NYC's First Overall Increase In Decades Said To Be Possible; City Hall ConcernedBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City’s overall crime rate could increase for the first time in decades, driven by alarming spikes in murder, rapes and robberies in many neighborhoods.

A 400 percent increase in murders in tony Williamsburg; a 400 percent increase in rapes in Sheepshead Bay and a 250 percent increase in killings in Washington Heights are all troublesome statistics that have Mayor Michael Bloomberg and police officials concerned.

“We worry every day about trying to make this city safer,” Mayor Bloomberg said Monday.

Mayor Bloomberg Says NYC Is The Safest Big City In The Country. 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Reports

Although crime has fallen an enviable 35 percent since Bloomberg took office, in the past year it has risen in 34 of the city’s 76 precincts, and alarming spikes in some neighborhoods could lead to the first city-wide increase in decades.

According to the NYPD:

* The 100th Precinct in Rockaway, Queens has seen a 37 percent increase in crime

* In the 34th in Washington Heights it’s up 24 percent

* In the 77th in Crown Heights it’s up 21 percent.

* In the 113th in St. Albans, Queens it has spiked 17 percent

* In the 76th in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn it’s up 11 percent

“I’m not worried about a crime wave. Once you get down to a certain level you probably can’t statistically get lower than a certain amount, so each year some will be up and some will be down but the police commissioner’s working full time on it,” Bloomberg said.

In Crown Heights, which has seen an increase in robberies, rapes, burglary and grand larceny, people are talking about it.

“It is getting worse,” one resident said.

“Since the beginning of the year I heard about a couple of shootings but one big one was over there,” resident Maverick Dunkley said, motioning.

“Quite recently in my apartment building I know that they were looking for an individual. Police officers came to the building looking for someone. It was a large number of police officers about 10 to 20,” another resident said.

“I’m very concerned about it. The mayor needs to do something about it,” said Abdul Hamiyd, who works in the area.

Some in Crown Heights think the increase is due to the economy because there are lots of people unemployed right now, young people who need jobs. The mayor, however, disputed that claim.

Bloomberg Says The Numbers Go Up And Down In Some Precincts. WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb Reports.

“People who commit crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal,” Bloomberg said.

The NYPD is fighting crime with 6,000 fewer cops since the mayor took office. Still, it’s launched a “get tough” policy with precinct commanders.

The commander of the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights, for example, was removed recently because crime shot up so much on his watch.

What do you think should be done to combat this problem? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. V says:

    How do you NYC’rs tolerate such an arrogant, wealthy guy to represent you? He wants to watch all of you from a secure location via CCTVs and tell you what to do, when you can do it, etc.. Can’t you see how disgusting his scruples are? The criminals don’t read the WSJ? Are you kidding me? So, all the people who have a 6 figure income are angels and the rest of you are, or are most likely, – the criminals. Oh, it’s that simple for Bloomy to figure out that equation. This guy is the typical tyrant, and millions of you people allow him to think that of you. Don’t you realize what he really thinks about you? I feel sorry for all of you living under his rule. He makes me want to vomit – ON HIM. †

    1. A-Smart-Human says:

      Dead balls on accurate, too bad the American public is too stupid to figure this out!

      They believe 9/11 was done by arabs from a cave ( Not Israeli agents )

      They believe we shot Bin Laden and dumped him at sea ( Bovine Excrement )

      So they will believe a rich man telling them this tripe.

      I bet they will believe their 401k controller when they tell them their retirement is gone LOL LOL LOL.

      1. Shmeggle Marxist says:

        hi jew hater!

      2. Spike says:

        Jeeze, another idiot who thinks 9/11 was an “inside job”. It would take THOUSANDS of people to pull off something like that with 2 of the biggest bldgs in the world. Disgusting. The week before 911 an old smokestack near here was taken down. The had 15 guys on site for 10 days to get that job done. FIFTEEN.

      3. RightofRush says:

        9/11 netted Larry Silverstein 2+ billion or so on terrorist insureance payments on the twin towers. He leased the complex 2-3 months before the attack. The buildings came down in their own foot prints missing close tpo 2/3 their mass. The missin mass was pulverized into powder that hd the look of a pyroclastic flow. 9/11 provided us with a causes belli to wage war on Israel’s enemies.
        “Jew hater” and “anti-semite” are used by Jews with the same abandon that Obama & crew uses the race card.

      4. RightofRush says:

        9/11 netted Larry Silverstein 2+ billion or so on terrorist insureance payments on the twin towers. He leased the complex 2-3 months before the attack. The buildings came down in their own foot prints missing close to 2/3 their mass. The missing mass was pulverized into powder that had the look of a pyroclastic flow. 9/11 provided us with a causes belli to wage war on Israel’s enemies.
        “Jew hater” and “anti-semite” are used by Jews with the same abandon that Obama & crew uses the race card.

      5. Guess Who says:

        There’s a lot to hate.

    2. Jay says:

      “Amen!!!”. [PC disclaimer]- no offense to the Godless!

    3. jimmerz says:

      So it’s your belief that anyone who does not live in NYC can make a comment about it!? Well, while you’re at it, remind mayor “he might not be the best but he’s ours” not to make comments about our state, when he comes out here to visit!

    4. Richard C Hamilton says:

      You changed the rules, than elected this cretin. I’ll bet you think Obama is a Messiah, right? People like you are complete losers.

    5. John says:

      When Bloomberg won reelection it was by a sqeaker against someone who most people had never heard of EVEN ON ELECTION DAY. To garner this win, Bloomberg spent more money than any candidate across the entire country – against an unknown (in the truest sense) .

      Think about that. Bloomberg had to outspend everyone in every election across the country to beat someone by an incredibly small margin whose name no one even knew.

      Trust me. We HATE Bloomberg…. And he would have lost if people actually knew anything about the other candidate. Hopefully the next guy who runs against Doomberg will have at least two nickles to rub together. If he does, Doomberg is OUTTA THERE!!!

    6. Blaine Knapp says:

      He’s coming to our towns, trying advocate for gun control. You get mugged, robbed, and raped because the only two entities that have guns are cops and criminals. The cops arent coming for at least 10 minutes. If he doesnt want national scrutiny he should mind his own business.

      1. Scott C says:

        You said it!
        NYC Mayor sets up businesses in other states for lawsuits on gun sales.
        Know that this Mayor increased mandatory sentence from one year to three years on illegal gun possession. Bank$ter$ and Marshalls do not want to encounter difficulty when throwing tenants who cannot afford exhorbitant rents, out into the street.
        Beware set-ups — pass the word — the extent of betrayal in the off$horing capital of the world is unreal.

    7. MisterJones says:

      If all you people would grow a set and demand your RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS you could protect yourselves.The police are NOT THERE TO PROTECT YOU! You are the only ones who can. The people of the Republic of Texas shoot criminals,we carry guns and we use them,we also have the death penalty and we use that too.Take a look at our crime stats. and compare them to your states.Your choice save your self or be a victim.

    8. Johnny Blade says:

      From what I’ve been reading you’re all a bunch of idiots. But I’ll be stupid, too. I’m going to ask any of the pro gun people on here a question. First, I’m not for or against gun control. My question is why do people with guns feel the need to own semi-automatic and automatic weapons? What’s wrong with a good old-fashioned shotgun or something similar? My point is why does a person need to have the capability to mow down numerous people in a matter of seconds? The last guy that pulled a gun on me got knifed. That seemed to do the trick. Intelligent responses only please. If you dare. Have a nice evening!

    9. David Lindsey says:

      WE live in Pleasant Plains. Close enough. Here everyone ownes at leas one gun and most are packing it. Rob the store in our little town and you might find that it is a hot rod chevy that chases you down before the cops can get there. You can keep your high crime. If people would have a little personal responsibility and work with the cops when something does happen you might find it is a little better place.

    10. donald says:

      .. get tough on “who” and apparently mr Bloomberg knows there is a recession by reading the wsj and the unemployed……well darn it–keep those pesky wsj away from them lest they become aware they are….well you get the picture….and even better…statistically he will accept a certain number of……..statistics……well you get the picture……..3rd term? what are you kiddin me? Well done V

    11. A. Levy says:

      Our limp-wristed, elitist, left-wing, Fascist, (a.k.a. Bloomberg) wants to convince the world that life here is great because he’s eliminated salt, donuts, and tobacco. What he hasn’t eliminated is “reality”. Life in NYC has never been as oppresive or expensive as it has been under the rule of our leftist queen. As for police commissioner Kelly, (a.k.a. lap-dog) instead of getting tough with his commanders, perhaps he should start getting tough with the street criminals.

      Thanks to Bloomberg, the NYPD’s tough and long-standing entrance standards were done away with and replaced with “diversity, affirmative action, and political correctness”. Now the people will suffer for it.

      1. dunce says:

        Usually the problems that come with lowered standards take years to fully bloom because of the time lag as competent people are retired and the new affirmative action hires are in low level positions. More bias in promotions speeds up the decline.

    12. I am not a liberal!! says:

      I live in NYC. My close friends live in NYC. Not one, including me, likes this guy! We know exactly who and what this arrogant elitist is and he makes us vomit too! But we are living in a city dominated by liberals and Mike Bloomberg is a liberal. It’s so bad, you have to keep your mouth south just to get along with your neighbors and co-workers. Liberalism here is a mental disorder but oh so trendy. Everyone assumes you are a liberal. But we conservatives are out there, busy working, going to church and staying out of trouble.

    13. Scott C says:

      You said it
      Doomberg is another non-practicing “tolerance” preaching $ubversive bank$ter West-Banking out the USA from Manhattan Central
      This negative is common on both Coast$

    14. Leigh Ann says:

      Oh I feel the same way, V. He says, people committing these crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal, so he doesn’t attitribute the spike to the economy. They don’t have to read the paper to know they are having hard times or are personally unemployed! Wake up mayor!

  2. 51 Phantom says:

    Maybe Bloomberg should concentrate on the problems in NYC instead of running nation wide organizations to dis-arm people.

    1. davidc says:

      With the bulk of cops out trolling for exta revenue for the city and state by harrassing motorist, why are we surprise that crime is up?

      1. eric ross says:

        What it is, is they can only get the money from taxpayers which is why they ignore the lower crime areas. Those areas contain blood and welfare money, which can amount to nickels, dimes and the gobmint tit.

  3. CATHERINE says:




    yes please more socialism and liberalism……………the crime is giong to blow when the rolling blackouts start in power…………..and lets do what Obama did this weekend, LET’S LET ALL THE ILLEGAL ALIENS STAY HERE TOO…..

    yeah liberalism………….continue it and the crime will blow

    1. Steve says:

      Preach it sister! I am at your six, sitting the choir behind you. Let Fredom Ring!!

    2. Joe says:

      It is his fault. This is exactly what he wants! His plan is working..can’t you see it? redistribution of wealth, race against race, “rich” against poor, and a genuine hatred of freedom!!!

    3. Walter says:

      Well put, Catherine…but I don’t think that the vacationer in chief is listening.

    4. JOANNE says:

      thats cause it IS you friggim moron-get your head out of your liberal ass!!!!

    5. Harold Lowe says:

      Hostility toward big business, same toward small and medium business, no drilling in The gulf, no drilling in ANWR, many new regs, Obamacare, not just the TP anymore, John.

    6. JOANNE says:

      Amen Brother!!!
      An open question to all persons of the Jewish faith….If you are all so intelligent why do you keep voting Democrat every time???

      1. Dr. 9 says:

        Jews are “totally” dedicated to their Leftist philosophies. The only way to change them is to show them how to make more money and not pay any tax. They are the destroyers of NYC, and the country.

    7. Bob says:

      Suck it, boy.

  4. Zakk in PA says:

    A well-trained neighborhood watch licensed to carry firearms and consisting of upstanding citizens would be a pretty good way to deal with this mess. Unfortunately, as I see more horriffic stories come out of NYC and other cities (Chicago, Detroit, Philly), I fear the mayors are using these crimes to further their own executive power. The Rhambo “never let a good crisis go to waste” approach.

    1. V says:

      Your proposal is inadequate. Only allowing certain people to have certain rights is NOT American. People have the RIGHT to bear arms and, by extension protect themselves. What do you expect the result to be when you lose 6,000 police officers? More cameras certainly won’t help. Albany needs to act in favor of the people in NYC and allow them to exercise their Constitutional Rights. †

      1. jay says:

        Ask yourself why are there 6000 less officers? New York is a mess from the top down with its regressive taxation and overbearing regulations. There is a huge entitlement class now that can not be restrained even if there are low paying jobs. Things are going to get a whole lot worse in some of these major cities.

    2. Miguel Saavadera says:

      And just who are the Mayors of Chicago, Detroit, Philly, New York, and Washington? Dem’s all. Take the top 25 cities in poverty, and you will find that 23 of them are Dem.

      Better yet, Washington D.C. is the ‘best economy’ in the United States. There is no more economically sound city … none. However, black teenage unemployment is at 51%. Talk about wealth “redistribution.”

      1. Jim K says:

        NYC has a Republican mayor, but your point is still valid. Time to prepare tp protect ourselves. Mobs of thugs are the wave of the future if we do not take a firm resolve to stop it.

      2. Ally says:

        New York has not had a democrat for Mayor in DECADES. Please do even the most basic research before you shoot your mouth off. I’m not even going to touch the rest of your asinine comment considering you couldn’t even figure out that Michael Bloomberg is very, very famously NOT a democrat.

    3. A. Levy says:

      Zakk,…. the only people who can’t get a gun in NYC are the upstanding, law-abiding citizens, thanks to the country’s #1 anti-gun zealot, our limp-wristed mayor. In NYC, under his rule, legal gun owners, smokers, and motorists, are treated worse than child molesters, except when it comes time to drain them of every cent they have. In this city, if you’re not a gay leftist, like Bloomberg, you’re not welcomed.

      1. Buck Snort says:

        BloomBalls is not a Republican! Never was, and never will be. He bought the Republican ticket after Giuliani’s term was up. BloomBag is a life long Ultra Lib. Look it up Jim K before u post an assinine comment.

  5. Howard Lee says:

    The worst criminals are the Untouchables on Wall Sreet and Government in Washington DC. Obama’s Gangster Government make the Sicilian Mafia look like choirboys

    1. Barrack H. Obama says:

      Yeah, see? Me and the Boys, see. We’re taking see. Yeah! [/Edward G Roberson – off]

    2. Lalaland says:

      My husband works for wallstreet… He works his butt off 24 hours a day and if his clients don’t make money, he does not…so to call them liars and “thieves ” is BS. My husband also came from nothing lived in his car to put himself in some of the best schools in the world . He is a man of honer and has character. That is more than I can say for most…. So please save your wall street bashing because last time I checked my husband earned every penny he has been paid.

      1. Booger McCoy says:

        Spare us, Lalaland (a very appropriate name indeed). We’ve seen Trading Places.
        “So, you see, Valentine, whether the stock goes up or down, we still get our commission.”
        “Oh, I get it. You guys are like bookies.”

      2. Ally says:

        No, he hasn’t. You’re an entitled shrew and need to learn how to spell. Maybe use some of your husband’s blood money to pay for college courses?

  6. John Bryan says:

    Failure of the socialist society which holds minorities down by making them dependent on government handouts. Failure of seemingly intelligent people not to realize the importance of the 2nd amendment.

  7. Lou Bator says:

    “People who commit crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal,” Bloomberg said. That statement just shows how out of touch Massachusetts native Mikey Bloomberg is with people and reality. Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, Carl Icahn all read the WSJ.

    1. Rod Milani says:

      Lumping Carl Icahn in with criminals Madoff and Lay is grossly unfair as he has never been charged or convicted of illegal activity. It’s not a crime to be a smart investor.

      1. james4usa says:

        Icahn just did not get caught. “Smart Investor” My @ss getting a bean counter to evaluate a company then ripping it apart piece by piece causing thousands of lost jobs smacks more like greed to me.

      2. Big Bear says:

        It will be nice to see the mansions of these men-without-a-country banksters burn, Qadaffi-style!

      3. Harold Lowe says:

        Hey James, be the Anti-Icahn, buy the companies and allow them to continue to do…. whatever you want them to.

  8. cberry says:

    It’s the fault of all the morons in the damn city, either because you voted for Bloomberg, you are to dumb to sue the state for violating your sencond ammendment rights, or you are to dumb to get out of that $hithole. Again either way your fault, you deal with it.

  9. Send Them to Turkey says:

    Send all our prisoners to Turkey!

  10. Robert Kelly says:

    Multiracial, multicultural socieiies only work so long as a gun can be held against the head of each citizen to force them to get along.

    When that gun is removed by force or by consent through government collapse, the restless tribes will be at each other’s throats in no time at all, in full civil upheaval just like Bosnia and every other multicultural empire throughout history.

    “Diversity is our strength” is an absolute lie, of course. It’s a phrase cioined by the rainbow utopian fairies and the corporate and plitico crooks who want tax and consumer units to keep their Ponzi scheme going.

    All this third world influx is in addition to the problem of black crime, which is at 58% of all violent crime, though they are but 12% of the population.

    Soon, the crime problem will mean more flash mob attacks and more third world rioting.

    Welcome to the American Empire……which is slowly sinking in the West.

    1. MisterJones says:

      When I read this sort of story I thank GOD I live in Texas. Iam also grateful for my Glock22 and Golden Sabre 180gr bjhp. Gun control down here is a 2in. group at 50yds.LMAO.

      1. Troy Nole says:

        Amen, I’m a florida boy, got my CCW and carry, at least in my truck;sometimes on me. Never have had to use it but,then again, my county has the highest citizen CCW permits (something like 18%) so if the opportunity arose I’m not sure I could beat the other guy or gal to the draw. Strangely the opportunity never presents itself. Thank God.

  11. FritZ Von says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, the MLK monument is WHITE !!!

    1. sean patriot says:


    2. Guess Who says:

      And made in China.

  12. Billy Goat says:

    Proof of failure of our public school systems: When numbers are small and it changes, the result is a large percentage change. For example, take something tiny and make it mearly very small and voila! the change is 400%!

  13. protectyourself says:

    Fire Bloomberg! Teach firearm safety and use, then, arm every citizen.

  14. American says:

    More proof that segregation is a good thing

  15. NY pig says:

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

  16. Southerner says:

    Figure it out, New York. We have all the NYC and Boston transplants we can handle, down south.

    1. Clancy says:

      I think the proper term is refugee!!!

  17. NYC_Chic says:

    “People who commit crimes don’t read the WSJ.” So uhh, smakc the easy button on that stupid crime problem. Just go to every high crime neighborhood and distribute copies of the WSJ. LOL.

    The crime stats have been so massaged so thoroughly under Bloomberg that the ONLY crimes that do get reported are the ones that can’t be made to go away such as rapes and killings. I hav e seens the sops respond to a call about a robbery and even after finding the person the stolen property was sold to, REFUSE to make an arrest. I have seen them respond to a call by a woman who got jumped by a crackhead, her son and a tranvestite and REFUSE to write any paperwork, let alone make an arrest. Bloomberg’s artificial, a heartless robot and he’s turning this city into a heartless robotic artifice.

    And once again JESUS, thanks for being the voice of reason and truth!

  18. bob says:

    I was in NYC not too long ago. Right away in the cab from JFK I get this middle eastern driver who correctly identifies me and my family as not from around here. He immediately proceeds to try and jack me for additional (included) toll fees while pretending not to understand English. Later, while trying to cross the street with my 2 year old in a stroller I get another middle eastern type cab driver turn on a red and just does not stop or care he’s about to kill us – while blaring the horn into my kid’s ears at point blank range. He got away before I ripped his head off. In Times Square I pop into a shop to get a $15 memory card for the camera and the two Pakistani guys jibbering away in native tongue demand $90! I didn’t pay obviously. The whole place is a rip off and full of greedy uncaring people, mostly from third world hell holes who don’t consider themselves Americans. My wife received a job offer in NY and it took us 2 minutes to evaluate a life there and say, “Hell No!”

    1. Alex says:

      You did not experience the real NYC, you experienced a tourist’s view with a few bad experiences. Those of us that live well in NY, especially outside of Manhattan have a much different view. Although there are some people that come here and do not respect our country, there are plenty of those that come from other countries and are very grateful to be here. Time Square is a rip off for almost anything, but that is the price you pay for shopping there. Everywhere else things are reasonable. Also, NYC is the melting pot of the world, and although a bit hectic, is where humanity’s evolution is taking place.

    2. Ally says:

      Thank goodness, the city doesn’t need any more out-of-town transplants from the burbs who have no idea how to handle themselves…

  19. muchspace says:

    Were’s Charles Bronson when you need him?

    1. Running Dog Bourgeois says:

      Hiding from the LIB Nazi’s
      There is no mercy for anyone who speaks ill of the slovenly, corrupt or minority biggot, let alone those who portend to protect thenselves or extract the justice that the (Re)?(pro)-gessive legal system merely shrugs at.

      Lib’s are completely insane and expect nothing less from everyone else.

  20. Lurker says:

    The only way to decrease crime is to make it too costly to commit a crime. Many criminals will stop if it comes with a risk of being shot by the victim.

    1. Liberty Jane says:

      Detroit decreased their murder statistics by altering cause of death. If a druggy was shot, it would be listed as drug overdose. You won’t find any records of this. I got my info from a former cop who watched it happen. I wouldn’t put it past desperate city leaders to do it.

      1. ronb says:

        lead induced overdose….coulda been lead based heart attack, tho

    2. Harold Lowe says:

      Castle law would do it. good luck getting a whole state of libs to do it…

  21. Joe Kliplinger says:

    It’s obvious guns are the problems. If criminals go through the proper licensing, training, and background check process, there won’t be illegal guns out there to commit crimes. When they commit crimes, their guns and their identities will be easily verified for the NYPD to arrest them. There is no need for long investigation since their names and gun serial numbers are pre recorded in the official database. This is so simple.

    1. Jeremy says:

      LOL seriously…? you think they’ll quit buying guns off the street and take a safety course?! I don’t follow the logic…why not just arm the ppl that are willing to follow the rules…?

      1. BillyGoat says:

        Get a sense of humor; in this case, sarcasm.

    2. TJ says:

      Seriously? I hope you were being sarcastic. Criminals aren’t going to buy guns legally. They will get rid of the serial number on the gun so that isn’t traceable and buy it from an illegal arms dealer. Why would they do any of the things that you just said?

      1. Joe says:

        He’s being sarcastic.

    3. Russ says:

      even before the gun regulation laws in the 90’s, 4 out of 5 criminals bought guns off the black market. You have to understand that there is a HUGE black market for guns in this country. Making a legal seller do a background check and register gun owners does not help, since criminals buy their guns illegally. Read Freakonomics, you’ll learn a lot, I have.

    4. Nord says:

      I can’t tell if this is a feeble attemptt at being facetious or if you’re just plain stupid.

  22. FRANK says:


  23. Freddy Kruger says:

    When are these elected officials going to made to pay for their dereliction of duty? They get huge salaries, the best of benefits and all the perks of skimming off the tax payers dime, but why are people like bloomburg not held criminally liable for the way they destroy the lives of people living under their absurd and freedom robbing policies?

  24. John says:

    A large minority population will always equate to high levels of crime….always! As such, the only real solution is complete segregation, and deport anyone here that is not a legal citizen. Of course, Democrats and weak Republicans would rather die than admit the need for such action.

  25. Joe Kliplinger says:

    I think installing red light cameras at each intersection will reduce crime. NOT!

    1. Phil says:

      Hey, they have had cameras in banks for years and nobody robs banks anymore.

  26. Ct America says:

    Nice work you idiot Bloomburg. NYC now you see what happens when you elect someone as inept and utterly incompetent as the bloomburg. Hope you all get mugged losers.

    1. NYer says:

      You should learn to spell

  27. NOT WEAK! says:

    Individuals have the right to defend themselves from crime and the best defense today against armed criminals is to be armed. Allow responsible citizens to exercise their constitutional right to “KEEP AND BEAR ARMS” . The criminals have weapons and know that the average citizen is an easy target.


  28. The Most Dangerous Type says:

    Another reason to stay the hell away from NYC. That and literally 20% of the inhabitants have an STD. Best not discuss how many are on psychotropic medications. The place is a web of taxation, fees and regulations. It is best to leave it to the foreigners who continue to take over. Oops, too late.

    1. BillyGoat says:

      If you trust the word of the numbskull reporters, then you get what you deserve.

  29. firstpoppa says:

    But..but…but this can’t be! New York is Mikey Bloomberg’s “Worker’s Paradise”!

  30. Rick says:

    Packing a gun will solve the problem. Proven by FBI statistics regardless of the ‘feelings’ communists might post against this.

  31. Richard says:

    Its all George Bush’s fault.

  32. Davis says:

    This is a direct result of Gun control.

  33. Tammy says:

    hire back more cops!!! I mean come on, is it really that hard to understand you need more able bodied cops to combat the multitude who commit crimes? To the guy who says the people who are begging for money in the stations. Didn’t you read there are no jobs available to younger people today? Unfortunately the article is right about that. Obama thinks young people should not have to work,and seems to have made sure there are no jobs for them. Since older folks are forced to take less paying jobs in order to work. Things are just a mess and getting messier in a hurry. Evil is increasing it’s hold.

    1. Steve says:

      You can’t put a cop on every corner, but you put a firearm in the hands of a legal citizen and let them participate in their God given right of self-defense.

  34. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    What NYC needs is much higher taxes and red light cameras on every corner. Liberty is only an incubator of crime. Safety is control.

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      You sir, are an idiot.

      1. sean patriot says:


  35. Nick says:

    If the economy is the big issue then why is rape and other violent crime up? You can’t buy a new Xbox or a set of nice rims by raping somebody. Crime is up in our neighborhood, mostly B&E and car theft. The city has a big gang problem and nobody is doing a thing about it. Officials bury their heads in the sand to keep the crime statistics down. Now we have an epidemic on the rise. A poor economy is no excuse for poor judgment and endangering innocents. The cops are a joke and there needs to be some heads rolling. I agree about getting them out of their squad cars and out on foot beats. The cops have lost my trust with the recent rape cases and their lack of street presence. This city still receives an enormous amount of federal money from Homeland Security to bolster it’s police and responders above and beyond what the city could afford on it’s own. Meanwhile, only the criminals, police, rich and privileged are allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves, family, and property while the rest of us have no constitutional right to bear arms to defend ourselves and property.

    1. skyking says:

      The cops are pawns and afraid to go after real criminals; that’s why they bust lemonade stands and go after honest citizens since they don’t fight back.
      The majority of cops today act more like thugs then public servants.

    2. Snaebjorn says:

      Uhhhh, hello people. You don’t take account into “Corruption”/PC activities/etc. Well groomed Bloomburgs need miraclegrow (from corrupt congress/president) .. thats why most police are inept. Most police that I know of actually want to do a good job; impeded by the Bloomburgs in the world.

  36. Lurker says:

    FBI statistics show that an increase in private gun ownership and concealed carry permit holders results in a greatly decreased violent crime rate. Of course Bloomberg, the most anti-gun mayor in the country, would never try such a thing.

  37. Jack Myoff says:

    I am astounded by how many stupid people respond to CBS’ blog.

    Maybe half the people who respond (like this person) find Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest and Jersey Shore to be intellectually stimulating.

    Are you one of those high school, drop-out construction workers from Peter King’s district that was hurling racial slurs during the Ground Zero Mosque protest?

    1. WalrusamI says:

      And, yet, here you are, too. Just another one of us stupid people responding to CBS’s blog. ‘wanna hotdog, chump?

    2. Mikey says:

      I think your name says pretty much everything we need to know about the maturity of your comments…

    3. Jack Kennedy says:

      obviously, sucks to be you….. typical obamabot trying to demonize the real Americans

      1. Ally says:

        I’m sorry that you believe “real Americans” are illiterate.

    4. joe says:

      I don’t respond to SeeBS’ blog, I am repsonding to your asinine comments.

      I DON’T find hot dog eating or Kardashian interesting, and I am a college educated born and bred Manhattanite who says NO TO 9/11 memorial jihad mosque next to GZ, NO to Sharia in the U.S., NO to Obama in 2012, and NO TO JACKWADS like you with stupid handles and even more inane comments.

      IOW, GFY.`

  38. Scott says:

    Who could really ever know if there is a spike in crime! Crime statistics could never really be reliable since there are so many factors that influence the final number. Since the economy is not doing well, I am sure discussions of police layoffs are inevitable. In order to protect police jobs, which Bloomberg would not doubt do to keep in good steed with his backers, statistics are inflated and deflated accordingly. It’s a political game that has been playing like a broken record for years. The economy does not help but that is not the most influental factor.

  39. Kim Johnson says:

    Bloomberg ges the idiot quote of the day “People who commit crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal.” Well I wonder what in the heck Bernie Madoff read???????

    1. Ed Rentel says:

      That’s one. Any more stupid thoughts?

  40. diversity says:

    People who read the Wall Street Journal don’t commit crimes. Hand out free copies of the Wall Street Journal to combat crime.

    1. Jesus says:

      People who read the Wall Street Journal aren’t criminals only because they are the ones who determine the laws.

      “Wall Street owns the country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government of Wall Street, by Wall Street, and for Wall Street…. Our laws are the output of a system which clothes rascals in robes and honesty in rags….” ~ Mary Elizabeth Lease, ca. 1890

      1. Steve says:

        You’re not totally off base with this.

        Wall Street doesn’t “technically” write any legislation.
        However, I agree – LOBBYISTS

    2. Concealed Carrier says:

      If you roll the WSJ as tight as you can it makes a great truncheon. Hence, you have a weapon to use. Smack the bums with financial news. They’ll never know what hit them. LOL

  41. dcNYC says:

    Just lunchtime today I was hit up by 3 different able-bodied young men for “food money” within 15 minutes walking around MSG/Penn station. Once while I was eating in a train Penn Station kiosk. The multitude of Port Authority cops and National Guard do nothing.

    Little nagging things are just signs of far more serious problems happening under the surface. “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world” – Yeats Giuliani had the right idea, priority and guts to start his anticrime crusade by attacking quality of life crimes

    1. Jesus says:

      Poor guy =( You were so inconvenienced by those horrible, horrible men who wanted to do something as terrible as eat! THE HORROR!

      1. dcNYC says:

        They didn’t look hungry to me. They looked like they should be either working. looking for a job outside Home depot or sign up and show up for some government/charity jobs training program, and not wandering around hassling intimidating tourists and civilians like myself. Go hit up a police officer for some food or other help if you are in need. Not me.

      2. Harold Lowe says:

        How many you feeding…………………………….Jesus

      3. Concealed Carrier says:

        Take a few home for dinner tonight.

    2. Ally says:

      What the hell do you expect the NATIONAL GUARD to do about the occasional homeless man? What kind of person eats food at Penn Station? You’re not real, are you?

  42. Kevin Miles says:

    Gritty city here we come..

  43. Jesus says:

    Must by cops or their relatives posting here. Or idiots. How would an increase in police cause a decrease in crime? Police can’t prevent crime from happening, they can only arrest people after they commit crimes (if that). The U.S. has the highest rate of imprisonment of any country EVER in the history of the world, yet our crime rate is way above those of places like Japan, where the incarceration rate is miniscule. The causes of crime are social, which means there can only be social solutions.

    1. theman says:

      look’s like your a college boy young and a NON serving (child) of this fine nation! USA serve your country college girl!

    2. Justin says:

      increase in police = increase in reaction time to crimes/better workforce = people will get caught = deterrent= less people will do it.

      YES the police can prevent crimes from happening. Social solutions could be beneficial, but you need to have a police force to back it up.

      1. Jesus says:

        I don’t think so. If that was the case, the U.S. should have the lowest crime rate in the world, since we have the highest incarceration rate.

        Even if it was the case, it still wouldn’t be desirable. You know what kinds of societies have large police presences? Take a look through history. Hitler’s Germany, Pinochet’s Chile, Ne Win’s Burma, Franco’s Spain, etc.

        On the other hand, countries with tiny police presences like Norway and Finland often have the best economies and lowest crime rates. Coincidence?

        PS. We already have more police as a percentage of population than China. How much higher would you like to see it go?

      2. diversity says:

        [On the other hand, countries with tiny police presences like Norway and Finland often have the best economies and lowest crime rates. Coincidence?]

        Fatuous comment!

        You don’t need much police when you have a well-behaved population. You need a lot of police when you are overrun by savages.

      3. Mikey says:

        I am tired of hearing the “Look at Finland” crowd that want to compare our country with them in all regards.

        You people need to compare the most important statistic between Finland/Sweeden/etc. and the US. DEMOGRAPHICS.

        The “foreign” population in Finland is only 2.5% and they mostly come from Russia or eastern European countries.

        Just sayin.

  44. dave says:

    2 of the biggest a-holes NY has ever had…and you voted him in…..

  45. D. Huerta says:

    Hire back allthe policemen that have been layed off.

  46. joey smith says:

    Bloomberg blames Kelly. Kelly blames Bloomberg. Blomberg states the criminals don’t read the Wall Street Journal. Life must be good on the upper east side.

  47. Wolf says:

    Crime is up because there are 6,000 fewer cops on the street since Bloomberg took office. That in itself says something. Crime is up due to the economy. Look at all the homeless people in NYC. The working people are leaving the city to look for jobs. The homeless are coming to NYC from everywhere. And look how many illegal people are in NYC. Put more cops on the street, and get some out there walking the beat. A show of police force is a great deterrent.

  48. Delvy says:

    Yes how bout stop trying save money on public safety and hire more Police Officer .. I dont see cops around my neighberhood any more walking around like i use to 2 years ago .

  49. jacque says:

    “People who commit crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal,” Bloomberg said. What a stupid thing to say !!!

    1. maya says:

      Stupid AND ironic, when you think about it. lol

      I miss the old New York, anyway.

    2. Michael H. says:

      and most people holding down blue collar, steady paying, secure jobs don’t read the Wall Street Journal either.

      Hell I’m a “white collar” employee, middle management, at a decently sized company and I don’t even read the WSJ unless somebody links me to an article.

      1. Mikey says:

        My company has free Journals stacked up at the entrance to my department and I will only pick one up if I see something that truely interests me. That’s maybe once a week.

    3. midi-man says:

      Did you think he would say a smart thing? Look at the city since his administration.
      Madoff read the times he committed a white collar crime.

  50. How about hiring more police officers, and have them on foot patrol. Yes it cost the city more money but you can't put a price on the safety of the tax payers. says:

    How about hiring more police officers, and have them on foot patrol. Yes it cost the city more money but you can’t put a price on the safety of the tax payers.

    1. Bill says:

      That’s the first intelligent comment here….. FOOT PATROL…. does anybody even remember when cops walked a beat?? Bring ’em back…. betcha it helps!!

      1. midi-man says:

        Under Rudy as Mayor I used to see them.

      2. Treven Edwards says:

        See Warren v. District of Columbia. Cops aren’t the only answer.

    2. Treven Edwards says:

      No guns for the populace=lots of crime. Glad I moved out west.

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