FAIRFIELD, N.J. (CBS 2) — Back to school is usually an exciting time for many students, but this year Hurricane Irene washed away many of their belongings including school supplies.

Some children are having a tough time dealing with the traumatic experience.

This is an anxious time for 9-year-old Lorenzo Jandoli. Lorenzo is starting 4th grade this week, and he’s starting from scratch thanks to Irene’s wrath.

Massive flooding devastated his family’s Fairfield, New Jersey home and he lost many belongings to the raging water. He was supposed to begin school Tuesday, but that building was also damaged — so school starts Thursday.

Meanwhile, he prepares while staying with friends. This is a lot for a young man to go through.

“We’re going to have to deal with this and deal with all the stuff we have to do for school,” Lorenzo told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan, adding that he felt both “worried and sad.”

Lorenzo’s mother Andrea said the family’s displacement just before the start of school has affected her son mentally and physically.

“He’s getting stomach aches, he’s getting nervous. His whole routine is uplifted. They lost all their toys, their school supplies, their backpacks and for the kids, it’s just devastating,” she said.

The Jandolis evacuated their home before Irene hit, and the family of five returned to find 8 feet of water in their basement, and one foot of standing water on their first floor. Their house is uninhabitable and not being in his comfort zone has been tough for Lorenzo.

“I haven’t been in my house for like a week and I’ve been staying at my friend’s house and I miss all the stuff that I do in my house,” he said.

School begins later this week for Lorenzo.  As he and his family try to put their lives back together and clean up their damaged home, the last thing they need is more rain.

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  1. Donna Stiles says:

    We are praying for all the families affected by Irene in Fairfield, as well as all the other communities who are suffering from her destruction.

    1. Jeff Anderson says:

      Maybe you are praying to the wrong god. The flood waters are on their way back so it seems you are just making god angry and he’s taking it out on these poor people.

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