NEW YORK (WFAN) — Are you too young to say you’ve seen Mets fan favorite Howard Johnson in action?

Well, here’s your chance. For two games only.

The Rockland Boulders announced on Tuesday that they’ve signed the 1986 World Series champion affectionately known as “HoJo.”

“HoJo will always be synonymous with the Mets,” Boulders president Ken Lehner said. “But we are proud that he will also have been a Rockland Boulder.”

But wait, there’s more.

Howard’s son, Glen Johnson, was also signed by the Can-Am League team.

“This may be my last go ‘round so it’s a great opportunity to play in a professional game with my son,” said Johnson. “How many fathers can do that?”

HoJo and son will play for the Boulders at home against the Newark Bears on Sunday, Sept. 4, and Monday, Sept. 5.

The 50-year-old former Mets hitting coach said he’ll play first base, not his customary position at third. He also said that he needs knee-replacement surgery.

“The most exciting thing is I get a chance to do something most dads never get a chance to do,” Johnson said, according to the New York Daily News. “But I really just hope that I make contact.”

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