HOBOKEN, NJ (WCBS 880) – Carlo’s Bakery was a local Hoboken phenomenon long before a TLC television show made it a tourist sensation.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams Reports From Hoboken

In the old days, you might’ve had to wait to make your purchase, but you’d never be forced into a line that went out the door.

Now, the “Cake Boss” admits he’s a victim of his own success.

The Jersey Journal quotes Buddy Valastro as saying, “I know the line outside stinks.”

The line at Carlo’s Bakery often stretches four blocks and it has actually lost him some business.

Some locals won’t stop by anymore since the cable show became a hit, but not all of them.

“I know him since his dad was alive – a long, long time – from the old store, and we’re regulars. We have no problem with it. The problem is with a lot of new people coming in. They get upset with the situation that they can’t get right in and people are stepping in front of them. But he’s going to work around it. I’m sure Buddy’s going to do a good job with it,” says John Demorrow, who remains a faithful Carlo’s customer.

Valastro reportedly will have a fix for the frustrating line to unveil in six months.

Have the long lines kept you from getting a taste of the “Cake Boss” creations? Do you have a suggestion for how Valastro can deal with the long lines? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. jas says:

    Go with online ordering, assign pickup times and make pickups at another location. Hopefully, he can apply this to his all his locations. He needs to open more retail space in Hoboken. I visited the Manhattan spot– no lines.

  2. Hannah says:

    I went there not too long ago, and waited 3 1/2 hours to get in the store. It was SO worth it, but waiting isn’t all that fun. Can he open a store in Toronto?

  3. AS says:

    People just stand there looking at everything after they order and don’t move. Once you get to the register, you have tourists buying their $100 of baked goods PLUS merch. Problem with this is that the merch has separate inventory, so pastries & tshirts have to be rung up separately, all on paper receipts.

    Solution would be to have an express line like some dunkin donuts have- if you’re just getting a small order of pastries, you go right to the front. if you’re getting $300 worth of merch and pastries, wait in the long line.

    They could also implement “locals” hours, maybe 7-8am and 5-6pm every day, so Hoboken customers that can’t be bothered with this madhouse of tourists can get in and out in a reasonable time.

  4. JB says:

    Google “Cake Boss, AOL , Video” and you can see what Buddy says abut the line. In his own words he sees the line and feels “like a rock star, like Bon Jovi”. He doesn’t want the line to go away. It creates a buzz and feeds his ego.

    Bad for business? 500 families a day spending $100.= 1.5 million a month. You really think he misses selling to the locals?

  5. Committed2Good says:

    Possible solution – Do all the baking off premises (at the new location and using new hired hands), bring over the baked goods as they get low in the flagship store, remove the ovens/etc from the flagship store and renovate the place to allow more people inside; put photos of the “behind the scenes” stuff on the walls….hang up some monitors and show past episodes of the tv program, and Buddy and the rest of the celebrity staff can hang out in the store and sign photos, kiss babies, etc. Buddies got to think REALLY big. Side note: Great show for parents and kids to watch together. I’m sorry that the regulars feel pushed aside…I truly do, but hopefully the ideas above could help. I wouldn’t franchise the operation because there are plenty of good bakeries in neighborhoods like Hoboken when most of us live. While I like the Carlos product, it isn’t worth opening an expensive store front in NYC. No offense to Buddy and crew because they are good people.

  6. Truth says:

    Well his new facility is up and running. I’m only a block away and I can see it full of cars now every morning. Previously, all I saw were construction people. I don’t think his cakes are all that, especially the ones pre-made. Some of his other stuff is delicious though. I haven’t been there since the line goes way past Barnes and Noble. Early in the morning during non summer and holidays is less people but you get the stuff the didn’t sell the day before. I don’t know if opening more locations will help since I’m sure they want to see Buddy which means they will go to the flag store. Buddy is hard to see but you can always see the sisters!

  7. gfd says:

    His workers are not fast enough.

  8. SFede says:

    I haven’t had a sfogliatelle (the best!! at Carlo’s) in months!! Cannot deal with the lines of tourists and madness! Happy for his success but it stinks for loyal customers. It’s about time he’s finally addressing the issue.

  9. Dom says:

    Why doesn’t Buddy open 1 or 2 more stores [it would probably do very well in Times Square] that he could control or franchise to owners that he would trust with quality control of his products, etc. He needs to open more stores, one store is obviously not enough!

    1. Nonna says:

      Having only one door makes moving a great deal of people impossible. If there was a second door to have their customers exit thru, the store could keep their customers moving. Maybe, give those in line a pre-printed form to place their order and have someone behind the front counter fill those orders. When the customer gets to the front of the line, theiy give their name, pick up their items and they just pay and leave..

      I wish we had a bakery like Buddy’s here in Southwest Florida. Want to open one Buddy?

  10. ScottyK58 says:

    The smart thing to do is create a smart phone app that allows customers to check out what cakes are available, and pre-order; they can then have someone use a free floating CC machine that allows them to pick them up in the back of the store, or ina TBD location… they would just need to have someone be monitoring the food inventory while updating it online… simple solution – and would relish the chance to assist!

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