. At 5 AM with everyone supposedly sleeping, had this particular bear intended to maul or eat those kids, they would have been toast.. So having killed this bear, Chandas crew go in search of their next victim.

  31. Donna Arcaro says:

    Any excuse to kill another black bear in New Jersey! This was not necessary! If you go deep into the woods where bears live, you must expect to see bears.! People are invading the bears’ homes. There aren’t too many bears..there are too many people in New Jersey. This is barbaric.

  32. FoxyLady says:

    NJ black bears are gentle creatures.

    People could be injured by humans, too, but we don’t kill all humans to protect ourselves to prevent the possibility.

    They said they caught 3 bears in the trap.

    Now that they have traps set up, they will simply attract more bears to the campsite. Are they nuts???

    Traps are baited with delicious attractants which serve only to lure more bears into the area. Fish and Wildlife also sprays anise (a powerful bear attractant) over the entire area where the trap is set to lure bears to the property. Such action is truly unbelievable. Instead of discouraging bears, F&G is drawing even more bears to the area.

    Baited traps merely attract the very bears people are complaining about.

    The bear did not touch the kids. They did not need to kill the bear.

  33. tree hugger says:

    we are the invaders. when man invades an animals territory and the animal retaliates,it is the animal that is punished. stay out of their territory. here in the catskills we have minimal problems with wildlife,why?because we respect it.

  34. luis monsanto says:

    Euthanize My Ass!!!! This was a an extreamly depraved act and a crime against nature!!!! The Bear could have been relocated!!!!

  35. Jay says:

    Really pleases me to see all the viewpoints on how the humans are the problem. Thanks for giving me a little more faith in mankind. 6.7 BILLION humans on this Earth, and you’re telling me bears, deer, elk, etc needs population control?????

  36. Ma says:

    I totally agree with all the comments. These animals are in their home and we insist on invading it even when it costs the animals lives. I am including Polar Bears as well.

  37. J. LoDuca says:

    Apparently the “LIES” the boys told meant death to an innocent living breathing animal…a lesson to be learned…do not rush to judgement~the victim is the bear and I do hope the boys learned a lessonll

  38. PoliticiansSuck says:

    1) The boys were not injured by the bear; hospital confirmed this (source NJ Herald). If you are “reporters”, get your facts straight & stop the drama! Facts you didn’t get: the Gren Anderson shelter is for people on extended hikings trips on the Appalachian Trail (i.e., “through-hikers”) and is not designed for group use. So…why was that camp group using it instead of the designated group campsite in Stokes? Were they on an extended AT trip requiring multiple nights, or just dropped off at the shelter by a camp bus & due to be picked up the next day? Groups frequently use the AT shelters improperly, which keeps real AT hikers form using them.

    2) Black bears are very different from grizzlies, so to tie them together in a report as your site did initially, is ludicrous. Grizzlies, which are not found on the east coast, are far more aggressive & likely to attack than black bears. Almost every black bear “attack” in NJ is due to idiot PEOPLE trying to hand-feed a bear or leaving food or trash where it shouldn’t be. People who live here have learned how to live WITH bears; city folk who decide to live or visit here must learn, too.

    3) The poster “Very Conservative” is clearly a racist. This issue has nothing to do with the race of the boys. There are plenty of idiot white people who live in or visit Sussex Co & feed the bears to get a picture, then cry for Fish & Game to kill them when the bears don’t leave because they taught them where to get food. Stupidity & idiotic behavior have no racial boundary. (For more info on idiot people, see Wash DC, your average “reporter”, or postings by ignorant racists.)

    1. Very conservative says:

      I don’t know the ethnicity of the boys involved, but would say that they were white.

      I am one of the biggest 4 legged animal right supporters anywhere. I am also VERY conservative, but that gets so easily misunderstood as it is too brainwashingly convenient to label someone as a racist nowadays.

    2. PoliticiansSuck says:

      If you don’t want to be perceived as a racist, then maybe you should’ve used “people” instead of “monkeys” in your comment.

  39. Lynn says:

    I spent all of my summer vacations at Culver Lake, a few miles from Stokes State. We had many picnics and fun times there. One thing that was missing from mine and my family’s time there and this incident was that OUR PARENTS TAUGHT US TO RESPECT NATURE. We were in bear country along with wolf, snakes and a potpurri of other creatures. Our parents taught us to coexist. Perhaps the councelors should take that into consideration before bringing a bunch of city kids to the wild.

    1. Politicians Suck says:

      Wolf?? There haven’t been wolves in NJ for longer than you or I have been alive! Maybe you mean coyotes…
      Hopefully, the counselors are educated themselves & teach the kids, but who knows? Kids from these camps get lost hiking in Stokes all the time…

  40. Pete says:

    so let me get this straight,,, if someone comes into my neighborhood, assaults me or a family member,,, I have the right to elminate them.??????? What a bunch of ignorant people

  41. Brian G. says:

    Those punk kids should be held responsible for this senseless murder!!! They should have relocated those kids back to where they came from and leave the wildlife alone! Innocent bear killed and guilty kids live…doesnt make sense to me! I live not 2 miles from Stokes and its a beautiful place to visit although i like to see less city people around!!!!

  42. Joe Ski says:

    We need to start euthanizing humans. The wild is home to all animals. We want to go there with food and invade their home and space, then be surprised when they attack us. There’s a reason they call it “The Wild”. Humans should stay the hell out of there!

  43. Ellen says:

    Just leave the wilderness alone along with the bears who call this their home not ours.

  44. Karen says:

    Put people in their habitat and what do u expect???? Come on ;they hardly have enough land to live let alone people camping where they hunt for food. I think they should have relocated the bear not killed it. Shame on those boys for blaming the bear to begin with.

  45. wek says:

    when will the ignorant begin to realize that all beings are meant to live in their habitats on this earth and that human beings are only one part of the equation?

  46. Very conservative says:

    Govt euthanizes innocent bears and gives monkeys political protection. Not fair. How about we balance this out by giving the monkeys’ guns, knives, and welfare income to the bears?

  47. Frostie says:

    Murder, outright a stupid senseless murder of an innocent animal -who by the way
    lives there. That place was his home, wherever humans go destruction follows.

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