JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Commuters accustomed to forking it over at various Hudson River crossings told the Port Authority Of New York and New Jersey what they think of proposed toll and fare increases.

The Port Authority held a round of public hearings Tuesday on the proposed increases, which will affect bridges, tunnels and PATH trains.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Both Sides Sound Off In Jersey City

Union laborers donned in bright orange shirts came by the busloads to voice their support of the hikes in Jersey City, while many commuters spoke out in opposition.

“We cannot afford not to make these investments because we need the jobs,” one worker said.

In Newark alone, 40 unemployed construction workers were apparently bused in to offer their support for the agency’s proposal.

“If we don’t do the maintenance that we need and the upgrades that we need, we’re all going to eventually stop working in this area,” construction worker James Johnson said.

Union members pack a hearing on Port Authority toll hikes - Jersey City, NJ - Aug 16, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

Union members pack a hearing on Port Authority toll hikes - Jersey City, NJ - Aug 16, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

“If we have urgent capital needs that will help the region grow and prosper, we should act like grown-ups and work to meet them,” another worker, Robert foster, said.

Those speaking out against the proposal said the unions were being used as pawns to exploit other working people who can’t afford the increase.

“This is outrageous and greedy,” one woman said.

One Jersey City man even called the public hearings a sham.

“They’re being held in a place that nobody can find, they’re being held at a time that nobody can come,” he said.

“I’m a retiree. it would cost me, as my son said, $20 to go to Brooklyn to visit my relatives,” Joy Atkin said in Newark.”I cant afford it.”

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports: Large Union Turnout On Staten Island

About 100 people packed the hearing at the Port Ivory facility on Staten Island — the majority of them from the union.

“Nobody wants to pay more for everyday activities but there’s also no such thing as a free lunch,” Michael Maguire, of the Mason Tenders District Council, said.

The agency says it needs the additional revenue the hikes will generate to pay for a new 10-year capital investment plan, maintain security, and complete the over-budget World Trade Center.

Among the details of the proposed hike:

  • EZ-Pass peak tolls would increase from $8 to $12 this year, and to $14 in 2014
  • EZ-Pass off-peak tolls would increase from $6 to $10 this year, and to $12 in 2014.
  • Cash tolls would increase from $8 to $15 this year, and to $17 in 2014.

Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie are both opposed to the proposal. Cuomo called it “A non-starter for obvious reasons,” while Christie said simply “You’re kidding, right?”

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: Compelling Arguments On Both Sides

Some motorists are disgusted by the toll hike.

“Unemployment is up and they’re continuing to raise everything,” David Lechese said. “What do we do to survive everyday? Gasoline prices, tolls, public transportation, food costs, energy costs — everything is going up.”

Angela McBryan said she is barely scraping by as it is and now the Port Authority wants to take any spare cash she might have.

“We can’t afford to go over the bridge so we just avoid it,”McBryan said.

CBS2 HD reported that the Port Authority is actually seeking a lower hike, and proposed such a steep raise to provide elected officials the political breathing room to approve any increase at all.

The plan goes up for vote on Friday. The governors can veto it within 10 days.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On A Unique Protest

The Port Authority is “nickling and diming” its customers, so it’s going to give them the same treatment on Wednesday, says protest organizer Paul Di Donato of Staten Island.

He wants anyone who can to pay their tolls with pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Di Donato, who works at a New Jersey pharmaceutical company, is spending his spare time getting the word out on Facebook.

“There’s over 500 in the group,” he says.

Di Donato knows other motorists will be annoyed by the slowdown, but he hopes increased awareness over the hikes will cause them to speak up.

What do you think about the proposed hikes? Sound off in our comments section.

Comments (76)
  1. Rasputin says:

    But the PA does not give a rat dropping for the public’s opinions; hence, they were no-shows at the latest public hearing. I like the proposal to pay in nickels and dimes. My lonely twitter, suggests everyone “forget” your EZ-Pass tag at home and come up to the cash toll booth with $20 and $50 bills. How long before they run out of change.

    Revolt legally!! Caus e traffic jam from all PA crossings back to the Delaware Water Gap!

    1. Big "O" NJ says:

      Where are all the “Union of Socialist” commentators today?!?!? All the Union clowns in their “Orange” prison suits are getting their overtime in at the PA! PA
      Management & workers are a joke. Where else can you earn hundreds of thousands of $$$ with a high school degree!?!?! Welcome to the real world Port Authority! You no longer have the right to rape the public, it’s time for you to bend over!!!

  2. Norman McConnell says:

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  3. Harry says:

    Outsource the entire PA operation to China for a cost saving.
    Or suffer the consequences of having monthly toll expenditures
    exceed your monthly mortgage/rent payments.



    1. union boycott says:

      Lol drunk as always

    2. lydiass says:

      The PA of NY&NJ proposed toll increases are unfounded if not illegal (they unfairly restrict inter-state commerce with exorbitant tolls) and are a regressive TAX on individuals and business in the NY & NJ area.
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    3. John Maniatakos says:

      In 1961 a major bridge was built in Montreal. The cost to cross the bridge was .50 cents. Five years later they reduced the cost to .25 cents. 10 years later they took off the tolls completely. Overall in about 20 years the bridge was paid off !!! No more tolls.

      Here we have bridges built in 1928, 1929, 1930 and instead of the cost going down, the cost keeps rising for bridges that were paid off decades ago. Some bridges are so congested that they should pay us to cross it instead of us paying to cross.

      I feel sorry for Staten Islanders ! ! ! They are prisoners.

      1. Darren says:

        Welcome to bureaucracy American style; where the head of most bureaucratic agencies are paid $500,000 a year to spend an 8-hr day with their head stuck so far up their own a$$ that they no longer use their nostrils for air but for light.

  5. JCRECALL says:

    Ray Pocino is a commissioner of Port Authority. If you read his bio, he is part of LiUNA, the men wore the LiUNA orange shirts at the hearings!

    This was nothing but a dog and pony show!



  6. hannibal padilla says:

    Orange siuts, some of these Union people need to practice the up coming new life as inmates, of course they would come out for the Port Authority they are clowns protecting there jobs…do you really thimnk they care per what happens to your family ..Unions a legal way to steal and control a bunch of cows and sheep. Cowards is a better discreption…for these people. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they loose their jobs because their boss needs a new car or mistress…I would the first on they Union bust line they should learn from the end they loose it all…

    1. Union be gone says:

      Wow first time I ever agreed with someone on here.I think most of USA is getting tired of unions.We are getting tired of paying for there perks as ours get taken away.

  7. Jeff says:

    People…I cant stress to you need to move out of the NY-NJ metro area as soon as you can..why does it coes it cost less toll wise to drive to florida then from the hudson valley to queens ??

    These union thugs are a disgrace..i am so sick of them crying about jobs…yet they are all aligned with the Democratic machine that supports the very same illegal immigrants that take their precious jobs….

  8. Truth says:

    The Union is wearing all orange. How ironic, because they look like the department of corrections outfits. Does that make them criminals? Hell YES!
    Why are we paying for the World Trade Center? What happened to the insurance money? Why do we have to pay for all the delays and associated penalties? If you want money, just ticket all the morons who cross lanes in the tunnel and cut in line.

  9. Idratherbegolfing says:

    Funny how the union is in support of the increase. The moment anybody threatens to take a dime away from one of them or ask them to make some concessions to help the city save money and they cry like little babies. But hey double the tolls for the common folk the vast majority of which don’t have a union to hind behind and their all for it.

  10. george says:

    PA of NY&NJ incompetent emplees, incompetent management, all.
    Worst emploees, worst services, horrible PATH, worst Airports, ugly tunnels, old bridges, nasty bus terminals, lotta mess.

  11. marc zazeela says:

    Of course they intentionally inflate the size of the hike so they can pass what they really want later on. Then they will tell us, see we compromised, didn’t we? The PA is a joke. it has been for years, the most corrupt and grossly mismanaged organization in the Tri-State area.

  12. jim says:

    Thats it, raise the tolls so the PA has more money to waste!

  13. SICKoftheCROOKS says:

    I find myself wondering why they need more money…Each car that crosses the GW spends $8 cash. The GW alone probably makes upwards on $10,000 a day or more- where is that money going?!

    1. Gene says:

      10,000/$8 would suggest only 1,250 cars cross the GW per day. Wikipedia mentions about $1mm in tolls each day — that’s somewhere between 100,000 and 130,000 cars (trucks get charged more, EZ-pass pays less, etc). Each day is different, but I’m sure they clear at least $300mm in tolls each year….

    2. Terry says:

      Wikipedia reports that 106 million cars or 290,411 cars per day cross the GWB for a daily revenue total of $2,323,288 or an annual total of $848,000,000 or almost $1 billion in revenue. And they still can’t manage their books with that?! That’s ridiculous!

  14. George says:

    Well what the heck are we as commuters doing paying for the world trade center make over? If you need a toll increase make it affordable but appply nto its intended purpose! That being maintaining bridges and roadways!

    Now on another note why are we spending so much money on a huge memorial downtown! Put a plague up post the names and use the property to generate money but let the developers pay for the buildings not our toll money!

  15. Jack Flash says:

    These hearings and all hearings held by the MTA/Port Authority are a waste of time. The unelected, answerable to no one bureaucrats will do what they want. Not one penny of the rate increase will be used to improve transportation. It will all disappear down the union rat hole of corruption and inefficiency. Just look how the entire NYC transportation infrastructure has crumbled in the last 30 years. The Verrazano Bridge is literally rusting away, yet no maintenance is done. Nothing.

    Every other director and manager of the PA should be put up against a wall as an example to the other half.

  16. Big "O" NJ says:

    This is by far the biggest abuse of Tax Payer money in years! They PA packs the meetings (with union people who don’t evan want to show their faces) in obscure locations so the general public has very little knowledge of location, time etc…of meeting. These PA Union people have no idea of the real world!!! Their benefits are better than anyone out here, all they want to do is keep status que! Cuomo and Christie you vote for this and enjoy your 1 term as Gov!!!
    Funny thing is that they’ll ask for more $$$ once this is over!!! No way Jose!!!!

  17. ? says:

    SEIG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MR. CLEAN says:


  19. Bman says:

    Intersting! all the Union guys are white !

    1. mike says:

      What does that have to to with anything

  20. mike says:

    What are they going to do when the people said F YOU and decide not to paid the tolls Are they going to send them a bill in the mail I don’t think so We all have to start a revolt

  21. angry says:

    I dont drive thank god. I stopped taking path because the service is a farce. They want to raise fares for service that is always delayed. i write to them everyday and they dont answer at all. THey just care about lining their pockets greedy port authority. Its all about greed here. when people start moving out lets see what happens.

  22. az says:

    Here’s the current headline on 1010wins ‘Due to earlier car equipment problem, PATH train service on HOB and JSQ to 33rd Street lines subject to 10 min delay.’ How ironic. And they want to increase fares. PA, reduce staff, have no salary increases for 2 years (I haven’t received one), Cut upper management salaries by atleast 25%, start cops at a lower salary, have PA employees pay more towards their healthcare. The new PATH trains see to be a waste of money. There’s not enough of overhead rods to hold on to. People in the middle of the 2 doors are at the mercy of the people around them as they have no place to hold on to. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER FIRST BEFORE PROPOSING A FARE HIKE. LET’S SEE IF THE GOVERNORS OF NY/NJ DO ANYTHING TO HELP THE PEOPLE. I DOUBT THEY WILL.

  23. Jon C says:

    proof unions are too powerful and are hurting the rest of us.
    These people are overpaid for what they do

  24. CHris says:

    Well, this is why it is good to live in CT and Westchester – we don’t have to worry about tolls! Lol!! If they could build a bridge or tunnel not owned by some company or country, they really do not have to KEEP charging tolls because these things have been MORE than paid for with profits since they were constructed!

    The way I see it, once you go into NJ and beyond and then come back into the city, you are paying an admission fee! They does this because they know that all states west of NY want to come into the city. In theory, you should be able to have FREE travel throughout the US, but some hustlers love to make lifes rough for most people just to make a buck.

    Truth be told, there should be no tolls within the city of NY! How can it be a true city is you have to pay to get to one place or another? Why does it cost so much to get to Staten Island? Who wants to go there anyway? If it were not for that Hudson River, they would not be able to charge a thing. Any new bridges or tunnels would just be built to make money.

    Funny, in a capitalist society, they only allow the rich to caplitalize but the poorer people are stopped from capitalizing! You pay them back by not crossing bridges. Just let the fools from other states pay. It goes against my code to pay even $1 dollar in tolls to get into the city. Luckily, we do not have to pay tolls coming from CT/Westchester.

    1. Gary says:


      The fact is that most of the food, and other goods you buy in CT/Westchester will cost more because they are transported by truck from the west and south of NYC over toll bridges like the GWB…so you are not imune to the proposed increase.

  25. New York says:

    I think that port Authority needs to stop over spending just like the governent. Enough is enough. We can not survive. It is not the peoples problem if business and transportation authority continue to ove spend. Then make the public pay for it’s problems. I think not. This is crazy. Not everyone is a millionair or super rich. There are a lot of hard working Americans that are just getting by the skin of there teeth. We need Jobs and companies need to stop outsourcing them and bring them back to the US. Everyone needs to stop the over spending. Get it together.

  26. ernest petito says:

    Everyone thinks they have a cash cow………

    1. boycott union says:

      And they think it is the people of new jersey and new york.Shame on the port authority and shame on the disgusting union who sent workers down there may you alll rot in hell.

  27. steffi says:

    Kenneth unningham is right. They are going to do what they want no matter what the public. says. They don’t care about the working people. They make thousands of dollars in salary plus a company car which has a driver for them. They don’t pay the tolls themselves. All of this, we the tax payer is paying for. If I have to pay to go to work, they should have to pay too. Let these people try to live on what I make and see how they like it. Make a clean sweep and start anew.

  28. Bob Gilson says:

    The entire capital plan of the Port Authority is available on line. What is amazing is the amount of money they are planning to spned— 30 Billion dollars. Of that only 3 billion for transportation related projects(bridges, tunnels, the bus terminals, and PATH combined). Of that three billion, one billion is going to replace the GWB cables. The bottom line is that the ten year plane does not consider adding a single lane of additional capacity to a Hudson crossing. Next year will the the 50th anniversary of the last additional extra capacity(the lower GWB). That is pre route 80. That’s pre Meadowlands Sports Complex, pre Western Spur of the Turnpike and numerous expansions of the Parkway and the turnpike. The major shopping malls in Paramus were about five years old. John Kennedy was President, Hawaii and Alaska were brand new states, and the retiring baby boomers were just getting ready to graduate high school. John Glenn was just going into space.

    Basically the Port Authority is asking us to pay FIFTEEN times for the same level of transportation capacity that existing a half century ago. Shame on them for the system they provide and shame on us for accepting it.

    I am not opposed to added tolls for added capacity and better commutes. But to be asked to pay outrageous fares for what the Port Authority delivers should not be tolerated. The mission of the Port Authority needs to be better focused on the transporting of good and services around the area.

    If the bridges, tunnels and PATH were the only outdated systems it would be bad enough, but the Port Authority’s three major airports are consider among the ten worst performing airports in the Nation with many flights delayed and hour or more 50% of the time.

    Where is the majority of the money going? To build a huge office tower in an area that has been successully moving towards a residential community. Over 11 Billion dollars to build and counting. The original World Trade Center took years to occupy and was filled with many government agencies.

    A message should be sent to the Port Authority that is needs to get its house in order. Focus on reducing congestion at the bridges, tunnels, trains and airports. Get out of the building office towers and focus the orignal mission. Until then fares should remain flat and the Port can sell extraneous assets and reduce expenses until they get it right.

    If we can force up our teachers, police, fire, and other workers to pay more for their benefits because we cant afford to provide pensions and free health insurancet any longer at the state level, then the Port should share the pain too. If we can’t afford to pay more for state

    To ask the commuter to pay for the Port’s bad decisions in added commuting time and out of pocket is simply wrong.

  29. BE says:

    How about this first:
    * Eliminate the orange EZ pass which allows PA and NY (well connected individuals) to drive through tolls and pay nothing. Absoluite parasites on the rest of us
    * Make PA employees pay more (much more) for their health and pension benefits (just like the rest of us worker ants)
    * Use convict labor where and whenever possible to do PA work. Put them in chain gangs if necessary. Make them earn their keep on the public dole.
    * Sell all unnecessary PA real estate
    * Sell naming rights to all PA bridges and tunnels to $$ paying corporations (so long RFK bridge)

    After this is done lets see if toll hikes are needed

    1. RichieT says:

      Most of the time, it’s just about money. It does cost more to maintain them, but not that much. The Tappan Zee bridge is a totally different situation. It’s over, not by much, three miles long. It’s at the second widest section of The Hudson River. It floats. It opened 12/15/1955. It was designed to last 50 years. It’s falling apart.

  30. skipper says:

    I have written my comments to this CBS sight about the new toll taxes and You CBS news have failed to print it on this page, Is CBS NEW CENSERING MY COMMENTS? Ive said nothing dirty or fowl

    1. adamnl says:

      Keep trying it took me about 10 tries to get anything through.

  31. roaminaround says:

    Is it April 1st already?

  32. Kenneth Cunningham says:

    Does anyone else feel that these hearings are a waste of time? They listen to us and raise the tolls and fare regardless.

  33. hannibal padilla says:

    well what is new someone needs to pay for their home and cover a raise till they retire and also a mistress or younger man cost more. They have to teach there children to steal in a legal manner, what are they just animals….Those in power only become more greedy for power and position, so we pay the price always..

    1. adamnl says:

      True, very true and as a life long Democrat it has become obvious that it is not just the Republican party that stinks. We live in a Oligarchy now. It began with Reagan and now after 8 years of Cheney it’s been sealed. Way to much money and influence in Politics except from the People.

  34. Dulal Chakraborty says:

    Before considering toll hikes the following steps must be taken:
    1) Get rid off all the high paying fat cat incompetent mamgement staffs. they know only one way to run an organinization is to have more money.

    2) Or Cut the higher management salaries by 50% as they are asking for 50% increase in toll.

    3) Management must show concrete proof that they are curbing waste and fraud.

    4) Cut the amount of incredibly high overtime cost for security personnel.

    5) Money for over budgeted One trade Center must come from all USA citizens and not from onlly commuters to NYC.

    Hope all of us should say these things in one voice. Thanks.

    1. Pavel says:

      Cutting salaries by 50 percent is stupid would u want your salery cut? I would certainly not.

    2. adamnl says:

      How about we cut your salary by 50% without a review of any facts on the table. How do you know all management is all fat cat and overpaid? What is overpaid? Perhaps you are overpaid. What do you substantiate you accusations with? As far as I know the PA never opens it’s books for public scrutiny. Where do you get your info from before you sound off? Ideas 3 and 4 very good ideas.

      1. Dulal Chakraborty says:

        Let me give you an example of what I meant by fat cats- Recently a hospital is scheduled to be closed in NYC for lack of fund and hundreds of employees will be let go. At thge same time the head of the Hospital got 4 Million as compensation. Go figure.

        When would you not like to open your book for scritiny- when you have something to hyde. PA is not a private corporation. Let them open their book and prove me wrong.

  35. RJ says:

    The capital spending needs to be trimmed to what is really necessary, and the pay rate should be only 75% of normal union rates because the goal is to create jobs, according to the unions. With a 25% pay cut and trimmed capital spending, the necessary improvements could be done without a huge fare hike.
    Paying full union rates is only allowing the union bosses to shake down the taxpayers.

    1. adamnl says:


      How about we cut your pay for the same job you do by 25%.

  36. daniel rios says:

    Time to pack up my business and move to TX or AZ. Taxes are low and quality of life is just so much better!

    1. tag says:

      Yeah if you want a terrible education system , lousy healthcare and high violent crimes you can’t go wrong, see ya!

  37. sac lancel says:

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  38. ciccio bello says:

    Are they out of their minds? Do they really need the police officer sitting in his car 24/7 on fhe brooklyn bridge?? What that all about?

  39. john says:

    It seems everyone has to make tough choices except unions. which these toll increases are for paying their salaries. shame on you

    1. adamnl says:

      Unions gave us the Living Wage, Health benefits, the 40 hour work week. Job safety laws. And Fire Codes because of the Triangle Shirt factory fire. as well as a higher standard of living for the working class. In fact because of Unions we had a working class. But now knuckleheads like you want to bash Unions for everything and drive everyone’s salary down to poverty wages. By the way, so what would you work for at any of those jobs? Perhaps you should have your salary cut. Should you go without benefits. Why don’t you think before you vomit your ill conceived ignorant opinions all over the Internet. Oh wait, critical thinking is not part of your third grade

      1. Katei says:

        How long do I have to hear that tired old argument “the unions gave you this, the unions gave you that”. Thank you unions for a contribution that took place over 60 years ago. But your “out of touch with reality” wages and perks are now hurting us and no longer helping us.

      2. SICKoftheCROOKS says:

        By your argument we should be thanking our politicians because it was our fore fathers (first american politicians) who gave us the Constitution. Try a new argument…

        Unions, like many other great ideas, are now abused. And btw, I am not a union worker so they do NOTHING for my wages, hours, etc. However, they do take money from my paychecks for their unemployment when they are out of work for 6 months every year..

      3. Big "O" NJ says:

        Hey Adamni…what union you in clown!?!? About 100 years ago unions unions were needed. Now they are sucking the public dry out of every penny they have. I was a teamster for 10 years and couldn’t believe the benefits. Now I work to negotiate benefits for unions. Guess what…they’re out of touch with reality! And soon enough they’re going to make us bankrupt! PA get a clue! The FBI needs to investigate where all this loot is ending up!?!? This is crime and a shame!!

    2. adamnl says:

      Katai, sorry truth and fact don’t agree with your Glenn Beck driven alternate reality. But without Unions (for the most part as we now live) wages for the working man have been declining dramatically over the last thirty years. No coincidence that that same time frame is the time frame Unions have been under attack So I say, up yours knucklehead you have no knowledge of how we as labor and working class got to where we are. You only have Beck and Rush’s alternate history giving you falsehood and innuendo driven narrative to guide your thoughts.

      1. makingbelieve says:

        I make a very comfortable living without a union behind me, as does my friends and family. Outrageous union salaries have driven up the cost of evrything in our economy. if as a nation we were to start over and rebuild our infrastructure, we would be economically dead within a year due to the out of touch with realities unions demand.

  40. Russ Olsen says:

    It’s time that these clowns were told no to any increase! The economy is tough enough for the average joe,and now they want to increase tolls and costs to comute?
    All this because the high paid managers of the PANYNJ do a lousey job of managing their projects! The well is now dry

    1. adamnl says:

      Do they? Do you have proof of this? Just curious. Not an attack. I’m more convinced that the PA is a cash cow and they funnel money away from it into the general fund. They do not ever open the books for us to see yet they always want increases.

      1. Russ Olsen says:

        The proof of incompetence is in the statments made by the PANYNJ as to why they need the raise. The world trade center is costing more than expected.
        Well Duh that means Management has lost control of it and done its usual lousey job!

    2. adamnl says:

      Russ while I do not disagree with you about incompetence in some cases. My guess is greed and ego squabbling among lease holders and those that think they should be in control of the WTC is what is causing massive delays and after 10 years no replacement in sight.

  41. Rich Laurenzano says:

    When you have to increase tolls over and over you have a problem. Fix the problem which is missuse of funds and probably embezzling as well.

  42. Luke says:

    Each pridge should be paying for itself. The new trade center should be paid for by rent in the trade center. Don’t pass on mistakes to everyone else.

  43. GM says:

    Gov. Christy, Gov. Cuomo,

    The PA of NY&NJ proposed toll increases are unfounded if not illegal (they unfairly restrict inter-state commerce with exorbitant tolls) and are a regressive TAX on individuals and business in the NY & NJ area.

    They make the NJ & NJ area uncompetitive compared to other parts of the country where cost of doing business are lower…thus our metro area looses companies and jobs to other parts of the country and world…seems that recently companies are re-locating business units and jobs to TEXAS where business operating costs are lower.

    Major Arguments are:

    The Port Authority of NY & NJ (PANYNJ) has become too large for it own good…administration costs are out of control and the transportation revenue sources should not be subsidizing real estate projects…

    The PANYNJ should be promoting the metro area and attracting economic commerce not impeding business by increasing costs to business and consumers.

    1. The historical increased since 1982 have run well ahead of the CPI inflation index. (1982 cost of GWB was $1.00 cash and now proposed $15.00 cash toll) CPI is approx 225% in the same period.

    2. The increased Cost to NJ Transit Bus operations and other upstate bus operators, will eventually be passed on to commuters who commute into NYC.

    3. The cost to commuters directly paying the toll to get to work in areas not served by mass transit (GWB to points east in upper Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, and CT).

    4. The PATH train increase in counter intuitive…should be promoting mass transit usage?

    5. The increased congestion and air pollution as trucks and commuters adjust commuting patterns to take advantage of lower Hudson toll crossing up north at the Tappan Zee Bridge currently $5.00 cash vs. currently $8.00 cash and the new proposed $15.00 cash fare at the GWB and Lincoln Tunnel…The $10.00 disparity will certainly have unintended consequences taking vehicles off I-80 and I-95 and putting them on the Garden State Parkway, RT 17, and the Palisades Parkway.

    6. The cost of food inflation in NYC as bread, milk, and produce from NJ (JERSEY FRESH) will now be more expensive in NYC because of the toll increase or will NJ farmers, dairy’s be squeezed and have to cut employment to offset the higher toll costs.

    VOTE NO for any TOLL increase and make the PANYNJ manage their current budget more effectively.

  44. sharon galazzo says:

    NO WAY TO A TOLL INCREASE..NO NO NO NIO NO NO NO..Have you lost your minds.We can not afford that

    1. Charnat Gerolstein says:

      Travelling over the GWB is a terrible ride at any time of the day, any day. Past hikes have not improved conditions. They are working on the Bridge with no end in sight. Why? So why more hikes? What are they thinking?

    2. Dulal Chakraborty says:

      Absolutely big NO.

    3. mike says:

      What are they going to do when the people said F YOU and decide not to paid the tolls We all have to start a revolt

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