NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – We’ve heard of peacocks taking up residence, albeit briefly, on 5th Avenue. And of course of Pale Male, the red-tailed hawk that created a stir by also building a nest along that august Avenue.

But one Upper West Side resident was surprised to see who had moved in to his building.

A huge volume of feathers in the hallway tipped Joe Moderski to the presence of the red-tailed hawk.

“I thought I missed a pillow fight in the hallway or something,” Moderski told the Daily News.

The bird apparently flew into the 5-story building on 80th street through an open window. It was perched outside Moderski’s apartment, and flew at him when he approached.

He called for help.

It took a while for emergency service police officers to catch the raptor. They tried luring it with bread crumbs.

The bird was taken to the Animal Care and Control center for evaluation.