NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (WCBS 880) — Sunday’s rain could bring some relief to allergy sufferers.

Ragweed pollen has hit the air a few weeks earlier then usual. It’s a pattern that’s been developing over the past 20 years, says Dr. Leonard Bielory, a Rutgers researcher who is studying the link to climate change.

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“We actually note that there’s been a clear trend changing in the release of pollen between that period of time,” said Bielory.

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He says he won’t discuss the politics or potential causes of climate change, but notes that with more frost-free days, pollen release is starting earlier. That means mild allergy symptoms will likely become moderate and moderate could become more severe.

With an EPA grant, Bielory will study the anticipated pollen release changes over the next 50 years.

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  1. lydiass says:

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  2. Taybor says:

    Once again shoddy reporting – this is NOT a picture of ragweed. Good grief….

  3. gary unger says:

    climate change is inevitable. there were ice ages and tropical periods in the past. we have no control over nature.. we are not as powerful as we believe we are

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