NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Motorists who have E-ZPass typically make better time than drivers in the cash lanes, and some are wondering why they don’t sign up.

The MTA says out of its 25 million monthly transactions at nine bridges and tunnels, nearly 80 percent were E-ZPass and 20 percent were cash. The Port Authority says at its crossings, 25 percent are cash, instead of the electronic device.

“I don’t understand why they don’t have it,” one driver told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

“That’s the best thing about it.  I don’t have to wait in line,” another said.

With the E-ZPass lanes oftentimes wide open, some motorists don’t understand why others resist the convenience.

“I should have it.  I’ve always wanted to get it.  I don’t have it yet,” said Scott Koen, who in New Jersey and drives to the city daily. “I have no excuses.”

“I’m driving my boss’s car,” another driver told Slattery.

The plastic pass requires an account with a cash balance from a credit card, which one driver says is “too expensive” an investment.

With E-ZPass, drivers get a discount. A $6.50 fare is reduced to $4.80 with EZ Pass, a savings of $1.70.

Of course, another reason some drivers might opt for paying cash, the fear that Big Brother is watching their every move.

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  1. seymour scagnetti says:

    wait until the tolls go up 50% and the average base pay of the NY & NY PA is nearly 80K per year…you are paying tolls to pay these people…the roads and bridges are falling apart…revolt is near.

  2. Dale Auburn says:

    If all those Luddites out there want to keep paying higher tolls, fine – the more they pay now, the less my tolls will go up later.

  3. tim says:

    big brothers watching you with your cell phone anyway….they all have GPS in then anyway

    1. Chauncie says:

      I’ve been telling people that for years but everyone and their mama’s mama has two or three cell phones. No matter what you do, BB is watching you unless you’re homeless, with no utilities and don’t pay taxes. If you have credit card, internet, cable or are getting digital airwave channels, they’re monitoring you.

  4. goblin says:

    You know what baffles me? The fact that we even have to pay any tolls at all considering these bridges and tunnels were paid off long ago. Also, the money collected goes to other city needs other than road and bridge work. legalized extortion at its finest.

    1. AW says:

      Uh goblin who do you think maintains those bridges and tunnels and with what $$$$$ ?

    2. Jerseyboy says:

      these bridges were paid off long ago and we should not have to pay $8 dollars at it is now for crossing a damn bridge. the technology we have today is far greater than that of the old; so how is it they got by paying only $2 dollars. damn thieves!

      As for the exorbitant toll increase of $12 we all know what they are trying to do here. see they want to raise the toll much like the gas prices. Remember when gas was a $1 and change until Bush + the oil companies raised the price to almost $3 a gallon. see much like the oil companies the mta / port authorities are no different if you raise the price high enough people will complain. the politicians will start the good guy bad guy soap opera like they give a s@#$. The price will be reduce yes but in the grand scheme of things they got what they wanted more money. example $12 increase only to cut it back to $10 see what i mean. Like a man selling a car. he’ll over price the car just for bidding purposes, only to get the price he really wanted. people wake TFU.

      1. LG says:

        In regard to the difference in tolls from one time period to another, have you ever heard of inflation?

        In regard to gas prices, that’s a whole other ball of wax. The answer for the changing costs of each barrel of oil is connected to “what the MARKET will bear.” In other words, if there’s high demand, there’s an expensive supply, but if there is low demand, the price is cheaper since there is so much supply to sell.

        Gas prices are what they are because of the greed of the profiting suppliers. Have you ever seen photos from any of the high-end cities like Dubai? The “haves” there are nothing but filthy rich. Can’t say the same for the “have nots,” but that’s pretty much anywhere. Now, tolls? Nobody’s making a profit from tolls, at least as far as I can see,

      2. josh says:

        LG, inflation is ok if it comes with economic growth, but when you have a failing economy and you raise tolls thats called “stagflation”…….look it up and educate yourself. You probably believe the United States still exists too i bet. Moron

      3. LG says:

        josh, the poster above was asking why the tolls are so high when the bridges were “paid off long ago.” There is the matter of upkeep and inflation–prices go up. I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s stagflation or inflation, prices go up when costs go up. Prices have been going up for years on end even when the economy was in a better place, hence inflation then.

        Regarding the United States, I don’t know what politics you subscribe to, but last I heard, we were still all part of the same country. Idiot.

  5. sadly1ofthe25%$ says:

    For rental cars, as I understand from EZ Pass NY, one can purchase the electronic device aka a “tag” (although they currently provide no sources in Manhattan on their website). Sources can be found by going to the MTA Bridge & Tunnel Authority website. However, few employees at these retailers are knowledgeable about the process and one cannot activate the tag online or create an account at the EZ Pass NY website without a license number for a vehicle. (They require a plate number in the event the tag doesn’t scan properly so they can send the violation/fine to the owner of the license plate). I am told both the license plate linked to the respective tag are recorded when going through a toll.

    A supervisor assures me they can activate a tag and respective plate number by calling the service number 1-800-333-8655 but I haven’t tried it. Also, I was told one must register and then unregister a rental car for the duration of the rental period.

    It’s less hassle to just wait in line and pay the toll in cash (which one can’t do on the Henry Hudson Bridge with the current pilot program) or trust the rental car agency’s terms will cover you as outlined in the rental agreement.

    Hopefully they’ll figure it out because it’s an otherwise great program.

  6. Edjumacated says:

    You wrote “A $6.50 fair is…”

    I guess someone at New York CBS Local doesn’t know this, but it should be fare, not fair.

  7. notinthematrix says:

    I go through a toll about twice a year. I’m not going to pay $12 a year for that.

  8. karma5230 says:

    I you don’t own a car but rent as many do in NYC you are not allowed to have an EZPass. You can use one if the rental car company has one installed in the car you rent but there is a surcharge that they charge for the privilege of using it and not all rental cars have one.

  9. Joe says:

    EZ Pass = systematic robbing of the public

    1. LG says:

      How do you figure? You actually save money by using it.

      If you are worried about “Big Brother” watching you, don’t. The company is only concerned when your tag isn’t read by the reader. You should worry more about Facebook and Twitter if you’re concerned about people knowing your business.

  10. Deb says:

    I would like an EZPass, but I am a vacationer who doesn’t live in an EZPass state. They charge $1 a month for the privilige of having one. $12 a year for the few times I would use it doesn’t make sense. I doubt many other vacationers would pay it.

    1. LG says:

      I hear you, Deb. Makes no sense for you to keep an E-Z Pass account if you hardly ever travel through the zones that use it,

      And another argument against everyone having it: Nat is right, if everyone had E-Z Pass, the wait would be longer. It saves a little time per vehicle from not having to make change, but you still have to slow down to get through the booths.

    2. DollHouse says:

      You do need to find out if you pay less at those tolls when you have an EZPass, and if that equals or exceeds the $12/year… for me, it works out to keep the EZPass.

  11. LG says:

    Even if your vehicle has EZ-Pass, at some toll plazas, you have to get around all the vehicles that don’t. The best thing EZ-Pass did is put in lanes with cameras above them where you do not have to go through booths. To reconstruct every toll area this way would be costly, but it’s worth it at the most congested areas.

  12. Vincent says:

    “With E-ZPass, drivers get a discount. A $6.50 fair is reduced to $4.80 with EZ Pass, a savings of $1.70.”

    Who’s writing these articles? fair? EZ Pass or E-ZPass?

    1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      Why do you ask? Are you suggesting that it’s a lie?

  13. Nat says:

    If everyone had E-Z Pass, the waits would be longer.

    1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      And that would build pressure for gateless lanes and high-speed tag readers.

  14. Paul says:

    Maybe they don’t get ez pass so that toll takers will still have jobs. If the toll takers get laid off they will immediately be accused of being lazy by a certain segment of our society, who won’t want them to have unemployment benefits or any other assistance.

    1. toll workers blow says:

      Paul dont worry your job is safe for now.

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